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Scary Minds

Studio: Woodman Entertainment » Review by kobiata k » Review Date: 9/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Games of Perversion: Scary Minds directed by Philippe Soine

If you can withhold judgment of the risque scenarios, then you will be treated some excellent hardcore sex scenes!

Running Length: 1 hr 45 minutes

The Sex:

Scene One: Roxanne

The red-headed English-girl dressed in a porno version of a school uniform is trapped in one of the warehouses as the security watchman looks on from his office. We get a first person POV as Roxanne is freaked out of what's going on. The acting is superb in the scene when she locks herself in the bathroom so she can get away from the freak holding the camera. The guy tries to open the door, but he soon stops and instead plays mind games with her by putting a note underneath the door urging her to comply with his demands. She has no choice, but to comply with his demands and opens the door. The guy, for no reason, spits on her face and rips her schoolgirl shirt exposing her breasts. While this is going on she asks what she wants and it doesn't take long what he wants when he strokes himself off until he puts it in her open mouth. She performs the no-hand blowjob. Then, he turns up the kink using her hair as handlebars forcefeeding her with cock! For some reason, he stops and she thinks she's finished but lo and behold there's another man waiting in the wings as she turns the corner. At this point, she's totally freaked out as they tell her to take off her underwear. Then, he tells her to show her ass so he can plunder it, but before then he has ample time fucking her pussy from behind. Then, he fucks her ass in the missionary position while the other guy waits for his turn. He doesn't have to wait too long as he gets to fuck her tight ass in the reverse cowgirl position. Finally, the guys take an excessive amount of time to cum on her face. Although, she was in a precarious position, she wants to be fucked again! It's a hot sex scene, but it's hampered by some unnecessary and excessive spitting on her face.

Scene Two: Gabrielle

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Meanwhile, in another warehouse room, there's a blindfolded dirty blonde, Gabrielle, kneeling on a placemat and surrounded with two cocks to suck. She doesn't waste time going to work on the dicks. This is just a blowjob scene, but a nice one at that because some mild kink involved with the blindfold. Like the other scene, the guys take an excessive amount of time to jerk off, which is really annoying to say the least. She's not finished yet because she's ready for the "cameraman" to fuck her in the ass. Before then, he uses his finger to relax her external anal sphincter before she takes it up the arse in different positions. He has the most leverage fucking her ass in the missionary position until he cums inside her poopchute. To make matters worse, the old office manager decides to use her as a cum receptacle as he shoots his load on her chest.

Scene Three: Vanessa Hill

The camera follows an average brunette, Vanessa Hill, wandering the grounds a mansion. When she wanders up the steps, the doors automatically open. She's all wide-eyed, but scared as she doesn't know what happens. As she inches away from the entrance, the exit closes automatically and at this point she's panicking. Her fear increases when a voice shouts her to take off her clothes so she has no choice, but to take off her clothes. She strips down to her birthday suit with only her high heels spared. The voice tells her to go away, but she has nowhere to run, but down a corridor into an office. She closes the door in front of her thinking that she's safe, but lo and behold the guys are waiting for her. The scene fades out for a moment and then fades in right in the middle of her sucking on two cocks. The sex is intense escalating to the double penetration resulting in two nice facials! Again, the end suffers from overexcessive "choking the monkey."

Scene Four: Carmel Moore

This scene stars a slutty Brit-blonde, Carmel Moore, trapped in the stairwell of a building. While she tries to open one of the doors, she's sees a person running on the stairs. She investigates by walking upstairs, but she's freaked out by the messages on the wall and floor to strip down. At this point, she's wearing a pink corset. She tries to open the door in front of her, but a stranger's voice tells her to show her pussy. She complies with the stranger's request and starts playing with herself. A guy shows up and she starts sucking him off until he spooges hils load all over her warm mouth! After he's finished, he shuts the door and she's forced to walk upstairs to another rooms with cum still dripping from her mouth. In the room, she reads a note telling her to spread her legs on the chair in the doggie position. A guy appears behind her and is waiting to fuck her in different position including doggie and missionary. After fucking her pussy hard, he cums on her pussy. In the end, the cameraman films her holding up a sign "Fuck Me Again."

Scene Five: Claudia

Meanwhile in another stairwell, another lady, Nicole, tries to find a way out of the building. She's a hot blonde a little bit past her prime, but nonetheless still has her looks. She walks into a bathroom since she thinks she's safe at the moment. She peaks down and looks at the stalls to see if there are empty. No sooner does she thinks she's safe a man who's been standing on the toilet surprises her from behind and demands that her suck is dick. She takes off her top and kneels to suck his cock. This leads to nice missionary pussy fucking and then ass-fucking. He uses her jean skirt as leverage as he pumps away at her. The ass-fucking continues in the doggie position until he gets off a nice load that ends up on her face. She continues with some nice post-coital head.

Scene Six: Nicole

There's another woman, a big-titted Nicole, trapped in a building and she pleads for him to open the door, but he commands her to show off her tits and sit on a chair. This goes on while he shoots the scene with his camera. After several more commands, she sees that another man is jerking off to her. She walks to him and helps him out by giving him a handjob before she goes down on him. It doesn't take too long until the camera joins the scene resulting in a threesome. There's great fuck 'n suck action including some anal before they blow their loads on her face.

In the end, you see the office manager manning the security cams already asleep. The movie ends with big letters saying "GAME OVER" just to avoid the rape issue . . . we are lent to believe that this was some sort twisted role-playing game with willing participants.

Audio/Visual: I had no issues with the audio/visual quality since the colors and image were crisp.

Extras: The extras include a photo gallery and a 46 minute BTS with several moments of the director getting his rocks off on two of the talents . . . He has fun blowing his load, POV style, on the cute Gabrielle while explaining the gist of the blindfold scene . . . and the second POV moment is when he fucks Nicole immediately after the last scene and shoots a nice cum-streak on her face. The BTS was nonetheless interesting in framing his mindwork for this release. Even the director acknowledges that the scenes were risque, but he avoids the "rape" scenario issue with every scene having the ladies begging for more sex.

Final Thoughts: It was difficult to judge this release fairly, but it's important to note that Mr. Soine avoids the risque situation with his flimsy "GAME OVER" at the end of the movie suggesting the entire scenarios were just a game. Although the DVD may tow the line in what is permitted in porn in terms of scenarios, the acting and the sex was excellent. I am somewhat pleased that some other company besides Evil Angel have attempted to push the limits. If you can get over the risky scenarios, then you'll be treated with excellent sex scenes. This release was much better than the first volume of Games of Perversion, which was awful. In summary, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Scary Minds. NOTE TO DIRECTOR: The spitting is unnecessary and should be taken out as well as the excessive moments of the men choking their chickens . . . this should be kept at a minimum.

~Ich mache mich jetzt auf die Socken!

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