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Greatest Sodomania Scenes Ever, The

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/27/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Greatest Sodomania Scenes Ever!: Collector's Edition

Elegant Angel

Genre: Compilation

Director: Patrick Collins (and others)

Cast: Tiffany Mynx, Patrick "Roscoe Bowltree" Collins, Rebecca Bardoux, Sean Michaels, Peter North, Alicia Rio, Jonathan Morgan, Kitty Yung, Randy West, Kaitlyn Ashley, TT Boy, Jon Dough, Jay Ashley, Tianna, Joey Silvera, Roxanne Hall, Steve Thorp, Vanessa Chase, Nici Sterling, Alex Dane, Mark Davis, Nyrobi Knight, Tom Byron, Brooke Ashley, Mr. Marcus, John West, Steve Taylor, Vanda, Frank Gunn, Rachel Teez, Leslie Taylor, Danielle Rogers, Randy Spears, Mandy Bright, Rio Mariah

Length: 441:04 minutes

Date of Production: 7/21/2007 (compilation itself)

Extras: Aside from the spam, six trailers, and a photogallery, there was a 17:48 minute long interview with Patrick Collins and Michael Cates. Michael claimed credit for picking the thirty best scenes, the next fifteen coming out in volume two of the series. It was an interesting interview for me as a historian and porn hound but most consumers will find this pretty weak; geared to wanting more sex (and as loveable as these two characters might be, neither were easy on the eyes).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Greatest Sodomania Scenes Ever!: Collector's Edition was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color the scenes were shot in over the years by director Patrick Collins (as well as a number of others like Michael Cates) for Elegant Angel. Keeping in mind that a lot of these scenes date back into the 1990's, the first coming out 15 years ago in 1992, the quality of the technical matters is going to be a far cry from the recent works of those at the company. In fact, the levels of grain, video noise, aliasing, and a host of other problems were such that if the scenes were not reasonably hot in many cases; I'd be ripping Patrick a new one but this being a three disc, value priced compilation of scenes sure made these problems seem less pressing to me. As a time capsule of how much progress gonzo porn has made, this was an invaluable reminder of why so many people picked up a home camera and started making their own porn epics; leaving the high end features and erotica to the big names in the business while focusing on the smutty energy so many of the ladies in the set offered up. Will purists like myself that rail at crappy looking porn have plenty to bitch about, especially those of us with high end equipment? Sure but for all the issues with saturated colors, fleshtones not set correctly, camerawork so jumpy you'd think the guy had the runs, or whatever else came about, it was never bad looking enough that I cut to the next scene. The bitrate was on the low end here, often dipping into the 3 Mbps range but the compression artifacts were not a big issue for me and I suspect many of you will find this "old style porn" to be a breath of fresh air over the crystal clarity of modern porn like Nutsack, LT, and even Collins himself provide (even if I like the new style better). The audio was presented in the standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 192 Kbps bitrate but there was never any noticed separation between the channels and the dynamic range improved over time as the scenes were presented sequentially (older scenes first).

Body of Review: Patrick Collins has been making porn for longer than some of the current crop of performers have been alive so it stands to reason that he has picked up a tip or two over the years on how to generate heat and make ladies look their best. While the guy has long appeared to have a foot fetish if you've seen his older works at Elegant Angel, he was one of the first guys to popularize the gonzo format; pairing up with John "Buttman" Stagliano many years ago before going their separate ways. His latest title is a compilation of fifteen scenes in the form of The Greatest Sodomania Scenes Ever!: Collector's Edition; the marketing hype of the title a bit over the top but the movie still provided a lot of fuck for the buck. The back cover said it like this: "The greatest vignette series of them all is back with this collector's edition 3-disc compendium. From the early nineties, the Sodomania series has focused on sexual psychology and creative scenarios to bring you some of porn's most legendary and unforgettable scenes. For fans of Elegant Angel's illustrious past, and new customers curious about this celebrated series. The Greatest Sodomania Scenes Ever! Vol.1 is over eight hours of classic hardcore sex. Do not miss this compendium of gonzo porn history brought to you by Patrick Collins and Michael Cates!" If you're a fan of the older Sodomania titles but never bothered to pick them up on DVD, the low price of this 3 disc set will likely be one of the better bargains you'll find, albeit with some of the most technically challenged scenes the company has released in a long time. Here's a brief glimpse into the scenes by original movie, cast, and action, noting that not all the scenes had anal sex but there were no condoms either:

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Scene One: Sodomania 1: Tiffany Mynx, one of the hottest gals to ever perform in the industry, was up first as Patrick "Roscoe Bowltree" Collins drove around Las Vegas looking for pussy. The town has changed a lot since this (talk about a drive down memory lane) but Tiffany was out in the parking lot looking young and dumb; having lost her keys but one thing led to another and his not so subtle hints resulted in her coming back to his room. Her purple dress hugged her curves nicely and she played along fairly well. There was some toenail painting and tease but the majority of the sexual action was the lengthy blowjob with a blast of population pudding going to her feet for an oral clean up. Suffice it to say that this scene set the tone for the rest that followed, showing some chemistry and energy between the couple as the sparks flew. I preferred her newer scenes in the movie since she did more but if you're obsessed with feet, this will probably get you off multiple times.

Scene Two: Sodomania 2: Rebecca Bardoux, a blond with a nice ass with lots of fans over the years, was up next as she portrayed a secretary wife helping to get the services of Sean Michaels for scene husband Peter North's insurance firm. She went to the bedroom and masturbated to the saxophone's light jazz tone; giving Peter a short hummer until the scene cut away to the trio in the living room. Rebecca made her move on Sean to get some dark meat, Peter joining in after awhile to fuck her in the ass. She was more active during the vaginal sex but fans of loud, pornish vocals will like her and her oral skills with both men were solid. One wad went to her face and the other to her fleshy ass, showing a bit more variety than the opening scene.

Scene Three: Sodomania 3: Alicia Rio, playing a frightened office worker, was up next as she played off hilarious hobo Jonathan Morgan; the guy outside of the office looking trashy. She masturbated her roast beef lips and got turned on, the former porn fan in one of his earlier scenes as he took advantage of her horned up state of mind. She was curvy and knowingly teased him with a panty shot, leading him to the messy warehouse to work for food but the guy surprising her from behind shortly after he set to working. He coaxed her into giving him a show, both doing oral before giving some foot & stocking fetish material (who cares about this much foot crap?). She then fingered her ass while he plugged her passive pussy; the tease more appealing than the actual sex, even the anal and glasses pop coming off as weaker than usual.

Scene Four: Sodomania 5: Tiffany Mynx, playing a domineering housewife, was up next as she barked orders at Kitty Yung. This led to a lot of lesbian tease and foot fetish, moving to some decent bathing as Kitty soaped up Tiffany's curvy ass (then licking both holes to clean them the old fashioned way). Tiffany had some fun at her employee's expense but also eyed darkly tanned Randy West who was out by the pool taking care of the grounds. Tiffany led him inside the house after teasing him with a bit of a blowjob; the lucky guy getting to nail both of them anally before all was said and done. It was a long scene with a lot of kink to it, Kitty licking the semen out of Tiffany's ass to finish it up; the surprise ending a twist to say the least but nicely done.

Scene Five: Sodomania 6: Kaitlyn Ashley, a decent performer from years ago, was up next on the couch as she masturbated with a large, old fashioned vibrator. While it wasn't really convincing as a heat generator, it did leave her juiced up enough to handle TT Boy, Jon Dough, Jay Ashley, and Peter North, before all was said and done. Jay went down on her and she heated up for real, soon slobbing his knob aggressively before taking the cock inside of her pussy and ass. There was some DP footage once the other men joined in with the couple but the scene struck me as very short compared to most of the others. For those who care, the ending including the men rubbing out 3 large loads to her face with Jay busting a nut on her ass.

Scene Six: Sodomania 7: Tianna, an okay gal from years ago with light hair and a nice ass, was up next as she ran late for an important engagement. Breaking her heel, she ended up going to creepy shoe repairman Joey Silvera; interrupting his session of self love (where he jerked off into a shoe while licking another one). This being the first scene of the second disc, I was hoping for something more anal oriented than foot fetish again (unless the company wants to change the name to "Best Foot Fetish scenes From Sodomania) and she was older than average compared to the majority of the cast; the gal actively riding him vaginally after a long (too long) session of foot play. The oral was decent though and saved the scene for the rest of us that aren't into feet, Joey rubbing out the wad of population pudding to her shoe before his fantasy ended.

Scene Seven: Sodomania 8: Roxanne Hall, back when she was in her prime, was up next in a windy park as she teased Steve Thorp. He was decked out in business attire and started stalking her, the gal trying her best to evade him until she got to her hotel room where she shaved off her pubic hair. He then hooked up with her as part of their initial misunderstanding, the couple having a relatively standard oral, vaginal, and short anal with a crotch pop. It was a weak scene unless you're into shaving.

Scene Eight: Sodomania 9: Vanessa Chase, a dumpy looking brunette playing a teenager, was up next in the living room as Patrick "Roscoe Bowltree" Collins questioned her about how grown up she looked. He used his powers of persuasion to convince her to wait for his daughter while he shot her around the pool table. The tease was the biggest part of the scene and it was strictly a blowjob only scene (by the way, she seemed to be an even worse pool player than me).

Scene Nine: Sodomania 15: Nici Sterling, playing a promiscuous mother, was stern with "daughter" Alex Dane who seemed to have the hots for Nici's boyfriend, Mark Davis. Alex was reading a contemporary issue of Hustler's Barely Legal magazine (yes, it was a magazine long before a video series) and masturbating when Mark caught her on the couch; the two hitting it off a bit too well when mom (Nici) walked in and caught them. That led to Nici showing Alex how to really enjoy sex; the ladies sharing his cock orally, vaginally, and even anally though Nici was a far more active rider than Alex could hope to be. The gals cumswapped the load and the scene closed out.

Scene Ten: Sodomania 18: Tiffany Mynx, again playing the matron of a household with a maid serving her in skimpy clothing, was up next as she savored some quality time with maid Nyrobi Knight. Tom Byron played the husband and Tiffany the jealous wife, all three of them ending up in bed for a standard ration of sexual antics that included all six holes of the ladies getting worked over with tongues, fingers, and cock. The only real weakness of the scene was the amount of foot fetish work here, Tiffany the star of the scene as far as I was concerned.

Scene Eleven: Sodomania 23: Brooke Ashley, a cute brunette concerned about "blowing up like a balloon" having gained a whole two pounds, was up next with younger than I recalled Mr. Marcus, John West, and Steve Taylor, in a secluded home gym. They caught her working out in the nude and were soon all massaging her oiled body at the same time, kneading her lean figure all over the table to warm her up. Sexually, she took them in each hole (including anal) and there was some foot fetish stuff here but it was a decent scene overall and closed out the second disc on a high note; each man jerking off to her face.

Scene Twelve: Sodomania 25: Vanda, a lean and sexy blond that I recall from long ago, was up next in the living room as she stripped off her clothing to serve Frank Gunn as a foot rest. He drops foot on her for some food fetish action, the scene getting very quiet as he stuffed his toes in her pussy. That he ate his yogurt out of her ass crack was pretty weird but she didn't mind, the fun blowjob and active sexual riding by the hotty serving to make this a good opening scene for the third disc. She blew him (with ATM) to completion and kept sucking his seed actively; the camera work a bit weaker than most of the other scenes.

Scene Thirteen: Sodomania 25: Rachael Teez, a smoker in a cheerleader outfit looking slightly too old for the role, who called superintendent Leslie Taylor to fix her radiator as it was broken. As he fixed it, he kept catching glimpses of her panties, giving him a chubby that she eventually noticed too. I liked her fleshy ass on the couch at least as much as Leslie did, especially as her skirt was hiked up during her nap, the gal appreciating his oral attentions as he licked and massaged her ass before she upped the ante and wanted him to work her cookie. The guy was orally talented and she was soon reciprocating on his cock, orally. The vaginal sex was active and my biggest complaint about the scene was how the picture broke up a couple of times (into the colorful rainbow of blocks) but she did blow him to completion. Yum!

Scene Fourteen: Sodomania 28: Danielle Rogers, a sexy vixen of a teacher that liked seducing her students via online chatting, was up next as she dealt with an angry father played by Randy Spears. His earring looked funny and she appeared to be older than he was. They had some words and while he admired her collection of porn, the two showed a lot of contempt for one another; his prudish father act countered by her slutty dominatrix routine. The use of a gay sex toy was almost as weird as her forcing him to jerk off in front of her pussy, the vaginal and anal sex quite passive on her part before he jerked off to her pussy.

Scene Fifteen: Sodomania 40: Mandy Bright, looking very fetching with her blue eyes and curvy body, was up last as she proved to be at the mercy of Rio Mariah; the gal also giving marching orders to servant Frank Gunn in this scene shot way back in 4/20/2003 (it was the newest scene of the bunch). After some tease, she literally walked all over Frank and made him service her toes, the never ending amount of foot fetish making me want to grab my remote control to speed it up. They had some chemistry and seductive energy this time though so I held out and was glad I waited. The use of candle wax, fetish attire (really sexy attire at that) and a variety of sexual antics elevated the scene for me; the dynamic changing as Frank got fed up with Rio's crappy attitude. There was some technical DP footage and the scene ended with a modest pop shot to Mandy's chest (Rio licked much of it up to cumswap with her) and the technical values looked better here than anywhere else in the movie.

Summary: The Greatest Sodomania Scenes Ever!: Collector's Edition by director Patrick Collins and others (Michael and Peter) for Elegant Angel was worth a rating of Recommended to me based on the sheer volume of material provided. I was never a huge fan of Patrick's older works for the technical limitations they all had but I can't deny that if you like foot fetish stuff way, way, way more than the average consumer; you will probably find this one of the better compilations of the last six months. The emphasis on tease was appreciated and I think there was a lot of room for disagreement as to what the best scenes of the series have been but I think the concept was sound enough so I look forward to seeing compilations of this length for some of William Nutsack's works in coming months. In short, there was an all star cast and this invoked ideas of the set being a time capsule so give The Greatest Sodomania Scenes Ever!: Collector's Edition a look and have a lot of fun (just don't expect great extras or any new footage).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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