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Spanking Field Trip

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:

October 2006

Directed By:

Keith Miller

The Movie:

Strict disciplinarians Mason Coxx and Dakota Brittian take their class of naughty twinks on a fieldtrip to a local farm. The twinks misbehave by drinking and not doing their chores so they must be taught a good lesson!

Run Time:

80 Minutes

The Cast:

Mason Coxx, Shawn Fox, Dakota Brittain, Casey Wood, Aaron Armstrong, Jayson Moore.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Spanking Field Trip” features six appealing dudes with mostly smooth ‘n slender bodies. The pubes are full, trimmed, and shaved, and the cocks are cut.

Scene One:

Shawn Fox (cute with short spiked black hair and tall/slender/smooth body) slouches on a sofa throwing back a beer when Mason Coxx (good-looking with short dark hair, heavy beard stubble) catching him in mid-sip. Mason ain’t happy and Shawn quickly tries to hide the bottle---all to no avail. Mason sternly orders Shawn to “Lift up that arm!” to which he replies, “I don’t want too!” Pissed off, Mason hisses, “I didn’t ask!” Well, Mason is fit to be tied when he discovers Shawn has already drank one beer and was working on his second when caught. “We’re gonna have to teach you a lesson! Get over my knee!” Shawn complies and Mason spanks him with forceful open-palmed smacks though his blue jeans. Shawn moans and makes a grab for his half full beer! Ha! Mason definitely is not going to have any of this. “Don’t be looking that that beer!”

Mason continues spanking Shawn’s bum though his black briefs, pulls ‘em down, and slaps his bare butt cheeks until they are nice and pink. Shawn stands up pulling his briefs down, revealing his short dark pubes, plump hangy nuts, and fat clipped cock. He bends over the sofa and allows Mason to feel his ass. “Bet you want a beer right now, don’t you?” Mason slaps that hot butt with a black leather belt making that bum pinker than ever. After his punishment, Shawn dresses and leaves.

Scene Two:

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Casey Wood (cute with curly blond hair, tall/toned/slender/smooth body) heads down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and is greeted by a sink full of dirty dishes. Casey is pissed mumbling, “Fuck this shit….clean up after these fucking assholes?”. As Casey is about to take a powder, Dakota Brittian (good-looking with short dark hair) walks in and demands to know “What the fuck’s up with this kitchen?!?” Casey tries to weasel is way out of the work; however, Dakota is a strict disciplinarian and will not hear of it. “Your in charge of the chores. You’re in charge of the kitchen. If they make a mess and don’t clean it up, it’s your responsibility to clean it up!” Casey refuses to lift a finger enraging Dakota. “I’m tired of your bullshit! You’re going to get exactly what everybody else gets!” He makes Casey bend over the sink and spanks him though blue jeans with forceful open-handed strikes. Casey is totally pissed off and lets Dakota know. “You’re a real fucking asshole, you know that?” “Yeah, well that’s what everyone tells me. I may be the asshole but your ass is going to get beat right now!” “Fuck you!”

Dakota pulls Casey’s blue jeans down revealing his striped boxers and spanks him with a black leather riding crop. He pulls the boxers down and spanks that hot butt with more open-palmed smacks making those tasty cheeks nice ‘n pink as Casey cries out, “Fuck you!” As Dakota spanks Casey with a black spatula (!), there are some quick glimpses of Casey’s plump balls and large/fat cut cock. Dakota finishes his “lesson” with a wooden paddle and smacks that butt forcefully making Casey cry out ‘n moan with pain and I’m sure some pleasure as well. “I want all of this cleaned up! You have one hour to this whole kitchen! Pull your pants back on and get to work!”

Scene Three:

Aaron Armstrong (cute with dark hair, slender/smooth body) lounges in bed wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans when Mason Coxx (scene one) barges in exclaiming, “There are two cows giving birth right now down in the barn and you’re just sitting here! They already got their heads popped out!” By the expression on Aaron’s face, I doubt he gives a shit and off-handedly replies, “You see? They’re half way done.” Well, Mason isn’t the type to take any smart talk and forces Aaron over his knee and spanks him though his blue jeans. Aaron stands up allowing Mason to pulls those blue jeans down revealing white boxers. He continues to spank Aaron though his boxers with rough open-handed smacks as Aaron moans. Mason pulls ‘em down revealing Aaron’s sexy bum and spanks harder making those buns pink. Mason orders Aaron to once again stand up and this time pulls his boxers all the way down showing off Aaron’s shaved pubes, hangy nuts, and semi-hard plump clipped dick. Mason rubs and spanks that butt with a black leather belt while Aaron’s nuts dangle making him moan and cry out. “Learn your lesson now? Are you going out there with the cows?” “Yes”.

Scene Four:

In a “tender” and “older brother” mood, Dakota (scene two) sit on the edge of a bed explaining to Jayson Moore (cute with long brown hair, slender/smooth body) that drinking is not allowed on the field trip and he must be punished. Jayson quietly goes along with the “rules” bending over the bed as Dakota begins smacking that blue jeans-covered butt with his open palm. Dakota brings out the big guns with his wooden paddle and continues spanking Jayson’s ass though his jeans. Jayson finally pulls his jeans down revealing a red and white jock strap and his pink butt leading Dakota to apply further smacks to that sexy bare bottom. Jayson removes the jock and kneels on the bed in a doggy position as Dakota spanks him with the wooden paddle. Dakota makes Jayson shout out the number of each lick reaching to ten. Jayson dresses as Dakota gently tells him, “You’ll learn respect yet. I know you have the ability and the potential.”

Scene Five:

Jayson Moore (scene four) is lying in bed pouting and rubbing his sore bum when Casey Wood (scene two) comes in and joins him in bed. Both dudes are pissed off from being “punished” and think Dakota Brittian is a “fuckin’ prick”. Dakota enters the room apologizing about having to hand out spankings, which leads the dudes to begin rubbing each other’s crotches. Before long, Jayson is chowing down on Casey’s big fat cut cock sliding his mouth up ‘n down and cramming as much as he can down his gullet. The dudes strip down and Casey spreads his legs showing off his big plump nuts and brown pubes. Dakota grabs that fat fucker and gives excellent head as Casey slurps on Jayson’s hard clipped dick and plays with Jayson’s hangy nuts.

Casey and Jayson get into a traditional sixty-nine with Jayson on top as they gorge on that hard meat. Dakota munches down on Jayson’s tight shaved bunghole and then slides his hard clipped prick up Jayson’s chute fucking him fast ‘n hard from behind as the dudes continue to suck cock. Casey grabs the wooden paddle and gives Dakota some well-deserved smacks making his bum pink. Dakota switches to fucking Casey’s tight asshole in the missionary position while Casey beats that fat dong and blows Jayson. Casey rides Dakota’s pole bouncing up ‘n down and rockin’ back ‘n forth while all three dudes moan. Jayson cums on Dakota’s chest followed by Casey shooting a thick load on the same area. Jayson licks and sucks Dakota’s hard pierced nipples as Dakota pulls his pork shooting a thick load of jizz on his stomach and dark trimmed pubes.



“Spanking Field Trip” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The handheld videography by Mason Coxx and Keith Miller provides full coverage of all the spanking action (as well as the hardcore sex in scene five) with plenty of close-ups of those pink butt cheeks. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dialogue as Mason and Dakota dole out the spankings, the loud slapping sounds of open-palmed swats on bare bums, and the moans ‘n cries of pleasure and pain as the dudes take their “punishments”.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, internet site information for Spankthis.com, and previews for: “British College Spank”, “Farmboy Discipline”, and “Spanking Curiosity”.

Final Thoughts:

“Spanking Field Trip” is an entertaining ‘n strict li’l romp through the world of light to medium corporal punishment. Mason Coxx and Dakota Britian are bossy and definitely mean business when they are doling out the spankings. Scenes one though four contain no hardcore sex but plenty of butt smacks with open-handed palms, belts, and wooden paddles. Scene five features full sex action with Casey Wood's big fat cock and some tasty dick sucking and butt sex. My personal favorites here are Mason Coxx (although he stays fully clothed), Casey Woods, Dakota Britian, and Shawn Fox. I recommend for those who dig mild to medium spanking action and cute young (all age 18+) twinks.

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