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Brianna Love Comes of Age

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/13/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Brianna Love Comes of Age

Shane's World/Voodoo House

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Destro Damus

Cast: Brianna Love, Sativa Rose, James Deen, Shane Diesel, Richard Mann, Holly Wellin, Jordan, Danny Wylde

Length: 144:03 minutes

Dates of Production: 6/12/2007, 6/15/2007, 7/8/2007 (box cover & credits); 10/28/2005 to 10/30/2005 (DVD)

Extra's: The best extra was the 24:10 minute long solo masturbation scene where lovely Brianna Love did herself out in the back yard with some toys. She used a hammock, a large broken sculpture, a concrete bench, and a lounging chair as she moved from one spot to another on the sunny day; my biggest complaint being the washed out look of the footage. Brianna's oiled up body is always a delight to watch and her tiny yellow one piece outfit was certainly no impediment to seeing every nook and cranny, though the scene might have looked better if her warts were not concentrated on so much (and perhaps if the cameraman kept quiet). She did vaginal and anal sex, taste testing the toys from time to time; the tease portion between the locations adding some stroke value. I also liked the shower scene where Brianna cleaned up though this was another time when the camera work and picture seemed a bit off. It lasted 4:58 minutes and gave fans a chance to see her soapy body in all its glory, a pleasing experience to say the least (the music was lame though). There was also a photogallery and a trailer to Manaconda, and a true double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Brianna Love Comes of Age was presented in the old fashioned 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Destro Damus for distribution by Shane's World on his Voodoo House label. The bitrate was often in the mid 5 Mbps range, but the picture tended to look washed out, even as the fleshtones appeared to be reasonably accurate. Perhaps the enhanced resolution of an anamorphic picture would have helped this time but some of the camera angles were not overly favorable to the cast this time too. The editing was fair, if rushed in places, and while it definitely looked like a low end effort, the potential for future improvement was evident thanks to Destro's ability to capture the energy inherent in the heat of most scenes. The settings were tougher to catch than his previous works that used a static couch for the sex so the learning curve aspect of this new dynamic is to be expected but in the end, it was the casting choices that elevated this one higher rather than the technical matters. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate (though the cheapo menu used an LPCM and appeared almost like it was made for the internet). The vocals were typically hollow and lacking in dynamic range with the music as generic as the titles from Hush Hush used to be when I reviewed them awhile back. In defense of the production, getting the sound to come out right is one of the toughest things about modern porn, especially as home theatres improve so quickly but if you watch this on a cheapo TV set, the sound wasn't too bad.

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Body of Review: Destro Damus is a director I best know for his work with Shane Diesel at Hush Hush (a company distributed by Digital Sin IIRC). Most of his work is limited to shooting sex taking place on a couch where the players don't move much so how was it that he now had a distribution deal with the high end Shane's World for his Voodoo House label? Well, having seen his first title for them, I think the proof is in the pudding, the population pudding that is, since the scenes from the title, Brianna Love Comes of Age show he has a greater range as a director than I had seen to date. Showcasing the curvy but beautiful Brianna Love in each of the five scenes (six if you include the bonus masturbation scene), Destro sets about providing the cutie in a number of scenarios, much like Shane's World did with Diary of Julia Bond a few months back. There were definitely some technical elements in need of polishing up but I think the director found the perfect subject to expand his skills with, each scene offering up a different slice of life using the attractive young lady now that she is not under a contract any more. If this sounds interesting to you, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Brianna Love, the hotty plastered all over the front cover with the bodacious ass and pretty face, was up first (and in all the scenes thankfully enough), as she enjoyed the wonders of nature in a red dress by a murky pond in a park. She wore large sunglasses and was interviewed from off camera, initially describing her lesbian scene with hotty Sativa Rose. The tribute to artistic effect began with the gals behind the curtains in their panties, background noises too easily heard but the ladies soon moving to the bed where a plethora of toys awaited them. Both gals are among my favorites in porn and the washed out look (maybe blurry is a better term) did weaken it for me in limited terms but I was always under the impression that they wanted to work together. The resulting heat from the scene was such that the slow tease, seductive oral, and ample booty shots made it a lot of fun for me, although the vocals from the porno playing in the background might have been better left to the imagination. The ladies ate each other out, spent some time licking their perfect puckers, and employed some of the pile of toys in creative and boner inducing ways. One of the things that some people forget about shooting a lesbian scene and making it work is getting gals that are into the action or at least each other so I was pleased these two had both aspects going for them. The end of the scene was kind of weird in that they masturbated side by side but given the wealth of material where they explored each other, I sure wasn't complaining. Yum!

Scene Two: Brianna Love, then portraying a sleepy head in bed with boyfriend James Deen, asked him to get her some juice but the scruffy dude wanted to sleep. She got up to get her own juice with her pink booty shorts and matching crop top hardly covering her ample assets. He had four hours before he needed to get up but stumbled out of bed to grab a bowl of cereal, Brianna busting his balls about wanting to sleep in for a change. They decided to go shopping and while getting cleaned up in the bathroom, James got a bit frisky but left the sex for later (surprisingly at that!); going at it later when he caught her masturbating in bed. He was grumpy that she was so selfish, the man slapping her around, choking her, and being mean but she liked it so he started jamming his dick in her throat as he pounded away. She continued to masturbate with the vibrator and the resulting dynamic had her enjoying the sex even more as her blowjob got increasingly heated, the streamers flying about as he continued his verbal assault. Without missing a beat, he started banging her pussy in doggy style on the bed while choking her, Brianna grunting and moaning out loud as he did so. She did PTM and there were more chapters in this scene (the last one had two I think), the gal not as active as I like to see her while riding but her fleshy rump jiggling nicely all the same. It ended when she jerked him off to her face and chest, James leaving a moderate load of population pudding that she licked up off the sheets. Not bad!

Scene Three: Brianna Love, playing a domesticated hotty in her favorite pink and white outfit, was up next in the kitchen as studly Shane Diesel and friend Richard "Manaconda" Mann, were enjoying her company. Shane talked about how both of them wanted to have her and after some alcoholic enhancements, they started using food as their aphrodisiac; primarily strawberries and Reddi-Whip fresh from the can (talk about product placement!). There was some foot fetish material here but I was more interested in her getting onto the counter for some oiling up, the shiny ass telling me that the scene was a bit older than her recent work (over time, her ass has become truly expansive in the best of ways). Shane was the best equipped but she worked them both orally to the limits of her skills, the food toppings like chocolate syrup on her ass getting Shane even more into the action. Shane was too large for her to take in her pussy all the way but once they moved to the living room, she made an effort to do even more. The hanging sex sling gave the men better access to her body, Shane going on to do more oral while she allowed Richard to neck a bit before she blew him. The oral and vaginal screwing continued to build some heat as the black studs drilled her pretty solidly; albeit within her limits that were pushed out of the gate. She was a passive rider of cock here but her squeals of pleasure added to the fun and the way her clitoris got all puffy was a sight to see. She did some juicy water works in a limited way but Shane was having some erection problems at times, weakening his portion of the scene too. It ended when Shane dribbled out a small load by his own hand to her crotch and Richard gave her a facial; making it a decent scene but not her best by any means.

Scene Four: Brianna Love, lounging on the couch with her gal pal Holly Wellin, was up next as the two ladies called meat puppet Jordan Ashley over to serve them. There was less chemistry between these two ladies than in the first scene but Holly was appealing enough and they projected enough energy to compensate. My preference was to see as much of Brianna as possible so I was not disappointed by the initial lesbian footage but toy use and licking aside, both gals seemed to light up when Jordan walked in on them. He might not be the dominant stud in porn at the moment but they were intent on exploring his package a lot more than each other, dropping any pretense or preferring pussy as he sat down to get blown by both of them. The ladies shared his meat and gave him some fine oral loving, perhaps a bit mechanical in nature but certainly better than I had in the last couple of days (sorry honey!). This led to the largely passive vaginal sex where he poked their pussies really well, albeit the gals showing less enthusiasm than I have seen elsewhere (Brianna started out okay and her ass cheeks looked sweet rippling to the strokes but she calmed down rather than ramped it up as the scene progressed). The anal came next after Brianna warmed up with an inflatable toy, this being another point of contention since the majority of action was slowed down, though Holly did provide some solid bouncing towards the end. Of all the gals in the movie, she liked being choked the most by this point, her face turning a nasty shade of dark red with veins popping out while Brianna assisted her a bit when watching the cock slam in and out of her. The ATM and ATOGM were nasty but the scene finished up with the expected facial, the gals looking happy (either sexually satisfied happy or happy that it was over with; you decide).

Scene Five: Brianna Love, in her cover fetishware, was up last in what appeared to be Kylie Ireland's downtown dungeon loft; the gal playing at being a dominatrix with wimpy Danny Wylde. He had a black leather mask on and she put him in the hanging cage, attacking his hands with her paddle before teasing him with a small feather duster. While she really did not embody the mistress role all that well, she looked really hot here and he seemed more than happy to comply with her demands; sucking her ass and allowing her to tie him up to some of the other gear as well. She did manage to blow him when he finally achieved an erection, using her hand to gland combat style as she verbally praised him for being a "good boy". That led to some crewing and a minor bout of role reversal but he was about as suited for the role of master as she was. The leg screw was interesting (pumping his dick between her legs that were held tight rather than her pussy but he got some of that too as the scene progressed. She did provide some active riding at times and while the visual components of the action looked as weak as the previous stuff, I enjoyed watching Brianna having fun in her dominant role. The scene ended when she took the load to her crotch, a moderate load but a load nonetheless to finish things up.

Summary: Brianna Love Comes of Age by director Destro Damus for distribution by Shane's World on his Voodoo House label showed a lot of promise. The rough edges included some tossed together menus, a mishmash of audio codecs (the ending credits were separate and not in the DD the scenes were mastered in), a lot of work needed on the editing (an area where Shane's World spends an awful lot of time when it's their project), and some fuzzy resolution but for all these technical matters, the scenes had a lot of heat and energy in most cases. Technical matters can be learned but capturing the best elements of a seasoned performer like Brianna is not as easy as some seem to think so I rated the overall effort as Recommended. In short, if Brianna Love Comes of Age is indicative of future releases by Voodoo House, I'm going to have to keep an eye out on their titles; this initial movie showing the wisdom of their new distributor for all the minor problems. Good work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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