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MVP (Most Valuable PornStar) Jenna Haze

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Alexander » Review Date: 9/12/07

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Tagline: "No runs, no errors, ALL HITS!"

Genre: Compilation

Cast: Jenna Haze, Alisa Webb, Bridgette Kerkove, Kaylynn, Krystal Steel, Mia Smiles, Sandy Knight, Brad Armstrong, Evan Stone, Joel Lawrence, Jonathan Morgan, Randy Spears

Length: 1:52:59

First Impressions: This edition of Wicked's MVP compilation series features AVN's 2003 Best New Starlet award winner, Jenna Haze. All I could gauge about the film from the box art was that Jenna Haze is a.) stunning, and b.) 11 of the 13 scenes are from 2002 and earlier, giving this disc a sort of Jenna Haze: Origins feel. While some of you might prefer fresh-faced, 19-year old, industry rookie Jenna, I was hoping for more of the sultry "adult" Jenna promised on the box art.

Like the other MVP films, this one comes with an entirely useless slipcover (it has the exact same artwork as the keepcase), but it's refreshing to see more and more companies paying attention to the quality of their packaging.

Special Features: Aside from a 14 minute bonus scene from 2006's Promises of the Heart there isn't a whole lot to get excited about. There are six trailers for Wicked's popular features (including Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre and Gossip); a "catalog" of the Wicked DVDs released between 1999 to 2006; and the obligatory DVD-ROM items including a link to Wicked's website, a handful of desktop backgrounds, a profile of the company and a list of Wicked's accolades. Other than the bonus scene, there's little reason to visit any of these "special" features more than once.

Audio/Visual Quality: The audio is adequate. The moans and dick slaps and things sound just like they do in most adult videos, which means their volume has been cranked up a bit in post-production. The music in some of the scenes is typical porn instrumental, but mercifully it's pretty faint. Video quality-wise, the scenes are presented in standard full-screen with the exception of scenes one and five, which are letterboxed. And other than scenes two (poor lighting), four (hazy) and six (again, poor lighting), the images are sharp and colorful.

Scene 1 (From 2006's Promises of the Heart, featuring Jenna Haze, Mia Smiles, and Evan Stone; Length: 15:11): This scene is fairly hot due to the smokin' bodies of Mia and Jenna, but if you're anxious to see Jenna get pounded by the massive-cocked Evan Stone, you'll have to wait until the 13:50 mark in this scene. The first dozen minutes or so features Jenna getting eaten by Mia while Mia gets fucked from behind; Jenna sampling Mia's pussy while Stone fucks Mia in the mouth; and a little bit of deep throating and ball sucking by both girls.

Scene 2 (From 2001's The Morgan Sex Project 5, featuring Jenna Haze, Kaylynn, and Krystal Steel; Length: 6:24): This three-girl scene starts tamely in a shower stall, then quickly moves to the adjacent bedroom where, unfortunately, more tame action ensues. There's kissing, some tandem clit-licking, and the occasional pull on a nipple. That probably sounds hot (I mean, how can a scene of Jenna being eaten out not be hot, right?), but the leisurely pace of the action and the amateur quality of the scene (choppy editing, an inexplicable cameo by Stone, poor lighting, cameramen popping into the frame, etc.) kills what little energy was generated by the decent first scene. [And if you're keeping score, we've seen Jenna take a cock into her cunt for one (ONE!) minute out of the DVD's first 22.]

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Scene 3 (From 2001's New Girls in Town 2, featuring Jenna Haze and Allisa Webb; Length: 8:07): Another average scene (and eight more minutes of Jenna's pussy being cock-free). This time, Jenna and Allisa make out on a black leather couch. They kiss. They finger fuck. They lick each other's tits. Ho hum.

Scene 4 (From 2002's Sex on Film, featuring Jenna Haze and Joel Lawrence; Length: 12:34): Finally! Thirty minutes and four scenes in, we're finally treated to Jenna getting fucked in the ass and pussy. But really, whatever heat is generated here is from Jenna's fine behind and gorgeous face because the sex is pretty standard, with Jenna enjoying a little reverse cowgirl, a little doggy, and finally, a couple of minutes of anal. It's nothing you haven't seen countless times before (but worth watching if only to witness more of Jenna's fantastic body).

Scene 5 (From 2001's Backseat Confidential, featuring Jenna Haze, Bridgette Kerkove, and Randy Spears; Length: 15:03): Jenna, Bridgette, and Spears enjoy some post-office Christmas party action in this fifth scene. (I'm guessing it's a post-Christmas party rendezvous. There's no context for scenes on compilations so I can only guess why Randy Spears is wearing a Santa hat and Jenna is wearing in her lapel one of those cheap shiny bows you can buy in packs of ten for like a dollar at Target. So, post-Christmas party it is!) Anyway, Jenna, at her hottest here in a pin-striped charcoal business suit, watches Spears suck on Bridgette's nipple. Within seconds, Jenna's tit--then clit--find their way into Spears's mouth. Ready to fuck, Spears dramatically sweeps some prop presents off of a desk to make room for a now nude Jenna. Jenna, with legs spread wide, gets finger fucked and eaten out by Spears (no longer wearing the Santa hat). Finally taking the initiative, Bridgette helps Spears undress so she and Jenna can both go to work on his cock and sack. The girls then take turns getting fucked and sucking his rod. Ho, ho, ho, indeed.

Scene 6 (From New Girls in Town 2, featuring Jenna Haze and Jonathan Morgan; Length: 11:19): Morgan doesn't waste any time in sliding down the bed a bit and going to work on Jenna's pussy. He licks, rubs, and pokes until we cut to Jenna giving Stone a hot blowjob. We're then treated to a handful of close-ups of Jenna's stunning brown eyes and streams of saliva dripping from Morgan's cock. A host of different positions follow, culminating with Morgan's milky treat landing on Jenna's cheeks and lips.

Scene 7 (From The Morgan Sex Project 5, featuring Jenna Haze, Brad Armstrong, and Jonathan Morgan; Length: 3:54): This scene feels very outtake-ish with the poor lighting, film equipment strewn across the floor, a creepy-looking Jonathan Morgan, bored banter, and the random crew member cooking in the kitchen in the background. Jenna sucks cock, Morgan fucks her from behind, and both dudes eventually cum in her mouth. Yawn.

Scene 8 (From New Girls in Town 2, featuring Jenna Haze and Sandy Knight; Length: 10:05): The worst thing about this scene isn't seeing creepy Jonathan Morgan filming it. No, the worst thing about this scene is how bored Jenna looks while her pussy is being chomped on by Sandy. It's not like she's stifling yawns or anything, but it's obvious that she'd rather be doing something else. Like getting fucked by a massive cock. Or shopping. Or something. Anyway, things do finally heat up a little when the girls fuck a double-ended dildo while sucking a giant purple rubber cock. Unfortunately, this last act lasts only a couple of minutes and we fade out to Jenna getting eaten by Bridgette. ZZZZzzzzzzZZzzZZzZzz.

Scene 9 (From The Morgan Sex Project 5, featuring Jenna Haze, Krystal Steel, and Brad Armstrong; Length: 7:05): This scene finds our girls in a secluded alcove just feet away from the crashing waves of the Pacific. Armstrong, clad in board shorts and some fucking ridiculous aqua socks, makes out with Krystal while Jenna crouches and swallows his rod. Then the girls switch places and we're treated to a long shot of the scene (which does make the setting look exotic, remote, and dangerous), and another of the water nipping Armstrong's rubber-sheathed heels. More sucking ensues, followed by a really hot sequence of Jenna getting fucked from behind, and another of Krystal getting pounded reverse cowgirl-style. The scene concludes with Armstrong shooting a thick, sticky load onto the pair's tongues. Aside from Armstrong's I'm-a-nerd!-booties, this scene is hot.

Scene 10 (From 2001's The Morgan Sex Project 6, featuring Jenna Haze and Brad Stone; Length: 9:12): Now we find Jenna, Brad, and a slew of cameramen on a boat not too far off the coast of Oahu (that's Diamond Head in the background). Sandwiched between the boat's chrome steering wheel and a giant steel pole (mast? pillar?), Jenna gives Stone a sexy blowjob. She sucks and jerks his extra long cock until he demands that she straddle him for a little reverse cowgirl. Hands gripping the wheel, Jenna blurts out a couple of "oh, shits" and "oh, fucks" to indicate that Stone's monster rod might be a little painful. Jenna then wisely abandons the boat's steering wheel leaving the piloting to someone else, and more banging on the boat ensues. We finish the scene with Stone jerking off on Jenna's face.

Scene 11 (New Girls in Town 2, featuring Jenna Haze; Length: 3:13): Three minutes of Jenna rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. Meh.

Scene 12 (From 2001's The Morgan Sex Project 6, featuring Jenna Haze and Kaylynn; Length: 8:38): The very best thing about this scene is that I can sort of see Waikiki in the background for a split second. Other than that, the scene amounts to little more than Jenna and Kaylynn eating each other's pussies for eight minutes. It's all sort of dull and it doesn't get interesting until the very end when we get a super close-up of Jenna's asshole constricting. Or pulsing. Quivering?


Bonus Scene (From Promises of the Heart, featuring Jenna Haze and Chris Cannon; Length: 14:36): This is the Jenna Haze I was hoping to see more of. Too many scenes on this disc feature Jenna's first forays into adult film. And while this doesn't make those scenes any less hot (Jenna is a beauty, after all), there's something far more appealing about her when her hair is curled, fake eyelashes affixed, make-up applied, and wearing something sexier than a pair of boxers and generic tank top. Thankfully, this bonus scene features a sexily dressed (in wedding veil and white panties) and made-up Jenna. Minutes one to six involve Cannon playing with Jenna's pussy. The action isn't that intense, but full body shots of Jenna writhing in pleasure with every one of Cannon's licks is hot as hell. Two minutes of cock sucking follows before Cannon just manhandles Jenna on their honeymoon bed. The fucking is hot and Jenna looks absolutely fantastic here. Good scene.

Final Thoughts: I can't believe I'm going to say this, but this compilation of purportedly "all hit" Jenna Haze scenes bored me. At first, the mere shape of Jenna's perfect body was enough to help me sustain an erection, but even this appeal wore off after scene after scene of a barely interested Jenna a.) getting slowly eaten out by far less attractive girls, or b.) getting fucked in routine and unimaginative ways. (The more creative segments--for instance, Jenna's alcove tryst and her painful pounding by Stone--only amount to a few minutes of the title's 1:52:59 run-time.) Jenna has sizzle to spare, but too many of the scenes included on this compilation lack the heat necessary to warrant repeat viewings. The bottom line: Even hard core Jenna fans might want to rent this title before deciding on a purchase.

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