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Big Phat Onion Booty 3

Studio: Combat Zone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/4/07

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Big Phat Onion Booty 3

Combat Zone

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Just Robin Pimpin

Cast: Caramel Twist, J. Strokes, Tamara Lemoore, Jon Jon, Kahfee B., Shorty Mac, Sweet Sinsacion, Brian Pumper, Pinky, Mystere, LT Turner

Length: 142:54 minutes

Dates of Production: 12/20/2006, 2/12/2007, 3/5/2007, 3/21/2007

Extra's: The extras were especially light this time with a 4:47 minute long Behind the Scenes feature being the only one worth mentioning. It had some playful tease and a limited amount of photogallery footage but that was it. There was a photogallery, popshot compilation, and slipcover too for those who care.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Big Phat Onion Booty 3 was presented in a couple of aspect ratios, presumably as originally shot with some in a 1.33:1 ratio full frame and others in a non anamorphic letterboxed widescreen with this compilation of new scenes put together by director Just Robin Pimpin for Combat Zone. In general, each scene had a look all its own but the lighting was often pretty fair; limiting the grain, video noise, and other issues substantially compared to some of the weaker efforts by the company. The camera angles and editing did not always make the ladies look their very best but they rarely hampered their looks much either, allowing the women's appeal to speak for itself most of the time (take that any way you want it but it was not meant in a favorable manner much of the time). The bitrate tended to hover around the upper 5 Mbps rate but there was no true plateau that I could find in this regard, the scenes generally varying here too with some compression artifacts observed at times. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 192 Kbps bitrate and like the video; it varied substantially in terms of the quality but never truly sounded really strikingly good or bad. This is indicative of most modern porn, especially gonzo, but not a big deal as the vocals could be heard fairly well even if some ladies should have cranked up the dirty talk a bit more.

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Body of Review: Just Robin Pimpin is one of the newest directors for Combat Zone and my first look at her work was with Big Phat Onion Booty 3; the sequel to Big Phat Onion Booty 1. The idea of the series was for black women with large asses to prance about and have black males engage in sex with them. While a simple concept, the change in directors to a newcomer hampered the dynamic based as much on technical limitations as anything else, the ability to draw out heated performances simply not present from what I could see. I like a gal with a thick ass only if her waist is akin to lean (it doesn't have to follow the Sir Mix-a-lot idea of being itty bitty) but I gave the DVD a shot since Pinky has been a well received hotty in urban porn. If you're still interested, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were worn:

Scene One: Caramel Twist, a light skinned black gal with a nice smile and thick legs, was up first as the chunky director introduced her to J. Strokes in the entryway to the house. Wasting no time, he lay her down and removed her shorts, snacking on her crack to ready her cookie for action. She responded fairly well as he nibbled on the clitoris and she was soon sucking his dick like an expert that has seen scores of cock pass through her lips. Once fully erect, he began pumping away on her cookie while she gave her loudest fake porn noises, the gal getting more active as time went by. Her fleshy ass cheeks rippled as she rode, the camera zooming in too closely to see everything much of the time but settling on a medium shot before too long. They did several positions of vaginal sex before he unleashed his moderate load of population pudding on her chest, the couple showing little chemistry or enthusiasm but providing some fair energy all the same.

Scene Two: Tamara Lemoore, a black gal next door type with an ample sample of an ass, was up next as she invited Jon Jon into her home while she enticed him with her booty shorts that showed her ass off really well. The tease was short but sweet and Jon started admiring her fat monkey with some love taps leading to her giving him some head. She mainly used her hand on his shaft while concentrating her efforts orally on his tip, the two laughing at the fun they were having. They screwed vaginally as well but she did not get active until she was on top of him; bouncing like she was trying to milk his nut quickly. She then played traffic cop in telling him what she wanted as he tried to penetrate her from a different angle, Jon pumping away at her cookie while she did little in return. His modest member wasn't anything special but she put up with him until he jerked out a tiny load onto her ass cheek to close things out.

Scene Three: Kahfee B., a thick 26 year old with a lot more junk in her trunk than the other ladies, was up next with comedic Shorty Mac. There wasn't any build up to the scene other than the camera jumping right in as he oiled her up, the diminutive man ready to bust a nut early on here as she walked down the hallway of the house with the camera zoomed in on her fleshy butt cheeks. I'm not going to get into the physical flaws I saw on her (that'd be mean) but she was the least physically appealing gal of the movie to this point and even Shorty was having erection problems. He ate her out and she blew him but even then he took awhile to get excited. They bumped uglies in a few positions, the gal doing a booty clap while on top of him before he eventually rubbed out a load onto her ass. They lacked spark and passion but managed to maintain enough energy to make it worth watching a time or two.

Scene Four: Sweet Sinsacion, another light skinned gal with a thick set of legs and ass, was up next with muscular Brian Pumper after she teased on the indoor staircase. I'll admit that her legs and ass looked good but the rest of her just didn't do it for me; reminding me of a stripper in a third tier butt naked club in town that I stopped going to awhile back. The limber tease and her willingness to do porn in bed with Brian weren't enough to elevate her rating with me but her well worn asshole showed that she was not adverse to doing anal as she kept her head down on his cock and ass in the air. She maneuvered into a 69 position but gave her best oral when otherwise unencumbered, letting him do the vaginal plowing as she passively stood by in the numerous positions. She never did get active and he rubbed out a load to her crotch to finish things up.

Scene Five: Pinky, the thick gal featured on the front cover, and less toned Mystere, were up last with LT Turner as he jumped right in to play with them by the stairs. I would have liked more tease before his arrival but he seemed to get into the face smothering so I'm sure the director decided to try and utilize the resulting energy going on. This worked to a point as he serviced them but the booty clapping only worked for a short while before I wanted to see something more. LT isn't exactly a stud of the highest magnitude so outside of his willingness to be their oral bitch, the interest level in the scene was dropping quickly until the gals started sucking him off in turns. Why they didn't want to attack his meat at the same time, I'll never know, but this led to him porking both of them in turns too; Pinky looking better during the vaginal penetrative sex by a long shot. Pinky also added some fun by virtue of her oral skills but it really couldn't save the scene for me since I found her female partner to be extremely unappealing. The scene ended when Pinky took the nut to her face and the camera prematurely faded out.

Summary: Big Phat Onion Booty 3 by director Just Robin Pimpin for Combat Zone was a decidedly mixed ride for me given the technical issues and lack of general chemistry between the performers. I found enough action to be strokable to rate the movie as a Rent It but only barely so unless you're a huge fan of the cast, you will want to try this one out before shelling out a bunch of money. In short, Big Phat Onion Booty 3, wasn't as strong an offering as Big Phat Onion Booty 1 but your mileage may vary if you are attracted to gals that arguably would be better serving you in person (preferably in a dark room after some strong alcoholic beverages).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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