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Rim My Gape 3

Studio: Sineplex » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 9/28/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Straight-Rimming Fetish

Director: ?

Cast: Karmen, Jennifer, Pandora, Juliana, Masha, Milena, Nikki Sun, Kristyna K

Length: @ 2.5 hours

Production Date: New Sensations, 2007


Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
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Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is the old fashion standard of stereo 2.0. I don't expect much more, so long as the there's no gaps of silence, muffling, or distant noises. None of that here. The Video if Full Frame Color, with a slight amateur tint. This is basic boning footage, but it's still clean and very pleasing.

Body of Review: In my last Sineplex film review I stated that the company was "one of the least common studios" but after watching Cream Pie Inside it's starting to become one of my faves. Their blend of unique, natural girls and hardcore, unrelenting boning is satisfying the needs of a lot of horny men. Rim My Gape 3 promises to sharpen the edge and go beyond simple gaping and tonguing. 8 gals in four scenes who just can't wait to lick the red ring of some gorgeous gal's rump. Sounds pretty tantalizing. We can only hope.

Scene 1: Masha, Milena
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, PTM, ATM, Rimming, ICS
Masha is a gorgeous sandy-blond with a body to die for. Her partner, Milena, isn't too bad either. Masha's focused on Milena fine ass, which is ridiculously round and perfect. Masha spreads Milena's cheeks, spitting on her cornhole so a finger can slide through. Rimming begins immediately, but it's hard to see because of Milena's fat ass. Masha pulls off her sexy red pantyhose and lets Milena slip a red dildo in her ass. By now some white cock enters the picture and bangs Milena doggy style and Masha in cowgirl. Once they're warmed up, and a few ptms later, he goes for the ass, working Masha's. The guy gets Masha's ass to gape and Milena leans in to tongue, but only keeps to the outside. And Masha's gape holds for a long time but Milena looks hesitant about giving it her all. She does lick the edge and occasionally tongues the hole, but it's not very convincing. On the flip side, Masha laps Milena's spread hole like a dog, but her ass is so thick, it's kinda hard to see. I was really disappointed in this opening scene, which, although filled with great gapes and many ptms, doesn't have a ton of rimming. It's still good threesome action with a slight edge. A pop inside Masha's ass seems to occur, but we don't see anything come out.

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Scene 2: Karmen, Jennifer
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, PTM, ATM, Rimming, Cumshot
Jennifer and Karmen bring their anal rimming skills to scene two, both clad in fishnets and crazy corset-like tops. Jennifer, the blonde, is a bit pasty and simple faced, while Karmen has raven hair and something of an exotic look. Jennifer is the first to show her assholing skills. A clear plug is placed up her ass, which stretches nicely just below a wet and hairy, strawberry pussy. The two toy their vaginas and assholes, taking turns and eating what remains. Karmen's long gash allows for PTA action and she lies back cool as cool. A few anal beads find their way into her rectum, and pop from her anus. Finally the guy with the big honking dick comes and the girls attack it with their lips. With Karmen's head resting on Jenn's ass, he plugs Jenn and keeps Karmen close by for extra lube ups. Again, there is much more anal and ATM than actual rimming. The gapes are nice and the balloon knot puckers inside out on a number of occasions, but the girls do little more than 'stab' at it with their tongue. It's really not any different than most flicks out there today. The ladies are hot, especially Karmen who looks like an Egyptian princess (weird I know), and there's a number of decent moments. But they don't add up to what I expected. A nasty pop in Karmen's ass gets spunk everywhere, including Jennifer's nearby head.

Scene 3: Pandora, Juliana
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, PTM, ATM, Rimming, Cumshot
Juliana leads Pandora by the knees onto a couch where she is going to submit to her demands. Goth-like, dressed in all black, leather and nets, Juliana is your typical, red headed queen of the night. Pandora, who's wearing pink top and mini shorts, looks like a house mom who just came home from a jog and found herself in an odd predicament. Juliana unleashes Pandora's shaved box and tongues it as though it were on fire. She flips her over and works on Pandora's big, fat asshole. The two play a while until whiteboy-hardon comes to the ring. Juliana dons some kind of dildo mask and pumps it into Pandora's various places. The guy plays rough with Pandora; smacking his cock down her throat, getting her to cock yodel, and deep throat to the point of gaging. As good as the action is, I'm still bummed in the lack of strong rimming. It's here, more so than other flicks perhaps, but it's not the focus of the film. Nonetheless, the boning action is so good, I'm willing to forgive. Seeing house-mom Pandora stick her face in chick's crack is worth the disc alone. The guy jacks into Juliana's stretched hole and Pandora eats what she can get to.

Scene 4: Nikki Sun, Kristyna K
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, PTM, ATM, PTA, Rimming, ICS
Nikki and Kristyna bring this disc of gapes to a close with their fine bodies decked in skimpy lingerie. The girls can't keep their hands off each other, which is understandable. Nikki is a smoking blond with a flat tummy and amazing thighs. Kristyna is a bit more chunky, but with ample breasts and a figure that would stop any man in his tracks. The first half of the scene includes the girls petting heavily, licking their tatas and then pulling out some toys to prod their pussies and assholes. Then the same lucky son of a bitch comes in, fully erect, and plops his big dick right into Nikki's sweet pie. Kristyna handles the ptms and rims Nikki's gape when told. After Nikki is banged in standing cowgirl, Kristyna shows how an anal licking scene should go and attacks Nikki's asshole with her tongue lapping it like it's melting ice cream. The gals double-stack and Nikki endures effortless PTA over and over before taking the helm at Kristyna's ass. The guy pumps his load into Nikki's colon and for the first time we get a decent creampie. Nikki pushes out the cum, along with her insides, and Kristyna licks the jizz up, pink sock and all. A nice and nasty ending and example of what the disc could have accomplished.

Concluding Words: Rim My Gape 3 might more appropriately be called, "Tongue my Asshole" which is essentially what is going on here. Don't get me wrong, there are some superb, immaculate even, gapes and a few really good rims, but the mass is a disappointment. The talent does well, they're fresh, hot, and eager. And the boning is about as good as it gets. But I came into this expecting some serious tongue in the ass. And while there was one or two times that a tongue put on a decent show, most of the gals were distant, almost like they didn't really want to do it. There's a few exceptions, such as Kristyna in the final scene, who laps Nikki Sun's asshole eating the cum that comes out and even some of Nikki's pink. I didn't think this film was overly hardcore; if you're aware of gapes and can read, this disc shouldn't surprise you. There are more anal spreads and rims than most flicks, I was merely expecting it to stand out from the others, more by quality than content. Still a damn fine bone flick, that could have easily passed as a non-rim flick ( I think we're accustomed to the act by now) and worth checking out. I wouldn't say to buy it, simply because I don't think it's enough of a rim movie. I would, however, rate it: Recommended


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