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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:

July 2005

Directed By:

Steven Scarborough

The Movie:

Whether washing a big pickup truck, taking an outdoor shower, or relaxing next to the clear blue waters of a swimming pool, these lusty dudes find a way to fulfill their sexual desires.

The Cast:

Tyler Hill, Erik Rhodes, Ethan Kage, Derrick Vinyard, Roman Heart, Arpad Miklos, Tony Mecelli, Jed Willcox, Robert Van Damme.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

"Beefcake" showcases nine sexy dudes with mostly dark hair cut short, muscle-bound, muscular, and toned bodies; hairy, lightly hairy, and smooth chests; full and trimmed pubes; hairy and shaved assholes; and cut 'n uncut dicks.

Scene One:

Robert Van Damme (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) is shirtless and dressed only in shorts as he washes his pickup truck when Tyler Hill (good-looking with short brown hair, goatee, muscular/smooth body) runs by and Robert squirts him with a water hose. Tyler is pissed off at first but Robert's flirting leads to some very slow and erotic deep tongue kissing and body rubbing. Robert licks his way down Tyler's body pulling down his shorts revealing dark pubes, plump nuts, and a hard cut cock. Taking that tool into his mouth, Robert slurps up 'n down deep throat and strokes the shaft giving some Class A head. Desiring a good taste of meat, Tyler sinks to his knees and sucks Robert's large uncut dong wrapping his fist around the stalk and working his wet mouth up 'n down deep throating to Robert's shortly trimmed pubes. Hot! Tyler spreads Robert's bubble butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved bunghole and munches down tonguing the tasty li'l pucker making Robert moan with pleasure.

Robert slides his hard prick up Tyler's tight hairy butt hole in the missionary position on the back his pickup truck using long 'n full strokes and Tyler digs it! He moans, groans, and smiles up at Robert as his chute is filled with hard unclipped pork. Robert picks up the speed and pounds that tight hole fast 'n smooth. Relocating to the hood of the pickup truck, Tyler rides that big prick playing a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce slamming his hole up 'n down while jacking his hard cock. Tyler works himself into a sexual frenzy shooting a large thick load of jizz on the ground. Very hot! Robert pulls his pud shooting a large thick wad on Tyler's chest and stomach. Hot!

Scene Two:

Hunky Ethan Kage (good-looking with black buzz cut, sideburns, muscular/hairy body) enjoys an outdoor shower allowing the cleansing water to spray down his beautiful body as he lovingly washes his dark trimmed pubes, plump balls, cut cock, and hot bubble butt. Erik Rhodes (hot dude with short brown hair, muscle-bound/smooth body) and his pal Arpad Miklos (handsome with short dark hair, muscular/hairy body) happen upon Ethan and immediately begin rubbing his body. Erik unzips his Bermuda shorts hauling out his large uncut tool leading Ethan to grab it with his left hand working the foreskin. Arpad follows suit pulling down his shorts and revealing his dark trimmed pubes and large unclipped member. Always the trouper, Ethan grabs that dong with his right hand and slides the foreskin up 'n over the knob. Before long, Ethan is on his knees chowing down on Erik's dick sliding his mouth up 'n down while continuing to stroke Arpad. Dude is definitely in uncut cock heaven. Switching over, Ethan takes Arpad's big dick down his throat leading Arpad to fuck his mouth.

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Aprad gets busy munching down on Ethan's tight hairy touchhole licking the pucker from behind making Ethan cry out with lust. "Oh yeah! Lick that ass! Come on get in there!" Erik is on his haunches jacking and sucking Arpad's cock as Ethan wildly finger fucks Erik's tight shaved bunghole with his middle digit. Hot! Erik is fucking hot in this scene and is definitely into having his butt hole played with. He makes all sorts of very hot sexual noises and gives Arpad some excellent head. Ethan licks Erik's asshole while he continues to finger him. Hot! Ethan fucks Erik from behind using fast 'n smooth stokes as he pounds making Erik make even more lusty noises. Erik rides Arpad's dick humping up 'n down fast 'n hard while Ethan jacks and sucks Erik's dong. Hot! Erik shoots a thick load that flies just about everywhere. Ethan busts a thick nut on Erik's chest and face, and Arpad squirts a large thick load on Erik's hair and chest. Hot!

Scene Three:

Roman Heart (good-looking with dark hair, toned/smooth body) and his buddy Jed Willcox (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/hairy body) are outdoors sunbathing when Roman uses the old ruse of asking Jed to apply some suntan lotion to his back. Ha! I believe we all know what this usually leads to (unless you are simply doing your Aunt Gladys a favor). Jed gives Roman a full erotic rubdown, which turns into a red-hot make out session with plenty of wet tongue sucking. Jed spreads his pal's hot butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved bunghole and eats the hell out of that ass! Licking, rubbing, and munching down, Jed digs eating butt as much as Roman seems to be enjoying having his rump tongued. Hot! Jed takes Roman's hard clipped tool down his throat leading Roman to thrust his hips upwards to fuck Jed's hungry mouth.

Jed pulls his own bathing suit down revealing his dark pubes and hard unclipped member. The dudes soon find themselves in a traditional sixty-nine with Jed on top as they gorge themselves silly on all that rigid beef. Jed dry humps Roman in the missionary position while Roman spreads his own butt exposing that pink hole again while Jed rubs the foreskin-covered cock head against the pucker. Hot! Roman pounds the hell out of Jed's tight hairy asshole from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes really drilling that butt. Jed rides that hard cock playing a game of the ol' sink/bounce while riding up 'n down and jerking off. He shoots a large thick load on his own thigh, Roman's thigh, and on the ground. Roman beats his meat spraying a large wet load all over Jed's chest. Hot!

Scene Four:

Tony Mecelli (good-looking with black hair, muscular/smooth body) and his buddy Derrick Vinyard (cute with brown/blond hair, toned/tanned/lightly hairy body) are dressed in sexy tight Speedos and making out with full tongue by the swimming pool. Derrick licks and sucks Tony's chest and tasty hard nipples pulling down Tony's swimsuit revealing hot black pubes, plump nuts, and a long clipped dong. He grabs that cock and begins stroking the shaft while sliding his mouth up 'n down cramming as much as possible down his gullet. Tony digs the head gently rubbing Derrick's head, neck, and shoulders. "Suck that dick!" Derrick pulls his own hard cut cock from the confines of his tight Speedo and jacks that thang. The dudes reposition themselves in a side sixty-nine where Tony chows down on Derrick's rigid tool and nurses the flared knob while Derrick continues to chow down on Tony.

Hunky Tyler Hill (scene one) shows up and immediately joins in with Tony fucking his mouth sliding that big tool in 'n out with a nice smooth tempo. Derrick wants to get back in on the action and fucks Tyler's wet 'n willing mouth. "Keep sucking that! Suck deep! Just like that!" Tony and Derrick stand as Tyler is on his haunches wildly switching back and forth cramming those dongs down his insatiable gullet while pulling on his own hard clipped pork. Derrick lays on a blue pad located on the ground in the missionary position with legs up in the air and his tight shaved bunghole on full display. Tyler munches down on that pucker sliding his tongue back 'n forth over the pink starfish and tongue fucking him. Hot! Derrick really digs it and moans, "Work it! So good! So good!" Tony chimes in with "There you go! Get in there!" Derrick isn't pleased when Tyler stops for a moment and demands, "Get your tongue back in there! Yeah, that's the spot! Oh yeah, that's the spot! Right there! Oh yeah, just like that! I can't get my ass wide enough!"

As Tyler continues to eat that hot man-butt, Derrick cries out, "Lick my crack!" Tony fucks Tyler's tight hairy asshole in the missionary position as Tyler beats his meat and sucks Derrick's big tool. There's a cool camera shot from behind of Tony's tight hairy touchhole and plump nuts as he pounds Tyler with fast 'n smooth strokes. Derrick takes over and fucks Tyler doggy style using quick smooth strokes while Tyler chows down on Tony's prick. To finish up, the dudes beat off with Tony and Derrick standing and Tyler kneeling. Tony shoots a thick load on Tyler's goatee, chest, and left pec. Derrick dumps his thick wad on Tyler's right pec, and Tyler shoots a small load on the blue pad. Hot dudes!



"Beefcake" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Boardman and second camera by John Simms is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of juicy close-ups of the cock sucking, butt munching, and ass fucking. The picture quality is sharp and clean allowing for beautiful vivid colors.


The sound is in stereo and clear so that the viewer can easily hear the dudes talk and all the lusty sex noises as they get down to the fun 'n games. The musical score by E.M. Diaz is cool opening with some groovy 1970s-style funk and switching to some neat-o keyboard and guitar instrumentals.


The Extra Features includes an interactive menu with scene selection and chapter stops, two extended scenes the first featuring Robert Van Damme washing his pickup truck and the second featuring Ethan Kage's outdoor shower. There's a behind-the-scenes photo gallery with high quality photographs by Greg Lenzman and Mick Hicks, a fun game called "Name that Butt hole" where the viewer can test his or her skill at matching up the models with photographs of their bungholes, and trailers for: "Cross Country Part I", "Cross Country Part II", "The Hunted", "Driver", "Up All Night", and "Spokes III". Also included is a "Portraits in Pornography: Tyler Hill" featurette that includes still photographs and footage of Tyler from 1998. I found this highly entertaining and it's cool to watch Tyler evolve from a cute college-type guy into the butch 'n sexy muscle dude he is now.

Final Thoughts:

"Beefcake" is one hell of a turn-on! Falcon Studios and Director Steven Scarborough come though once again with a high quality production containing excellent direction, videography, musical score, and editing (Garcia Stevenson). What immediately caught my eye while watching the movie is how vivid the colors are (especially the clear blue sky and surrounding lush green vegetation). As mentioned, the videography is exceptional with plenty of tasty close-ups of spread bungholes and ass eating tongues. The models are all very appealing and give lusty energetic performances that clearly show they are into each other and the action. My personal favorites are cover dude Tyler Hill, Erik Rhodes, Tony Mecelli, and Ethan Kage. The Extra Features are also quite fun with the hilarious game of "Guess the Butt Hole", the feautrette on Tyler Hill, and extensive behind-the-scenes photo gallery. I highly recommend for those who enjoy high quality production values and sexy muscular dudes.

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