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I Film Myself #2

Studio: Greedy Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/1/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I Film Myself 2

Greedy Video/New Sensations

Genre: Masturbation

Director: The Cast

Cast: Samantha Sin, Marlie Moore, Renee Perez, Krystal Jordan, Cassandra Cruz, Elena Rivera

Length: 118:38 minutes

Date of Production: 8/12/2006, 9/17/2006

Extras: The best extra for most of you will be the bonus scene from Busty College Coeds between Lela Star and Brother Love as described below. There was also a trailer for Fuck For Dollars 1 and a true second sided DVD cover that was less explicit for those who care.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: I Film Myself 2 was presented in a very appealing 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by the ladies masturbating for Greedy Video. This was a release I missed when it came out earlier this year under the new label but it still served to spotlight the company's willingness to try something new fairly well; with a lot of unpolished looking visuals used to add to the theme of the movie (a reality masturbation show where the ladies were in charge of their own scenes). The bitrate hovered around the lower 7 Mbps level but it was obvious the gals had limited experience taping themselves in POV fashion. The lighting was fair to moderate, minimizing the grain and video noise in large part, with the compositional matters being in need of some editing and better camerawork but again, that was part of the appeal of the movie; the gals controlled the cameras. The fleshtones were slightly washed out but in fairness to the movie, the theme wouldn't have worked as well if it looked crisp and clear. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English was presented in the standard 192 Kbps bitrate with no separation, minimal music and nothing to detract or add to the sex in large part. Some whispering could be heard at times but it wasn't all that bad or frequent, lending an air to the gonzo format.

Body of Review: Greedy Video has not been around for very long but their willingness to try a variety of new approaches to give fans something different has left me giving them a variety of accolades this year. I was lucky enough to score an older title of theirs, I Film Myself 2, that I had missed out on; the last volume of the series I reviewed being I Film Myself 3. The idea of the series is to show gals masturbating in front of a camera that they control, with no one else around to get in the way. This leads to some technical misgivings but also shows them at their best more often than not, providing something different from other excellent solo shows like All Alone 2 by Mike Quasar. If you prefer the more intimate dynamic this series offers up, I can't say that I blame you but I just consider it another quality type of manner to show gals being their own best pal so each stands on its own merits. If you're still interested, here is a quick look at the scenes provided, noting that no condoms or population pudding were used to mar the sexually appealing nature of the ladies:

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Scene One: Samantha Sin, wearing a striped shirt and blue jean shorts, was up first as she reclined in a black chair without any introduction. She started masturbating with her clothing on but removed it, engaging the viewer verbally as she did so, in a teasing manner. The switching of positions as she took off her remaining attire was minimal and I wished that someone could have adjusted the camera ever so slightly at times to capture the sex better, but she was a fun little performer to watch by any means. As she rubbed, spanked, and otherwise played to the camera, it was clear that she had extensive practice with masturbating for an audience; working it fairly well despite the technical matters weighing her down. The spontaneity of the scene was pretty solid though so the two factors balanced out in large part and the use of the rabbit vibrator appealed to me. It must have worked for her too though because she moved the location to the floor, the gal pumping it in and out of her cookie like crazy as she got increasingly into the action.

Scene Two: Marlie Moore, the cute bleach blond from the front cover wearing glasses, was up next as she described what she was going to do almost as if making a home video for a loved one overseas. She also wore a striped shirt (though more colorful than Samantha's had been) and it came off in quick order as she stroked herself through the material. Her jeans followed the shirt on the floor with the biggest initial limitation being that she left the camera to capture her midsection; reducing the view of the camera considerably as she stood in the doorway. Her vocals were diminished too with the automatic gain adding in a lot of background noise as it scrambled to pick up her voice but I admired her taunt little body a lot. When she settled in on the bed, the close up nature of her preferred viewpoint proved problematic and the camera even seemed to fall off; leaving her with "technical difficulties" that required a break in action. Once she had the proper angle to show off her cookie while jamming fingers in it, she started using a purple vibrator, plunging it in and out of herself mechanically. It looked pretty good though so the relative lack of heat did not kill the scene; even after she taste tested the toy clean of her juices.

Scene Three: Renee Perez, a small Latina intent on teasing the viewer, let her erect nipples show her elevated levels of arousal as she made the bedroom her own; filming in all directions to show she was truly alone in the room. She would change the angle of the camera from time to time in a disruptive manner but always seemed to pay attention to where she was in relation to the screen; apparently looking at the viewfinder's LCD display to sort of center it. I prefer gals with a bit more meat on their bones but she mixed things up a little by making sure that all the shots were not explicit either; even showing her face instead of her crotch during some of the initial diddling with the pocket rocket. When she switched to the larger red toy though, she positioned the camera to see her cookie better; lubing herself up to facilitate the penetration with a degree of ease. She appeared to have more fun than almost any of the others in my opinion, the noises alone nearly causing me to pop.

Scene Four: Krystal Jordan, a 20 year old brunette from Oklahoman, was up next in her "daddy's room" as she gave a tour of the place while walking around it to show she was by herself. Leaving on the clothing worked nicely to elevate the heat levels for me, the mere anticipation of sex adding something as did her skillful rubbing through her shirt and panties. I would have enjoyed it even more had she left her panties on while the scene continued, the girl doing so a long time before resorting to the more basic formula the others adhered to. She gave foot fetish freaks a peek too but seemed to fall into the penetration trap by using her purple pal almost exclusively once she started drilling with the vibrator (which was not turned on from what I could hear). The clear toy seemed to work better but while it was a decent scene, it had less replay value than a few of the others. The blue toy sounded to be giving off some buzzing noises though and the extreme close up, while too close for my liking, was so close in the POV sense, that I could hear the friction noises it made while she pummeled it inside of herself (this was the best portion of the scene).

Scene Five: Cassandra Cruz, a curvier Latina looking ready to fuck like the "horny little bitch" she claimed to be, was up on the floor next in front of some mirrors as she cut to the chase by showing her titties. Large natural breasts are always welcome in my house and her camouflage shorts were tight enough to make up her entire ass architecture really well so her titty play led to her orally stimulating a blue vibrator nicely; the ass play then coming up next. I loved her ass and the way the thong was swallowed up in it impressed me but she took her time with all her body parts; the puffy pussy getting displayed for the world to see afterwards. Once she started the penetration portions of the show though, it was apparent that she needed a crew because she sucked as a camera operator; reminding me that I'd have worked for a taste of her lips on my two inch rod to make it better. She did all the right things vocally and with her hands, it was just tough to see much of the time.

Scene Six: Elena Rivera, a youthful but not unappealing brunette with a gal next door dynamic going for her, was up last and to say she was significantly different than the rest of the ladies in terms of her solo camera skills would be misleading. She knew how to tease really well and she was blessed with a fit young body that men of all sorts will find heated, her lingerie coming off to reveal her curves as all natural. The shapely booty first caught my eye but I can't stress enough that her smallish breasts were tasty looking too, her "cute little nipples" perking up as she played with them in what amounted to another abuse of the close up shot. She spent a considerable amount of time on the non-penetrative action but she then countered with some extreme close up POV shots of a weirdly shaped vibrator (turned on by the way) going deep inside her perfect pussy. The juices looked to be hers (she showed them) and I liked what she shot of her freckled pussy, though a second camera even statically positioned for cutaway shots would have been greatly appreciated too. She did PTM like the others did and I thought it was a solid closing scene in most ways.

Bonus Scene: Busty College Coeds: Lela Star, the brunette on the front DVD cover, was up next as she came to the team rather then they go seek her out, making the life of Brother Love easier in many ways. She was with Trent Soluri and Ava Rose greeted the couple at the door too. It didn't take long before she was aggressively wrapping her lips around his cock, adding in a little bit of titty fucking for good measure. He spanked her really hard and she was turned on to the point where she was grabbing his dick to insert it in her pussy. She rode him harder than any of the others and he could barely hold it in when she started working over his nuts the way he likes it (he loves getting his balls beaten). There was a little bit of choking and rough play to add to the scene but she seemed to really get off on it (much like the armpit fuck, PTM, and other tricks). The hot scene ended when she jerked him off to her willing mouth, making it a winner of a scene.

Summary: I Film Myself 2 by Greedy Video as shot by the ladies all alone in their rooms might not replace All Alone 2 styled female masturbation movies for me but I believe a lot of fans will like this one better since the lack of polished technical matters will make it seem more intimate and real to them. Whatever your personal choice and flavor of fun though, this was worth a rating of Recommended or better, depending on your appreciation of the specific gals in the cast. In short, I'm glad I got a chance to see I Film Myself 2 because it was of the same level of quality I enjoyed with the first volume and I Film Myself 3; proving the difference the company makes all too well as they strive to carve out a niche to call their own in a heavily populated market.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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