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Harley's Angels

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/9/07

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Year of Production:


Directed By:

Arch Brown

The Movie:

Harley is a wealthy ‘n mysterious dude who has a fetish for black leather Harley Davidson gloves. When they end up missing, he calls his sexy “angels” in to find ‘em. The “angels” suck and fuck their way though the city looking for the gloves.

The Cast:

Ken Darrell, Jayson MacBride, Justin Thyme, Harry Hoover, Jesse St. James, Jonathan West, Webb Steele.



The Dudes:

All the cool hardcore 1970s gay dude looks are represented here with closely cropped hair, long hair, mustaches, toned and muscular hairy bodies, full pubes, and clipped cocks.


Scene One:

Ken Darrell (attractive with closely cropped dark brown hair, toned/hairy body) and his fellow “angel” Jayson MacBride (good-looking with dark hair, toned/hairy body) are hanging out in bed since Harley (Webb Steele) doesn’t have any “assignments” for them. Jayson begins to give Ken a complete body rub naturally leading Ken to slide his wet mouth up ‘n down Jayson’s large veiny cut cock deep throating all the way down to full dark pubes as a cool bluesy harmonica/guitar tune warbles on the mono soundtrack. Ken slides his long clipped tool up Jayson’s tight butt from behind using fast ‘n full strokes as that raunchy acidy guitar tune goes wild completely setting the scene’s tone. Jayson plows Ken’s asshole in the missionary position fast ‘n hard as Ken jacks his stiff prick and shoots a small but thick load on his stomach. Jayson busts a thick nut on Ken’s cock ‘n balls.

The scene is inter-cut with another featuring Justin Thyme (good-looking with brown hair, mustache, muscular/hairy body, and a groovy name) as he gives Harley (unseen face, hairy/muscular body) a tasty blowjob really chowing down on that hard cut dong while pulling his own stiff clipped meat. Harley places his black leather Harley Davidson gloves on and jacks Justin’s big tool using his right hand while the left rubs Justin’s large hangy nuts and rubs his full dark pubes. Harley has another trick up his sleeve producing a large white dildo that he works up Justin’s tight hairy bunghole in the missionary position after lubing it up with Crisco (and their ain’t any pie baking on these dudes’ minds). Harley fucks the hell out of that manhole as Justin wildly fists his rigid dick shooting a thick load on his tee shirt while intense drum music plays. Harley doesn’t cum.

Scene Two:

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Ken Browning struts his hot stuff down the street wearing tight blue jeans, tee shirt, black leather vest, and cool shades. He soon catches the eye of Jesse St. James (nice-looking, brown hair, beard, tall/toned/hairy body) and the dudes make their way down into a creepy basement to engage in no-frills anonymous man-lovin’. The music is a quite odd/eerie instrumental that definitely adds a dangerous tone to the scene. Ken quickly falls to his knees taking Jesse’s hard cut prick into his mouth slobbering up ‘n down and sucking those plump nuts. Jesse switches to eating Ken’s asshole from behind with no close-ups as Ken yanks on his large clipped member. Jesse slides in doggy style using fast, long, and hard strokes and then fucks him in the missionary position while pinching Ken’s hard hairy nipples for some rough titty-play. The music has now changed to a groovy and very spacey psychedelic tune that’s kind of a poor man’s Pink Floyd. Ken beats his meat and shoots a thick load of spooge on his fist. Unfortunately, shadows obscure Jesse’s cum shot.

Scene Three:

Justin Thyme lays back in his bed completely naked showing of that sexy bod while having phone sex with Harley. Justin strokes his hard cut cock up ‘n down using his right hand while a cheesy 1970s ballad that sounds like an Elton John knock-off plays in the background. Justin is very into the solo phone sex thang and soon wraps the telephone cord around his plump balls as a makeshift cock ring. At the same time, Harley is beating his rigid clipped dick wrapping the telephone cord around his own balls as well as the dudes pound their puds. The scene quickly jumps back ‘n forth between the two pork pullin’ dudes making for one very hot, frantic solo scene. Justin reaches the point of no return shooting a thick load of jizz on his fist as cool spacey music plays. Sadly, Harley doesn’t shoot a wad.

Scene Four:

Well, one of the “angels” has lost Harley’s coveted black leather Harley Davidson gloves and he’s pissed off to say the least. “There’s going to be hell to pay and I do mean hell, baby!” Ha! I love that line especially since Harley’s voice over is completely deadpan. Justin Thyme has the task of locating the gloves leading him to Jonathan West’s (good-looking with brown hair, beard, baseball cap, toned/hairy body) apartment where he and Harry Hoover (good-looking with short black hair, toned/tight hairy body) pass around a nice joint and get higher than kites while hilarious disco music throbs on the soundtrack. Harry rubs Jonathan’s leg and crotch as the dudes continue to pass the doobie each deeply inhaling the sweet intoxicating herb leading to some very heavy tongue kissing with all three. Justin chows down on Harry’s hard cut ebony dong sliding his mouth up ‘n down and then switching over to Jonathan’s hard clipped tool giving very good head. All three dudes have full dark pubes.

Justin eats Harry’s butt from behind without close-ups as Jonathan sucks Justin’s cut prick. High and horny as hell, the dudes get down to some serious cock sucking switching up on those hard thangs so that no one is left out. The disco tune continues to blare in the background and the only lyrics are “love me” over and over. Ha! Jonathan fucks Harry in the missionary position fast ‘n smooth as Justin watches and pulls his love wand. Jonathan and Harry climb into a traditional sixty-nine gorging on those cocks leading Harry to ride Jonathan’s pole bouncing up ‘n down as Jonathan humps upward to fuck his pal. The dudes completely forget about Justin who locates “Harley’s” gloves and splits. Harry shoots a large thick load all over Jonathan’s bum. Too bad Jonathan doesn’t get to cut loose.

Scene Five:

Jasyon MacBride heads over to Harley’s place wearing tight blue jeans, tee shirt, and black leather vest. “Harley” orders Jayson to strip down revealing his hot toned/hairy body, full dark pubes, and large cut cock. Harley definitely digs what he sees with more hilarious deadpan musings. “Yeah, man! Show me, baby!” Harley orders Jayson to wear those black leather Harley Davidson gloves as he slides his right fist up ‘n down his hard cock shaft. Harley rubs Jayson’s balls and jacks that big dick as Jayson rubs the bulge in Harley’s white jock strap and Harley pinches Jayson’s hard nipples. Crisco time! Harley finger fucks Jayson’s tight hairy bunghole with no close-ups. Harley, who has a hot muscular/hairy body) stands close behind Jayson reaching around to stroke the “angel’s” rigid tube steak and rub his sexy hairy chest. Jayson scoops up some Crisco, greases his dong, and works it until shooting all over Harley’s hairy stomach. Once again, Harley doesn’t cum.



Since “Harley’s Angel’s” was made in the mid 1970s, the movie is shot on what looks like 16MM film. The camera work is pretty descent but there are no close-ups of the ass eating and some of the lighting is harsh and at least one cum shot is lost in the shadows. The cock sucking is shot well and there are plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is bad but not to the point of ruining the viewing experience. In fact, it adds to the overall vintage feel with plenty of film scratches.


The sound is like listening to something coming though a tin can. The dialogue was obviously dubbed in later and Harley’s deadpan voice-overs are hilarious. The music is super groovy with a mix of bluesy rock, raunchy guitar, acidy guitar, neat-o Pink Floyd inspired psychedelica, hilarious Elton John rip-offs, and pure 1970s disco.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and vintage trailers for: “Red Ball Express”, “In the Name of Leather”, “Oil Rig #99”, and “Tough Guys”.

Final Thoughts:

I had a great time watching “Harley’s Angels”! The movie is a neat-o slice of 1979 all-male smut complete with very groovy music, full pubes, and hairy chests. This would be a perfect movie for a party where you can break out the bongs ‘n beer and be fully entertained. I really liked the three leads Ken Darrell, Jayson MacBride, and Justin Thyme as they are all good-looking and give energetic performances completely into the action and the dudes they are with. As mentioned, the picture quality is pretty bad but not enough to obscure any of the action as the cock sucking and butt sex are easy to see. I’m highly recommending a Rent It. The movie is a fucking hoot!

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