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Street Ranger 3

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Alexander » Review Date: 9/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Tagline: "Sunglass spy-cam, horny girls & great locations are the main ingredients for the Street Ranger."

Genre: Gonzo

Cast: J.T., Aline, Italia, April, Kiah, Penelope, Vanessa

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Length: 1:59:00

First Impressions: The premise of Street Ranger 3 isn't that different than that of the first two volumes of this Bang Bros. POV series. Basically, director J.T.--supposedly wearing a "sunglass spy-cam"--sweet talks his way into the pants of (seemingly) random horny women he meets in south Florida. Because our point of view is always from his hi-tech specs, we only ever see J.T.'s cock and often-shaky shots of the torsos, asses, and faces of the women he bangs.

Special Features: There are two short outtakes (totaling three minutes), eight trailers, stills of the mostly below average looking girls from each scene, and a link to streetranger.com. None of these are worth more than a few seconds of your time.

Audio/Visual Quality: The DVD is presented in both standard full frame (scenes one and three to five) and widescreen (scene two). Picture quality is mostly determined by the scene's light source. For example, part of scene one occurs in a room with blinds drawn and dimly lit by a pair of floor lamps. Another scene takes place in a room lit only by the weak sunlight streaming through an open door. Murky silhouettes (scene one), shadows (scene five), and sun glare on the camera lens (scene four) abound. While it's not that difficult to see the action, if you like your adult films more polished (as I do), then the uneven PQ in many of the scenes might prove distracting.

Regarding the audio, J.T.'s narration and his eventual dialogue with the women he meets is mostly senseless banter, so you won't miss anything integral to the film's "narrative" if you press mute on your remote.

Scene 1: "Operation: 2 For 1" (Aline, Italia, J.T.; Length: 26:09): This scene begins with J.T. prowling a marina in search of easy women to fuck and film. Luckily, he finds a pair of tourists willing to fuck in a building overlooking the harbor. Much blah blahing ensues and sure enough, within seven minutes, J.T. has convinced the two to join him at his pad.

Small talk already out of the way, the two girls strip and Aline, the cuter of the two (and pictured at far right on the DVD cover) sucks Italia's nipples and then eats her out. (Italia is one of those girls that is only as hot as the angle of the camera taking her picture allows. For example, in a couple of shots she's quite stunning with a sexy, muscular body; but in others, she looks very much like Terrance Stamp in Pricilla, Queen of the Desert.) J.T., not content with just filming the action with his handy spy goggles, gets blown by Italia. We're then treated to a worm's-eye view of Italia straddling J.T.'s mouth, affording us a peek of her belly button piercing, tits and square jaw. (This scene illustrates the limitations of the first-person POV typical of Bang Bros. films. Because Italia is sitting on J.T.'s face, the extreme angle results in 3/4 of the frame being filled by ceiling. Italia's face is but a footnote in the right bottom quarter of the screen. Expect a lot of these extreme close-ups and poorly composed shots on this DVD.)

Finally, the trio moves to a couch. As Italia munches on Aline's pussy, J.T. plugs Italia's cunt with his cock, doggy style. This continues for a few minutes until Aline climbs on top of J.T. and fucks him like a cock-loving cowgirl while simultaneously making out with Italia, who furiously rubs Aline's clit. Some pretty hot three-way action follows, including more fucking, cunt licking, close-ups of Italia's sexy six-pack, and a few seconds of 69.

Scene 2: "Operation: Hostel" (April, J.T.; Length: 21:38): This scene begins with J.T. walking the sidewalks of South Beach and stumbling across April, a young tourist staying at a local hostel. It doesn't take J.T. long to get April to invite him into her sparsely furnished accommodations. When the talking stops, April strips to reveal a slightly fleshy body. What follows is not sexy at all, mainly due to April's poor cock handling skills, her not-made-for-42"-television pussy (ingrown hairs aplenty) and ass (bruised), and the off-putting, seemingly-fucked-for-the-first-time expressions she makes when J.T. pounds her. (She hovers somewhere between laughing and crying.) The sex begins with a bad blowjob, moves to some rather benign missionary, and ends with J.T. shooting a decent load onto a confused April's face.

Scene 3: "Operation: Full Service" (Kiah, J.T.; Length: 20:27): Now this is a fantasy I can get off on. Countless times I've found myself pumping gas at the neighborhood Mobil station when I catch a glimpse of a good looking girl on the other side of the island. While these sightings have led to an occasional (OK, rare) phone number exchange, they've yet to pay off in a hot blowjob in the station's graffiti-marred restroom.

J.T., still on the prowl, meets this-is-what-discount-hookers-in-Moscow-must-look-like Kiah at a Chevron. He wastes no time at all in convincing her to join him in the filthy public restroom. At 2:40 into the scene, this is J.T.'s fastest score yet.

A few seconds of mutual fondling gets us started, but Kiah is quick to crouch and pull J.T.'s cock out of his pants. We're then treated to a few minutes of Kiah expertly stroking and sucking his cock. It's hot, if only because I wished it were me that was on the receiving end of Kiah's sensual blowjob. Then, somewhat abruptly, J.T. has managed to convince Kiah to drive him to a seedy local motel (broken vertical blinds piled on the floor = seedy motel) to continue their escapade with a little fucking. She strips (revealing a not-too-hot ring of stretch marks around her belly and a pair of sagging boobs), and continues the blowjob she began earlier. A foot job, cowgirl, and doggy follow, resulting in a splash of come on Kiah's chin and shoulder.

Scene 4: "Operation: Lifeguard on Duty" (Penelope, J.T.; Length, 18:25): Seedier still is J.T.'s hook-up with cute, thin blonde "lifeguard" Penelope. We meet her standing in a drained swimming pool at yet another run down motel. Luckily for J.T., Penelope slips and falls into a disgusting puddle of green water, prompting her to remove her jeans and top, thus expediting J.T.'s trip to her room. Once there, and now wrapped only in a towel, Penelope quickly begins to go to work on J.T.'s cock. Through four scenes, it's definitely the hottest blowjob yet, with Penelope aggressively stroking, sucking, and licking his pole. Needing something long and hard in her cunt, she slips a condom on J.T. and then rides him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl until he flips her over and bangs her missionary, then doggy, then missionary again until he jerks off and shoots a small load on her tits.

Scene 5: "Operation: Fitting Room" (Vanessa, J.T.; Length, 29:36): We now find J.T. making his way through the women's section in a JCPenny where he spots the second least attractive girl on the DVD, Vanessa, clothes shopping. Apparently, she needs help in finding a new outfit and invites our director to the women's fitting room. While Vanessa tries on an assortment of clothes, J.T. fondles her tits and then pulls out his cock for her to suck. Then the two make their way to J.T.'s car in the covered lot where Vanessa continues to blow him in the backseat. An impressive array of fucking follows, with a topless Vanessa and a pants-less J.T. doing their thing in a very public place. While I didn't find Vanessa all that attractive, I was turned on by knowing that the cock sucking and fucking was happening in a busy parking garage in a car without tinted windows.

Final Thoughts: I liked the concept of the film--J.T. on the prowl, looking for willing women to fuck and filming them with his spy glasses. But the poor picture quality, seedy settings, and mostly unattractive girls left me mostly erection-less for most of the film. And while I did get hard watching some of the girl-on-girl in scene one, Kiah's restroom blowjob in scene two, and Penelope's cock stroking in scene four, those bits only amounted to a couple dozen minutes in a DVD that runs close to two hours. Disappointing.

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