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Cream Pie Inside

Studio: Sineplex » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 9/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Cream Pie

Director: unlisted

Cast: Liana, Alex, Lanza, Malinovskaya, Dia, & Solntse

Length: 2hrs

Production Date: Sineplex, 2007

Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
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Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is the old fashion standard of stereo 2.0. I don't expect much more, so long as the there's no gaps of silence, muffling, or distant noises. None of that here. The Video if Full Frame Color, with a slight amateur tint. This is basic boning footage, but it's still clean and very pleasing.

Body of Review: Sineplex is one of the least common studios out there, and I don't think they get the big audience they deserve. Often times their models have a unique, homely quality that is like top-notch amateur or something. They didn't go with any gal willing to pork, they actually picked up some cute ones. Hopefully they can keep this up in their new flick/series Cream Pie Inside.

Scene 1: Liana
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Creampie
Liana is a foreign babe, with long, brown pigtails. She may be Czech or German, I don't know, but I like her attitude. She says this is her first time and that she would "like the sex." A pair of European melons nicely match a trimmed muff and a thick ass like American babes. She toys her red pussy, making it glisten with juices. Then she begins a slow paced, even flowing bj for a guy with a rocket dick. Soon, he's pounder her ass in cowgirl, her wide cheeks bumping off his thighs and her stinkhole peeking through if you look hard. The 'foreign girl first time' thing doesn't really hold up for me, and although Liana is a cutie, the action is the key. Simple, no bullshit, pure boning. It doesn't get any cleaner than this. Liana gets a decent load of sperm in her snatch and a little dribbles out for her to taste. Not a great ending, considering it's likely why we'd pick up the disc, but I think I'll live.

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Scene 2: Solntse
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Creampie
The sweet-looking girl with the unpronounceable name looks like a Euro-version of Kirsten Dunst. She has that ghostly skin, the thin, short blond hair, fucked up teeth, the works. But this is Mary Jane behind closed doors; a nasty girl that sits back, passively, barely makes a sound and takes what comes. At first, it's just the tip in her mouth, so she doesn't give as hot a BJ. Then the drilling is mostly one sided, Solntse getting smashed into the couch. Solntse's pussy is a spotless, golden mound and by the end of her cream pie it's turned into a mangled cum rag. Her super tight balloon knot gets a little fingering, but mostly watches the action below. Mostly, the passive, celeb-look-a-like element is what's working.


Scene 3: Alex
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Creampie
Alex is the hot-assed blond bending over on the DVD's cover. Borderline thin, with a perfectly, plump little rear, Alex is total Euro. Her face looks very dollish though, and it's either makeup or perhaps plastic surgery--regardless it makes her look like she's wearing a mask. She is still tre-sexy, and she strips fully, pulling her legs in the air to rub her bare puss and expose her bunghole. She accepts a cock in her mouth fairly well, slow, rhythmic thrusts with an occasional deep piping. Alex is another odd girl to watch get fucked. She moans and moves with motions, but she has no facial expressions so it never looks like she's really into the action. But this is easily ignored because her body is amazing to look at and even if she's a stone, the guy fucks her like a rabbit. The third creampie of the disc is a replica of the first two. They're minor pops that leave some trace, but don't get pushed out or fingered. Disappointing in the creampie aspect.


Scene 4: Lanza
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Creampie
The Pocahontas-looking Lanza, is a coffee & cream skinned babe with her hair in long, braided ponytails. Slim as Jim, she's got a body to die for; shaved, clean slit, soft hips and aureoles the size of coasters. Lanza warms up her golden pussy with a toy, licking her own insides and teases us for man action. The stiff-white rod of the disc shows up and puts Lanza in doggy, spreading her wide ass so he can slip in. Although the couple stay in this position a while, it manages to be engaging, particularly as Lanza's head is reamed into the cushions. A few decent gapes later, and Lanza is riding reverse cowgirl so her man can pump in the puss. He finally does, and we don't get to seem much of it; it stays inside like a frightened turtle.


Scene 5: Dia
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Creampie
Dia is a lovely almond-faced Asian with pierced, tiny tatas, a wicked scar over her left boob, and a mole the size of Tokyo just above her lip. Dia gets her wet bush fingered until it's thick with vag honey. Putting her Asian ass in the air, she is entered from behind for a sloppy, hairy scene that might remind you porn's early days. Jacked from behind, the guy pumps his load in her pussy and when he retracts, it flows like hot butter onto the couch. Dia jumps to her knees and laps the white goo. The best creampie yet, but it's buried at the end of a scene that has little else to offer.


Scene 6: Malinovskaya,
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Creampie
Malinovskaya is another Czhek or Gernan lass. Lying on the couch in cute, white socks, jeans and her hair in blond ponytails, Mali could be the block's budding harlot. She wears far too much make-up, which might be an attempt to cover blemishes that manage to poke through. Her head techniques are slow and easy, setting her up for a timid fuck. But it's her hot blond ass that's driving her career. She's a piece of beauty, with a bubble butt that slaps against the dude's nutsack. Her ass is thick and plump and hides her balloon knot deep in its crack. A decent on-couch piledriver highlights Mali's flexibility and leads into a couple of pinky gapes. Homeboy pumps her fine ass in missionary, spitting into her like he owns the place. His merry, white men trickle heavily when he pulls out for an okey-dokey final scene.


Concluding Words: Cream Pie Inside is not a very good cream pie flick, but it's a decent day-to-day girl type of video. There are six fairly young girls lined up to take cock and stock in the ass, and each is cute in their own down-to-earth way. The action is clean, satisfying, solid, and straightforward; there's very little rough oral, some gapes. The big disappointment lies in the dvd's marketing theme; the creampie. All but one really is a decent act. The rest have the cum barely hanging from the lips like bats at the opening of a cave. I would generally rip apart a disc that doesn't live up to what it markets, but the girls and the fucking is decent enough and fresh enough to overshadow this truly significant flaw, leaving it with a Recommended.



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