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Crave Vol 1

Studio: French Connection » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 9/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: March 31, 2007

Director: Tom Bradford

Cast: Norbert Somlay, Adam Gervay, Jason Carrigan, Ivan Cseska, Jeremy Shelton, Sam Ballack, Tamas Esterhazy, Roberto Giorgio, Daniel Nicolaus, Eric Flower

Body Types: Smooth, hairy, muscular, hung, 20-30 year olds, uncut dicks

Condoms: Yes

Special Features: 3 ways, leather harnesses

Plot: Ten men couple and threesome their way to hot sex.

The Movie:

Roberto, Daniel, Eric
Crave dispenses with the long setup and immediately opens with Daniel and Eric wearing only camouflage pants and boots and making out hard and heavy. Eric and Daniel are both muscular but Eric has a size advantage. The backdrop is some Hungarian army base filled with cages, steel staircases, elevated platforms, climbing ropes, barrels and barbed wire. Eric licks Daniel's chest and kisses him as he moans with pleasure. Overhearing the sounds of two animals in heat, Roberto searches for the source. Roberto is an attractive brunette with a muscular body similar to Eric's. He spots Daniel and Eric and joins them for three-way action. Kneeling below him, Roberto blows Daniel's long uncut sausage. So he doesn't neglect Eric, he wraps his lips around Eric's cock and sucks that thick sausage too. Roberto switches between the cocks and stuffs both in his mouth. Following Roberto's example, Eric also feasts on Daniel's and Roberto's cocks. When Daniel sucks Roberto's cock, all three men have cocks in their mouths. Roberto is hungry for ass and flicks his tongue into Eric's hairless man hole while Eric uses Daniel's cock as a pacifier. Next, Roberto and Eric trade places. The trio French kiss to the repeated strains of deep moaning and groaning. Eric pounds Roberto in the rear as Daniel sucks Roberto's cock. Now lying on his back, Roberto gets a second helping of cock in his ass from Daniel. Eric cries out "Deeper! Deeper!" when Roberto fucks him. Roberto and Eric take turns fucking the blond Daniel who is now lying on a barrel. The scene concludes with Daniel and Eric cumming on Roberto's chest and Roberto jerking off.

Norbert, Tamas, Sam

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In the next scene, Norbert (cover man) walks around the same building, smokes a cigarette, and pulls his cock from his jeans. His dick is long and thick with a hood that covers the fat head. While Norbert strokes that big dick, Tamas in a leather and chain harness walks up and eyes the big monster dick staring in front of him. Tamas has tribal tattoos running from his shoulders to his arms, a goatee, a soul patch, and well-defined chest. First, Tamas licks and teases the cock and then engulfs it with his mouth. The macho Norbert smokes as he gets head and tosses the cigarette when he's done so that he can remove his black tank top so he can reveal his muscular hairy chest. Sam, a beefy, smooth, bald guy shows up and gives Tamas another cock to sample. Dropping to his knees, Sam alternates giving head to the two men. Afterwards, all three asses are eaten out. At one point, Tamas straddles Sam who is bent over and Norbert licks both their holes. Studly Norbert then lies on his back and gets a tongue-fuck from Sam and a dick suck from Tamas. On his back, Tamas is the first to be fucked by Sam who packs the fudge in tight. Norbert growls and shoves that big horse dick of his up Tamas' ass hole. On the other end, Tamas bobs on Sam's weiner. Willing to take it like a man, Norbert also gets his ass slammed by Sam. Tamas then fucks Sam standing up as Sam chows down on Norbert's meat. Finally, they all jack off. For a guy with a fat cock, Norbert shoots only a small load.

Jason, Ivan, Adam
Muscular Jason, in a leather harness and jeans, wanders the sex playground and finds the dog-collared Ivan sitting alone. Ivan is muscular too with a shaved head. Signaling Jason to fool around, Ivan grips his basket. Jason pulls Ivan into him and the two smack each other's asses in jeans. This is followed by some kissing and nipple play. Cock-hungry Jason strokes, teases, and sucks on Ivan's enormous dick but never gets past the head. Standing on a platform above the guys is horny young Adam with big pecs and six-pack abs. Watching Adam stroking his meat gives Ivan the urge to suck it while Jason continues to suck Ivan. More cock-sucking ensues as Adam sucks Ivan and Jason sucks Adam. The one getting sucked also gets an ass-rimming. Soon the three are connected tongue to ass with Ivan in the middle. Jason's cock is a disappointment because it's not very large and doesn't become hard until he cums. Adam continues to eat out Ivan as Jason leaves. Ivan then plows into the muscle boy but afterwards he gets equal time fucking Ivan. The result of all this horny pleasure is Ivan's milky load on Adam's leg and Adam's messy squirt.

Jeremy, Eric, Tamas, Sam
Another head-turner with a hard body and long dick is Jeremy. Jeremy makes eye contact with Eric. In no time, the pair are kissing and feeling each other up. That Eric loves dick. He can't get enough of Jeremy's uncut pole. Gorgeous Jeremy gets on his knees and orally worships Eric's cock. Eric has nice blond pubes and a nice nutsack. The sucking and messy kisses progress to fucking and Jeremy takes the top role. Tamas and Sam appear on the scene and dive right into a round of cock-sucking. Tamas works on Jeremy and Sam works on Eric. Next, the two studs switch cocksuckers. Once the cocks are nice and stiff, Eric rams his bone into Sam and Jeremy slams into Tamas. For the finale, they serve up a bukkake for Sam.


The video is clear and there's good detail.

Background music is set on low. No script is involved but the ever-present sex sounds are clear and crisp.

Stills for Crave Volumes 1, 2, 3 and Caged Men, Trailers for Craves Volumes 1 & 2 and Caged Men, Cum Scenes for Volume 1, a compilation of butt shots for Vol 1, and a behind-the-scenes look at Volumes 1 & 2 make up the extras. The behind-the-scenes look at Volume 1 shows the direction and the translating necessary to make the movie whereas the behind-the-scenes look at Volume 2 is a short 3 minute clip of the cameramen onscreen filming the actors.

Final Thoughts:
This cast is comprised of American porn stars and international porn stars. As a result, the dirty talk is in English and a few foreign languages. Dialogue is non-existent so it's immaterial. All of the men have hot smooth bodies except Norbert who is fuckin' hot but hairy. They all have foreskin intact so if this appeals to you, you're going to love this movie. Versatility is in. Watch most of these actors fuck and get fucked. And if you have an oral fixation, you'll be happy to find this movie tips the scale in favor of fellatio.

The best scene is the first one with Roberto, Daniel, and Eric. These incredibly good-looking studs fuck and get pounded like there's no tomorrow. Although the other actors make a very good effort, their scenes pale in comparison.

In summary, if you crave hot guys, big uncut dicks, lots of oral and some anal, take this DVD home.

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