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Down With The Brown

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Alexander » Review Date: 10/1/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Tagline: "21 full length caliente wicked scenes!"

Genre: Latina, Compilation

Cast: There are 37 (!) performers in Down With the Brown, a compliation of 21 scenes from 19 Wicked productions. The girls: Alicia Rio, Beatrice Valle, Celeste, Cherokee, Daisy Marie, Devinn Lane, Devon Michaels, Envy Mi, Exotica, Gianna Lynn, Ice LAFox, Jasmine Byrne, Justine Romee, Lana Starr, Lola, Lori Alexia, Luscious Lopez, Olivia O'Lovely, Sativa Rose, Shy Love, and Veronica Rio.

Length: 4:04:44

First Impressions: The good news? Down With the Brown is bursting at the seams with four plus hours and 21 scenes of dark haired beauties getting pounded. With 21 different girls, and scenes culled from 19 movies (from 1992's Poor Little Rich Girl #1 to 2006's Happy?), there is a ton of variety. Consider: Even if only half of the scenes get you erect, that's still 10 quality scenes, a good number considering even the most popular 10- to 12-scene features typically include a handful of duds. The bad? The "brown" in the title must be referring to the color of the actress's' hair because despite the Latina-leaning flavor of the box art and title ("brown," "caliente"), a few of the girls in this compilation are obviously not Latina. So those of you looking for a strictly Latina experience will be disappointed to find imposters Ice LAFox, Devinn Lane, and a couple of others on a DVD that promises hot brown ladies.

Special Features: The only extras here are some DVD-ROM items (company profile, a list of Wicked award winners, and some desktop backgrounds), a list of Wicked DVDs by year, from 1999 to 2006, and a bunch of irritating phone sex ads. Skimpy, yes, but with over four hours of scenes, I didn't mind the lack of bonus features.

Audio/Visual Quality: With 21 scenes from movies that date as far back as 1992, there's obviously going to be very varied picture and sound quality throughout the disc. For example, most of the recent scenes are presented in widescreen format and are generally well-lit, crisp, and colorful. The older scenes, especially those produced in the early '90s, are, not surprisingly, a bit rough looking, with poor lighting, orange and pink flesh tones, washed out images, and frame blemishes. However, it's kind of neat to revisit some of these scenes as they looked 15 years ago, so I wasn't too bothered by the poor PQ. Sound quality varies from scene to scene as well, ranging from really poor in the decades-old scenes to fantastic in some of the more recent ones.

Scene 1 (From Manhunters, featuring Devon Michaels and Lee Stone): Devon Michaels, a gal with major curves that shows sex doesn't end when you turn 25 (or so), was up next with the massive Lee Stone in the home gym. She was looking very tight and lean, enhancing the effect as she slobbed his knob with the kind of skill few in the cast could have done (he's so well endowed that most of them wouldn't be able to handle him). Once completely hard, he bent her over and let his rod take over to give her a bone of his own (complete with some PTM). She was athletic and active in riding him, providing a solid ride on his cock as the two got very hot and very sweaty. It ended when she jerked him off to her mouth, making it another very good scene (the two seem to have a sense of chemistry together whenever they work in a scene with each other). [Review by Don Houston]

Scene 2 (From Wicked Sorceress, featuring Envy Mi and Steve Hatcher): The next scene started off with Kenyaxxx and Steve going at it in the kitchen but she was soon out of the picture and Envy took her place. Envy is an average looking gal next-door type who liked sucking on Steve's penis while he sat back in a chair. He went down on her when she was through and then they screwed a bit. Her yelling out "uhhhhh uhhhh" wasn't the best dirty talk I've heard in a while but the playful nature of the sex was pretty good here. It ended with a facial of moderate proportions. [Review by Don Houston]

Scene 3 (From Poor Little Rich Girl, featuring Alicia Rio and John Dough): Huge, teased hair? Check. '80s-era dominatrix gear? Check. Poor lighting? Check. Static cameras that film either medium shots of the couple fucking or super close-ups of Dough's cock entering Alicia's jerky-rimmed cunt? CHECK. This short scene is fun to watch once just to marvel at how different adult films looked 15 years ago. The sex lacks variety (a little bit of foreplay, some missionary, and doggie) and it's poorly filmed with the best bits of our actors obscured by arms, legs, heads, and hands. Worth viewing for nostalgia purposes only.

Scene 4 (From Love Is Blue, featuring Shy Love and Reno): Shy Love, a curvy brunette with a lean figure, was up next on a couch with hairy Reno. She wore a neon pink dress that really showed off her figure well but it didn't last long as she was stripping it off in no time to give him better access to her private parts. She slobbed his knob with a happy sort of glee that was truncated only by the over use of close ups, deepthroating him as she worked him over orally. He snacked on her a little too but they were screwing fairly quickly with her showing some action as long as she was on top. The pop went to the mouth but three penetrative positions weren't enough to show her inherent talents. [Review by Don Houston]

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Scene 5 (Featuring Cherokee and Alex Sanders): (NOTE: This scene is miscredited to New Girls in Town 4, when in fact, Cherokee doesn't appear in any of the New Girls videos.) Long-haired Sanders waits patiently on a couch as Cherokee saunters onto the scene. The two kiss, before Sanders flicks his Def Leppard-like locks to the side and furiously fingers our girl. Cherokee returns the favor and gives Sanders a brief, wet blowjob. Sanders then sheaths his cock in a condom and the two engage in some fairly hot fucking, cowgirl, missionary, and doggie style. The scene ends with Sanders shooting a huge load of man goo onto Cherokee's full lips and natural tits.

Scene 6 (From The Devinn Lane Show #1, featuring Devinn Lane and Lola): Devinn is one lucky girl. Lola fondles Devinn's ample tits, licks her nipples, snacks on her cunt, finger fucks her, and thrusts an eight inch silver vibrator into her hole. It's very hot, if a little one-sided (I would have liked to have seen gorgeous Lola get the same treatment). The highlight: Lola clenches the silver dong between her teeth and fucks Devinn's wet pussy. A stroke worthy scene if there ever was one.

Scene 7 (From Strangers When We Meet, featuring Sativa Rose and Randy Spears): Sativa Rose, in the loft with Randy Spears, had the kind of sleepy bedroom eyes you get from being tired but ready to rumble sexually as he spent a lot of time warming her up (breast and cookie tasting for the most part). She rubbed herself up and down on his face as she appeared to get excited, returning the oral favor even better then she did in the previous scene. I admit that I'm slightly infatuated with the comely lass but her skill levels are indisputably exceptional and nearly caused him to pop before she rode him like she had been lusting after him for weeks. The active ride was indicative of her character's need for seed and while a few of the other scenes may have had a tacked on feel at times, this one fit well into the bigger picture being offered up but also as the kind of scene that may get some of the couple's crowd to check out more of her work elsewhere when they want something even harder. It ended with a titty pop, finishing up the sex portion of the movie. [Review by Don Houston]

Scene 8 (From The Original Wicked Woman, featuring Beatrice Valle, Celeste, and Woody Long): Another blast from the past, this scene is culled from 1993's The Original Wicked Woman. It's World War II and Woody Long is playing a German officer in need of some loving from a pair of hot and horny frauleins. The two both go to work on his reich-loving pole and ultimately endure a blitzkrieg of tongue and cock. The action is fairly hot, and highlighted by Celeste fucking Beatrice with a giant brust. She grasps her boob in her hand and smashes it repeatedly against Beatrice's vagina. Despite the novel setting and Celeste's erstaunlich tits, the scene does have a couple of major flaws. The lighting is poor, and it ends anti-climactically without a cum shot. There's fucking and then...nothing but black screen.

Scene 9 (From Caliente, featuring Ice LAFox and Tyler Knight): Once Ice is done impressing us with her ability to "bling", Tyler appears to offer her some of the finer things in life before diving between her thighs to lick her pussy. She warms him up by giving him a brief blowjob and then hopping on top to get her lovely ass jiggling while riding cowgirl. After some brief reverse cowgirl, she bends over for doggystyle before taking a shot in her mouth. This was a great looking scene. Between the juxtaposition of Ice's caramel colored skin and the white background, to the smooth, hypnotizing motion of her plump ass as she rides Tyler, this scene had it all. [Review by Michael Vega]

Scene 10 (From Promises of the Heart, featuring Gianna Lynn and Marcos Leon): Gianna Lynn, a cute brunette at a fancy restaurant, was up next in a short, impromptu blowjob and titty fuck scene with Marcos Leon as they lost control of themselves and went at it on the dance floor. He popped on her face but the scene as a whole served mainly as a distraction for both the plot and the sex of the story. [Review by Don Houston]

Scene 11 (From Naked Bodies, featuring Justine Romee, Chris Cannon, and Mickey G.): This is a pretty hot scene that features some deep throating, a saliva soaked blowjob, aggressive fucking, doggie-style, and a brief double penetration sequence. And although Justine has one of the least attractive faces on the disc, she has a tight body and eagerly attacks the pair of cocks. The highlight: As our scene ends, the pair pull their poles out of Justine's orifices and stroke off until climax. One of their loads shoots well past Justine's body and lands uncomfortably on his partner's wrist. It's a sort-of comical ending to a fairly hot scene.

Scene 12 (From Reflections of Rio, featuring Alicia Rio and Steven Houston): If you can get past the awful late-'80s decor, poor lighting, Houston's semi-rigged cock, and Alicia's teased mane, then you'll probably jerk off to this scene a few times. Alicia is hot and wild and absolutely manhandles the overmatched Houston. There is some doggie, and a little reverse cowgirl, and while it's not the most varied scene on the DVD, it certainly features the most hungry and aggressive starlet.

Scene 13 (From Happy?, featuring Exotica and Randy Spears): Randy starts the action by kneeling behind Exotica and burying his face in her pussy and ass for a quick licking. She kneels in front of him to suck his dick and, after heading over to the bed, he resumes licking her pussy before putting a leg on his shoulder to fuck her bow & arrow. She gives him some PTM, before stroking a shot out of Randy's dick with her hand and foot to end the scene. A painfully short scene that had the lovely Exotica looking hot in some sexy lingerie. It's a shame the scene didn't last longer. [Review by Michael Vega]

Scene 14 (From Sweatshop, featuring Ice LAFox and Randy Spears): Smokin' hot Ice masterfully sucks Spears's cock, slathering it with saliva and cramming it into her throat. This scene is 100% cock sucking, and a mighty hot cock sucking it is.

Scene 15 (From We Are In Love, featuring Lori Alexia and Niko): Lori Alexia, a curvy black hotty, was up next on a couch with Niko. He went down on her (with her legs spread open at about a 180 degree angle), using his tongue and fingers to get her ready for some fun. She's one of the most flexible gals in porn (as a champion stripper, it makes sense she could contort her body in all sorts of ways) and fans of black gals will find her very appealing. She slobbed his small knob fairly quickly before he drilled her vaginally but he did almost all of the work so it wasn't that exciting for me to watch as if she had been more sexually aggressive. A few positions later, he rubbed out a load to her face without her help and she sucked him clean. This was another scene that lacked in most ways though it worked for the premise of the movie. [Review by Don Houston]

Scene 16 (From Manhunters, featuring Luscious Lopez and Marcos Leon): Luscious Lopez, a gal with a big sweet ass and long black hair, was up first in bed with Marcos Leon. For those who don't know her, you're really missing out since she gives some of the best performances in porn and has remained somewhat of an unsung heroine in terms of adding heat to a movie. She sucked him off with the polished skill of a champion and he went straight to the anal as he pumped away like crazy to get as deep as possible inside her fleshy cheeks. It was an active ride (as expected) and the scene seemed to fit naturally with the story portions of the movie, ending with a facial. [Review by Don Houston]

Scene 17 (From Booty in the House featuring Veronica Rio and Jonathan Morgan): This is my least favorite scene on the disc. Veronica looks a little too back-alley-in-Tijuana-hooker-ish for my taste, with rigid fake tits, huge red lips, and a really hairy bush. There's a blowjob, some missionary, and a little cowgirl action, but the scene is mostly devoid of chemistry.

Scene 18 (Scene 13 (From House Sitter, featuring Jasmine Byrne and Brad Armstrong): Jasmine Byrne, one of the hottest Latinas in porn, was up first in bed with Brad Armstrong, as he went down on her willing body orally (and digging for clams). She responded well to his tongue and was soon slobbing his knob with the kind of passion and enthusiasm that I only wish I could get in real life. Her fine ass sticking up in the air, she played with his balls too but made it clear that she was getting off by giving him pleasure. This led to her actively impaling herself on his cock, starting slowly but working it up to a frenzy in no time. After a few vaginal positions, she was bent over in doggy to do anal, thrusting back to meet his advances as she cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain. The scene ended in a facial to allow the story to begin, but it was a very solid opener for Wicked, and established Brad's character perfectly. [Review by Don Houston]

Scene 19 (From Wicked Auditions #2 featuring Livia O'Lovely and Jonathan Morgan): Livia is a dark haired, big-bodied beauty who lets Chris Walken look-a-like Morgan have his way with her. The sex features the usual: a blowjob, followed by a little doggie and missionary, culminating in a sprinkling of thick cum on Livia's lips. But while the action is fairly mundane, Livia looks fantastic. Her huge tits bounce and jiggle with every thrust of Morgan's member, and her frequent looks over her shoulder at her partner are fucking hot as hell. A short scene, but stroke worthy.

Scene 20 (From Happy?, featuring Daisy Marie and Randy Spears): After sampling some of Daisy's cupcakes in a back alley, she and Randy head over to her crib where she sexily crawls over to his stiff, waiting cock and starts impaling her mouth with it. He tweaks her titties a bit, before diving between her thighs and giving her clit a licking with his tongue. Doggystyle starts the penetrating, followed by some sexy cowgirl, until Randy drops a messy shot on her mouth that runs down her chest. Daisy seems to be in every friggin' flick that i've been reviewing lately. It's a good thing she's sexy and puts on a good performance, otherwise it might annoy me. I have to say - her crawling towards Randy's dick was very, very sexy. [Review by Michael Vega]

Scene 21 (From Fantasy Flings #1 featuring Lana Starr and Rodney Moore): There's some odd split-screen action going on here, with a view of a mulleted Moore licking Lana's clit at the left of our screen, and Lana's reaction to the this at the right. The effect is unfortunate: Lana's head looks like it is attached to her cunt. Really, if she were to stand up, she'd be missing a torso and her chin would be located just above her pubic hairs. It's very disconcerting. Mercifully, we only get a couple of minutes of this before the image becomes full screen and Moore buries his head in Lana's ass. A POV blowjob ensues, followed by fucking, doggie style. The scene culminates with Moore unleashing a few ounces of gooey cum on Lana's face. The lone highlight of this scene is Lana's hot body. Otherwise, the segment if marred by some horrible camera work and the worst picture quality in the entire DVD. (The entire bottom edge of the picture is distorted, as if this scene had been transferred from one VHS tape to another.) It's a disappointing ending to an otherwise delightfully eclectic compilation.

Final Thoughts: You cannot go wrong with a DVD that features over four hours of consistently good sex, 21 scenes from 19 different movies that span more than a decade, 21 mostly great looking girls, and most of the industry's top male performers. For a disc that retails for just over $10, that's a lot of bang for the buck, which, despite its flaws, earns Down With the Brown a recommendation from me.

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