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All Internal 4

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

All Internal 4

Jules Jordan Video/Cruel Media

Genre: Gonzo, Creampies

Director: Chris "Raul Cristian" Rolie

Cast: Tina, Mugur, Pussycat, Lauro Giotto, Kristina Blonde, Leslie, Bruno, Andy, Ginger, Angela, Vanessa, Sandy, Frank Gun

Length: 184:34 minutes

Date of Production: 5/5/2007

Extra's: The best, although admittedly limited, extra was the 1:57 minute long set of short bloopers. The clips were all during the sex and some of them relied too heavily on foreign language skills but whatever was being babbled, it made the cast laugh. The only other extras were a photogallery and a popshot compilation from the scenes.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: All Internal 4 was presented in the same 1.33:1 full frame color it was shot in by director Chris "Raul Cristian" Rolie for release by Jules Jordan Video/Cruel Media. The lighting of this gonzo production was slightly on the low side, leaving some shadows, grain, and minor video noise as a result. The composition of the shots was as good as Raul's previous work that I've come across, combining the usual raw energy and some decent technical values; albeit with a shaky camera at times. The tease footage looked really good though and shaky or not, I found it good looking most of the time. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital encoded English (with a bitrate of 192 Kbps) but even listening through headphones or playing through my 5.1 home theatre system, I simply could not hear anything substantially different than what must have been picked up by the built in microphone on the camera. The vocals were usually hollow and whatever language the gals typically speak, it was not English so there was a lack of dirty talk too.

Body of Review: Fans of the All Internal Series by Chris "Raul Cristian" Rolie for Jules Jordan Video/Cruel Media have undoubtedly noticed that he has increased his production schedule of late; releasing volumes faster than just about any other series in porn (#5 is on it's way) but All Internal 4 made it to me under a week ago and I found it worth spending some time on. The series is all about foreign bred gals doing creampies; a sex act many of us embrace in our own lives as we ejaculate inside of a woman at the close of our orgasm. While many companies in porn fake these (for various reasons including disease, pregnancy, and the limits of the gals), it has a lot of fans and makes more sense than the more common facials. Let's face it; do straight men really want to see another guy busting a load on a woman's face? In any case, this volume in the series had six scenes where the hyper active camera style of the director came into use as he attempted to document a bevy of beauties in the act, some of them well worth the price of admission all their own. That said, here's a brief glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used here:

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Scene One: Tina, the gal featured on the front DVD cover (on the right side), was up first as Chris continually panned around her body to show how good she looked in her skirt, thong, and loose top on the back porch. While her face was nothing special (to say the least), her all natural body was worthy of greencard status; especially as she bent over. Yeah, her tits and ass were looking just right as the gal presented them for inspection so I only wished that he could have calmed down as she slowly stripped off her remaining clothing. The natural light looked good on her too, especially once she was out in the open on the bench while masturbating, and the blue baton employed to stretch her open was pretty decent until Mugur came along all ready to suck. She sucked him off heartily as she showed the kind of skills she possessed with a meat pipe, toying with him as she used her mouth along with her hand to gland combat style to work him up the best. She then actively rode his meat in the lawn chair, showing that some countries are not so disproving as the USA when it comes to shooting porn in the open. They boned vaginally in several positions and I was surprised she did not do anal, the lasting shot used to capture the creampie before she pushed it out of her cookie making it appear authentic (no last second cutaways). It was a mechanical scene in some ways too but the energy levels were such that the lack of chemistry was not as big an issue for me so it was a decent opening scene.

Scene Two: Pussycat, a curvy gal with pretty eyes reminding me of porn veteran Harmony, was up next on the chair indoors. She wore a black skirt and matching top (with pink crosses) that enhanced her look a lot as she masturbated silently while eyeing the camera. Her ripe rump was built to pump and the blemish free curves seemed to be exceptionally limber as demonstrated during the tease when her skirt was lifted up (then taken off) but as good as the solo act looked, she looked better blowing Lauro Giotto (I'm sure he agrees with me too). She watched the camera as she did him but she gave the messy head with the type of devotion a gal typically provides when she wants something really, really big and knows a guy is broke; this lean sex worker showing herself off nicely in the process. The no hands approach also got some time here and she let him throatfuck her soundly but she managed to hold her ass cheeks wide as he drilled her cookie to show a receptive attitude towards penetrative sex too. She actively rode the cock when on top of him and while needing some polishing up to her act, her puffy pussy looked sweet as could be even after getting his load deposited to run down her leg. This was another time when I was surprised at the lack of anal sex but I still didn't care given her abilities and overall good looks. Meow!

Scene Three: Kristina Blonde, a bleach blond with great curves claiming to be 19 (maybe she didn't understand the question as she looked about as close to 19 as some of our long time domestic performers do that have been in porn for years), was up next in a white top and red skirt. A lean sweety, her face was not her greatest asset as she was made to bend over and pose in the open room of the house that had lots of light pouring in. Chris took a shine to her by the way he adjusted her clothing and aside from the age issue, she was clearly ready to fuck her brains out. The tease led to her disrobing and the baby oil used to shine her up made my dick hard (sorry for the visual; I'm being descriptive) with the tease leading to both Leslie and Bruno joining her for some fun. She sucked ball sack and shaft with equal vigor, doing the men in turns before they expanded their repertoire to include pounding her pussy. The downside came (pun intended) when the vaginal sex started up since for all her potential, she was a passive lay. The number of positions and frequency of the drill rate were meaningless because of this, though again, the creampie seemed legitimate.

Scene Four: Andy, a brunette gal next door brunette claiming to be 20 years old (and largely looking the part), was up next in a red bikini and weird looking coat (that would fit right in on the old Muppets Show) as she posed in the living room by the balcony. The blood red wall matched her outfit (nice touch) and her ass stood out as her best feature given she had no breasts to speak of. The tease was similar to the rest of the show with Chris directing her through various positions and she seemed happy enough to be having fun. I would have liked some more meat on her bones but as stated before, her legs and ass were pretty fine as she gyrated them to her internal beat (again, pun intended). The solo stuff warmed her up to do both Mugur and Bruno, the men providing the cock she seemed so at home inhaling. The blowjobs were enthusiastic and the gal employed her hands as much for balance as anything else; the pounding of her pussy and ass showing she was a penetrative queen with an active stride worth applauding. The only time I didn't care for the scene was during the DP work since she was held back from riding the men as heatedly as she had done with a single dick. The scene ended with her well worn asshole pushing out the population pudding all over her legs, assisted by her fingers that she licked clean otherwise.

Scene Five: Ginger, a sexy brunette in a dark bikini, and Angela, a light haired lass with lame hair and an orange bikini, were up next on the couch with lucky Bruno. The tease this time consisted mostly of the ladies kissing and caressing each other, taking their time but weakening the scene by continually staring at the camera as though it was a performance. The shaky camera has become his trademark so I'm not going to fuss about it as much but he almost appeared to drop it a few times here; perhaps thanks to the sexy way the ladies rubbed their curves ass cheeks together. Bruno was the recipient of this butt rub footage too and I admit that I liked the tease a lot more than the mechanical sex some of the scenes were based upon. I also liked that Bruno gave oral as well as he received it (a thought probably shared by the ladies in the scene too) with Ginger lost in the taste of his rod initially but Angela wanting some too. They shared it and paid no attention to the large bump on it (herpes sore?) but used a seductive manner as they double teamed him; leading to an active ride in their nether regions. Ginger was anally adept too, taking him in almost as actively as in her cookie with the interactions between the gals mixed but there for those who like them. The creampie went to Ginger's perfect pucker to be pushed out for oral play by Angela; the only issue being that she had to be told what to do with it in a form of micromanaging.

Scene Six: Vanessa, a lean brunette hotty looking her 19 years and 24 year old blond, Sandy Styles, were up last with my initial preference going for the older of the two. Her curves were superior and she seemed to be the dominant gal, both of them from Prague in the Czech Republic and looking like they really belonged in Porn Valley. Their clothing was appreciated but did not last long as they felt each other up, the lesbian actions of the scene broken by the appearance of Frank Gun after some heated oiling up. He used an impossibly long purple toy with them before they blew him (though not for long) and that led to the expected anal sex. He really did not seem to be his old self since in his prime, he could nail a chick long, hard, and deep without a second thought but the gals had some appeal for me and the limitations of the meat puppet aside, they showed enough potential that I hope Chris uses them again in the future. There was ATOGM as Vanessa sucked his dick clean from Sandy's butt, the anal creampie looking as real as the other scenes for the gal to finish the job.

Summary: All Internal 4 by director Chris "Raul Cristian" Rolie for release by Jules Jordan Video/Cruel Media was not the strongest volume in the running series but I found it to have a plethora of highlights worthy of earning the DVD a rating of Recommended. While some of the women relied too heavily on looks and others were lacking there but skilled with a cock, the overall impression I got here was that it had some solid replay value and strokability. In short, All Internal 4, like the rest of the All Internal Series, is designed for fans of creampie worship over anything else, sometimes lacking in other polished touches but not the advertised act. Heck, if Chris can learn to hold a camera steady (or get a Steadi-Cam), he may even grow in popularity from what I understand by his detractors, though there are times when his approach adds a nice touch.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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