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Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies

Studio: Combat Zone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies

Combat Zone

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Zak Wylde/Robbie Fischer

Cast: Alexis Texas, Van Damage, Mia Grey, John West, Jay Huntington, Fayth Deluca, Rick Masters, Faith Daniels, Brian Pumper, Krystal Jordan, Jenner

Length: 149:11 minutes

Dates of Production: 2/21/2007, 3/26/2007, 3/27/2007, 4/18/2007, 4/19/2007

Extra's: The best extra was the 10:51 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that had a lot of sex, some playful kidding around, and a bit of the photogallery work. It wasn't great but the extra sexual footage added to the value for me, especially when the gals seemed to be a bit more into it when not posing for the camera. There was also a cumshot recap, a photogallery, and a slipcover for the DVD case.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Zak Wylde for Combat Zone. The fleshtones were accurate, the lighting usually decent, with the visual flaws like grain and video noise generally minimal. The composition of the camera angles was always solid in terms of making the gals look their best but Zak has been getting better as a director with time and experience; having worked for some of the bigger production companies in porn from what I recall. There were no obvious compression artifacts (the bitrate was typically in the 5 Mbps range too) and I was pleased with the look of the show overall. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio in 192 Kbps bitrate was basic in most ways with little separation and limited dynamic range but it didn't get in the way of the heat when it appeared in the action either. The music wasn't a factor and while I thought a bit more polishing up of the visual and auditory experience might've made the DVD even better, the laws of diminishing returns applied here too.

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Body of Review: Zak Wylde has been a director for Combat Zone in a number of fuck flicks I've reviewed in recent years; displaying a sense of his own style that has not always been consistent but leaves me wanting to see more of it all too often. His latest title for the company is Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies, a show about ladies who possess nicely shaped asses and enjoy sex with a variety of men with no set list of acts required of them. As an ass man myself, I appreciate it when a company pays tribute to sweet backsides, my experience being that a few companies at the top of the pack in this regard but relative newcomers often have something to add too. In this case, some of the action was really solid and only one scene left me cold, making it well worth watching by likeminded fans. If that sounds interesting to you, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all:

Scene One: Alexis Texas, the hotty 21 year old blond from Texas, was up first and anyone that loves curvy ass combined with an attractive face and bubbly personality will find her a dream. She teased the camera in her playful manner, showing her admirable booty clap and giggling in her usual adorable manner before old spotted dick, Van Damage, joined her. Her solo action was truncated to slob his knob on the black leather couch, her pink dress and white panties getting tossed aside to give them better access to her body. It was a slow hummer that left messy streamers as she gave great care to his rod, Van giving her a few licks before poking her perfect pussy in doggy style. He dug for clams and she did some PTM between positions but she was most enthusiastic when she was on top in control of the action; bouncing on his cock rapidly as her ass cheeks rippled in passionate style. The scene ended when Van rubbed out a lame load of population pudding to her sweet ass cheeks, the gal giving some last shakes of it to sort of wave to the crowd. They did try a second round but it didn't work out; the scene still pretty strokable thanks completely to her efforts.

Scene Two: Mia Grey, a 20 year old redhead from upstate New York wearing a yellow top and light green plaid skirt, was up next as she followed the formula with John West and Jay Huntington. She had pretty eyes and an all natural chest but really didn't compare to Alexis so following her scene proved a shame for Mia. Still, when Mia bent over, her ass was fetching enough with plenty of additional junk in the trunk to play with after the solo portion of the scene. Mia was more mechanical in how she applied her expertise to the men's needs, never showing as much chemistry or passion but compensating by doing more sex acts such as anal and DP's with ATM. She wasn't having a bad time but lacking the same kind of spark to her performance, the replay value wasn't as solid so even while it was a decent scene in many ways, I don't think she lived up to her potential as well as a few of the others. The blowjobs led to penetrative sex, the gal proving to be active as a rider, but she was always better boning using her cookie than her ass. The facial endings flew all over the place but she was held in place to receive them so your mileage may vary in terms of stroke value.

Scene Three: Fayth Deluca, the 24 year old from Costa Rica spotted on the front DVD cover, was up next as she teased in her sheer black outfit in the house. I wondered why Alexis wasn't on the cover and though I'd have still put here there, Fayth was really in tune here. Her pretty eyes beckoned and she displayed a sense of playful energy that really elevated the status of her scene, showing me yet again that younger isn't always better as the cutie as she followed the formula but made it her own all the same. This could have lasted the entire scene but a tanned Rick Masters joined her (I almost didn't recognize him) and started warming her up even more using his hands and tongue; her panting just loud enough to be believable but soft enough that she wasn't seeming like a performer. He loved snacking on her crack and she was happy to let him go at it for a lengthy time too given the look on her face. They then switched to her inhaling his meat pipe, the gal proving to be a virtuoso with his modest member as she took it in with an increasing tempo. Her ass was very appealing and she was another active rider, impaling her cookie in a number of positions and thankfully not doing the scene slowing anal so prevalent in porn. I might have liked Alexis' looks better but this was a fine performance that ended with Rick rubbing out a nut on her face. Whew!

Scene Four: Faith Daniels, an 18 year old Oklahoman in her first scene, was a shock to look at after hotty Fayth did such a great job but I wanted to be fair and give her a chance as she stripped off her black top and white bottom in the living room. This portion was mechanical and best suited for those of you into barely legal stripper types; her bruises and skinny frame saved only by a moderately fleshy ass. Her solo act gave me the impression of a deer caught in the headlights, her desire for a "really big black cock" satisfied by studly Brian Pumper; the man wasted on the gal where some of the better lookers could have used a higher tier male. He ate her as she looked emotionless at the ceiling, the reciprocal hummer given like she was running a sexual HMO. The lack of energy was a stark contrast to even the weakest scene from the movie previously, this time the problems stemming from Faith rather than the man. I still had to give her credit for trying her best to ride the cock actively as it was clearly larger than she was used to, her rhythm not exactly in tune with his but showing some possible future potential all the same. As the scene continued, she proved to learn how to better accommodate his rod, eventually doing a vaginal creampie that she pushed out extremely slowly.

Scene Five: Krystal "Sandy Crack" Jordan, a 21 year old brunette that was a return to good looks and curvy ass, was up last as she sat on an ottoman and ground her hips a bit for a show. Her exotic good looks were really fetching and as a closing scene, it made sense to be here as her pink panties showed plenty of moisture. Her sweet ass shook as she walked into the house to hook up with waiting Jenner; the man snacking on her crack and playing with her as she bent over for his easier access. Her moans were a bit too loud but she had the kind of look that allowed her to more successfully pull it off and after he was done, she was up to bat (pun intended). Her blowjob skills seemed in tune with his need to donate seed, the gal having a slightly rough edge to her act yet making her seem more natural than a few of the others in the process. Her lithe body was poetry in motion as she nearly finished him off (choking a few times as his length was a bit deeper than she was apparently used to taking so deep). That led to an active vaginal ride where the hotty really spiced things up by pounding herself on top of him. She rode with abandon in a few positions and eventually took his facial, the eye pop tagging her something fierce but also going all over the place as she clamped up. The splooge mope up boy probably had a few choice things to say about meat puppet aiming here but she really made me want to see more of her.

Summary: Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies by director Zak Wylde for Combat Zone had three scenes that were noteworthy thanks to Alexis, Fayth, and Krystal but enough stroke and replay value to obtain a solid rating of Recommended for the levels of fuck for the buck. The technical concerns were a step up from some of the director's previous efforts and while the extras were on the weaker side, the body of the movie itself provided some heated action you will find really appealing so check it out. In short, Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies may not have had much to do with snow bunnies but the bottoms were typically shaped like apples and I'd have polished almost any one of them if asked nicely (or even not so nicely).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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