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Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Alexander » Review Date: 9/16/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Gonzo

Cast: Pussycat, Gina Vegass, Janae Kae, Renae Cruz, Jade Jolie, Mr. Pete, Mark Wood, Michael Stefano, John Strong

Director: Mr. Pete

Length: 2:31:30

First Impressions: At first glance, I was a little skeptical of this DVD. The title (Pleasures doesn't quite promise the raunch of other Red Light titles like Cum Fart Cocktails and I've Been Sodomized) and box art (a soft-porn shot of scene five girl Fayth Deluca offering us a strawberry) are very midnight-on-Cinemax-ish. But the back of the keep-case reveals that there's going to be a whole lot more happening on this disc than tame, for-couples-only premium cable fucking. And sure enough, this flick--from usually dependable Red Light District--packs plenty of dirty threesomes and violent ass slaps into its two and a half hour run time.

Special Features: The extras on this disc are limited to a "cumshot recap", photo gallery, a link to Red Light District's website, and a twenty minute "behind the scenes" feature which mostly amounts to Mr. Pete asking the girls questions with some occasional flashing of tits and fondling of pussies. It's all pretty dull with the exception of minutes 6:22 to 13:40, which feature some hot touching and licking between sexy Latina Renae and black-maned Janae.

Audio/Visual Quality: The video is full frame and looked good on both my 42" plasma and laptop. The scenes are sharp and well-lit, with some debris only occasionally marring the image. The audio is exactly what you'd expect--instrumental introductions to each scene, endless moans, and gun shot-loud slaps to the ass. Some ambient noise is present, but it's barely noticeable.

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Scene 1 (Featuring Pussycat and Michael Stefano; Length: 32:00): The scene begins with cute, raven-haired Pussycat shooting hoops in the backyard. Although she looks kind of ridiculous launching jumpers while wearing heels and a g-string (showing off a huge mermaid tattoo just above her ass), I was impressed with her technique (nice follow-through) and scoring ability (making three of four shots from the field). Anyway, after sauntering into the house, a half hour's worth of cock sucking, toe licking, hard fucking, ass slapping (a lot of ass slapping), and cunt munching ensures. The scene culminates in Stefano cumming inside Pussycat, then Stefano prying her lips apart to treat us to a close-up of his thick load slowly leaking out and down her thigh. It's a hot scene, despite some of the fumbling around and near suffocation of Stefano at one point, whose face gets completely buried under Pussycat's round ass and thick pussy.

Scene 2 (Featuring Gina Vegass and Mr. Pete; Length: 29:30): This awful scene begins with Gina (a cutie with a soft body and nice, natural tits) posing in a cheap Party City-bought police uniform and rubbing a toy gun over the front of her panties. We're then subjected to a short sequence of Pete and his "homie" getting busted or something by the scantily clad cop, who shows she means business by jamming her handgun into Pete's mouth. It's neither ironic nor funny and serves as a fitting prologue to what is by far the worst segment on the disc. The bulk of the fucking in this scene is done doggy-style which gives Pete the opportunity to absolutely pummel Gina's ass with dozens of vicious hand slaps. Yes, ass slapping is common during doggy, but the frequency and strength of the slaps is really off-putting here and I felt a little bad for our girl when the crimson welt on her left cheek grew very painful-looking. Between this, Pete's aggressive squeezing of her tits, the clumsy action (Pete's cock repeatedly slips out of Gina's hole), the poor blowjobs (when it's obvious Gina's rookie work on his cock won't make him cum, Pete is forced to fuck her again), sloppy editing, and--worst of all--the blank, out-of-body, please-let-this-end-soon look on our starlet's face, this is a very ugly scene.

Scene 3 (Featuring Renae Cruz, Janae Kae, and John Strong; Length: 29:28): This is a solid scene featuring the sultry, hard-bodied Latina Renae, cute (albeit fleshy) newcomer Janae, and veteran stud John Strong. Our scene opens with Renae seated on the floor against a wall, huge tits spilling out of her lingerie and fingers pulling her ample labia. Moments later, she stands and walks a few feet to her right where Janae is getting pounded doggy-style on a long leather couch. A collection of acts follows, including an acrobatic girl/girl 69 while Janae gets rammed cowgirl-style by Strong, and a host of cock swallowing, ball licking, clit massaging, and aggressive fucking. The scene is a winner with constant, furious action and a pair of sexy girls who obviously dig both Strong and each other.

Scene 4 (Featuring Jade Jolie and Mark Wood; Length: 30:12): After a few minutes of pointless exposition (something about a mall visit and Wood being Jade's brother's friend or something) we're treated to a ferocious blowjob by Jade. Her willingness to open wide and get pounded in the back of the throat more than makes up for her average looks. A fairly standard sequence of positions follows (cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and plenty of anal), with each bout of fucking interrupted by more hungry rod swallowing by Jade. One of the scene's highlights occurs when Jade, getting pounded in the ass, reverse cowgirl-style, easily crams four fingers into her cunt for some hot double penetration. While neither of these performers is particularly attractive, they generate plenty of heat with frequent mouth fucking and ass pounding.

Scene 5 (Featuring Fayth Deluca, John Strong, and Mr. Pete; Length: 30:00): Hot blonde covergirl Fayth enters the scene with a tray piled high with strawberries and grapes. But instead of an erotic sequence of fruit sampling ala 9 1/2 Weeks, the treat is quickly forgotten when Pete's meat emerges from his jeans and Strong slides his cock into Fayth's slit. The fucking is only temporary however as both guys quickly stand and take turns getting deep throated and stroked. Not satisfied with the one-at-a-time action, Strong and Pete attempt to cram both of their hefty cocks into Fayth's gaping maw. The action then moves to the couch where Pete pounds our girl from behind while she continues deep throating Strong. The two then take turns getting blown, slapping her ass, fingering, and fucking Fayth in a variety of acrobatic positions. The scene ends with Strong and Pete shooting huge loads onto her gorgeous face.

Final Thoughts: Mr. Pete really needs to chill with the ass slaps. A few here and a few there are suitable for generating some heat in a scene, but the alarming frequency and intensity of Pete's hits is really distracting and a little...weird. The girls obviously don't enjoy it (Fayth had to cover her ass at one point in scene five to dissuade Pete from further abusing her cheeks), sucking the fun out of what might have been otherwise solid scenes. Ultimately, scenes one, three, and four (all Mr. Pete-free) are stroke-worthy and recommended, but the two others, despite featuring the disc's two hottest girls, are best avoided. My advice? Rent this lazily-filmed DVD and determine for yourself whether or not the constant butt striking crosses the line from erotic to flat-out abuse.

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