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Code Violators

Studio: Other » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 9/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2007

Director:Andrew Rosen

Cast:Sebastian Young, Nickolav Petrov, Matt Cole, Tyler Saint, Cam Kurtz, Derrick Hanson, Carter Longway, Blu Kennedy, Romario,

Body Types:body builder types,twinks, guys with cut and uncut cocks


Things to see:construction sex, incest

Plot: Some hunky home builders bend the housing codes just as easily as they bend over for fresh meat.

The Movie:

The American house building industry has been thriving for years due to the need for new homes and remodeling. However, these building projects are subject to review by local boards in order to make sure that the home will be built to the community and county standards. Basically, housing codes keep people from doing crazy things like adding a roller coaster on top of your home, or building a water slide that leads to the street. Going against these housing codes can be costly and (sometimes) result in the project being shut down until the homeowner receives clearance to continue building.

With that boring explanation out the way, Code Violators attempts to explore what erotic things might happen if some home builders tried to bypass the housing codes. In this film, they "bypass" the codes by sleeping with the code inspectors. That is the basic storyline, although you don't really need to follow the story since it is largely forgettable. The sex and the actors, however, are quite memorable. There is a nice assortment of European and American models with a range of body types. Additionally, most of the sex is very nice and some of it is scorching hot. Therefore, these code violators might be just the type of men that you were looking for.

Scene one:

A city inspector enters the home building site in search of the homeowner. Once he finds the owner, the inspector informs him that he doesn't have a building permit so he will need to immediately cease all of the work. The homeowner has another "idea" so he invites the inspector into his home and propositions him for sex so that he can continue to work without a building permit. The inspector is unable to resist the proposition so the guys start to make out on the bed.

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The homeowner first works over the inspector by sucking on his cock and rubbing all over his body. After some pleasurable oral attention, the inspector sucks on the homeowner's dick, followed by some wet and juicy rimming. The guys then fuck on the bed in several positions. The bottom (the homeowner) does an excellent job at riding the cock forcefully, taking it deep, and consistently maintaining his erection. After some grunt inducing sex, the guys dump their loads on their chests.

This was a very nice scene! Both of the actors were very buff and muscular and quite cute. These two guys share some incredibly erotic sex together as they grunt and moan their way towards a climax. I was particularly pleased with the skillful bottom who was constantly hard and always grunting like a sex pig.

Scene two:

A redhead and a Spanish brunette share some beer in the kitchen, but quickly decide to share something "else." The young redhead pulls out the brunette's long and uncut cock and starts to play with it gently. He then puts the uncut member into his mouth and sucks away like a pro. The brunette then bends over so that he can have his hairy hole rimmed. Next the brunette fucks the red head in another room, using a straddle position. The guys then fuck on the couch, ultimately leading to some fast and forceful screwing. Finally, the brunette pulls off his condom and shoots a huge load all over the redhead's chest, face, and shoulders. The redhead oozes out a creamy load.

Yet again, this film presents some well staged, smoking hot sex. The oral action was very nice especially seeing the long uncut cock being serviced. The actual sex was good, although the redhead didn't seem to be quite as turned on as the brunette was. The end cum shot was quite spectacular because the redhead wasn't afraid to be drenched by the fountain of semen.

Scene three:

A young stud heads upstairs with a tattooed brunette to check out his "work." Upstairs, he finds the brunette's brother, who is just as attractive. The brothers quickly notice the guy's hard on so they start to touch his uncut cock. Soon enough, the brothers unzip their pants so that the stud can suck on their cocks. Next the brothers take turns sucking on the young stud's impressively large uncut penis, and rimming his hairless hole. The brothers even suck on each other's cocks, despite being "brothers."

The brothers then take turns screwing the young stud in different positions. Fortunately, the young stud remains hard throughout his entire ass pounding. Eventually, the brothers jack off their loads onto the young guy's chest, and then the stud shoots out a creamy load onto himself.

While the theme of incest might disgust some, there is much to like in this scene. The actors are cute, especially the young lad who has his ass pounded. Overall this was a very erotic scene.

Scene four:

A buff Brazilian guy leads a blond pool boy to a finished bedroom. The pool boy rubs the guy's impressive chest before jumping into servicing his uncut cock. The guys then share some passionate kissing and dry humping. After that, the pool boy receives some welcomed oral attention. The guys then form a 69 position. Next the pool boy climbs on top of the guy's dick and starts to ride it like a stallion. The guys screw in other positions until they both start to shoot off their sticky loads.

This was a nice scene although neither actor seemed like they were completely turned on by the other. This scene's standouts were the huge cumshot at the end and the Brazilian guy's impressive physique.

The DVD:


Shot in widescreen, the image is clear, colorful and sharp. The only problem, and just a minor one, occurred during the last scene. In a few of the shots, there was a noticeable watermark (I hope it was only water!) on the camera lens. This defect occurred briefly and then quickly disappeared. Overall, this was a nice transfer.


The sound was generally good. All of the action could be heard, and the music was subtle and appropriate to the film.


Extras include scene selection, a cum shot review, a photo gallery, and several trailers for other Jet Set titles. The scene selection should receive some mentioning because they have crafted an efficient way to navigate through each scene's portions. When you choose scene selection, you are taken to an animated menu where you can select the oral, anal, and cumshot option for each individual scene. I thought that this was a very useful feature that more porn companies should try to implement.

Final thoughts:

Code Violators features some hot sex and attractive models. Two of the actors release some huge loads and one of the actors did some of the best bottoming that I have seen in porn. There isn't much to nitpick about except for a few minor qualms. The film's story isn't all too important or spectacular. Additionally, the special features are rather sparse, although the advanced scene selection option is a welcome feature. In the end, your preference for this film will depend on whether hot sex and attractive models isn't as important as a coherent storyline. Overall, this was a pretty good title, one that I would recommend you add to your collection. Therefore, Code Violators comes with a highly recommended rating.

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