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Did You Miss Me?

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 9/16/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Compilation

Director: Various

Cast: Chris Taliana, Kitty, Skylar Knight, Luna, Vanessa Michaels, Haylee Bang, Melissa Milano, Ann Harlow, Kinzie Kenner, Melissan Milano, Serena South, Alexis Amore, Brooke Milano, Cherry Rain, Brooklyn, Mary Kate Ashley, Sheila

Length: 4 hrs 50 min

Production Date: Digital Sin, 2007

Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
Pic Your Pleasure:

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is mainly 2.0 as expected and the Video is full frame color. Although this is a compilation set, it doesn't have the flip-flopping technical issues. Nearly every scene looks the same and all but one or two are at porn standards.

Body of Review: Porn company Digital Sin put together a brilliant idea (although I'm not sure if it's original) of compiling young starlets from numerous flicks that you may have overlooked before; or been too busy jerkin' to recall their names. Nonetheless, this genius team slapped 5 hours across 2 discs of overlooked lovelies and created a sort of video scrapbook, so that we'll never miss them again.

Scene 1: Chris Taliana
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Young as They Cum 13:
Sexy, Latina babe Chris starts with a playful striptease, showing her tomato sized breasts and a figure that is tight and solid, coupled with an ass that could be a shelf. Chris looks very young, but the energy she uses to suck cock suggests she's been around for awhile--or maybe just around. She tongues his balls during a very hot bj with the guy's long, white rod. Chris loves her vag split from his long cock and only stops to taste her insides. After a nice, solid doggy style drilling Chris takes a faceful of white jello.

Scene 2: Skylar Knight
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Cumshot
Naughty College Schoolgirls 6:
Beginning in black and white, Skylar's voluptuous body is flawless. Once the film goes color, Skylar puts her ruby red lips to action, sucking a Latino boy's shaft. Although she does it like it's the first time, she keeps it sexy by watching the camera. Skylar has been blessed with a natural chest and as she's pumped the laws of physics send her jugs into rotation. Although nothing of beauty queen value or award winning action, Skylar's wholesome looks and natural body make her scene enjoyable. With a big smile on her face, she takes the man juice to her neck.

Scene 3: Vanessa Michaels
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Cumshot
Super Naturals #2:
Vanessa has started without us; butt naked and stroking her sweaty boobs and pussy, she fondles her glowing body. A typical, full-figured blond Vanessa blends into the wallpaper. She's teamed up with Mr. Pete, so she's in for a workout. And she's got probably the most jiggly set of boobs I've seen. They're like plastic bags filled with water. Mr. Pete drills her vag and then her breasts, and eventually does all the standards. Vanessa's breasts steal the scene, and it's hard to enjoy anything else.

Scene 4: Melissa Mylano
Acts Included:
Naughty College Schoolgirls #22:
Melissa does have a fair similarity to the big screen actress her name puns. Melissa is much thinner, with slim legs and a flat tanned tummy. Post a carpet munch and fingering, Melissa returns the favor. Not terribly fresh, her performance is still chubbable due the sweat time she takes with his cock as well as her exposed, young girl tatas. The scene starts slow and it gives the impression that Melissa is too shy for an on screen fuck, so when it comes, it feels really naughty. On her back, Melissa bites her lips and takes it. Her actions suggest this is a fairly new experience for her (although of course it likely isn't) so she's doesn't always appear to be into the action. Regardless, Melissa is stunning to watch, and the innocence shattered element (whether true or not) ups the boner meter. A decent facial makes her a name in my book.

Scene 5: Kitty
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Cumshot
Naughty College Schoolgirls #29:

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Next, is tiny teen, Kitty, an Asian babe that is petite and barely legal-looking. She has a wicked red-dyed hair and eyeliner to compliment. Kitty's mouth is so small it stretches when it's filled with man meat. She does it well, though, taking her time and not letting Lee Stone's long schlong affect her. She's so thin, Lee tosses her into a standing 69 and flips her again for a standing fuck. Lee treats her like a rag doll and it's almost ridiculous to see her small frame against his Hulk-ish figure. KItty's fortune cookie is pierced with three rings and the glory of it all is revealed in an uber-sexy reverse cowgirl. Kitty rests her thin, insect-like legs on Lees and pounds his lap into a fit. A nice, multi-positioned scene that is fueled by the ruin of Kitty's innocence. Lee pops his slop onto her neck.

Scene 6: Luna
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Cumshot
Young as They Cum #3:
A very sweet-looking Luna lies on her stomach, mindlessly reading. Her knees are bent and her white socked feet hover above her little ass. Luna is totally a borderline good girl/bad girl. Sweet and innocent-looking, definitely a daddy's girl, when she drops her drawers and shows her tight rump, you feel kinda bad. Like you're ruining her. But than soon passes; Luna gives a lightening-fast BJ, and then bent over the couch for a fuck in the manner of canines. Oh, the humanity! Luna is an absolute angel when she saddles into reverse cowgirl, stretching her crotch, exposing a tiny patch of turf, and her simple, high schooler sized breasts that bounce just enough. This girl deserves the 'most desirable fuck' award. There are millions of hot ladies in the biz, but Luna has certain look that'll drive you crazy.

Scene 7: Haylee Bang
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Naughty College Schoolgirls #34:
Frizzy haired blond Haylee Bang is typical poolside party girl. Her undies even look like swim wear, so she may have just come from hanging by the pool. Haylee has that general cuteness of the porn girl that you see and never see against, but always see someone that looks just like her. This makes her a dime a dozen and not very memorable in the porn world. One thing is for sure; she enjoys a good fuck. Lying on her back or on her knees with her ass in the air, she smiles and grits her teeth as she is hammered by Tommy Gun. A pseudo-pile driver leads into a hand jerk, splattering her thin lips with home made spunk gloss. A decent enough scene, with action that is enjoyable. Haylee is hot as hell, just not extraordinary.

Scene 8: Kinzie Kenner
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Young as They Cum #12:
Unbelievably adorable Kinizie sits by the fireplace all alone, stoking the burning desire in her panties. A sweet-faced, small girl with brunette hair pulled into long pigtails, Kinzie looks like your kid (legal) sister. She jumps into boning cock on the floor shaking a round rump that was jacked from some black chick. On her back, Kinzie's long slit is banged and she kinda looks like she's trying to find a happy place. She's not very responsive, and this usually wilts the woody, but Kinzie is so damn cute I think she could be doing her taxes and most guys would still wax it. A mediocre facial strikes her chin and her lovely thighs.

Scene 9: Cherry Rain
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Stuffin Young Muffins:
Cherry Rain is another sweet and beautiful, young girl that you just can't believe is about to bare it all. Kinda pale skinned with long, dark hair, Cherry has a very mild alternative look to her. She stands by a window in a little purple top and kiddie panties, that end in her gorgeous long legs. Cherry shares her pie with her costar and then taste his cock, but the oral is very brief. Most action has Cherry on top, riding his lap with her asshole tucked between a flawless bottom or with her lovely feet on his thighs and her long grasshopper legs folded in half. A mild facial ends a mild action scene. Again Cherry's broken innocence give the scene it's merit.

Scene 10: Mary Kate Ashley
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Naughty College Schoolgirls #30:
Mary Kate looks a good deal like Haley Bang. Both have similar sweet faces and long curly hair. Mary Kate is timid about doing deep throat; she pushed back and pulls away. But she does allow for a few cheek tents, stretching her face into a goofy, Joker grin. The couple fuck by lamp light so it's difficult to see more than the basics, thighs, ass, hair. Penetration is tad obscured at times. But this doesn't ruin much. The action's fairly formatted. A small facial does leave Mary Kate with a few loose threads of cum dangling from her chin.

Scene 11: Serena South
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Teen Dreams #5:
Serena has a South American or Latina flare to he; a nice golden body, a smooth globular ass. Her hairless pussy and thick lips are sucked for a long time to get her loose and wet. Even then, it looks like Serena's in a bit of pain when she goes vaginal, wincing occasionally and wrinkling her brow. A meaty facial in the end gets the same reaction.

Scene 12: Ann Harlow
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Young as They Cum #11:
Young as they come indeed. This cutie must have just fallen off the now leagal wagon. Super sweet in a sheer white panties and white, girly socks and a thin top that pokes slightly because of her nipples. Ann is eager to get started, removing her top, unleashing her miniscule breasts. Ann is increadibly hot, but it feels wrong to watch her. The white panties and frilly socks, the hair in little barrets, it all lends to barely, barely, barely legal looks. But if you can get over this--and I did far too quickly--and accpet that in California somewhere there's a file cabinet with Ann's proper documents, you'll enjoy watching Ann's bony ass get split. Because she leaves her socks on, it's hard to shake the image completely. And you feel really dirty when her face is blasted with cum.

Scene 13: Brooklyn
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial w/ Fruit
Naughty College Schoolgirls #39:
Brooklyn is more of your average college gal porn star. Long, oily hair and a figure that is nicely filled, Brooklyn also has a thing for oranges. Or one orange in particular, because she's turned this couple scene into a threesome by holding an orange through the entire scene. She rubs her cooch with it, rubs his cock with it, and when he starts banging her from behind, she rubs them both. I don't know. It's an unlikely prop and I Like things that don't make much sense, but rubbing fruit on your cornhole should be the precursor for something greater. And really this just is both Brooklyn and the orange getting a facial. Not too original, but whatever. I missed the action, as I was always hunting for the orange. That should say something.

Scene 14: Sheila & Alexis Amore
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Peter North's North Pole Series #14:
Woah, 1980's I wondered where you went. If this isn't old video, they did a hell of a job with set and costumes. Very retro porn, in a scuzzy motel, with scuzzy vomit-hued bed covers. Sheila and Alexis tag team poor Nacho VIdal, sucking his jalepeno and licking his taco meat belly. If it isn't your daddy's porn, it sure as hell looks like it. And I'm not one for blasting to the past. "Did you Miss Me?" You bet.

Scene 15: Brooke Milano
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Stuffin Young Muffins:
This sweet, little beauty is a petite brunette with sexy tan lines. Once her black dress is off, her hiney is adorably pale and she has a pair of triangle tities that remind us where the naughty places are. Brooke can't take a long cock in her mouth very far, but she does play with it, popping it out of her mouth and spitting on it to reduce friction. Boned on the couch and the floor, Brooke's slick vagine is an immaculate tool of pleasure. A satisfying piledriver exposes her beautiful cooch and her baloon knot just below. With her bony knees to her head, Brooke is fucked silly until the guy has had his way with her and frees her to sit on her knees and accept a warm load to her face. As with most of these scenes, it's the girls that make things work. This one's no different.

Concluding Words: Did You Miss Me? is a pleasing 4 hours 50 minutes of pure, young and fresh stars. A few of these, like Kinzie Kenner and Brooke Milano I've stumbled across in later films. But most of these gals are overlooked talent. Despite being a compilation (although many scenes come from the same series) the action is very consistent and so is the quality. Unfortunately, there isn't much in the way of mainstream boning here; no rough stuff or atypical play. It's by-the-books dog in the hole. Even if a tad stale, it's a satisfying disc because the talent is fresh (to me) and the good-girl look works. Scene 14 is the exception, and must have been put in as a joke, because not only are the women older but the outfits and sets have that 80's orangish red glow. It's way out of wack with the rest of the film. With that said, if you are looking for some overlooked young talent and don't mind action that may be a bit cut and paste, this is a damn fined comp. Highly Recommended.


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