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Anal Expedition and Teen Cum Squad

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Note: This release is actually a combination of two previously released titles that have been unadulterated as far as I can tell. One came from Manuel Ferrara's stay at Red Light District and the other from his time at Platinum X Pictures (they are sister companies). The review below simply incorporates my look at one from awhile back and my take on the other right now since the rights to them have reverted to Manuel. It's tough to argue with getting two full movies at a great price, especially if they are largely complete except for the cover so have a bit of fun picking this one up. The sum of the parts here (since the extras from the second described movie were missing) was a respectable Recommended but your mileage may vary given how rough some of the edges were and the hardcore nature of the action being so bleeding edge for the time. Enjoy!

Teen Cum Squad

Red Light District/Manuel Ferrara Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Cast: Emily DaVinci, Tony Ribas, John Strong, Sativa Rose, Manuel Ferrara, Patricia Petite, Michael Stefano, Missy Monroe, Tyla Wynn, Chiquita Lopez (bonus scene only), "The Cum Shot Guys"

Length: 139.5 minutes

Date of Production: 7/20/2004 (box), 8/1/2004 (credits)

Extra's: For most fans, the 16.5 minute long bonus scene starring Chiquita Lopez and a horde of Manuel Ferrara's buddies will be the best extra since the sex was pretty strong and she was looking very cute. It was an oral only scene and she took a whole lot of semen to her face (coating it completely) although I'd have preferred her working their loads out by herself rather than see them jerk off onto her. Another solid extra was the 11 minutes of tease footage where each gal played for the camera (starting with Missy). I always like tease footage and this was good stuff. There was a decent 10.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that showed the gals getting ready as well as goofing off a bit. Lastly, there was a 6.5 minute long photoshoot and a photogallery for your pleasure.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Teen Cum Squad was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that most gonzo porn is shot in these days. The lighting was pretty solid, the colors accurate, the fleshtones decent, the grain minimal and the focus crisp so I suppose my biggest complaint was that some of the camera angles weren't optimal at making the gals look their best. Much of the reason why related to the point of view standpoint pushed here but I know a lot of fans enjoy that kind of thing (in small doses, I do too) so I won't fuss too much about it. The stereo English audio was simplistic and clear although the levels varied a bit more than I usually go for.

Body of Review: Manuel Ferrara is one of those quiet, unassuming men in porn that you could watch without thinking he was on a work release program with his local prison system. I'm not a good judge of male attractiveness but friends tell me he's a hotty and the women he works with seem to like him just fine so I guess it was inevitable that he decided to become a director as well as a performer for Red Light District. His latest release is a cute movie called Teen Cum Squad. While I have my doubts about the actual age of some of the cast, I can't disagree with the "cum squad" part since each gal took a massive dosing of semen on her face at the end of the scene. Besides that, only one gal didn't do anal and her scene could be argued as being the hottest of the lot so without further ado, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Emily, a redheaded gal that looked like a throwback to the punk rock 70's, started off the show by posing for Manuel by a tropical pond and waterfall. She was then magically transported to a couch indoors where she jerked off Tony and John while they rubbed her a bit too. Her oral skills were pretty energetic and she could take a penis in her ass (as well as pussy) as well as any of her youthful peers. The action then went to the DP stuff and she never stopped pumping back at their members (doing some taste testing too); making this a good opening scene. I've never found her that attractive but she did well here and the ending was the kind facial fans always appreciate; gobs of goo splattered all over it. I think they must've been on the Peter North diet having seen this one.

Scene Two: Sativa, is a recent favorite of mine with her long black hair, winning smile and sexual drive that'd shame many of her so-called peers. She had a few more minor blemishes this time but I think she was a good match for Manuel by the couch. She warmed up with him in her throat and I liked how she toyed with him a little more than usual before they screwed like crazy. I felt that she got off a few times and while she didn't do anal, she was great in the entire scene. It was cool watching him jerk her off to orgasm and the facial stuff would be icing on the cake for those who enjoy it (in a point of view style, several unknown guys jerked off onto her face). Whew!

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Scene Three: Patricia, the lean cutie on the front DVD cover wearing the stripper outfit (enhanced in the scene with a neon green fishnet top and green plaid skirt), was up next as she teased the camera for Manuel. I thought she looked better in the scene than on the front cover with Michael and John seeming to agree with me given how they took care of her on a couch. I thought she looked a bit too cold and distant for my tastes but fans of younger gals will easily overlook that fact as she appeared moderately talented with her mouth and body. She did vaginal and anal with taste testing and some major DP action to boot. That she seemed to like it a bit rougher than average (they spanked her as they hammered away at her crotch and ass) might work better for some of you out there than it did for me. I didn't see much chemistry between them but the energy was high so I can't say she didn't give fans their money's worth in the scene.

Scene Four: Missy, a curvy bleached blonde that has been even more active of late than any of the other gals here, proved why she was invited to this little production. Even though I have mixed feelings about how she looks (something just doesn't quite work for me about her most of the time), the gal is an excellent sex performer. From her oral to her vaginal to her heated anal antics, Missy is one of the up and comers in the industry due in large part to the way she seems to enjoy every sex act thrown her way. I doubt there's anything too hardcore, too outlandish, or too intense for her to handle. The way Manuel jerked her off to a dripping wet finish early on in the scene proved my point but it didn't stop there either. After he popped off on her face, the squad dropped loads on her too and she was covered when they were done with her.

Scene Five: Tyla, a hotty that has come out of nowhere to move up the ranks of performers lately, had the final scene as she masturbated and teased on a set of stairs indoors. Her ass looked very inviting but so did the rest of her and I could see why Manuel took her for his own in the scene. The sex acts were similar to the other gals and while she wasn't as skilled as Missy, she definitely had a look I wanted to know better and her playfulness was at least as exciting for me. John joined them towards the end and she handled both of them with ease but I have to admit that she looked a bit rough (even before the massive facials) as they tore her up sexually with the vaginal, anal and DP stuff. She benefited from the cum squad's attention as they coated her too. It wasn't her best work but it was certainly worth repeated viewing.

Summary: Teen Cum Squad initially sounded to me like a rip-off exploitation title but it really wasn't given that there was a lot of cum involved, the gals were all at least close to their teens if not in them, and the same high standards for gonzo that Red Light District tends to have were all in full force here. I only really liked a couple of the gals here so I'm rating it a Rent It but fans of the various cum shot releases put out by the gonzo companies will probably find it easily worth a notch or two higher for that reason alone. There was a lot to like here but unless you're completely into facials, all the scenes ended in a kind of generic way and I like diversity in my gonzo porn as much as anyone. Check it out for yourselves though as it was a well made release.

Anal Expedition 1

Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Cast: Sandra Romain, Mandy Bright, Manuel Ferrara, Anastasia Christ, Julie Silver, Denis Marti, Tony Carrera, Lucy Lee, Tera Joy, Simona, Tina Wagner, Brittany, Steve Holmes

Length: 144:36 minutes

Date of Production: 3/19/2003

Extra's: The extras included four updated trailers, a cumshot recap, a photogallery, some limited filmographies, and a cast list. The original release of the movie had significantly better extras that if they were included, I'd probably have elevated the rating a notch.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Expedition 1 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that most gonzo porn is shot in these days. The lighting was pretty solid, the colors accurate, the fleshtones decent, the grain minimal and the focus crisp so I suppose my biggest complaint was that some of the camera angles weren't optimal at making the gals look their best. Much of the reason why related to the point of view standpoint pushed here but I know a lot of fans enjoy that kind of thing (in small doses, I do too) so I won't fuss too much about it. The stereo English audio was simplistic and clear although the levels varied a bit more than I usually go for.

Body of Review: Anal Expedition 11 was one of my favorite releases in recent months thanks to the man directing it showing the ability to fuse certain hardcore elements in a manner that enhanced each scene to the best of his abilities. That man is, of course, Manuel Ferrara, and few could reasonably argue that women don't find him sexually appealing in a manner that makes his movies even better. Now that he releases titles on the Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions label, I have seen his talents grow substantially in many ways, the newer material proving the guy is continually evolving while giving the world some fine porn to stroke off too. Well, way back in the day as the guy was learning his craft, he released an anal oriented title called Anal Expedition 1, the ancestor of the aforementioned fuck flick, and while it had a lot more rough edges, many of them worked. If you're still interested in it, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Sandra Romain, the Romanian anal queen known for dishing out rough sex as well as taking it, was up first with curvy Mandy Bright as her subordinate outside in a wooded grove. Sandra was slapping her around (literally) while birds chirped in the background and their sexy lingerie got wet with excitement. The slapping looked for real as did the heat from their lesbian antics, including the titty twister, toy use, and other antics that left even me a bit uncomfortable at times. As Sandra drilled Mandy, Manuel Ferrara came to the rescue and started dominating Sandra; getting rough with her in a turnabout as fair play scenario. The gals tamed down a bit with him there and all of them made up with kissing and oral, his cock diverting their attention as they took turns blowing him. There was a lot of active oral and penetrative sex, especially anal sex, and the scene ended when Mandy took the population pudding into her mouth for cumswapping to Sandra who swallowed it. The scene remains as edgy to this day and an acquired taste but certainly full of chemistry and passion to say the least.

Scene Two: Anastasia Christ, Julie Silver, Denis Marti, and Tony Carrera, were up next in a foreign location (Budapest?) as blond Julie invited Manuel to a porn shoot in town. They introduced themselves and walked to the building where the scene was to be shot, a small flat inside a larger apartment complex where the quartet got busy on the couch. Sexually speaking, the scene had the ladies and men getting very oral with one another, the men careful to avoid each other but ravishing the ladies from head to toe and front to back. The emphasis was again on anal sex (which makes sense since the title is all about anal, yes?) but the ladies were fairly skilled at slobbing knobs too. There were DP's, rimjobs, ATM and all the other tricks associated with foreign porn; both ladies giving up all three holes as needed. There was not as much chemistry this time but there was a decent amount of energy all the same. The active riding gave way to the ending semen swallow, marking it as a warm scene, if not as passionate and compelling as the previous one.

Scene Three: Lucy Lee, a sexy brunette with a lean body and appealing face, was up next in bed with studly Manuel Ferrara after he introduced an anecdote from his past. Her red dress did not remain on her for long as Manuel ate her ass when she got on all fours, the gal moaning a bit too loudly for me but still showing an active attitude towards having sex with the guy. They appeared to really dig one another here and she rocked on his finger in her ass as though appreciating his dexterity; soon rewarding him with a happy hummer showing as much skill on her part. They screwed vaginally and anally; doing the taste testing and getting passionately rough, making for an experience that was strokable on several levels. I didn't care about him choking her or the heavy hand used but the way she reacted so favorably to everything he did was sweet. The scene then ended with a solid sized facial. Wow!

Scene Four: Tera Joy, Simona, Tina Wagner, Manuel Ferrara, and Tony Carrera, were then up in a dungeon scene after Manuel picked Tera up on the street. She walked along in blue jeans and led him to the den of iniquity, the place apparently called The Alcatraz Club. The scene was way too dark, the lighting a directing point to those in the BDSM crowd from what it looked like, and there were some artistic special effects used at times but the energy levels outweighed the stylish imperfections until the main sex chamber was revealed to have flat lighting and a lot of wall mounted apparatus to play with so I was thankful. The sex itself was similar to the other scenes with a lot of blowjobs, hardcore penetration of pussies and asses, and DP's with taste testing but the role playing aspect was largely cast aside for those of you that hoped it was a major theme in the scene. The facials ended the scene and it had almost as much replay value as the action taking place previously; the movie holding a certain level of perversity but the warmth of the performers towards one another tempered by the modest amounts of chemistry the ladies had for anyone but Manuel.

Scene Five: Brittany, a very sexy gal with a lean figure and gal next door face, was up last as she walked on the edge of the campus(?) by the field with Manuel Ferrara. She teased him and revealed her near perfect body to him. No one else was around and the couple got frisky with each other, Manuel warming her up better than anyone else alive would have I suspect. She helped undress him too and blew him with passion, doing the deed in POV as he nearly lost it. They started screwing against a pillar when Steve Holmes joined them and she was so turned on that he encouraged him to unsheathe his cock for her to suck on. The men reverse positions so she could suck Manuel's dick clean while Steve tapped her ass, a short DP shown before she was much more aggressive doing one at a time. Her roast beef pussy aside, she was a very solid performer and took their ending loads into her mouth with some oral cleaning up of their shafts to finish up the heated scene and movie.

Summary: Anal Expedition 1 by director Manuel Ferrara for re-release as part of a double dose of dicking by Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions was itself worth a rating of at least Recommended or better thanks to the levels of heat, the chemistry that appeared from time to time, and the cast. As part of this value packed set though, the show really did not gain much ground since the teen Cum Squad 1 did not age as well by comparison and it always left me a bit flat. Still, Anal Expedition 1, while not as solid as Anal Expedition 11, was a treat in many ways for fans of rough sex that don't care for the circus act nature of Christoph Clark's productions or the perversity of Jake Malone; Manuel's peers at Evil Angel these days, so check it out!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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