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Mr. Marcus Goes To Washington

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Mr. Marcus Goes To Washington: Collector's Edition

Shane's World

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Jasmine Byrne, Mr. Marcus, Mika Tan, Delilah Strong, Jack Venice

Length: 125:11 minutes

Dates of Production: 3/6/2006, 3/7/2006, 3/9/2007, 3/22/2006 to 3/25/2006

Extra's: My favorite extras were the two bonus scenes where Mr. Marcus nailed Jasmine Byrne (7:52 minutes long) and then Delilah Strong (8:01 minutes long). He's a champion sexual athlete and they seemed to adore the guy so it was literally a bone-fest worthy of Shane's World. The 16:51 minute long Behind the Scenes feature was pretty cool too as there was more sex, nudity, and even public nudity that seemed unplanned, making it fun to watch (the comments so bizarre that I wouldn't bet against odds that the material was scripted like some detractors suggest either). My favorite lengthy portion was the radio show on WJFK with the wet t-shirt close behind but it was all a lot of fun to watch (even the "herd" comment at the beginning). Fans of the professionals will appreciate the 14:48 minutes worth of interviews that included some clips of the action. There was also a photogallery, a true double sided DVD cover, and trailers to shows like Casey's Winter Break, Devon Does Baja, Diary of Julia Bond, College Amateur Tour in Texas, Casey's Pool Party, College Invasion, Blazed & Confused 1, Blazed & Confused 2, Guide To Anal Sex, Girls Night Out 1, Girls Night Out 2, Shane's World 37, Shane's World 36, Shane's World Swingers, and Shane's World: Nerdz.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Mr. Marcus Goes To Washington: Collector's Edition was presented in the standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by an Uncredited for Shane's World. This time, the lighting and editing were pretty good, eliminating the grain, video noise, and other issues related to lighting. There were a lot of silly parts that I'm glad weren't edited out as they made it more fun to watch; part of the standard dynamic of the company road trip movies. The composition of the shots weren't always designed to enhance the looks of the ladies and make them appear as hot as possible but these were some of the choicest picks that could have been made; no enhancement really needed. The DVD showed no major compression artifacts or mastering issues (the bitrate hovering around the 5 Mbps mark) and looked like a great release overall for the company (shame I again can't credit anyone as director for it). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps and like many other releases by the company, the vocals were almost always hard to hear with no real separation noticed or major dynamic range to speak of as with the noisy party titles the company puts out these days.

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Body of Review: Shane's World has long been a socially responsible organization so they devoted one of their crews to investigate the Hurricane Katrina response by the government in Mr. Marcus Goes To Washington: Collector's Edition; similar to the Billy Jack Goes To Washington release where everyone's favorite fighter for Native American rights went on a political bend to see why American Indians were so poorly treated. In this case, the movie subtitled "Operation: Fix That Shit!" Mr. Marcus and his small band of porno activists, had sex while checking out the response to Hurricane Katrina on a road trip that had them asking a lot of questions. For those who have been off planet the last five years, a massive hurricane swept through New Orleans causing the collapse of the series of levies that held back the ocean for so many years back in 2005. The federal government dedicated billions of dollars to reconstruct the city that was almost completely wiped out, an estimated 150,000+ refugees moving to Houston who opened its arms to them. The criticism about the response times and how little the federal authorities did was counterbalanced by the weak response of the city's Mayor, Ray Nagin, and Lousiana's governor, Kathleen Blanco, which held up a lot of relief efforts as well as delayed the evacuation. Needless to say, the race baiting and finger pointing by the pair of colorful democrats inspired a huge public outcry that continues to this day, a delight for conspiracy theorists and anti-Bush campaigns. In a semi-lighthearted way, Marcus and the group touched on some of the popular sentiments by going to economically depressed areas to ask what should be done, who was at fault, and the usual but also had a good time with it so as to keep from becoming too depressing. Don't expect a politically balanced look at the politics behind the entire Katrina matter and you'll probably have as much fun as you would with any other road trip movie by the company (if not more). Here's a quick look at the sex scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used in the various locations used:

Scene One: Jasmine Byrne, all worked up after a hard day of political activism, was still wearing a lot of clothing as she jumped on Mr. Marcus in the little home of someone they were interviewing. This one time candidate for the role of J-Ho was all over the guy as they stripped off their attire, kissing and pawing each other with a sort of desperate urgency that really isn't common in porn. Whatever it was driving them, it came across as chemistry and enthusiasm, the passion clear from the beginning to end. She attacked his meat through his boxers and gave him a wonderful blowjob before he gave her some loving. This resulted in a variety of vaginal sex positions showing her to be an active rider of cock but it was fun to see her lose her breath while slobbing his knob so aggressively too. Her fleshy ass looked especially good rippling as she bounced on his penis, the juices flowing in what amounted to one of her best, though certainly not longest, scenes ever caught in a scene. Her need for seed not withstanding, Marcus rubbed out a healthy load of population pudding to her face, ending the scene by showcasing her puffy pussy as Marcus proclaimed his cause of providing sexual relief to the hurricane victims. Yowza!

Scene Two: Mika Tan, that fun loving Asian hotty plastered prominently on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, then started molesting studly Mr. Marcus in a popular restaurant called Asylum, following all the rules set forth by the employees there after a fun day at the radio station (WJFK, a popular liberal channel that got more coverage in the BTS mentioned above). Mika hand his package firmly in hand while they stood at the bar, Jasmine trying to get some for herself (she wanted him badly), before Mika took matters into her own mouth by blowing him really heatedly. She was neck twisting and knob slobbing as she deepthroated the guy's large member, the others laughing as they admired her skills. The others went off on their own and the couple moved to the pool table where Mika went all out to outdo Jasmine's scene, showing tremendous energy as she impaled herself on his cock vaginally. Her ass cheeks rippled and she did a lot of PTM, making noise as he pounded away at her from all angles. The lengthy session of boning ended when he rubbed out a load to her crotch, an alarm going off in the background lightening the mood. Whew!

Scene Three: Delilah Strong, a woman who admitted to knowing nothing about politics and having found the size of the White House unimpressive ("I've shot at houses bigger than that!"), saw that the population was not willing to donate $10 for lemonade (they made 28 cents), within eye shot of the Capital. The movie then had the cast interviewing drunks at night, finding more change on the ground than they had made that day. The group went into a fetish modeling studio where Delilah took matters into her own hands with studly Houstonian Jack Venice, peeling off her cloths and dropping to her knees to blow him. Her sexual; activities might have lacked some of the passion the other gals gave up to Marcus but Jack liked the way she was inhaling his "big fat dick" just fine with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. She was wet from the sex and he gave her a taste too before they hammered away to relive some of the frustration from the day's activities. He wasn't rock hard but he lugged away rapidly at her cookie, Delilah claiming to orgasm at least once in an over the top manner on the red couch (while sirens again wailed in the background). She was an active a cock rider as any of the others and the scene ended after extensive vaginal plowing drew his wad out of his nuts to plaster her face.

Scene Four: Jasmine Byrne, acting a bit buzzed after the autograph session at the Pleasure Place, then entertained Jack Venice at The Crucible when giving a live sex show. Marcus got a little head but Jack was the lucky man of the hour after Jasmine tore into him having become warmed up by her stage dancing act (note to Jasmine: Houston has plenty of places where you can dance at in various states of undress, including my living room). Her sexy little fetish outfit enhanced her look and I only wish that there had been a larger audience, the few people present seeming to enjoy her act a lot as they settled on some couches. She got really sweaty this time too, showing almost as much need for seed with Jack as she did for Marcus earlier. Whatever was driving her to greater depths of depravity, it was appreciated and the funny comments from the background aside, it was another solid scene worthy of your time, money, and seed. Sweet!

Scene Five: Delilah Strong, Mika Tan, and Mr. Marcus, were up last in the club as they got on the stage to perform a live sex show (it was on their checklist of things to do). They had some BDSM toys including a flogger and fetishware, Mika dominating Delilah for much of the scene as all three of them sucked and fucked each other. Mike liked the taste of pussy ("tastes like chicken") as much as she wanted cock, both of the ladies enjoying a heated ride on his penis but Mika being the loudest in her appreciation. The crowd was largely silent (unlike most movies by Shane's World), at least until the ending applause, but they were in their own little universe as they worked each other over and it was a fitting ending for the movie's sex footage (though not as intensely personal as the opening scenes had been). Delilah took the mouthful of joy juice to cumswap with Mika; all to the applause of about ten people from the sounds of it.

Summary: Mr. Marcus Goes To Washington: Collector's Edition by Shane's World was another round of sexually stimulating fun, no matter what your beliefs are on the Katrina response or the unrealistic expectations of people interviewed. What the company does best is provide sex in non-traditional public settings with performers and civilians' alike, mixing things up rather than following a generic experience like so many other companies offer. In that sense, Mr. Marcus Goes To Washington: Collector's Edition was yet another shining jewel in the crown of the company's catalog; displaying enough replay, strokability, and great extras to warrant a rating of Highly Recommended. The dark humor of how few people cared enough to contribute (preferring to blame a faceless government as the one responsible to go to) mixed with the silly antics of hotties like Jasmine Byrne, Delilah Strong, and Mika Tan with some assistance by Jack and Marcus of course, combined well with the sexual material to give this one extra replay value; making me strongly advise watching the entire thing rather than skipping to the sex scenes like so many reviewers seem willing to do. Great job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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