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Fucker Takes All

Studio: Private » Review by kobiata k » Review Date: 9/12/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

PRIVATE Gold 92: Fucker Takes All directed by Tom Herold

You will be hard-pressed to find a combination of excellent story-telling with scorching sex starring Europe's leading ladies! This Tom Herold movie is highly recommended! Vanessa May manages to deliver her acting lines well despite not having English as her first language!

Running Length: 2 hrs 21 min

The Story:

Julie Silver wants to buy out her business partner's share of their successful clothing boutique because Vanessa May cannot stop having sex with customers. In order to buy the other business partner's shares out the lady has to seduce the man that the other one chooses in a best-out-of-five high stakes sexual bet . . . fucker takes all!

The Sex:

Scene One: Vanessa May

Vanessa May helps the two guys in selecting jeans from her boutique. She's wearing a scantily clad skirt that one of the men fixates on. Fortunately for her, she catches him in the act, but never the dull sort, Vanessa May likes to mix business with pleasure. She reveals her nicely shaven love-box before she gets down on her knees to start sucking on cock. This leads to a scorching threesome, which inevitable hits a crescendo with a nicely-captured double penetration. This hot scene ends with loads of jizz on her face.

Meanwhile, Julie Silver, her business partner comes into the store only to find Vanessa all covered with jizz. Needless to say, Julie Silver is sick of her partner's sexual antics and is at a boiling point.

Scene Two: Julie Silver and Zuzanna Z.

Julie Silver returns home where she pours out her feelings towards her lesbian lover Zuzanna Z who starts to massage her back. She just cannot believe how her partner is tainting the store's reputation because of Vanessa's lewd acts with the boutique's customers. The innocent back and neck massage becomes a full-blown sapphic session. The scene starts without sex toys as they eat each other out, but before scene's end the double-edged dildo makes it way to the scene! By scene's end, Julie Silver has cleared her mind from the stress and she knows what she has to do. . . try to buy out her partner.

The next business day, Julie Silver proposes to buy her partner out, but she refuses. Instead, the two make a sexual bet . . . the partner will select a man for the other to seduce in a best-out-of-five fucker takes all situation.

Scene Three: Lucky, Lucy Lee, Susie Diamond, and Vanessa May

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First, it's Vanessa's turn to pick the guy that Julie Silver's supposed to seduce. Since Vanessa May knows the club scene well, she selects this playboy who's already with three lovely ladies, Lucky, Lucy Lee, and Susie Diamond. Julie gives it a shot and approaches the playboy and his muses with a lame excuse to stay with his entourage. Finally, he signals Julie to join them in a little sex party. The sex begins without Julie Silver as she cannot bring herself to participate in the orgy that's developing. Meanwhile Lucky sucks and fucks the playboy while Susie Diamond and Lucy Lee eat each other out. At one point, Julie's about to join in the fray, but she's stopped by Vanessa May who comes into the scene with pizza. The playboy takes from Vanessa's pizza before fucking her hard. The sex is all vaginal, but he fucks Vanessa hard until he cums on her chest as the other girls watch. The horny ladies lick the cum up before the scene ends. SCORE VANESSA 1; JULIE 0

Scene Four: Angel Dark and Sarah Twain

Now, it's Julies turn to pick the next "victim" for Vanessa May. She has a man in mind who's a yoga instructor. The two ladies go to the yoga building and Julie waits behind the door as Vanessa attempts at seducing the yoga instructor and his minion. Instead of being impressed with this dark haired beauty, the yoga instructor turns her offer of "spiritual enlightment" down. Julie thinks she has an opening and attempts to charm the yoga instructor. Everything seems to go fine and it appears that she will be able to even the score, but unfortunately the yoga instructor has an appointment with Angel Dark and her friend, Sarah Twain. It doesn't take too long until the ladies get down to business. Angel Dark gives some great head and it doesn't take long to find out why she is one of the most popular pornstars in Europe the past few years. In this scene, she has great sexual chemistry with her partner and it just shows in her orgasmic face. Her brunette friend, Sarah Twain, is also adept at twizzling fuck sticks. Both ladies get fucked thoroughly, but Angel Dark is the only taking up the ass. In the end, the guys cums on their pubes, but Angel Dark gets an extra cum shot on her ass as he finishes plundering her sweet ass!

Scene Five: Julie Silver

Julie's sex partner, Zuzanna Z., suggests the next "victim" for the feuding business partners and it happens to be a fruity tailor right next door to their clothing boutique. Vanessa, the optimist, firmly believes she can convert him and tries her best to seduce the "pink" tailor. She comes into his shop and feigns to have been robbed and exposes a little cleavage for him to see. However, the tailor refuses her advances and instead Vanessa has to endure his sob-sob story about his boyfriend breaking up with him. She walks out in disgust and doesn't think Julie has a chance at all. Julie has a plan up her sleeve because she dresses up as a man and Zuzanna Z. suggests to "beef-up" her manliness by attaching a huge dildo to her inner thigh so when the tailor is about to measure her waist, he will instantly get hot and horny. So, she walks in the store and the brilliant plan works as the gay tailor wastes no time unzipping her easy-access ass for some anal-mongering. After several thrusts up her tight ass, he realizes that she's actually a woman, but that doesn't spoil his horny streak since he continues to fuck her in the ass as well as in her pussy. Finally, he cums on her back! SCORE VANESSA 1; JULIE 1

Scene Six: Vanessa May and Julie Silver

Julie ties up the score with Vanessa. The two are wondering each other move while a nerdy professor wanders in the store and is asking where the socks are. They don't give the guy the time of day until they figured out that this nerd can be their next target. After the professor pays for his socks, he forgets his change. Julie chases him down on the street and gives his change back and offers him to choose another pair gratis. After the nerd leaves, the ladies formalize the deal and modify it by saying whoever fucks him first wins . . . every woman for herself so to speak.

Vanessa wastes no time and quickly dresses up provocatively before she surprises him at his university lecture room with a gift of socks. It's apparent that he's salivating over Vanessa's sexy demeanor and it doesn't take too long for the professor to gather up his nerves to invite her back home. While at home, she leads him into his bedroom and is about to seal the deal, but Julie's just rang the bell. Like Vanessa, Julie has a pair of socks as a gift. At this point, the professor has the two ladies to juggle. Meanwhile, Vanessa is waiting in his bedroom wearing a sexy white thong and nothing else! Julie bides her time and decides to play the "Tarot Card" scenario. She deals the cards and she picks up the "lover's card" and tells him that they are destined to be lovers. Julie strips down and the nerdy professor eats her out. Suddenly, Vanessa appears and she acknowledges her defeat and is about to leave, but Julie invites her to stay, which she accepts. The threesome is heated with the ladies taking turns locking their lips on his fuck stick. He fucks Julie first in the pussy and then he fucks Vanessa May in the ass! Julie is vaginal-only in the scene, but she provides ass-to-mouth cleanup after he's fucked Vanessa's ass. In the end, the ladies kiss each other while waiting for him to cum on their faces!

I think it's fair to say that their business conflict has been defused thanks to the nerdy professor!

Audio/Visual: The widescreen image holds up well even on a 40 inch HDTV and playing on a DVD upscaler. As for the audio, it's odd that some actor's lines were kept in like Vanessa May's but other's were dubbed like Julie Silver.

Extras: The extras include a 5 minute BTS, cast info, and trailers.

Final Thoughts: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Fucker Takes All. It's a great movie with a very fun plot combined with sexy European starlets in steamy scenes! The variety of sex scenes will appeal to couples as well as hardcore porn-mongers that must satisfy their dose of hot Euro hotties getting double plugged, Don't miss out on Vanessa May's DP scene, which get this DVD to a great start! Extra kudos is given to Vanessa May who not only has the sexual prowess, but she has the acting "chops" so to speak!

~Ich mache mich jetzt auf die Socken!

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