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Teen Lesbian Amateurs

Studio: Tight Fit Productions » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 9/19/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

There's just a lot about this movie that got off on the wrong foot with me. Where can I begin? Firstly, there's barely anything worth what the title suggests. We're given scenes like lone masturbation that wouldn't qualify as lesbian play, even if a picture of a girl was being used as motivation for masturbation, secondly, the packaging is just terrible. We have a flip case that reveals more material than the movie ever supplies, not to mention there's the box I almost tore open to get the actual DVD, and when I did, I received a movie that was a little under an hour. This movie felt more like a Demo than anything. It was all nothing but very short segments of very good looking women, and it never built any momentum.

Just as you get settled in, the segment is just over and you're thrown into, what feels like, the middle of a segment that you have to catch up with. There's no set up, barely any preamble, brief make out sessions, little fingering, and slim to no oral sex. Worst of all, there are no introductions, so I based my reviews of the segments based on pure assumption and massive internet scouring. If I attach a name to a different or wrong actress, all apologies for the error but it isn't my fault, this DVD just didn't help me in identifying the actresses, a bit. Feel free to correct me and I'll change it. And I'm serious, the packaging is ridiculous. Why package it in a box that's so incredibly difficult to open for such a lame movie that's only a little under an hour? Are you sub-consciously trying to keep us from watching this? Because if you were, thanks for the public service.

Amateur One: Jay Lynn

Jaylynn and friend find themselves in a bathroom finding a lot of fun in a metallic vibrator that provides Lynn with some much needed pleasure. Lynn is a gorgeous girl who gladly doesn't look plastic or touched up to look much younger than she is. Blond and proportionately shaped, she and her friend take great pleasure in cramming their sexual toys and they take more pleasure than I actually did. The sex toy fondling is only so much fun for a while and then you ache to see something new. Granted, both girls are just utterly beautiful, but there's not much here that inspires a dropped jaw. And there's still no cumming. I wish for once we'd get lesbian porn where the cum flows. It just adds to the realism, is all. This segment has sheer possibilities but it's just held back by the repetitiveness of it all. They cram the sex toys and nothing more.

Amateur Two: Allison Wyte

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Allison Wyte is plain but she's still damn good looking to watch. Wyte once again begins propped on a blue plush chair and masturbates with a blue vibrator and really gets into it. Her moans and squirms are just outright sexy, and what pretty much adds to the sexiness of the segment is that Wyte looks young enough and realistic enough to add to the gimmick of the "Amateur." Why masturbating alone would qualify her as a lesbian, one can only really guess, but this is a step up from the previous repetitive duo. Too bad it's over before it even begins.

Amateur Three: Roxy, Winter Devoe

We're quickly thrown into yet another paring as this buxom twosome are propped in a corner and yet more toy play ensues. I wish there was something more to this porno than simple fondling but alas this is all we're really given. The two just play with this toy over and over, followed by some rather entertaining moaning and groaning, but again, there's never enough here to provide a lengthy description because it's just all over once the momentum is built. The two girls are very good looking and the piercings on the nipples is always sexy, it's just a shame we're given very little goods, here.

Amateur Four: Gen Padova

Gen Padova and partner are engaged in some heavy petting and light nibbling on each other's lips that is altogether hot but completely and horribly filmed. O-Ren fucks a scene up where the two are making out and she quickly pans to the actresses expressions which make for a rather jarring and dizzying camera shot. Seriously, did she film this with her feet? The two are gorgeous, there's no doubt about that, and this is the closest we get to a pay off. They grab, they fondle, they spank, and they even engage in oral sex! What a shocker. Gen is propped on a red couch and gets finger fucked. Finally! I had to wait until the end of the movie for the good stuff? She's pounded with her partner's digits as she screams and we're back to the toys. I don't mind toy play, but when it's so fucking repetitive it's goddamn boring. I was bored with the re-introduction of toys from previous segments. One consolation is that this was probably the most intense of the segments, but don't reach for the tissues and unbuckle your pants, guys, because it's over in a flash. And this one ends with only ten minutes to go. How's that for a kick in the nuts?

Amateur Three: Kalani

For the last ten minutes we're finally given a smoking hot woman in the form of Kalani, a brutally hot young girl who engages in typical soft kisses before being massaged while propped on a table. O-Ren's direction proves poor once again as we can barely see Kalani's face, can barely see what her partner is licking, and for some odd reason, quick cuts to a large shot of the two fucking. Huh? Porn directors should make the viewers feel like voyeurs, like we're being given the privilege of sitting in on two gorgeous women doing what is possibly considered taboo, but with O-Ren's direction it just felt intrusive, while most of the shots of our actresses split and finger fucked made me feel like I was watching a home movie of one of them giving birth. I could never really how hot Kalani was because her face is distorted in the background, meanwhile her partner cums and nothing happens, no squirting, and before I could get into it... it was over. Thanks for nothing.

Odds & Ends


Where do I begin? The sound is okay for what we're given: we have some moaning and a lot of "Oh Yeah" but barely anything over the top that puts the sound to use. I have no complaints about the sound. I liked the theme song, and the girls sounded hot. As for the visuals? They sucked. Hard. And a lot. And I blame that mostly on O-Ren's horrible directing. She didn't know how to angle the shots, she just did not involve the viewers, and she distorted a lot of the actresses faces, including Kalani who I was excited to see, in the end. O-Ren couldn't have directed a worse porno. The DVD just stalls on occasion while the quality makes for a fuzzy picture, in a full screen format.


Trailers, trailers and only... four of them? Huh? Shit, what a bunch of cheap skates. Tight Fit must be a literal term and not an innuendo, after all. At least those movies look better than this. Then we have a slide show which is just as lethargic as the actual film, and "On the Web" which gives us the address to Tight Fit and stuff. I want my money back... I don't care if I didn't pay for this DVD.

After Thought:

This isn't worth over twenty dollars, this isn't worth under twenty dollars, hell this is barely worth a little over ten bucks. What we're given in exchange for the high price is a ridiculous package with a boring DVD featuring beautiful girls that barely entertain because their segments are so fleeting and bland; shit there aren't even closing credits! And if that's not enough the extras are terrible and the production isn't really worth noting at all. Trust me, keep your money and use it on something much more rewarding like "Spoiled Milf." Even if it's not your thing it has a four hour compilation of different sex scenes for everyone to enjoy. That's quality. This however is the equivalent of being given a hand job by a hot girl and having her stop before you can blow your load.

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