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Cross Country 2

Studio: Falcon » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/1/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:

April 2005

Directed By:

Chris Steele

The Movie:

In this sequel to "Cross Country", muscle-bound hunks Matthew Rush and Erik Rhodes have made their way to Auckland New Zealand in search of the priceless totem idol. Hopefully that pesky cult of flesh-worshiping horn dogs won't catch them.

Run Time:

2 Hours and 10 Minutes

The Cast:

Roman Heart, Erik Rhodes, Matthew Rush, Dean Monroe, Kane O'Farrell, Tyler Marks, Joe Sport, Derrick Vinyard, Maxx Diesel, Alex Rossi, Trey Casteel, Franco Dimera, Dakota Rivers, Ethan Hunter, Mike Power.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

The dudes are appealing with a mix of short, curly, and long hair, brunette and blond hair, muscle-bound, muscular, and toned bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Roman Heart (good-looking with dark hair, toned/smooth body) decides to blow the whistle on his boyfriend and spills the beans to detectives Kane O'Farrell (good-looking with short black hair, toned/smooth body) and Trey Casteel (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) about the totem idol. Lucky for us, the detectives are more interested in hot sex than artifact trafficking. Roman munches down on Kane's tight hairy pink bunghole tonguing the pucker as Kane moans, "Oh yeah! Lick my ass!" Kane has a very hot bubble butt and really digs having it eaten. Roman moves over and chows down on Trey's tight shaved asshole licking the puckered starfish and making him groan with pure pleasure as Kane eggs him on. "Tease that hole! It looks so good!" Roman and Kane get into some heavy tongue kissing leading Roman to slide his wet mouth up 'n down Trey's hard cut cock giving some very excellent head and deep throating down to Trey's dark trimmed pubes.

Kane watches the action while pulling on his hard 'n large uncut tool working the foreskin up 'n over the knob. Kane can't control himself any longer and takes Trey's stiff prick down his gullet as Roman gets down on Kane's tasty unclipped meat. Kane loves the blowjob and is soon wildly humping his hips upward to fuck Roman's mouth. Trey chows down on Roman's big cut prick jacking the shaft and sliding his mouth up 'n down when Kane butts in and crams that fat thang into his mouth as well. Kane eats Roman's tight shaved butt hole making him cry out with all sorts of hot sexy noises. Trey fucks Roman in the missionary position fast, smooth, and hard making Roman hiccup with lust. Kane takes over fucking Roman from behind fast 'n hard using long strokes really pounding that bum. Roman rides the hell out of Kane's dick humping quickly up 'n down while Roman blows Trey. Kane sprays this thick load all over Roman. Hot! Trey shoots a large wet load on Roman's chest, and Roman cuts loose with a large thick load of jizz on his chest and stomach. Hot!

Scene Two:

Three buddies Tyler Marks (good-looking with short brown hair, cool soul patch, toned/smooth body), Dakota Rivers (cute with brown hair, tall/toned/smooth body), and Ethan Hunter (cute with short brown hair, toned/tight/smooth body) search for a place on the beach to get more "comfortable". The dudes make out with plenty of wet tongue as they slowly feel each other's bodies. Back indoors, Tyler and Dakota make out as Ethan chows down on Dakota's big fat cut dick sliding his wet gob up 'n down and wrapping his fist around the shaft. Ethan switches over taking Tyler's stiff clipped tool down his throat sucking and jacking like a pro. Dakota gets in on the oral lovin' giving Tyler a very tasty knob job as Ethan fucks Tyler's mouth with his rigid cut prick. Dakota chows down on Ethan deep throating him all the way to his sexy reddish-brown pubes. Hot!

Dakota munches down on Tyler's tight hairy touchhole sliding his tongue back and forth over the pucker as Tyler eats Ethan's tight shaved bunghole. "You like that sweet hole licked?" Tyler sinks his member into Ethan's snug chute missionary position sliding quickly in 'n out and making Ethan cry out, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Obviously the dude digs having his asshole pounded. Dakota is busy watching the action while jerking off with his right fist. Ethan slides down on Dakota's dong making Dakota hump upward to drill his pal who is really going to town and caught up in a frenzied game of the ol' sink/bounce. "That feels so good in my ass!" This is some very hot fucking, folks! Ethan shoots a thick load of spunk on his fist, pubes, and stomach. Ethan licks Tyler's nuts as Tyler pulls his pork busting a nut on his trimmed brown pubes. Dakota shoots a hot thick load on his fist, balls, and shortly trimmed brown bush. Hot load!

Scene Three:

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Erik Rhodes (good-looking with short brown hair, muscle-bound/smooth body) has been captured by a group of flesh-worshiping cultists! These lusty dudes force-feed Erik those psychedelic sex berries while surrounding and rubbing his beautiful body. Maxx Diesel (good-looking with shaved head, muscular/smooth body) slides his hungry mouth up 'n down Erik's hard uncut cock filling his throat while stroking the shaft. Alex Rossi (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body) takes over chowing down on that unclipped meat as Erik and Derrick Vinyard (cute with black hair, muscular/lightly hairy body) kiss with plenty of deep tongue. Alex switches over sucking Derrick's stiff clipped dong working his mouth up 'n down leading Derrick to fuck his face. Joe Sport (hot dude with short brown hair, muscle-bound/smooth body) blows Erik filling his gullet to capacity while Maxx licks 'n sucks Erik's nuts.

Erik lies on a table thoughtfully provided by the horny cultists as the dudes take turns fucking his willing mouth with their hard cocks. Erik totally digs the oral action and lovingly takes each member down his gullet as Joe continues blowing Erik. Derrick fucks Erik's tight shaved manhole from behind using fast 'n hard strokes to pound that ass. "Take that dick in your ass!" Wanting a new position, Erik plays a game of the ol' sink/bounce riding Alex's tool fast 'n smooth as he jacks his cock working that tasty foreskin. "Yeah! Ride that cock!" Those groovy love berries definitely have taken a hold of Erik as he gets up and changes to riding Derrick's tube steak humpin' up 'n down and moaning with pleasure. Erik is fucking hot and tends to make some very sexy noises when he's fucked.

Joe Sport bends over a table and pulls a train allowing each dude to fuck his hairy bunghole from behind. The guys go to town on that butt fucking it fast, hard, and smooth while egging each other on. "Fuck him harder!" "Make him take it!" "Fuck him good!" "Fuck him deep!" Mike Powers (hot dude with light brown military buzz cut, muscular/tight/smooth/tattooed body) shows up forcing Maxx to take his large uncut cock up that tight touchhole from behind giving him a hot 'n sweaty workout. Erik lays face up on that large table as the dudes surround him with all pulling their pork. Mike shoots a large thick load of jizz on Erik's stomach, Derrick busts a thick nut on Erik's stomach, Alex cuts loose with this cult-juice on Erik's left pec, Joe pulls his large cut cock shooting a large thick wad on Erik's toned stomach, Erik dumps thick spooge on his fist and stomach with a very hot cum-filled foreskin. Last but certainly not least Maxx releases a hot thick load on Erik's upper stomach.

Scene Four:

Dean Monroe (good-looking with dark hair, goatee, muscular/smooth body) is caught by detectives after Roman blabs about the trafficking of a certain totem idol. Once again, detectives Kane O'Farrell (good-looking with short black hair, toned/smooth body) and Trey Kasteel (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) are more interested in man-sex than the law. Dean sinks to his knees taking Kane's large uncut cock into his hungry mouth sucking up 'n down and giving some very descent head. Switching up, Dean takes Trey's stiff clipped tool into his mouth and deep throats all the way down to some short brown pubes. Going crazy for those dongs, Dean sucks Franco Dimera's (cute with short black hair, slender/toned/smooth body) large uncut cock down his gullet. Dean goes Dr. Gonzo on those hard dicks wildly switching from one to the other and making the dudes moan. He really knows how to take care of those cocks! Kane gets in on the dick sucking deep throating Trey's schlong as Dean crams Franco's dick into his insatiable mouth and Trey pinches his own hard nipples.

Franco wraps his fist around Kane's cock and suckles like a newborn then switches over to Dean's dong taking the hard uncut member down his throat gorging himself. Franco works Dean's foreskin pulling it forward and suckin' up a storm. Hot! Dean fucks Kane's tight lightly hairy asshole in the missionary position using long full strokes that heat up to some very fast 'n smooth pounding. Kane moans 'n groans as his chute is completely filled with that unclipped pork. Kane takes Trey from behind with fast 'n smooth strokes as Franco screws Dean doggy style fast 'n hard. There are plenty of moans, heavy breathing, cries, and muffled grunts as the dudes get down to some good old-fashioned fuckin'! Franco rides the hell out of Kane's dick bouncing up 'n down like some kooky out of control contraption. Kane humps upward fucking that tight shaved butt hole hard 'n smooth. Wild fuck! To finish up, the dudes frantically beat their meat with Kane sitting and the rest standing around him. Kane squirts a nice load on his own stomach, Trey busts a thick nut on Kane's bicep and arm, Franco dumps his jizz on Kane's thigh, and Dean cuts loose on Kane's thighs and balls.

Scene Five:

Escaping the cult, Matthew Rush (good-looking with short brown hair, muscle-bound/smooth body), Erik Rhodes (scene four), and Roman Heart (scene one) relax on a large sailboat and enjoy the beautiful New Zealand scenery. The dudes begin their sex session by kissing with plenty of wet tongues leading Roman to pull down Erik's Bermuda swim trunks revealing that hard uncut cock with foreskin that completely coveres the knob when fully hard. Roman grabs that dong stroking and working the foreskin. Matthew yanks that big cock and gets some hot jerking in as well. Roman blows Erik giving very good head and cramming his throat full of that rigid meat. Roman bunches that foreskin up to the knob and sucks it leading to full deep throat down to Erik's closely trimmed/almost shaved pubes. Matthew munches down on Roman's tight shaved butt hole licking that pucker as Roman continues to give Erik oral pleasure.

Erik positions himself so that he is in the missionary position with that tight shaved starfish on full display. Roman munches down sliding his wet tongue over that pulsing pucker as Erik cries out with lust and pulls his hard pork. Matthew sinks his big fat cut cock up Roman's willing ass doggy style pounding him fast 'n hard as Roman continues to eat Erik's tight li'l manhole. Matthew fucks Erik from behind cramming that chubby wang fast, smooth, and hard and really drilling. Erik takes Roman in the missionary position using long full strokes making Roman cry out loving every fucking inch. To finish up, the dudes pull their pork. Matthew shoots a thick load on his muscular thigh, Erik busts a thick nut on his stomach, and Roman cuts loose with a large thick load on Erik's hot chest.



"Cross Country Part 2" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Max Phillips is excellent providing full coverage of all the sex with loads of hot close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean. There are a few problems in scene three with momentary blurry picture quality but it only last a few seconds and does not distract from the action.


The stereo sound is sharp and clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dialogue (again, this movie has an actual plot!), musical score, and plenty of grunts, moans, and cries of lust as the dudes get down to man-sex.


The extra features include an interactive menu, scene selection with individual sex menus, chapter stops, and a cool cast menu featuring high quality photographs by Greg Lenzman, John Eastman, and John Simms of each model along with their physical statistics and Falcon videography. There's a nice photo gallery of high quality publicity photographs of Dean Monroe, Roman Heart, Matthew Rush, Joe Sport, Tyler Marks, Derrick Vinyard, Erik Rhodes, and Kane O'Farrell.

A Behind-the-Scenes featurette clocks in at sixteen minutes and features interviews with Dakota Rivers, Ethan Hunter, and Marks where the dudes discuss their feelings on how their scene is going and Dakota and Ethan's excitement/nervousness on making their first adult movie. There's footage of hunky Chris Steele directing, makeup artist Domini trimming Erik Rhode's pubes, balls, and asshole, and additional interviews with Dean Monroe, Trey Casteel, Roman Heart, Kane O'Farrell, and Derrick Vinyard.

The featurette "New Zealand Highlights" is the same from "Cross Country Part I". Running at ten minuets, ten minutes, it contains beautiful footage of the Auckland's beach and ocean, more shots of the dudes joking around, sightseeing, and shooting on location. Next up are additional interviews that are the same as included in "Part I" with Director Chris Steele, Production Assistant Jeff Gardiner, Location Host Chris Swannell, Videographer Max Phillips, Makeup Artist Domini, and models Derrick Vinyard and Kane O'Farrell (from "Cross Country Part II"), Jon Valentino, Roman Heart, and Benjamin Bradley (who were dating in real life at the time). Also included in this eleven minute featurette is footage of Erick Rhodes bungee jumping. Lastly, there are some very hot trailers for "Cross Country Parts I & II", "Cross Country Part I", "Up All Night", and "Flex". Overall, this is a very nice selection of bonus materials.

Final Thoughts:

"Cross Country Part II" is just as a big turn-on as Part I. Again, the direction, videography, and editing (Garcia Stevenson, Joe Wilson, John Simms) is excellent providing everything that fans of Falcon Studios have come to expect: high quality, hunky dudes, and non-stop man-on-man lovin'. Director Chris Steele definitely knows what the viewers want since he used to be in front of the camera: tasty close-ups of the cock sucking, butt munching, and ass fucking. The dudes are hot and give energetic performances clearly into each other and the action. My personal favorites are: Kane O'Farrell, Joe Sport, Erik Rhodes, Mike Power, Matthew Rush, and Dean Monroe. The extra features are very plentiful and I usually do not see these many bonus features in the typical adult DVD. I highly recommend for fans of butch muscle-bound/muscular dudes and movies with actual plots and high production values.

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