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Boss' Daughter, The

Studio: Penthouse » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 9/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Do people still believe the letters from "Penthouse" are actual letters from folks having wild sexual experiences? Doubtful. In an age where everything is partly fictional, "Penthouse" is the example of reality TV: Pure fiction pretending to be reality. But in all fairness, "The Boss' Daughter" has a lot of entertainment value to it. Not only are the production values up to par, but there's just so much entertaining aspects about it, including the decent acting in the scenarios, and respectable lead up to the fucking scenes which I rather enjoy like foreplay. People fucking instantly is clunky, but a lead up to it is always fun. Holland's porn is well lit, well shot and very competently made, and the production qualities rocket "The Boss' Daughter" into near excellence.

Melissa: Maya Hills

I'm slowly becoming a fan of Maya Hills, not because of her acting ability, of course, but because she has a bonafide presence on-screen, and is no slouch in sheer sex appeal. She can do barely legal, hot teen, and a believable adult and still look damn good. From her squinty eyes to the high cheekbones, this girl is dynamite, and she's fun to watch tease men and fuck them senseless. Here Hills plays the daughter of a firm manager who is helping his partner on a new account, but sure enough she's a cock tease, and she seduces him into fucking her right in his office. He resists at first, but like any other man, he simply can't resist Maya Hills. Hills plays that cheerleader who is aching to break a stuck up man and has a killer body, and a quite memorable ass underneath a silky white panty. The long passionate blowjob from Hills inevitably leads into the lounge where her mate eats her ass out for quite a while and then is fucked missionary, rides her mate for a while and inevitably garners a cum bath followed by a humorous epilogue of the "letter." Hills is makes this an opening worth remembering.

Rory: Rebecca Linares

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Rory is a girl who has decided to seduce yet another hired hand of her father's in a mere attempt to rack up her numbers. The painter is well aware of her come ons and does his best to ignore them up until she begins molesting him and he gives in. The two clearly have the hots for one another as her mate passionately makes out with her, and eats her out for a rather extended period of time. Linares is yet another gorgeous girl in this compilation rubbing her perky tits on her mates while he salivates on her, and then drops onto the tarps to be eaten out, and blown by Rory who looks like a pro. They eventually drift onto a local couch where Rory appropriately takes it up the ass and then rides her mate like a champ, dangling her tits in his face and moaning passionately, and then fucked along the stairwell. Linares has amazing legs that reach out over the banister and this fantasy was sold by her ability to look utterly fantastic being banged from behind while screaming wildly.

Emily: Emily Evermoore

Emily is the daughter of a printing company executive who decides to take her chance with an older man during a company Christmas party, and what a party. As Emily awaits the party guests festive inhibitions to take hold, she wrangles two men who she drags into a room to have some Christmas joy with. Emily is a gorgeous doll with a golden dress, sexy short hair, and a beautiful body that makes her a manage a trois fantasy. Emily takes two dicks at once orally, and then sucks on one while being finger popped; the girl is skilled. After being finger popped one by one, Emily is eventually suspended by one of her male cohorts and fucked viciously, all while leaning over to suck off her second fuck buddy, it's a scene I rather enjoyed as she has her hair pulled and screams. This is probably the most intense of the compilation as Emily looks great being double fucked, and gladly soaks herself in cum.

Lindsay: Lexi Belle

Lindsay is a flirtatious nympho who is grounded after being found with the gardener. After her dad's lawyer stops by to deliver papers, she garners her own form of revenge and seduces him into fucking her cold on the pool table. After laying it on thick on the lawyer, he gives in to her undoubtedly sexual presence and does what any smart man would do: he bones the cute red head until the cows come home. Belle is another gorgeous girl with a lovely set of red hair, and a cute taut little body that makes her seem young enough to feel taboo, but old enough where it doesn't feel dirty. While nothing truly outrageous occurs in this portion, Belle is sexy enough to forgive as her perky ass, sexy get up and lovely face make it all worth it in the end.

Gary: Jenna Presley

I was about ready to give a full recommendation for this movie, up until this finale which made absolutely no sense. Whose bosses daughter is our man fucking? Why is this focused on him? Who knows? But this is a segment that feels detached from the rest, almost as if it belongs to another movie. Otherwise, Presley is gorgeous with lovely brown hair, a tight petite body and long leather black boots that only improve an otherwise sexy woman. Presley is a masseuse called in for a local businessman assigned in Paris, and the two engage in your typical sexual frolicking from the blowjobs to the eating out, to the eventual yawn from me. This lacked any of the taboo elements the previous segments did, and that's a shame; this last segment was much too disconnected and it was basically distracting from the moment it started. Only halfway in did I suddenly realize what they were going for, and though the surprise ending is a good change of pace, it's predictable, thus flat.

Odds & Ends



In both departments "The Boss' Daughter" is technically rich. Presented in widescreen, the picture is utterly crisp with intentional fuzziness for the sake of inducing that rich fantasy we all have, along with some great audio that presents a clear and coherent string of dialogue and the full on experience of the slapping, fucking, moaning and groaning coming in loud and clear.


For such a great title it's a shame we got almost slim to none in the extras department. All we get is a mere photo gallery of stills from the film, a bonus scene from "In Deep" I could do without but was obviously placed to compensate for the ninety minute running time, links to Penthouse ad boredom, and of course a variety of trailers that are ho hum. I wanted more damn it. How's about a blooper reel for once?

After Thought:

"The Boss' Daughter" is a great porno with utterly beautiful women doing rather naughty things with older men and it's a blast. Pun not intended. Though the extras are for shit, the performances and fucking are fantastic, with a string of well conceived fantasies accomplished by some stunning beauties. Particularly Lexi Belle who is so hot, I bet her shit smells like Roses.


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