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Studio: Mustang » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:

January 2007

Directed By:

John Bruno

The Movie:

Butch military dudes relieve their stress by getting down to some wild sweaty man-lovin' anywhere they can find privacy.

The Cast:

Brad Rock, Trey Casteel, Ken Browning, Nick Marino, Ivan Andros, Dean Campbell, Rodin Kohl, Trojan Rock, Troy Brewer, Justin Riddick.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

The dudes here are appealing with short dark and brown hair, muscular and toned bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and mostly cut cocks with two being unclipped.

Scene One:

Three hunky military dudes head back to their barracks dog tired from training. Troy Brewer (good-looking with short black hair, sideburns, husky/muscular/smooth body) flops down on the top bunk bed and pulls his big hard clipped cock and plump nuts from the fly in his white boxers and begins wanking with his right fist. Brad Rock (good-looking with short dark hair, sideburns, toned/smooth/tattooed body) lays awake on the bottom bunk across from Troy and watched him while pulling on his own rigid cut prick using his left fist. The dudes are obviously horny as hell and before long, Troy silently motions for Brad to join him by waving his tool. Brad stands up jerking his cock while sliding his wet mouth up 'n down his pal's pole giving some excellent head. Rodin Kohl (good-looking with dark buzz cut, facial hair, husky/muscular/hairy/tattooed body) is lying in the bunk directly beneath Troy and goes to town sucking Brad's member giving a very tasty blowjob.

The guys regroup with Rodin chowing down on Troy's cock while Brad eats Troy's tight hairy bunghole really munching down. "Lick that hole!" Brad jacks Rodin's fat uncut cock sliding the foreskin back 'n forth up 'n over the slick knob. Brad spreads Rodin's bubble butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy touchhole munching down on the pucker and finger fucking him using his middle digit. "Yeah! Finger my hole!" Brad switches to fucking Rodin in the missionary position fast, smooth, and hard as Troy watches pulling his pud. "Fuck my hole! Pound my ass!" Troy chimes in with "All the way in there!" Troy soon takes over plowing Rodin's manhole in the missionary position using long 'n full strokes that quickly become more urgent as the dudes are totally into the action and each other. The guys switch up again with Rodin fucking Brad's tight hairy asshole in the side/missionary position making him moan, "Come on man, fuck me hard" and of course, Rodin gladly does. Brad ends up shooting a thick load of man-juice on the floor, Troy squirts a large load of jizz on Brad's back, and Rodin busts a thick nut on his stomach as Brad finger fucks him. Hot!

Scene Two:

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Ivan Andros (good-looking with short black hair, beard stubble, lightly hairy/muscular body) and his pal Trojan Rock (hot dude with brown buzz cut, beard, and hairy/muscular body) are taking a break in a bunker while Trojan smokes a cigarette. Ivan obviously doesn't dig ciggies claiming that they are "nasty" and he would rather Trojan suck his dick. Not willing to make good on his offer, Trojan goads Ivan into pulling his fatigues down revealing his full black bush, plump balls, and fat cut dick. Trojan grabs that dong with his right fist jacking it and eventually taking it down his throat and working his wet mouth up 'n down the shaft much to Ivan's pleasure. Ivan really gets into the oral service and is soon holding Trojan's head as he fucks his mouth. "Better than cigarettes, eh?" Ivan bends over offering up his tasty ass leading Trojan to eat that tight hairy hole and finger fuck him. Trojan pulls out his own hard unclipped cock and jacks while munching down on that butt.

Trojan fucks Ivan from behind fast 'n hard with some hot camera shots from behind of Trojan's hangy nuts flopping and swinging back 'n forth as he fills his buddy's needs. "I love that tight ass! Ah fuck!" Switching to the missionary position, Trojan continues his fast 'n smooth drilling and orders Ivan to "Take it like a soldier!" Ivan clearly digs having his butt plowed and the dudes are very into each other. Trojan switches up once again fucking Ivan in the side/missionary position leading Ivan to moan, "Fuck that ass! Don't stop!" Trojan jacks his uncut pork shooting a load on his hairy stomach while Ivan squirts a huge load that flies all over his buddy. Hot load!

Scene Three:

Nick Marino (fucking hot with short black hair, beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) and his pal Justin Riddick (good-looking with dark buzz cut, light beard stubble, muscular/smooth body) are in the latrine as Nick rubs shaving cream on his buddy's noggin and shaves his head. In return, Justin pulls out the clippers and shaves Nick's head making him look even sexier while Nick rubs the large tube in his white boxers. Nick pulls his fat uncut cock out of the fly and begins stroking off while working his tasty foreskin up 'n over his cock head. Nick pulls Justin's rigid clipped pork from the fly in this boxers and chows down sliding his mouth up and down and jacking the stalk. "Oh yeah, suck that dick!" Dean Campbell (cute with brown hair, toned/smooth/tattooed body) enters the latrine wearing only a towel and exclaims, "What's going on in here?" Frankly, it should be damn obvious. Ha! He watches the action while pulling on his hard cut tool using a very cool twisting technique.

Dean soon joins the action sucking Nick's big dick wildly sliding it in and out of his gullet giving some excellent deep throat as groovy organ music plays on the soundtrack. "Suck my cock, big guy!" Nick spreads Justin's butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy man-pussy and munches down tonguing the pucker and Justin fucking digs it. Hot! Nick switches over to munching down on Dean's tight hairy bunghole much to Dean's lusty delight. "Stick that tongue in my ass! East my ass! Oh yeah!" Justin fucks Nick's tight shaved manhole from behind fast 'n hard as Dean fucks Nick's face. Dean rides Nick's dong bouncing up ' n down while jacking off and moaning, "Oh yeah! That dick's in my ass!" He rocks 'n rolls filling his very hairy bunghole full of hot unclipped meat. "That dick feels fuckin' good!" Dean is soon fucking Nick doggy style fast 'n smooth and the dudes are very into the action and each other. "You like that?" To finish up, the guys sit on the commodes and beat their meat while watching each other. Nick shoots a hot thick load on his fist and hairy thigh. Nice and messy. Dean squirts a large load that sprays everywhere. It's a fucking geyser! Justin dumps thick jizz hitting his pecs and stomach. Hot dudes!

Scene Four:

Ken Browning (hot dude with brown buzz cut, facial hair, lightly hairy/muscular body) and Trey Casteel (good-looking with short dark hair, beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) sneak away to a storage room to take a couple of snorts of a hidden bottle of the devil's water. Ken finds some pussy mags and exclaims, "I'm fuckin' horny. I haven't been able to jack off in five weeks!" And with that statement, he begins rubbing his crotch pulling out his fat cut dong and stroking up 'n down while Trey watches. Trey reaches over taking the chubby dong into his right fist and starts working it and chows down sliding his wet gob up 'n down. Trey loves that cock and deep throats all the way to Ken's brown bush. Ken gets down on his haunches taking Trey's rigid clipped prick down his gullet gorging and really giving it a full oral exam. The dudes are completely into each other and soon kiss with plenty of wet tongue sucking.

Ken lays missionary style with legs up in the air with his tight shaved pink bunghole on full display leading Trey to munch down tonguing the pulsing pucker and making Ken breathe heavily. He spits on that hole and begins some hot finger fucking. "Oh yeah! Finger fuck my hole, man!" Ken eats Trey's tight hairy asshole from behind spreading those cheeks and allowing the viewer a nice full look-see. Ken munches that touchhole like it may be his last. Trey rides Ken's turgid member humping fast 'n hard filling his chute and bucking back 'n forth. Switching up, Trey plows Ken's butt from behind fast 'n hard making both dudes grunt and fill the room with loud ragged breathing. Switching up again, Ken pounds Trent in the missionary position drilling that hole and making Trey shoot a large thick load on his stomach. Hot! Ken scoops up that hot nut and feeds it to Trey. Yummy! Ken pulls his pork and dumps a thick load on his fist and pubes. Hot!



"Bunker" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon is excellent as usual providing full coverage of all the activity with plenty of mouth-watering close-ups. The picture quality his sharp and clean.


The sound is clear affording the viewer a nice listen as these butch dudes get down 'n dirty with some hot sweaty sex with plenty of grunts, growls, moans, and heavy breathing.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection with sex act choices, chapter stops, and trailers for: "Nailed", "Forced Entry", "Afterhours", "Limits", "Trade", and "Line Up".

Final Thoughts:

Mustang Studios and Director John Bruno offer up a rough 'n tumble no-holds barred ode to butch sweaty military man-sex with "Bunker". The direction, videography, and editing (Mike J.) are top of the line and create four fast paced scenes that never become dull. There are plenty of hot close-ups of the butt eating which I found to be a huge turn-on. All the scenes contain these close-ups except for scene two but at least the viewer gets a nice look at Ivan Andro's tight hairy bunghole. The dudes are appealing giving energetic performances that clearly show that they are definitely into each other and the sex. This is a very important aspect of adult films for me as there is nothing worse than watching bored dudes simply going though the motions. Luckily, this is not the case here and the guys really get down to business. My personal favorites are Nick Marino, Trojan Rock, Rodin Kohl, and Ken Browning. I highly recommend "Bunker" for fans of butch muscle dudes and sweaty military man-sex.

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