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Studio: Mustang » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/30/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:

February 2007

Directed By:

John Bruno

The Movie:

Night has fallen on this rough section of town. The blue and orange neon sign of the Hollywood Motel has flickered on and butch desk clerk Dak Ramsey is ready for business.

Run Time:

90 Minutes

The Cast:

Dak Ramsey, Andrew Justice, Derrick Hanson, Marco Paris, Marc Williams, Vin Nolan, Kamrun Assher, Ryann Wood, Alexy Turner, Justin Riddick.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

"Sleaze" offers up nine sexy dudes with a nice mix of black and brown hair; muscle-bound, muscular, and toned bodies; hairy and smooth chests; full, trimmed, and shortly trimmed almost shaved pubes; hairy and shaved butt holes; and cut 'n uncut dicks.

Scene One:

Well-dressed businessman Ryann Wood (nice-looking with brown buzz cut, facial stubble, toned/lightly hairy body) enters a low-rent motel room, slings his suitcase on the bed, and throws back a belt of booze. He removes his shirt revealing a toned lightly hairy body with tattoos and begins to lovingly remove the contents of the suitcase: a large white dildo, a black leather dog collar, and two chains. Ryann fixes the dog collar around his neck and attaches the chains. The ends of the chains are clipped around the headboard. He lies on the bed wearing only a black jockstrap with legs spread wide and crams the dildo up his tight shaved asshole while grunting with lust. Up on his knees, he continues to fuck himself from behind moaning, "Oh fuck yeah!" Hunky cowboy Andrew Justice (hot dude with short dark hair, facial hair, muscular/hairy body) walks by Ryann's open door and watches the show while rubbing the front of his bulging faded blue jeans. He walks in and joins Ryann on the bed, takes a belt of booze, and watches as Ryann rides that dildo up 'n down like a wild man. You see, Ryann's dildo has a large suction cup on the bottom and it's now stuck on the nightstand. He's quite amazing to watch playing the ol' sink/bounce while keeping his balance on the nightstand with legs on the bed. Wow!

Andrew pulls his blue jeans open revealing full dark pubes, plump nuts, and a large hard cut cock. He jacks that tool using his right hand to slide up 'n down. Ryann grabs Andrew's dick and chows down working his hot mouth and giving excellent head making Andrew moan over and over, "Suck that dick!" Ryann munches down on Andrew's tight hairy bunghole from behind eating the hell out of that pucker. "Oh yeah! Get in there!" He uses the tip of his digit to finger fuck that hole in mouth-watering close-up. Andrew fucks Ryann's bum from behind fast 'n hard while Ryann pulls on his own fat clipped pork. Andrew pounds that ass with no mercy pulling on the dog collar chains making Ryann cry out, "Oh yeah! Fuck my ass!" Andrew barks, "Take that dick, boy!" Ryann rides that hard cock like a pro rockin' and rollin' up 'n down. Andrew continues to pound his pal in the side/missionary position. To finish their sleazy li'l fuck session, the dudes beat their meat with Andrew shooting a large wet load on Ryann's face. Hot! Ryann shoots a small thick load on his stomach.

Scene Two:

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Vin Nolan (good-looking with short brown hair, goatee, toned body) lies on the bed of his trashy motel room impatiently smoking a cigarette and rubbing his crotch. Marc Williams (good-looking with shaved head, smooth muscle-bound body) and Derrick Hanson (cute with short brown hair, toned/tall/smooth body) stroll in and Vin is pissed off. "You're about an hour late, motherfucker!" To sooth Vin's cracking nerves, Derrick climbs in bed and pulls the back of his blue jeans down. Vin is immediately interested and demands, "Show me that hole!" Derrick is more than happy to oblige spreading his hot butt and exposing his tight shaved bunghole. Vin chows down on Derrick's large cut cock sliding his mouth up n' down the shaft while pulling his own pants down revealing dark pubes, and a hard clipped tool. Marc undresses showing off that incredible muscle-bound body, black pubes, and large cut dong. Derrick pulls Marc's legs up exposing that tight shaved bunghole and munches down really rootin' around and then takes that big ebony cock down his throat.

Derrick switches his attention to Vin yanking his legs in the air to get at that tight hairy touchhole. Derrick eats that hot asshole making Vin moan, "Yeah! Eat my asshole! Fuck yeah! Work that tongue!" Derrick slides his wet gob up 'n down Vin's rigid tool leading Marc to join in on Vin's joint. Vin and Derrick take care of Marc's cock sharing the large organ to satisfy their oral fixations. Derrick rides Vin's cock up 'n down as Vin thrusts upwards to fuck his buddy. Derrick switches to sinking down on Marc's prick riding fast 'n hard cramming that fat dork up his chute. The dudes switch up fucking Derrick and end up with Vin pounding him in the side/missionary position while Marc is in a side sixty-nine with Derrick. This is a very cool position and the dudes really go to town gorging themselves on hard man-meat and fucking that tight butt. Marc shoots a large thick load of jizz on Derrick's upper stomach, Vin cuts loose with a thick wad on Derrick's pec, and Derrick squirts a thick load of spooge that flies everywhere hitting Marc's beefy thigh and Derrick's stomach. Hot load!

Scene Three:

Kamrun Assher (nice-looking with dark buzz cut, muscular/smooth body) and Marco Paris (good-looking with short brown hair, beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) meet up in a low-budget motel room so that Marco can pay up on a blackmail scheme. Kamrun stands allowing Marco to yank his blue jeans down releasing a big ebony uncut cock. Marco slides his mouth up and down the beautiful cock deep throating all the way to Kamrun's dark trimmed pubes. He takes those plumps nuts into his mouth making Kamrub moan with pleasure as he nurses the large knob. The dudes switch to a sixty-nine with Kamrun on top chowing down on Marco's fat uncut dick deep throat down to trimmed brown pubes.

Both dudes have their tight shaved bungholes on display as they chow down on hard man-beef. Kamrun munches down on Marco's tight hole tonguing the pucker and driving him mad. "Put your tongue in there!" Marco eats Kamrun's ass from behind and finger fucks him fast 'n smooth. Marco fucks Kamrun doggy style using quick smooth strokes making Kamrun moan 'n grunt loudly. Switching to the missionary position, Marco plows the hell out of that tight man-chute fast 'n hard and then repositioning into a hot side/missionary fuck machine. Marco squirts a big thick motherfuckin' load all over Kamrun's butt, balls, and hand. Hot load! Kamrun shoots a large thick load on Marco's side and the leopard print bedspread. Hot cum-filled foreskin!

Scene Four:

Justin Riddick (good-looking with shaved head, muscular/smooth body) and his pick-up Alexy Tyler (good-looking with short black hair, sideburns, beard stubble, toned/tattooed/ smooth body) stumble into the Hollywood Motel's slouchy lobby looking for a cheap room. Justin doesn't have any cash so invites hunky butch desk clerk Dak Ramsey (hot dude with short dark hair, beard stubble, muscular/hairy/tattooed body) to watch. Over on the large leopard print sofa, Alexy gets down to business sliding his mouth up 'n down Justin's hard cut cock. Alexy's pierced tongue swirls around Justin's large knob as he gives a very tasty blowjob. Dak pulls his blue jeans down revealing his full dark pubes, plump nuts, and cut cock. He watches the "show" while pulling his pud to full hardness. Justin lays back on the sofa in the missionary position with legs up in the air and tight hairy bunghole fully exposed. Alexy munches down on that pucker like a man half crazed with starvation. Hot!

Justin jerks Alexy's hard cut tool and proceeds to take it into his mouth working up 'n down and deep throating to those short dark trimmed pubes and plump nuts. Alexy digs the head and fills the cheap lobby with loud cries of passion. Justin fucks his rent-dude in the missionary position fast 'n hard and Alexy loves it! "Oh! Fuck my ass!" The sofa loudly squeaks as Justin fucks Alexy's brains out! Justin shoots a nice thick load on his own stomach and then leaves. Dak joins the still horny Alexy on that damn ugly sofa leading Alexy to chow down on that big dick deep throating all the way to Dak's full dark bush. Dak is fucking hot with his pubes and ultra-hairy butt crack, gooch, and balls. Dak bends over offering up his hot bubble butt and Alexy munches down on that highly hairy mouth-watering bunghole. Dak digs having his most private place eaten moaning and pouting, "Eat that ass!" What a delicious hairy butt hole! Dak fucks Alexy from behind fast 'n hard really pounding that ass. Alexy loves every fuckin' moment of it! He rides that hard cock rocking back 'n forth and humpin' up 'n down. Ride it, baby! Alexy shoots a large thick load on his hot six-pack abs. Dak kisses Alexy with deep tongue and shoots a big thick load of spunk on his hairy stomach. Hot!



"Sleaze" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon and Killian is excellent providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of mouth-watering close-ups of the dick sucking, ass eating, and butt sex. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes' dialogue, the cool/spacey music score by JD Slater, and all the moaning, slurping, and squishing as the dudes get down to business.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and trailers for: "Forced Entry", "Afterhours", "Limits", "Trade", and "Line Up".

Final Thoughts:

Mustang Studios and Director John Bruno hit the nail on the head once again with "Sleaze". The movie is a huge turn-on and truly captures the feeling and look of hot sex in a cheap motel. The direction, videography, music, and editing (Tony Biscotti) are all top-notch creating four scenes that will burn up your television screen. The dudes are fucking hot giving energetic performances that clearly show that they are into each other and the action. My personal favorites are Dak Ramsey, Marc Williams, Andrew Justice, and newcomer Alexy Tyler (cover dude). Mr. Tyler gives one of the wildest performances I've seen completely cutting loose. Damn! This dude is hot! I've always liked the look of neon signs at night so I found the "Hollywood Motel" sign to be very cool. The set design and lighting capture the ambience of sleazy motels perfectly. I highly recommend for fans of hot 'n sweaty cheap sex and hunky dudes.

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