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Straight College Men Auditions #12

Studio: 2SCM.COM » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/22/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:

SCM Muscle Hunk Dean

The Movie:

Eight cool straight dudes are individually interviewed by SCM muscle hunk Dean and are then left alone to watch porn while pleasuring themselves.


Roland is a cute dude with black hair who is originally from Santa Barbara and is now a senior at San Diego State studying communications. He would like to break into broadcasting and be in front of the camera interviewing celebrities. Once in the changing room, Roland strips down revealing his average/slender/smooth body, shaved pubes, and uncut cock. Leafing though the latest issue of "White Trash Poontang", dude lubes up and begins jerking his cock to a tasty boner. Roland makes his way over to the sofa slouching with legs spread wide as he strokes his pork using his right fist to work that shaft and foreskin with under and over-handed strokes and showing off his hot plump nuts. Switching back and forth between his right and left fists, Roland continues to jack that unclipped pork and pullin' on those balls while watching straight smut on television. Heavy breathing fills the air as he shoots a large thick load of jizz on his stomach and neck! Hot dude.


North Carolina native Wendell is a good-looking ex Navy guy with brown hair who has plans to move to Alaska for college. He wants to train to become an Air Traffic Controller and seems like a nice, laid-back dude. Once in the changing room, he immediately notices those filthy magazines and thumbs though a beat up old issue of "Twitching Trailer Twats". Removing his clothes, Wendell reveals his slender/toned/smooth/tattooed body, dark pubes, nice balls, and large clipped dick. Sitting on the sofa with legs spread wide, he has his eyes glued to the straight porn on television while beating that meat using his right fist. Wendell has a very hot long 'n deep piss slit that gapes open as he slides his lubed fist up 'n down his stalk and really goin' to town on that knob. Before long, thick cock snot pours out of his piss slit onto his stomach. Very hot dude!


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Kyle is a cute surfer-looking dude with short blond curly hair who is originally from Arizona and has just recently taken up riding the waves. To pay the bills, Kyle is currently learning the carpentry trade. In the changing room, he looks at those dirty magazines and then strips down showing off his toned/smooth body, brown pubes, cut cock, and tasty nuts. Back on the sofa with legs spread nice 'n wide, he pulls that rigid pork using his tight left fist quickly sliding it up 'n down the shaft using over and under-handed techniques. One very sexy thang about Kyle is that he is very into the jack off breathing heavily and moaning as he pleasures himself whispering, "I like stroking my cock!" Wagging that dong and switching to his right fist, he cups and rubs those nuts with his left palm. When Kyle reaches to point of no return, he busts a thick nut on his pubes and stomach. Hot dude!


Cute dude Cornelius has dark hair, beard stubble, a sexy receding hairline that is friendly and good-natured. He once worked as an EMT but found the job to be too stressful so now he works at a group foster home and enjoys the new position much more. Changing room time! Cornelius strips down revealing his average/slender/smooth body, shortly trimmed pubes, and big cut tool. On the sofa, he relaxes watching some gal get fucked on television and plays with that cock using his right hand to toy with it and rub his hot hangy balls. Working his prick switching back and forth between his right and left fists, he uses under and over-handed strokes and shoots a thick load of spunk on his fist and stomach.


Good-looking dude Arnold has short black hair, goatee, and cool sideburns. He and his FiancÚ have been together two years and are expecting a bundle of joy soon. His gal has no idea about his audition and his reason for doing it is simple: "I thought it would be fun." In the changing room, Arnold looks though the new issue of "Diddling Banjos" and yanks his clothing off revealing a slender/hairy/tattooed body, full dark bush, hairy nuts, and clipped dick. This is one sexy fuckin' dude! Back on the sofa with legs spread and watching straight smut, Arnold grabs hold of that dong wagging it at the camera while rubbing his big ol' nuts. Sliding his right fist up 'n down that hard shaft, he works the big purple knob and dumps a small thick load on his hairy stomach and pubes. Hot dude!


Cute with spiked black hair and pierced bottom lip, Miles is a San Diego native who has a definite California surfer accent. His parents kicked him out of their house for being such a hell-raiser and he high-tailed it to Maine. Sadly, he encountered a crazy gal stalker who actually followed him when he moved to New Jersey. Luckily, Miles finally ditched that nutty broad and has settled back in San Diego. In the changing room, he strips down showing off his tall/slender/smooth body, full dark bush, and cut cock. He takes a few minutes to fluff that cock while looking at a ratty old issue of "Clit Yanking Debutants" and then heads out to the sofa. Slouching with legs spread wide, Miles chokes his chicken using his left hand while his right palm rubs his hangy balls. Using fast 'n smooth jacking, he cuts loose with a thick load of man juice on his fist and stomach.


Brice is a very cute dude with dark spiked hair and admits to being a little nervous. His girlfriend has no idea about his audition and would definitely break up with him if she caught wind of his "activities". Originally from San Diego, Brice is currently in college studying the culinary arts and seems like a genuinely nice dude. Once in the changing room, he undresses revealing his hot li'l muscular/smooth body, trimmed dark bush, plump balls, and clipped tool. Relaxing on the sofa and watching that straight porn, Brice quickly yanks his hard pork using his right hand sliding up 'n down the lubed stalk. Reaching fulfillment, he shoots a large thick load of spunk on his stomach and chest. Hot dude!


Okay, this isn't the sexy U2 front man; however, the "Bono" presented here is a good-looking husky dude with short black hair, 6'3" tall, and 250 pounds of prime Wisconsin beef. He's an easy-going guy with a college degree in Hospitality Management and currently works as a jeweler. Back in the changing room, Bono strips down revealing his smooth tattooed body, shaved pubes, plump nuts, and cut cock. After looking through an old tattered issue of "Humping Hillbillies", Bono heads out to the sofa where he spreads his legs, watches straight porn, and beats that meat using his right fist with lubed over-handed strokes. Working the purple knob for all it's worth, he rubs his chest with his left hand, moans, and breathes heavily. Bono finishes up with a nice thick load of jizz on his fist. Hot dude!



"SCM Auditions Volume 12" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. Dean's stationary and hand-held videography provides full coverage of all the pork pullin' action with plenty of nice close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear as Dean interviews the dudes. Some audio from the pornos the dudes are watching can be heard as well as their own moans, heavy breathing, and sighs as they bust nuts.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and previews for: "Sonny", "Paul", and "Ty". The additional CD ROM includes previews for: "Duke and Caleb", "The Island Day Three", "The Castle Day One", "Paul, Brett, and Dean: Food Fight", "Dean and Trevor", "Marcus", "Jack", "Trevor", and "Ryan". Also included is a full color catalog of all the SCM volumes available for purchase.

Final Thoughts:

"SCM Auditions Volume 12" provides the viewer with a personal peek at eight appealing straight dudes who pull their dongs while watching porn. The direction and videography by SCM muscle hunk Dean is basic and provides exactly what is needed: full coverage of the pork pullin' with plenty of close-ups and cool cum shots. I liked every one of these dudes with my personal favorites being Miles, Roland, Brice, and Wendell. I found the movie to be big turn-on and recommend to dudes who get off watching straight guys play with their cocks and cut loose with hot sticky jizz.

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