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I Love Latinas #2

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I Love Latinas 2: Collector's Edition

New Sensations

Genre: Compilation, Latinas

Director: Varied by Scene

Cast: Rebeca Linares, Mr. Pete, Lola Rivera, Ben English, Mia Tan, Jenaveve Jolie, Veronique, Ian Scott, Veronica Jett, Mark Ashley, Jennifer Luv, Lorena Sanchez, Erik Everhard, Alexis Love, Michael Stefano, Sativa Rose, Marco Duato/Banderas, Carmen Pena, Victoria Sweet, Mark Wood, Tia Sweets, Allie Ray, Cole Connor, Lena Julliet, Paola Rey

Length: 347:57 minutes

Date of Production: 3/28/2007 (compilation only)

Extras: The only extra offered here was a photogallery and a second side to the DVD cover; not a huge problem considering the amount of footage on the double disc set.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: I Love Latinas 2 was presented in the usual 1.33: ratio full frame and 1.78:1 ratio letterboxed widescreen color as the scenes were shot by a variety of directors for a number of titles by New Sensations. The quality of the scenes varied more than a little bit as some were very appealing while others were in need of better attention to detail but I still felt that the overall compilation was handled fairly well and focused on the cutie in question quite nicely. The series has really sold well according to the company president and fans that have passed up on projects in the past (because they would only have a single scene of the object of their lustful desires) seem to find them really solid in terms of value so the minor technical matters aren't as big a factor here. The fleshtones were accurate, the lighting usually good, and the composition of the shots typically good enough to enhance the look of the ladies. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps), with little separation and limited dynamic range but at least the music was not as lame as it could have been in most cases (exceptions noted below).

Body of Review: New Sensations has been known as a company providing a wealth of original content now for years, but their deep vaults have lately been making a lot of waves thanks to their compilations too. One of their most popular compilations has been the I Love... series, that focuses on a particular performer or type of scene; the double disc sets being the best of the bunch. Today's review is on their latest such offering, the two disc set for I Love Latinas 2, which provided almost six hours of heated fuck for the buck with some of the best Latinas you will find working in porn these days. The fifteen scenes were a mixed bunch but it is hard to complain when you are getting so much to play with, especially given some of the talent working the meat pipe in the movie. That said, here's a look at the movies the scenes come from, the cast and action of the scenes and some ending notes, pointing out that no condoms were used at all:

Disc One:

Scene One: I Love Latinas 2 Exclusive: Rebeca Linares, one of the hottest Latinas on the market at the moment, was up first in a scene exclusive to this compilation with Mr. Pete. She was wearing sexy lingerie (white and light aqua) with the scene beginning by using a montage of her masturbating with toys and some abrupt edits. Pete watched her with a sense of longing, the gal bending over to give him full access to her perfect pucker. The manner in which she reacted to his rimjob was hot but he had to go and make it another rough sex scene by smacking her ass and boning her pussy before she aggressively blew him. She slapped him back and the two kissed so I wasn't concerned about him abusing her but there was some choking for those too squeamish to enjoy it. The rest of the scene bounced back and forth between her doing vaginal sex and oral on him, with a tiny bit of foot fetish with her white pantyhose clad feet jerking him off. She used a dildo a little too but I suppose I was most surprised by the lack of anal given her ass so proffered up on numerous occasions. She was enthusiastic and he drilled her like crazy, the two showing as much chemistry as they have in the past, but the technical side of things was a bit off. It ended when he busted a nut of population pudding on her lovely face; Rebeca licking at it with a smile. (Review by Me)

Scene Two: Craving Big Cocks 8: Lola Rivera, a sexy little Latina with an all natural body, was up next in her neon pink flavored plaid outfit in the living room. She looked a bit doe eyed but that sweet little ass of hers was enhanced nicely by her matching thong and Ben English slowly undressed her after some light tease to droning music. He felt her up and spent time warming her up with his hands, mouth, and tongue, showing the gal's pussy to be getting moist fairly quickly. She sucked him off passively for a short time, allowing him to increase the tempo of the scene by throatfucking her before she started elevating the levels of heat displayed by actively riding his cock. Her titties flopped about and she made the usual moaning noises, showing a bunch of untapped potential hampered by a few technical issues (the editing sucked for one), yet I'd like to see more of her in action given her physical appeal. The scene ended when he rubbed out a load to her open mouth, most of his spew flying all over the place and none of it swallowed as she looked up at the camera as though her feelings were hurt. (Review by Me)

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Scene Three: Mr. Pete is Unleashed 4: Mia Tan, Jenaveve Jolie, Mr. Pete: Mika is a cute Asian babe with a great body. Jenaveve is also an attractive Asian chick with big tits. Together the girls look quite nice. The action opens with some teasing fun. Both girls masturbate only feet apart. Next there is some very heated girl/girl action. Eventually Jenaveve puts on a strap on dildo and fucks Mika. Gross. Next Pete shows up and fucks Mika while she sucks on the dildo. Eventually the dildo disappears and the girls take turns getting fucked by Pete. Overall, this was a nice scene but not the hottest. I liked how friendly the girls were, but there was not enough oral sex. (Review by Rob Randall)

Scene Four: Sex With Young Girls 10: Veronique, Ian Scott: Veronique is another brunette cutie with a very innocent "girl next door" look to her. Like the other girls she gives a quick introduction before getting down to business. Inside her kitchen, Veronique eagerly pulls down her costar's pants and sucks his cock. Because she is so petite she did have a little trouble getting much of it in her mouth. The couple then fucks like bunnies in a few different positions: missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl. The scene ends with Veronique receiving a massive blast of man chowder that covers almost half her face. (Review by Namrufmot)

Scene Five: Lil Latinas 3: Veronica Jett, Mark Ashley: Veronica is in the bathroom, on the counter, playing with her pussy as Mark walks in and watches as she, fully clothed, hops into the shower to wet herself down. The panties come off and she heads to her bed, until Mark stops her midway and bends her over so he can examine her ass and pussy with his tongue. On the bed, he gives her a fingering and she gives him a sucking before getting on the floor and sticking her ass in the air for some doggystyle. Missionary on the bed, followed by cowgirl and slightly unattractive reverse cowgirl is up next before some brief scissors that delivers a shot on Veronica's face. Veronica is really cute and she definitely looks good playing with herself. Unfortunately, once she hops off the countertop, and lets Mark start fucking her, it's apparent that she could use a couple of plates of arroz con pollo or carne guisda [ESPECIALLY during the reverse cowgirl action]. (Review by Mike Vega)

Scene Six: Fresh Mex: Jennifer Luv, Ben English: Ben begins the scene by giving Jennifer's pussy a tonguing. When he's done, Jen drops to her knees to give him a VERY MESSY blowjob before taking off her panties to get on top of Ben for some reverse cowgirl. After that, there's some doggystyle followed by some deep missionary and a spooning until Jen gets on top for some sexy cowgirl and missionary. The scene ends with Jennifer taking a shot on her face. Jennifer is a hot tamale that loves to get fucked and in this scene she generated a LOT of heat. Whether it's due to her hot body and looks or her seemingly insatiable appetite for dick has yet to be determined. (Review by Mike Vega)

Scene Seven: Big Cocks In Her Little Box 4: Lorena Sanchez, a gal in her twenties wearing a revealing black camisole and form fitting blue jean shorts, was up next in the generic room as she stripped off the apparel to get to her pink panties. A curvy gal with a lot of passion in some of her scenes, Lorena was soon masturbating on the bed with a smile until studly Erik Everhard joined her. He was appreciative of her body and seemed happy to snack on her crack once he finished warming up her titties, the gal going overboard in the loud moans but still looking like she'd be fun to play with. She kicked back on the bed to let him work, soon reciprocating with a wonderfully aggressive blowjob; resulting in an aggressive bit of riding by both of them. Erik was in his usual trance like state of mind and she was bucking along with him as her fleshy form rippled at the pounding assault on her senses. They boned in many positions with some PTM as a chaser before the sweaty pair ended it with a mouth pop that she apparently swallowed; Erik giving her some head to complete his duty to her. Whew! (Review by Me)

Scene Eight: Erotica XXX 14: Alexis Love, Michael Stefano: Alexis is the girl found on the DVD cover. She is an attractive babe with a nice rack and sexy body. The scene opens with her almost naked and blindfolded. She walks around Michael Stefano's place and he video tapes her. Next Michael joins her and her feels her up. After the heavy petting, she returns the favor and sucks him off. Alexis's cute face looks great with a dick stuffed in it. The fun continues with some heated sex. There are some good shots of the penetration and her hot body. The scene ends with a facial. (Review by Namrufmot)

Disc Two:

Scene One: Naughty College School Girls 32: Sativa Rose, Marco Duato/Banderas: Sativa, as she tells the camera, is a "chronic barhopper." She also "likes to randomly go home with guys, and get fucked by them as well." Praises be that she added the last clause. I thought she just needed places to stay. That would make for boring video. Anyway, it's not the most energetic performance, as the young Hispanic woman hits the same moan throughout several positons in and around a home bar (see, she's a "barhopper!" Get it?! Okay.). Hokey Moment of the Day: The phone rings late in the performance, with Sativa answering, saying, "What?! I'm getting fucked!" Mystery Science Theater 3000 material. Anyway, he "finishes" on her ample chest, then she puts it in a shot glass and shoots it. Because she's a barhopper. Subtle. (Review by Walt Price)

Scene Two: Big Cocks In Her Little Box 2: Carmen Pena, Mark Ashley: Carmen might be the best looking girl on the disc. Not only does she have an incredibly cute face, but one of the best bodies you'll ever see. Unlike some girls which have huge fake tits, Carmen has a natural understated pair which I really like. Carmen and Mark perform oral on each other for over 15 minutes before the real action begins. While on the couch, Carmen gets rudely violated in the doggy style position. They go on to screw in cowgirl, more doggy, and missionary. The highlight of the scene was watching Carmen take a massive amount of nut juice all over her chest. (Review by Namrufmot)

Scene Three: Mr. Pete is Unleashed 5: Victoria Sweet, Mark Wood: Victoria is a cute young babe with a nice body. She opens her scene banging herself with a dildo. After the tease Mark shows up with his dick ready to be sucked. Victoria does just that and the oral action is enjoyable. This cutie looks good working his dick. The sex is also fairly decent. She looks nice getting worked. (Review by Rob Randall)

Scene Four: What An Ass! #2: Tia Sweets, the wholesome little lady on the front DVD cover that looks like her ass was twice the size of Jennifer Lopez's ample sample, was up next as she followed the formula. It didn't take long to find out that while hot, her ass was not as good as it appeared on the cover (Brother Love can be a great still photographer folks). Still, it was meaty enough that I'd play with it any day of the week, as did Mr. Pete. He spanks, caressed, and licked it as she stuck it out and glared at the camera. Her oral was pretty good but not the best of the show, leading to a fair bout of bumping uglies by the couple. When she was on top, she was on fire in terms of active screwing but otherwise she came off like a lump so if any of you are using her for future scenes, keep her moving. In all, I liked watching her and hope to see how well she fares after getting more experience (I've seen her before giving mixed quality but with some time in the gym and a few lessons in sex; she could be a major hotty). It ended like the other scenes with the facial but she might as well have put on a haz-mat suit the way she treated his semen. (Review by Me)

Scene Five: I Know You're Watching #5: Allie Ray, a very cute gal that I've only seen a couple of times in the past, was up last as she played pool against Mr. Pete with her 19 year old body. She reveled in the fact that she enjoyed him playing with her and after he won, she rewarded him by working over his personal pool cue. I get to see a lot of cute ladies in porn and this one seems to be something special in terms of looks and potential, looking good enough for mainstream work and having enough sexual heat to melt the polar icecaps. After Pete warmed her up, she took his dick inside her pussy like a seasoned professional though rarely coming off like she was being paid for her work. The sloppy oral came afterwards and once she was on top, she was quite a powerful little hotty in terms of riding him. I look forward to seeing more of her but this scene had some replay value too, marking it as a rare commodity in this series from what I've seen. Fans of youth and dirty talk will like this one the most though so give it a look. (Review by Me)

Scene Six: Fresh Mex: Cole Connor, Lena Julliet, Mr. Pete: Lena begins the scene kneeling and slowly rubbing her hands over Juliette's legs until Mr. Pete joins the scene [yay!]. After opening up Juliette's shirt, he begins sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy. Lena starts licking Juliette's pussy until Mr. Pete shoves his dick in front of her, compelling her to suck it. Both ladies take turns before walking over to a rose print couch where Lena sucks his dick while he finishes undressing Juliette. After Lena takes a quick ride on Mr. Pete's face, Juliette gets on top of him to ride cowgirl. Lena also gets on top for some cowgirl before Juliette bends over for doggystyle while she buries her face in Lena's pussy. Later, Lena gets back on top for some reverse cowgirl while Juliette does her best to make sure Lena stays wet. Juliette's treated to a spooning, while Lena gets an anal spooning as Juliette licks her pussy and gives Mr. Pete some brief ATM. Lena gets back on top for more reverse anal cowgirl with Juliette giving more ATM. Mr. Pete ends the scene by trying to share a shot with both girls...unfortunately, it just makes it look weak. This was a great scene. Lena's a cutie and Juliette, with her sexy eyes and thick lips, is positively boner inducing. The action was hot as well, despite Mr. Pete being involved. (Review by Mike Vega)

Scene Seven: Lil Latinas 3: Paola Rey drops the see-thru fabric she's wrapped in to reveal a tight, sexy body with succulent nipples and a nice, juicy ass. Marco Duato/Banderas walks over and starts making out with her while caressing her naked body, until Paola gives his curved dick a deep throating. He doesn't even bother giving her pussy a taste before he's got her bent over and is fucking her doggystyle. Moving the action over to a nearby couch, Paola gives her tight little frame a work out by riding Marco reverse cowgirl. There's some PTM before Marco finally gives her pussy a licking, followed by some scissors and some sexy cowgirl. Marco forces more PTM outta Paola before delivering a slightly better than Mr. Pete shot in her mouth. (review by Michael Vega)

Summary: I Love Latinas 2 by New Sensations was not a perfect compilation but I doubt anyone into Latinas will be able to say there were not a treasure trove of scenes that almost everyone should appreciate on some level or another. The ladies were almost all physically appealing and whomever picked the scenes did a good enough job that a rating of Recommended or better was clearly warranted. The technical matters on each scene varied according to the source material and how each director handled the artistic approach but I can safely say that I Love Latinas 2 was one of the longest titles in the I Love... series and even the lack of decent extras should not dissuade you from picking up a copy.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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