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MVP (Most Valuable PornStar) Asians: Katsumi vs Roxy

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Alexander » Review Date: 9/3/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Tagline: "This is no bush league competition!"

Genre: Compilation

Cast: Katsumi, Roxy Jezel, Felecia, Carmen Hart, Kirsten Price, Clara G., jessica drake, Mia Smiles, Chris Cannon, Kris Slater, Eric Masterson, Lee Stone, Mr. Pete, Tommy Gunn, Randy Spears, Trevor Zen, Van Damage

Running Time: 1:52:00

First Impressions: Wicked's MVP series is basically a compilation of some of the featured stars' best scenes. This edition features cock swallowing Asian, Katsumi, and the ultra-hot Roxy Jezel. They don't really compete as the "vs." in the title might suggest, but instead appear in alternating scenes pulled from some of their hottest films. Now, while I would have preferred some dirty head-to-head competition between the two (a blowjob relay, anyone?), I was more than happy to sample some greatest hits from two of the industry's hottest performers.

Special Features: Aside from a 21 minute "bonus" scene culled from 2005's Beautiful/Nasty 3, there isn't much on this disc in way of quality extras. There are six trailers for Wicked's popular features The Visitors, Curse Eternal, etc.); a "catalog" of the Wicked DVDs released between 1999 to 2006; and the obligatory DVD-ROM items including a link to Wicked's website, a handful of desktop backgrounds, a profile of the company and a list of Wicked's accolades. Other than the bonus scene, there's little reason to visit any of these "special" features more than once.

Audio/Visual Quality: I typically mute the audio when I'm watching adult movies since so much of it sounds alike (screams, moans, pleas to "fuck me harder!" etc. etc.) and the music is often of the banged-out-on-a-Casio-keyboard variety. But I'm glad I had the audio cranked up a bit this time as the score to the scenes from FUCK and the sexy acoustic guitar piece accompanying Roxy's first scene are pretty entertaining and definitely interesting. Otherwise, the audio is mostly adequate with a few out-of-sync moans and screams here and there.

The DVD is presented in 1.78:1 letterboxed widescreen and looked quite good on my Panasonic TH-42PX60U.

Scene 1 (From 2006's FUCK, featuring Clara G., Katsumi, Felecia, and jessica drake; Length: 11:50): I'm not a huge fan of all-girl orgies; even all-girl orgies featuring personal favorites like Katsumi and jessica drake. Watching these girls lick each other's cunts and jam bejeweled dildos into their assholes and pussies is arousing, but there's only so much girl-on-girl rimming I can take before wishing a Randy Spears would emerge from off-camera and jam his huge cock into Katsumi's ass. But I was pleasantly surprised with this all-girl scene from FUCK. It has an interesting setting (a stage in an empty theater in 18th century France), an impressive soundtrack (think a lower budget Moby), creative filmmaking (a lot of jump cuts and some over cranking, for instance), and sexy costumes (think huge Antoinette-era wigs, torn stockings, singed corsets, and chunky heels). This creativity definitely enhances an otherwise mundane sex romp which features the usual: finger fucking, rimming, dildo dp's, clit sucking, and multi-girl trains.


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Scene 2 (From 2006's For Love, Money, or a Greencard, featuring Roxy Jezel and Mr. Pete; Length: 12:00): This very erotic scene begins with Mr. Pete kissing and sucking Roxy's perfect tits. Moments later, Roxy's legs are spread wide and Pete goes to work on her cunt with his tongue and fingers. She then returns the favor and sucks his long, narrow cock. Pete soon slides in deep between Roxy's fat, swollen lips. What follows is doggy, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl; even a couple of slaps to her jiggling tits. Finally, after drilling Roxy from behind at high velocity, Pete unloads on Roxy's tongue. Although this scene lacks the bells and whistles of some of the others on this disc (no three-foot tall powdered wigs or fancy editing here), it's highly erotic and refreshing in its simplicity. Basically, it amounts to two great looking young people having amazing sex for 12 minutes.

Scene 3 (From 2004's American Dreams, featuring Katsumi and Kris Slater; Length: 6:41): This scene screams "bad '80s MTV video!" but Katsumi's ability to swallow an entire cock trumps the awful white backdrop (Remember Warrant's video for "Cherry Pie"? It's sort of like that.) and the tacky vinyl American flag floating behind the fucking. It's a short scene, but it's packed with plenty of close-ups of Katsumi's beautiful face, and Katsumi sucking Slater's balls, deep throating him, jerking him off, and getting pounded in the ass, doggy style. It's super cheesy, but hot nonetheless.

Scene 4 (From 2006's 1000 Words featuring Roxy and Randy Spears; Length: 11:25): After Spears massages Roxy's clit with his fingers and thick tongue we get one of the DVD's highlights: a great angle over Spears's shoulder of Roxy's ultra-fine body and face as she sucks and pulls on Spears's cock. It's yet another great blowjob by Roxy, but there is something extra alluring here with her beautiful brown hair bouncing across her face, her gorgeous dark eyes looking sexily up at Spears, and her fierce two-handed grip on his cock. While the photography is fairly standard the rest of the way, we're still treated to Spears plowing Roxy from behind with his thumb lodged firmly in her asshole. He then flips her over, fucks her missionary style, and comes on the tops of her feet. I'll definitely be re-visiting this scene again.

Scene 5 (From 2004's Erotik, featuring Katsumi and Lee Stone; Length: 12:29): Nude and pigtailed Katsumi leans against the grimy wall of some sort of welder's work space. (It's very Flashdance, minus the Michael Sambello music.) In the foreground, hulking Lee Stone wields a blue flame-shooting blow torch and sends a few errant sparks flying dangerously towards the camera. The action begins with Katsumi pulling Stone's cock out of his welder's smock (coveralls? dungarees?). Another fantastic blowjob by Katsumi ensues. She sucks Stone's balls, jerks him off, and deep throats him over and over again. Next, Stone fucks Katsumi in a variety of positions on a conveniently placed steel girder. Although the metal column looks really uncomfortable, Katsumi obviously enjoys the pounding she takes against it. Finally, Stone pulls his cock out of Katsumi's beautiful ass and jerks off until finally coming on her cunt.

Scene 6 (From For Love, Money, or a Greencard, featuring Roxy Jezel and Tommy Gunn; Length: 4:18): The shortest of all of the scenes, Roxy pulls Gunn's cock out of his pants and goes to work, gobbling his shaft and balls until he dribbles a very weak load onto her waiting tongue. This is easily the most disappointing scene of the bunch, not only due its brevity, but the wimpy climax as well.

Scene 7 (From 2003's Sweatshop, featuring Katsumi and Trevor Zen; Length: 12:00): Katsumi is a cock sucking machine. Honestly, watching her take a giant cock deeeep into her throat is one of my all-time favorite things to watch in an adult film. In this scene, Katsumi takes a break from her garment making by giving Zen a blowjob. He then licks her cunt and fucks her asshole with a couple of fingers. Foreplay complete, Katsumi rides Zen's cock, cowgirl-style, and then again (yes!) goes down on him. Within seconds, Zen is pressing his cock into her asshole and we're treated to about five minutes of Katsumi getting pounded in the butt. Eventually, Zen pulls his cock out of her gaping hole and shoots his load onto her flat stomach, which Katsumi sweeps up with her fingers and into her wanting mouth.

Scene 8 (From For Love, Money, or a Greencard, featuring Roxy Jezel and Randy Spears; Length: 12:15): This scene is a near repeat of scene four, with the exception of their outfits (pajamas) and where Spears chooses to shoot his load (Roxy's stomach). Similar, yes, but still hot and worthy of repeat viewings.

Scene 9 (From FUCK, featuring Carmen Hart, Katsumi, Kirsten Price, Mia Smiles, Chris Cannon, Randy Spears, Eric Masterson, and Tommy Gunn; Length: 12:22): This is my favorite scene on the DVD. Set in an opulent dining room in a huge, candle-illuminated mansion, our eight performers--the guys in tuxedos and the girls adorned in nothing but gold and diamonds and pearls--suck and fuck on a mammoth dining table. It's not quite as creative as scene one in the set design or costume departments, but it features some great fucking and culminates in one guy filling a champagne glass with his load which Mia greedily gulps down, and another coming on a gold platter which Katsumi, naturally, licks clean. Based on this scene and scene one, I'm definitely moving Wicked's FUCK to the top of my next-to-buy list.

Scene 10 (From Gossip, featuring Roxy and Van Damage; Length: 15:21): Although this scene takes place in yet another bedroom (doesn't Roxy ever get to play dress-up, like Katsumi?), it's definitely Roxy's best scene on the DVD. Her flawless body is incredibly arousing to watch, especially as it gets sweatier and sweatier as Damage pounds her perfect, round ass. Although I enjoyed her scenes with Spears, there was something particularly extra arousing in the extended anal with Van Damage here.

Bonus Scene (From Beautiful/Nasty 3, featuring Kaylani Lai, Mya Luanna, and Sofia Sandobar; Length: 21:56): This first 13 minutes of this scene amounts to very hot Kaylani getting fondled, finger fucked, and eaten out by her two friends. Sofia's up next, with Kaylani sucking her nipples while Mya aggressively sucks and licks Sofia's clit and fingers her pussy. As I mentioned in my write-up of scene one, I'm not a big fan of all-girl action, but I was incredibly turned on by Kaylani and Mya's servicing of Sofia's pussy. Finally, Sofia goes to work on Mya's pussy, doggy style. Ass high in the air, Mya is single-finger banged while Kaylani tugs on her hair. The scene culminates with the two girls simultaneously jamming a few fingers into Mya's cunt.

Final Thoughts: Despite Roxy's perfect body and a few great moments (particularly her sucking of Randy Spears's cock in scene four), the "winner" of this showdown is definitely Katsumi. Her blowjobs are incredible and she also had the good fortune of being featured in two of the discs most memorable scenes (both from FUCK), and more interesting settings. Regardless, with the exception of the shockingly pedestrian sixth scene (surely Wicked could have found something better than this), this DVD is a winner and recommended.

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