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Royal Dragon

Studio: Other » Review by Buzz Buhrmann » Review Date: 8/31/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Marathon Sex. Now that's either a concept that will thrill you and your partner to no end, or it might lead to the question: "Should sex be like a marathon?". Before I dive on in to my take on the Royal Dragon Spray, let me state that I am always a little leery of spraying, spreading or applying anything to my penis or taking any form of supplement or erectile enhancement herb, drug, or potion. I've done just fine up to this point on my own so I've never really seen the need for any help. So it was with a mix of curiosity and some intrepidation that I sprayed Royal Dragon on my penis and not so impatiently waited the thirty minutes to two hours it takes to have the full effect.

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One of the things I was quite happy about was that Royal Dragon didn't burn going on. Aside from an herby aroma (akin to walking into a Chinese herbalists shop) there wasn't much of an initial reaction. As if on cue, at the 30 minute mark I started to feel some tingling, a warming sensation and a little sensitivity. Wanting to give it the full shot I waited a full hour and a half. By that point I did experience some slight burning, but nothing really uncomfortable or painful. Eager to give it the ol' bed test, I took the plunge. Immediately I noticed that my erection was sturdier and more consistent than normal and from the get-go I realized that that the 'finish line' was going to be a long way off. The Bed Test for Royal Dragon was truly a marathon sex session. Sex lasted close to two full hours with no breaks or breathers. While it was a delight to be able to go so long, I did find that getting to the finish line and having an orgasm wasn't a slam dunk and the orgasm itself wasn't as mind-blowing as some of the recent ones playing with my partner and The Liberator. So while Royal Dragon definitely does pass the bed test and absolutely works as advertised, I'm still a little bit on the fence about recommending it. If your idea of amazing sex IS marathon sex then this product is for you. For those of us who are quite happy with 5K and 10k Sex perhaps this isn't the way to go.

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