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White Heat Trunks 4

Studio: Hot House » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 9/26/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: April 19, 2007

Director: Steven Scarborough

Cast: Francesco D'Macho, Vinnie D'Angelo, Ty LeBeouf, Thom Barron, Christoph Scharff, Tyler Saint, Dak Ramsey, Park Wiley, Nick Marino, C.J. Madison

Body Types: Muscular, hairy, smooth, tattoos, cut and uncut dicks, guys in their 30's

Condoms: Yes

Special Features: Three-way, cum licking

Plot: Men having hot sex out of their trunks.

The Movie:

D'Macho, Scharff
D'Macho (coverman) and Scharff drive up to a mansion. D'Macho has an extremely hot hairy muscular body with a close beard and a few tats on his arms and back. Scharff is pale but muscular with a tat across his back. The two men walk out to the yard where the pool is located and put on some swim trunks. In and out of the pool, the two share some nice man-to-man kissing followed up by some big dick feeding. D'Macho spits into Scharff's hole and expertly preps it for his large uncut cock. Scharff moans and groans as D'Macho stuffs his ass then D'Macho sits on Scharff's rod. D'Macho gets up and whacks off onto Scharff. His big load drips off Scharff's nose. Scharff responds with a creamy geyser of his own. The sexy D'Macho kneels down and licks his cum from Scharff's nose and face.

D'Angelo, Marino

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In this next scene, sexy D'Angelo, wearing a blue speedo, sprays tanner on his furry, muscular body. His buddy, Marino, shows up to spray his back. Marino looks Hispanic and has a beefy hairy body. Hands start wandering and the two are soon kissing. D'Angelo falls to his knees, removes Marino's dick from his trunks and works on his uncut brown dick. He especially enjoys pulling Marino's foreskin with his teeth. Marino reciprocates the blow job and gets a feeding while lying on a chair. With D'Angelo's back facing him, Marino eats out his ass. D'Angelo has a delicious-looking muscular bubble ass. While on top, D'Angelo rims and sucks Marino as well. Lying back on his shoulders with his ass off the ground, Marino is fucked by D'Angelo. He lies on his stomach and receives another ramming from D'Angelo. Getting a mouthful of cock, D'Angelo jacks off. Marino shoots a thick load on D'Angelo's lips.

D'Macho, Madison
D'Macho sure gets around. He's back for more with Madison who has a shaved head and a trimmed hairy chest. Madison is sitting next to him by the pool and the two of them are rubbing and admiring one another's cocks. The pair savor their big dicks. During the action, D'Macho feeds Madison some of his spit. Time for some anal play. D'Macho works Madison's ass and Madison inserts his fingers in D'Macho's ass. They taste D'Macho's ass off of Madison's fingers. To D'Macho's pleasure, Madison finger fucks the man and sucks his hard throbbing cock. D'Macho is ready to be fucked. He lies back and provides easy assess to Madison's cock. Then D'Macho gets more ramming doggy-style. Finally, they kiss and jerk off. The cum falls on the camera shooting below. Viewers will see their screen covered in their gravy.

Barron, Saint, Wiley
Drinking a sip of water, Saint lies on a lounge chair. Saint is smooth and muscular with German looks. Barron, with very short hair and smooth body, emerges from the pool and makes out with Saint. After a round of big dick sucking, Saint eats and fucks Barron's ass. Wiley is alone taking an outdoor shower and walks over to Barron and Saint. Wiley has a crew cut and mostly hairless body. Wiley sucks on Saint's rubber-covered dick and Saint reinserts it into Barron's ass. Saint pulls out and feeds Wiley with it again. They stop to cool off in the pool. Coming out of the pool, the guys sport hard-ons. Barron fucks Wiley's ass as Saint fucks Wiley's mouth. Next, the hungry bottom sits on Saint's cock and sucks Barron's veiny cock. They jack off and share a hot 3 way kiss.

Ramsey, LeBeouf
The last two hot guys make out and indulge in their love for cock. Ramsey is a good-looking guy with multiple tats on his big arms and stomach. LeBeouf (coverguy on left) is a sexy cub with a bald head and some light hair on his chest. After both have had mouthloads of cock, Ramsey puts a rubber on, applies some lube and fucks LeBeouf hard in the ass. LeBeouf shoves his pole up Ramsey and then lies back as Ramsey sits on his hard cock. Wrapping up, they jack off, kiss, and go into the water.


The resort in Palm Springs provides a beautiful setting for this movie. Good color but the picture has some minor jaggies.

Good audio with music by Rock Hard. Some of the dialogue doesn't come in very clearly but like most porn, it isn't necessary. The moaning and groaning, however, does come in clearly.

In addition to a stills slideshow and a preview that plays as soon as you pop the DVD in, there are compilations for the fuck and cum scenes.

Final Thoughts:
For the fourth title in this series, Hothouse has no doubt assembled a cast of very hot men. Francesco D'Macho deserves to be featured on the cover and to be in two fuck scenes. The guy is the epitome of a gay porn star with his sexy looks, hot bod, big dick and versatility in the anal game. Nothing hotter than a man who can not only fuck another man but who can also love receiving the same sensation. D'Angelo, LeBeouf and Ramsey heat up the screen as well. Trunks may be referring to the size of their dicks as much to the swimwear.

But as hot as these men were, I wish the director had spiced things up. The sex was vanilla which isn't necessary a bad thing. Vanilla can be great. Passionate kissing (and this has lots of it) is great to see. Though this didn't have to be a kink film, there could have been a few surprises beyond one threesome scene. Another setting or two might have helped.

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