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Studio: Tight Fit Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


Tight Fit

Genre: Feature

Director: Nicholas Steele

Cast: Syvette Wimberly, Grant Michaels, Brooke, Randy Spears, Katja Kassin, Steve Holmes, August, Haley Paige, Cheyne Collins, Steven St. Croix

Length: 90:01 minutes

Date of Production: 12/9/2004

Extra's: The only extra of note was a 29:06 minute scene starring Missy Monroe and Trent Soluri. While he may be a third tier mope, she did a great job of actively riding the cock in all three of her holes, proving to be just as good doing anal as her wonderful hummer or vaginal romp. There was nothing stating where the scene came from and her schoolgirl outfit could have been in dozens of movies but the large flower pedal cut outs on the wall will probably be immediately recognizable if you caught the scene elsewhere. There was also a pop shot recap from the scenes, a photogallery, some trailers, and a cardboard sleeve over the DVD case for those who care too.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Delusions was presented in a letterboxed widescreen offering, apparently shot in 1.33:1 full frame and cropped to look as though it were in widescreen later on by director Nicholas Steele for Tight Fit. The cover stated that it was "in Hi-Definition HD Widescreen" but the reality was it was simply another fool frame offering that looked murky and grainy without any of the enhancing resolution promised. The lighting was low in all the scenes and that translated into grain and video noise, even some compression artifacts thanks in no small part to the bitrate often dropping into the lower 2 Mbps range. The editing was atrocious and haphazard with the camera work looking like someone couldn't make up their mind as to what they wanted to do, randomly exploring different styles within the scenes as though no one knew what they wanted to do. The establishing shots were also limited and just as something would show a glimmer of hope, the style would change again to something far worse (almost as if the director was trying to get back at the producer). The audio was offered up in the standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English at a 192 Kbps bitrate but the music was generic and the vocals offered little of consequence; lowering the sound probably being the best alternative for viewers saddled with this one.

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Body of Review: Nicholas Steele used to be one of the shining star directors at Adam & Eve but left the company under a veil of secrecy years ago. It was common knowledge that the company wasn't finding his work all that special and reports of his sales plummeting seemed pretty frequent. Well, he left and ended up making movies elsewhere, including one for Tight Fit in the form of Delusions; a story about a therapeutic virtual reality game that allowed people to explore their sexuality. That the story had been done dozens of times before (and far better) is nothing surprising but the level of acting outside of a few roles in the movie only served to make this even more stark a contrast to some of the feature fuck flick makers in present porn valley terms. The ladies in the cast were attractive enough though and even though this was shot years ago in 2004, I was hopeful that the cast could have pulled it off in spite of the director's involvement. If you're still interested, here is a look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Syvette Wimberly, a curvy blonde dressed in a dragon lady outfit, was up first in the garden setting with military man Grant Michaels. He kissed her and they slowly disrobed, the couple taking their time until he revved her engine up and she asked that he remove her panties for better access. He snacked away at her coochy while she kicked back a bit; never showing much enthusiasm for his finger mining gold or tongue wrapping around her clitoris mechanically. When it was her turn to blow him, she slowly engulfed his rod in a teasing fashion, doing a fair job of it though never provided enough time to really work him over before they started bumping uglies. After a couple of short vaginal positions, he busted a small load of population pudding to her face; the gal sealing the deal with some minor league post coital sucking.

Scene Two: Brooke, a curvy blond wearing a garish purple dress that looked like it needed to be plugged into a wall outlet, was up next with stately Randy Spears in the study. He kissed her and they slowly pulled off the monstrosity, the tender caresses a heap better than the last scene even if still a bit forced by porn standards. She stood before the seated man to provide him with a slow blowjob, her ability to create a vacuum never in question as she inhaled his meat pipe easily. She then actively rode him in a single position before he went to town eating her out on the ottoman, Brooke responding nicely even as the audio track encountered some difficulties. He began boning her cookie again but after a couple of pumps, he busted a nut on her crotch, moving the story back to the dialogue.

Scene Three: Katja Kassin, the German anal queen many adore for her thick body and attractive face, was up next as a queen in the virtual reality world with Steve Holmes as her royal partner. They ate a hearty meal at the expansive banquet table, soon finding food not the only sustenance needed to keep them going. He handed her some food and kissed her, the gal dropping to her knees for the royal gravy sauce but it had to be worked from the tap as it were so she worked him over to the light musical score. Her deepthroating technique was okay but not used to full effect, Steve porking her puffy pussy after tasting the clam sauce just a bit. He did anal too but this was one of those times when she was passive during the penetrative sex, a rarity but no less disturbing as it greatly weakened the scene. The action ended when he jerked a load onto her mouth without any assistance from her.

Scene Four: August, playing a hotty needing to add some spice to her marriage, was up next in sexy white lingerie as she enjoyed a lesbian encounter with Haley Paige who also wore similar (though less plentiful) clothing. The manner in which the busy camera continually moved across their forms belied the problem of the scene in that it amounted to a series of clips in almost montage form instead of just stepping back to let the ladies show they had some natural chemistry together. The forced nature of the edits and camera work limited this in favor of a mechanical scene with all the artistic foppery that have long plagued the director's works, taking what amounts to a couple of sure things and diluting all they had to offer. They licked, caressed, and toyed with one another but it ended too soon and even the best parts did not stand alone as worth much to talk about.

Scene Five: August, all dolled up in a black nightie on a bed, was then given a chance to make it up with Cheyne Collins. I appreciated that the camera was more static this time, allowing the couple to warm up naturally as he licked her chest and crotch to turn her on. The seductive portion of the scene actually started to work when the heavy handed editing and close ups began; again weakening the action more than a little before it stopped. She played a tune on his skin flute and the streamers flowed easily enough, the lady pumping him into her mouth actively before a few vaginal positions led to a weak facial.

Scene Six: Haley Paige, still looking great as she soaked in the huge bathtub, was up last as she kissed Steven St. Croix during their forced day off at the spa. I'll be the first to admit that the setting was a solid one with the lit candles helping out more than a little bit and the slow nature of the action in keeping with the theme but the previous scenes showed a half hearted attempt to pull it off so my concern was this would be more of the same. I liked when she spread eagle for him to orally satisfy and her blowjob held potential (except that the angle sucked and it was truncated) but taking all the generated heat and then making the vaginal screw so mechanical and performed was simply a shame. The ending pop shot on her torso was also a gyp, as was the "surprise" ending that was broadcast a mile away.

Summary: Delusions by director Nicholas Steele for Tight Fit had some minor moments were my appreciation of the cast almost caused me to treat it differently but in the end I had to go with a rating of Skip It. The sex was watered down and weak all too often, the plotted portions of the feature bad enough to cause me to wince several times, and the technical elements were such that there was clearly a reason why this one sat in the can for years. In short, Delusions might well have been the subtext of the movie in regards to the director thinking he was making a good movie but unlike some movies that are so bad they end up being amusing, this was simply weak.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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