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Debbie Loves Dallas

Studio: Vivid » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 9/9/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Eon McKai's 're-imagining' of the classic Debbie Does Dallas is an interesting and playfully sexy hardcore romp through one girl's quest to fuck a rock star. Debbie (Cassidey), is a huge fan of the band Dallas who have just released their latest EP. In town to play a show at the Rezon Club, Debbie decides she's going to lay their lead singer, Punky (Alex Gonz). While this is going on, her friends Tammy (Dana DeArmond) and Bambi (Charlotte Stokely) are trying to break into the local scene beginning with Tammy's rendezvous with Deeze (Tommy Pistol), a dude who hangs out around the studio in a van and who hooks the girls up with hot dogs, concert tickets and music.

To complicate thing further, Bambi's father owns a record company that wants to sign Dallas, and her boyfriend, a loser named Josh (James Deen) is still very much in the picture. That won't stop her and her friends from doing and screwing everything and anyone to get access to the studio where Dallas is working on their new album. But will Debbie finally be able to love Dallas or will their plans buckle putting the girls back where they started?

Scene 1 - Dana DeArmond And Tommy Pistol: Dana robs Tommy's cock through his pants and then sucks his cock, doing a fine job of breaking to use her tits on him and taking him way down her throat. She lies back and Tommy fucks her missionary style before she blows him again. She bends over and he fucks her in the ass, while she periodically rubs her clit for the camera. Tommy pulls out and unloads in her mouth and ends the scene. These two have performed together a few times and have a nice, fun, chemistry on screen that makes things entertaining without sacrificing the heat of the moment.

Scene 2 - Pixie Pearl And James Deen: James is doing a few lines with Pixie and Cassidey and he wants to bone his girlfriend but she's mad at him so he turns his attentions to Pixie. He can't get it up at first as Cassidey is teasing him about his drug use, but once Pixie starts helping him out he rises to the occasion and slips it into her mouth. She gives him head and titty fucks him a bit, then he lies on the couch and she rides him cowgirl style. She sucks him again then he fucks her doggy style and then reverse cowgirl style. She lies on her back and imagines that Alex Gonz is fucking her and not James Deen and she rubs her pussy while he bones her until he's ready to pull out and unload on her face and into her mouth. Another solid scene - the imagination sequence where she sees Gonz on her is interesting in that it cuts like a music video. Kind of a neat touch. It might take those looking to spank it out of the moment a bit but it's an interesting and fairly humorous visual idea and the music is cool.

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Scene 3 - Pixie Pearl, Dana DeArmond, Julius Ceazher, Daniel And Icarus Corpse: Pixie and Dana make their way into the recording studio where the band members are rehearsing and soon enough tops are off, titties are flying free and cocks are being sucked. Pixie concentrates on Julius while Dana takes care of the other two dudes, Julius fucks Pixie from behind while she sucks one of the other guys off, then Daniel eats Dana from behind while she's down on all fours. Icarus fucks Dana from behind while she sucks Daniel, and the guys more or less take turns fucking and getting sucked by the two lovely ladies. At one point Dana goes a great job of fingering Pixie, sucking Julius' cock at the same time. Each of the three guys unloads on their faces, the girls lapping up the come like it's going out of style. This scene gets hectic in spots as everyone switches up partners very, very frequently but if you're into group sessions this should definitely work for you as everyone seems to be having quite a good time and the girls have got a lot of obvious and genuine enthusiasm.

Scene 4 - Charlotte Stokely, Cassidey And Justin Syder: Justin decides he'll introduce one of the girls to Punky - they'll have to prove whose the better cocksucker first. They jerk him hard and then take turns sucking his cock, and once they've done their job her pulls off onto Cassidey's tits and Charlotte's face.

Scene 5 - Monique Alexander, Pixie Pearl And Cassidey: Pixie and Cassidey get a hotel room and Monique shows up in a rubbery dress, playing 'O.G. Debbie.' She starts making out with Cassidey and as Monique fingers her Pixie moves in to help. Pixie and Monique double team her with their fingers and work Cass to a climax, and then Monique gets down on all fours so that Pixie can hold her ass while Cassidey fingers her. Pixie gets down on all fours and Cassidey spanks her and then fingers her pussy, and then Cassidey sits on Pixie's face while Monique chokes her and smacks her tits. Cassidey lets Pixie finger her a bit and then gets down on all fours before riding Pixie's pinkies again. Pixie lays on her back with her ankles up to her ears and Cassidey fingers her while Monique helps, and then Cassidey fingers Monique's snatch while she rubs her own clit. The original Debbie Does Dallas is playing on the television in the room while the three lipstick lesbians get down. Definitely a very solid girl-girl-girl scene.

Scene 6 - Alex Gonz And Charlotte Stokely: Charlotte infiltrates the studio where Punky is working and tells him her name is Wendy O. Williams (a nice touch), under the pretense that she's doing an interview. Punky realizes she's not really doing a very good job interviewing him, and then Charlotte gives him a wet sloppy blowjob. Their rendezvous is interrupted when Charlotte's dad walks in on them. Doh!

Scene 7 - Alex Gonz And Cassidey: Cassidey's Debbie finally gets her chance. She strips and sucks his cock while down on all fours, and then she gets down on all fours in front of him and he fucks her doggy style. He lies back and she rides him reverse cowgirl style, and then she gets on her side and he spoonfucks her for a bit. He bones her missionary style, then he pulls out and she rubs his dick with her feet until he shoots his load onto her toes.

Shot with plenty of filters and optical effects, Debbie Loves Dallas is a candy coated hardcore pop-culture soufflé. With references made to various music groups, current technology and Internet culture, porno films past and present (look for Dave Naz basically playing... Dave Naz) and the whole 'alt porn' trend it's an interesting really well put together stab at smut industry expectations and the preconceived notions that accompany those expectations. Amazingly enough, as incoherent and intentionally obtuse as parts of the movie can be, it works really well and it gives a very playful contest to the sex that makes up the bulk of the movie. McKai lets his actresses more or less play themselves here, and the whole production is handled with a wink and a nod. That said, the sex is hot. The girls all look fantastic and show a genuine enthusiasm fin the seven scenes that play out over the film's two hour running time. There are moments that look overproduced and a little too 'pop' for their own good but it's part of McKai's aesthetic and he makes it work in the context of the fantasy world he's created. The soundtrack is mixed in perfectly as it accents the sex and also works in with the actual story.



Debbie Loves Dallas is presented in a very strong 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. The image is clean and slick looking and there aren't any problems with heavy mpeg compression artifacts. The picture has been manipulated a lot in post production and so scenes are intentionally washed out a bit but for the most part the uniquely composed widescreen image is consistently good.


The same qualities apply to the English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track. It's strong, clean and clear throughout the duration of the film and bass response is always strong with a nice kick to it.


The main supplement on the first disc, aside from the scene selection and the keen animated menus, is a commentary track from Eon McKai, Dana DeArmond, Octavio Winky Tiki (who lit, shot and did the stills), Daniel, Alaska, and Gene Platinum. All of the participants talk about their part in the picture with Eon explaining where some of the ideas came from. His story about where the inspiration for Deeze is pretty amusing, and Dana talks about her poofy pigtails and foil hair in one scene. Winky Tiki talks about shooting a few scenes in the film while McKai seems particularly proud of the way he had the performers go up the elevator at the Bonaventure (and rightly so). There's a lot of chit chat and people talk over one another in a few spots but it's obvious that these guys had a good time making the film and if it isn't the most informative track ever made, it's at least reasonably amusing. Also included on the first disc is the entire script in PDF format.

Disc two contains a few nifty supplements beginning with the complete video for the song Play Time by Dallas that is used throughout the film. This puppy runs 4:09 and much of it we saw in the feature but it's kinda neat to see it here on its own.

From there check out Eon's short film, Clean Hands, Dirty Pornography (0:57). This is used in the feature and it's a DePalma-esque splitscreen bit where Naz shoots pictures of Smokin' Mary Jane. He's in color, she's in black and white and as he shoots the pictures appear on the screen around him.

Eon McKai's alt-life-picts (7:10) is a lengthy still gallery of pictures of McKai and friends at work, on set, at play and behind the scenes all playing out to some nifty instrumental music. The Doll Underground (8:24) is a preview for one of McKai's upcoming projects. A mix of stills, animation, manipulated live footage and shots of cute girls dressed up like dolls, it looks impressively antisocial and pissed off.

Rounding out the second disc are animated menus and trailers for the feature, Dana DeArmond Does The Internet, Man's Ruin, East Side Story, Girls Lie and Skater Girl Fever.

To be included with the final product is the film's soundtrack. Though it wasn't sent with the test disc for review, Vivid Alt's website lists the following tracks:

1. Dallas "Play Time"
2. Driver of the Year "Teenage Kicks"
3. Hank IV "Crime of the Scene"
4. All Will Fall " Brickshard Foundry "
5. PopiKoK "Sweet Sixteen & Leather Boots"
6. All Good Funk Alliance "Super Jam"

Note: For some reason, Vivid Alt is not including the soundtrack CD or the PDF version of the script on the HD-DVD or Blu-Ray releases of Debbie Loves Dallas.

Final Thoughts:

A quirky sexy pop-art porno, Debbie Loves Dallas is one of McKai's most interesting and one of his sexiest movies to date. Thought not to all tastes, those who have appreciated what he's done so far in his career should definitely enjoy this latest effort, which combines hot girls, hot sex, an eclectic and effective soundtrack and some great visuals to create a wholly unique and entertaining experience in smut. Highly recommended.

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