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Belladonna: No Warning 3: Special Extended Set

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Say what you will about Belladonna, her ass is always ready!

Belladonna: No Warning 3: Special Extended Set

Evil Angel/Belladonna Entertainment

Genre: Lesbian, Gonzo

Director: Belladonna

Cast: Belladonna, Ashley Blue, Gianna, Nadia Nitro, Sarah Blake, Ashley Blue, Sandra Romain, Katja Kassin

Length: 244:13 minutes

Date of Production: 7/3/2007

Bella and Ashley Blue; a clash of the anal Titans!

Extras: One of my favorite extras on any movie directed by Belladonna is her use of extensive amounts of Behind the Scenes footage to give fans what they want. As expected, there was a lot of extra sex action (some of it deleted for technical reasons) but also showing some of the preparations with Bella firmly establishing who the boss of the movie was. Unlike a number of absentee female directors, Bella became a director largely to fulfill her ambition to make porn that she could be proud of instead of chasing the pack of others in the field that cut costs so much it shows. The BTS offered up a lot of extra fun and struck me as giving the fuck flick more replay value (something Bella is good at doing these days), split into six separate sections with Ashley’s opening scene bit lasting 8:40 minutes (in her t-shirt that shows I have no chance with her). The Gianna/Nadia scene was up next and lasted 24:39 minutes with the blow up love doll coming right out of the box but combining urination, make up, dressing up, and some more sex to make it a wild ride. Ashley and Sarah were then up in a 23:41 minute long clip from their scene, the ladies interacting with Bella in the kitchen as they discussed the internet and little sex footage this time (Sarah was content to let them do most of the talking as well). Bella’s scene with Sandra was the 2nd shortest as it clocked in at 1:32 minutes, both gals spreading their legs embracing as dear friends would do. Katja’s solo scene BTS only lasted 1:20 minutes and was visually appealing but too short as she showed a new use for home improvement projects. The final one was a far lengthier clip lasting 27:10 minutes with Sandra and Bella; serving as the definitive video interview of Sandra Romain (who talked about leaving the industry; “don’t be sad”). There were also 6 trailers, a photogallery, a very helpful cast list of all the performers, some limited filmographies, and a true double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Gianna awaits her fate at the hands of Nadia.

Audio/Video Quality: Belladonna: No Warning 3 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Belladonna for release by Evil Angel. I don’t get many of her movies these days (one of my fellow reviewers adores anything she does so it makes sense for him to get the lion’s share of her work) but I have long found her to provided very heated, if raw looking titles that were better on pairings than technical values. Thankfully, while there were indeed some technical matters needing polishing up, the lighting and camera work displayed a degree of improvement that elevated the heat levels nicely; little grain or video noise found in my viewing of the title. The camera angles weren’t always completely favorable to the performers with Assistant Director Dade Murphy at the helm of the camera but Bella’s movies have rarely been known for how good they look so I doubt fans are going to fuss loudly at this point in the game over technical values (it didn’t help that the video bitrate was often in the mid 2 Mbps range either) and an attempt to improve was clearly in evidence. In any case, the audio was presented in a similar fashion with a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in the usual 192 Kbps bitrate) offering that sounded hollow with no separation between the channels and no music to bore you with. There were some off camera noises at times and a few bits of vocal acting that could have been done over to sound better but the combination of technical matters was such that they complemented each other better than usual.

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Nadia Nitro prepares to teach a lesson.

Body of Review: Belladonna is about as big a name in the porn industry as you will find these days, her distribution contract with Evil Angel allowing her the kind of freedom she long wanted as a gonzo queen second to none. She may not have the kind of glamour doll looks that many contract gals employ but the woman is pure sexual tension and release like you will not find on the other side of the ocean (either ocean). Her latest work as a director is Belladonna: No Warning 3: Special Extended Set, a set of lesbian scenes lasting two discs along with some solid extras for fans to enjoy. While the term lesbian typically invokes thoughts of couples sex for most of you, do not be dissuaded from checking out her works as none of them could be described as typical in any sense of the word. Bella pushes her cast to the limits and considering the headliners mentioned here, including three of the biggest names in anal action found in porn these days (Sandra Romain, Katja Kassin, and Ashley Blue), you have to know that this might even be too extreme for some of the jaded crowd out there. That said, here is a quick look at the 4+ hours of action offered up, noting that no condoms or population pudding were to be found:

Ashley Blue confronts Sarah Blake.

Scene One: Belladonna, playing herself in an over the top fashion, was up first as she gave a virtual lecture about her status in porn and what it takes to succeed. If you are familiar with how down to earth she is in real life, you will understand the joke here, the camera being used as a contest winner left unseen by the dynamic (a sex toy). The joke got even better as it progressed with Ashley Blue, also playing herself as a four time AVN award winner, got into a competition with Bella. As expected, the pair began testing each other’s limits with some lesbian action, all of it flavored with the hardcore type of dynamic the ladies have been acknowledged for being on the bleeding edge of extreme sex. The oral each provided the other and toy use as assholes were stretched added to the fun, enough foot sucking for those of you into that kind of thing to rub out a load or two as well. The sex doll footage seemed kind of strange but as they returned to focusing their energies on each other, seemingly in a contest to out gross each other (talking about piss drinking during the anal for example). The amount of ATM and analingus was more than probably any other director would show; the gals teasing each other but always covering the basics with a depraved sense of chemistry shared between the ladies as they hammered away using the strap on dildo, among other toys. The wild scene ended at about the 47 minute mark; fans of both gals will be very happy with it indeed. Wow!

Bella sulks around Sandra Romain.

Scene Two: Gianna, the busty babe shown on the left hand side of the front cover, was up next as a submissive catering to the whims of dominatrix Nadia Nitro (featured on the right hand side of the cover). There was some early urination action here with the role playing aspect of the sexual encounter played up a lot more than it would have been were a man involved. The rough stuff included some slapping, nipple pinching, hair pulling, and toilet training (“kiss my ass, get it nice and wet first…”). The use of toys was plentiful though not as much as in other scenes in the movie, as much of the show focusing on their roles as the specific use of devices. Nadia’s dirty talk was frequent and Gianna was typically quiet as the subservient gal did as she was told. The taste testing and vaginal screwing showed both ladies reveling in their roles; getting off repeatedly and still managing to give fans of specific niches (like foot fetish) a nod too. It was not Gianna’s best scene but it showed a whole new side to her worth checking out repeatedly. For the record, it seemed to be the shortest scene of the movie too.

Scene Three: Sarah Blake, a lean redhead known for her lesbian tendencies, was up next as she went into the forbidden territory of “borrowing” clothing without asking owner Ashley Blue first. Needless to say, this led to a catfight on the bed between the two women with Ashley establishing dominance early on. Ashley ripped Sarah’s panties off before her own, stuffing them into Sarah’s mouth before some face sitting on the gal. The rest of the scene followed a moderately predictable path as Ashley worked Sarah over as though she were a personal toy, sticking with mostly vaginal action as Sarah reciprocated with a lot of anal action on the anal queen known as Ashley. The plethora of pussy work done by the couple was fairly appealing and Ashley has long impressed me as someone that enjoys anal so instead of a cookie cutter scene where they stuck to lowest common denominator sex, the action was crafted to suit their respective needs/desires/wants. I thought there was little doubt that they got off with one another, though the chemistry levels were less apparent on first glance than with some of the other scenes; the heat index proved the couple to bring out the best in each other much of the time.

Katja Kassin rounded out the award winning cast.

Scene Four: Sandra Romain, a world class anal queen from Eastern Europe, was up next as she dressed down a sulking Belladonna in the loft. Sandra was bossing Bella around and Bella acted a lot like a teenager in terms of her contempt, the couple eventually finding common ground to enjoy as they pulled off their clothing to engage in sex. The scene lasted the better part of an hour and there was a lot of tease interspersed into the mix. One of the things I have long found interesting about these two is how on top of their games they tend to be, even though they tackle the anal sex dynamic from different angles (the same could be said of Katja and Ashley for that matter). The etiquette lesson led to the sexual play; Bella’s nipples getting erect almost instantly as the couple massaged each other’s chests. I wasn’t too keen on the use of silverware as sex toys but the playful quality displayed by the ladies went beyond the appliances they used for the larger picture efforts they gave into. The first half of the scene had Sandra working Bella’s ass and pussy really thoroughly before the reverse took place in the second portion of the scene. If either gal likes sex more than the other, it was not readily apparent though and the result was a first rate bit of boning that will likely lead to fans jerking out copious amounts of population pudding to clean up in their homes. This was no the most extreme sex of the movie but it did manage to cater to the lesbian lovers out there almost as much as anything else on the market not completely driven by the couples crowd; the first disc ending on a solid note as the ladies gave each other tremendous pleasure.

Scene Five: Katja Kassin, a leading German anal queen for years now, was the star of the first scene from the second disc. Changing things around a bit, she was studying on her bed when the art lessons warmed her up so she began masturbating with a wide selection of toys. Each of her holes was penetrated, the gal even giving a technical DP show that displayed her abilities to the fullest, though her handiwork (ie: using her hand) was really heated too. Unlike the majority of solo scenes on the market, Katja projected a lot of energy and enthusiasm as if getting off for real, not merely as part of a scene. That some of the toys were huge was an understatement but she licked them clean out of her ass and pussy, savoring the tastes as though coming from a real cock using plenty of lube to jam them in successfully. Her anal receptive abilities were clearly in evidence, more than I’ve seen from her of late too, driving the stroke value of the action considerably higher than average as well. The huge butt plug she employed at the end of the scene was the only object that did not fit inside of her all the way, showing her saving something for later scenes. Whew!

Scene Six: Sandra Romain, the reigning anal queen in the industry, was up next as she took charge of the studious Katja Kassin. Katja was wearing a white crop top and blue plaid skirt, her coochy showing as she read her essay about becoming a porn star to the black latex dominatrix dressed Sandra. Katja saw fit to make it clear that nothing was wrong with her goal and Sandra embraced the dynamic by removing her skirt to reveal a large, clear blue strap on dildo. Sandra’s dirty talk as she worked over Katja’s mouth was sweet and the rough sex between the two got even better as Sandra thoroughly dominated her charge with a variety of toys; projecting an attitude that no one else seems able to do these days with a straight face. They ate each other out repeatedly in the scene, Sandra slapped Katja’s thighs and ass a lot, and there was even some foot fetish to cater to those of you into the niche. As expected, the emphasis was on hardcore lesbian anal sex; the kind that most men would be unable to provide by comparison. Face sitting, using the entire foot (well, the first half of it) as a dildo, and even some waterworks were employed in the heated scene; this meeting of the anal queens one for the books in several senses (reminding me of the porn version of Godzilla Vs. King Kong). They clearly got off numerous times and it was the strongest close to a Belladonna movie I can remember in a very long time. Yow!

Summary: Belladonna: No Warning 3 by director Belladonna for Evil Angel reminds me that while I prefer her pairings with men, Bella never lets down her fans when it comes to delivering the goods; in this case meaning the wealth of role playing and anal action that fans expect. The levels of fuck for the buck and replay value being so high, I rated the double disc DVD set as Highly Recommended; giving all of you plenty to enjoy while Bella sorts out her career plans to further dominate the industry. In short, Belladonna: No Warning 3: Special Extended Set is the kind of high powered lesbian offering that competes with no one as it is in a class of its own so give it a look. Good job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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