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Dreamgirlz (HD DVD)

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Maya Hills as the hooker with dreams of real estate riches.

Dreamgirlz HD DVD

Third Degree

Genre: Vignettes

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Maya Hills, Manuel Ferrara, Jenna Haze, Charles Dera, Katja Kassin, Jenner, Courtney Cummz, Tommy Gunn, Bree Olson, Amy Ried, Marco Banderas/Duato, Sascha, Carmen Luvana

Length: 142:37 minutes

Date of Production: 4/11/2007 to 5/3/2007

Jenna Haze as a dominatrix.

Extras: First off, the best extra for many folks will be the standard definition version disc of the movie included in the package. While such extras are a mixed bag (after all, if you spent the extra money to buy the HD version like this one, why would you need an SD version?) but you can give it away to friends, watch it elsewhere, or simply sell it for that matter (and each version had the same extras). There was a 22:02 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Nate Liquor that started with a delusional Maya telling the world how she’ll be worth $10 million by the time she’s 25 years old (in under 6 years), moving on to a frantic Mike (the director) showing Jenna Haze what she wanted, then cute Nicole (the make up gal) at work while Amy, Bree and Carmen were getting prepared. Additional sex is always welcome in the extras section so it added some stroke value. There was a cum shot loop, a photogallery, a trailer to Adam & Eve’s Eden, and trailers to shows like Big Loves, Cum To Momma, Filthy 2, Head Case 2, and Real Racks 3. (Note: The trailers were the only extras that varied from the two versions; the HD version having three different ones and all pictures are from the SD version of the movie).

Condoms: One

Katja Kassin auditions for the part.

Audio/Video Quality: Dreamgirlz HD DVD was presented in the enhanced 1080p widescreen color of the new HD DVD format as shot by director Mike Quasar for Third Degree. The VC-1 codec was used and while this was not the sharpest HD title I have seen of late, it was an improvement over the SD (standard version) release where anyone with a half way decent set up will notice it immediately as an improvement. There was no aliasing, shimmer, or other visual flaws that were noticed, perhaps as much a tribute to the quality of the ladies as anything else but still a nice jump in the right direction for porn. The composition of the shots was another strength that could be laid at the feet of the director as he made the ladies look their best through his manner of camera work and editing both. There was no grain observed during the darker scenes and this will serve as a nice opening salvo for the company in the format wars. The audio was presented in the standard 2.0 Dolby Digital+ and while there was no separation, the vocals were louder and crisper, the dynamic range of the music only slightly improved from the SD version. Thanks to the ladies using a lot of dirty talk and moaning though, it was a decent experience; just not one taking full advantage of the new, improved format (in fairness, porn almost never takes advantage of the audio abilities these days, the best you get here is a poorly dubbed Spanish language alternative track).

With an ass like that, Katja scores the part easily.

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Body of Review: Mike Quasar is the lead director at Third Degree and sister company Zero Tolerance these days, providing some of the clearest visuals in the industry even without the advent of the newer high definition formats. His latest release is his first venture into the realm of true high definition in the form of Dreamgirlz HD DVD; a series of six vignettes based on women in varying situations based on their active sexual drives. The cast included a fine selection of ladies and with Mike at the helm of the project; I had faith that it would be a decent foray into the world of HD DVD. That said, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that a condom was used in the Carmen Luvana scene:

Courtney Cummz as the cheating wife.

Scene One: Prostitution: Maya Hills, playing a hooker smoking a cancer stick as she stood around in her pink lingerie, was up first as she got into the car of Manuel Ferrara; not recognizing him as a regular at first. The scene edited into her on the bed with him, the studly man diddling and going down on her as she made loud moans in porn style. I’m not familiar with how many guys go down on hookers but this is porn so the suspension of disbelief needed went up a notch for the scene. She tried to charge him extra for poking her ass with his finger, the couple moving into her active blowjob after that. She went all the way down on his rod orally, jerking him off and aggressively slobbing his knob as she readied him for the vaginal penetration; some minimal foot fetish action going on before she impaled herself rapidly on his cock. When Maya’s in heat, she really rides well, the move to anal action fairly quick without any slowing down in her style. The ripples of her ass cheeks looked sweet as he drilled her, the gal getting off thanks to his attentions. The scene ended after he went back to vaginal and pulled out to give her a mouth pop; Maya savoring the population pudding with a smile as he looked ready to go another round. This was a chemistry filled scene that served well as an opener for the movie.

Amy Ried with Marco.

Scene Two: Sado-Masochism: Jenna Haze, the little cutie seen on the front cover (second girl from the left hand side; standing beside Bree Olson), was up next as a dominatrix working over a shackled Charles Dera. She teased him and gave him a few love taps with her flogger, toying with his nipples before going down on his cock through his underwear. While Jenna is not the best selection for a BDSM scene as anything other than the subordinate, she looked good in her outfit, especially as she wrapped her lips around his cock and went to town sucking it. Jenna has long been established as a seasoned oral expert so her blowjob was skilled and enthusiastic, Charles seeming a few years away from handling dialogue very well. The streamers flew everywhere and she gave great eye contact, inhaling the cock before impaling herself on top of it vaginally. Her steady stream of dirty talk also enhanced the moment, the gal grinding her hips intermittently as she learned to appreciate all he had to offer. Kylie’s dungeon served as the best bondage location for the setting and her active ride resulted in her taking the initiative to work out his load with her mouth and hand. Yum!

Bree Olson was looking a LOT better than Sascha.

Scene Three: Pornography: Katja Kassin, one of the leading anal queens in porn even years later, was up next as she auditioned for a “compliance video” on a bed with Jenner after a hilarious bit with a sleazy pornographer. Jenner played a human tripod, getting on her like a bum on a ham sandwich, the couple kissing as the clothing came off; Jenner going down on her healthy ass to her delight. He continued to finger her as she blew him with a sense of abandon, jumping on his dick a lot quicker than usual as she bounced like crazy while he drilled her. The junk in her trunk jiggled, and she spouted some moans with dirty talk, moving to a slower anal after several positions. This was far from her best scene and she took the load to her ass cheeks, tasting the semen before the camera faded away.

Carmen Luvana looked better in the dark strip club.

Scene Four: Adultery: Courtney Cummz, the contract hotty surprisingly not found on the front cover, was up next as she cheated on her husband with studly Tommy Gunn after telling her husband (via cell phone) that she was shopping. Her pink bra and thong were off quicker than Seattle Slew as he relished the thought of boning this babe, her polished oral skills among the best in the movie. Using her hand to gland combat style, she spit on and polished his knob heartily before moving into a 69 where both could sample the other nicely (the camera staying mostly with her in a medium shot). He tapped that cookie hard and she gave up some PTM, reverting to her love of oral sex from time to time depending on the position. She was most aggressive when on top but the dirty talk and look of the gal on the bed was plenty to inspire your own ball draining adventures, the mouth pop coming too quickly for my tastes as she sucked down all she could before leaving him.

Scene Five: Swinging: Bree Olson, the hot blond standing in the middle of the front cover, and busty babe Amy Ried (seen on the left hand side kneeling), were up next as they had a swinging party in the living room with Marco Banderas/Duato and Sascha. Amy initially partnered up with Marco and Sascha with Bree, the pawing and blowjobs elevating the mood a bit as the gals displayed some fine oral skills. The face fucking led to Amy titty fucking Marco while Sascha hammered away at Bree’s sweet cookie. The gals were active during the scene as they pushed back on cock; doing taste testing and swapping partners as well as engaging in some group dynamic work too. Bree was the loudest for dirty talk and Amy proved to be the loudest moaner; their over the top style kind of painful at times but fun nonetheless. The sex continued until Bree took Marco’s load in her mouth and Amy did likewise with Sascha; the gals cumswapping passionately while disposing of the semen nicely.

Scene Six: Lap Dance: Carmen Luvana, the busty Puerto Rican bleach blond seen on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next as a stripper in a darkened club working the pole for her only customer, Manuel Ferrara. Since she is still a contract performer for Adam & Eve, I was surprised to see her here, but I wasn’t complaining as the gal clearly knowing her way around a pole. They worked out their terms and she was some jamming her ass in his face, the guy appreciating the fleshy ass and dripping wet clam as she went into performer mode. Carmen used her feet to jerk him off after he warmed up her engine, leading to a short blowjob and titty fuck before they screwed. As surprised as I was about her appearance in the movie, I was even more surprised to see him wear a condom for their scene together; a first for Third Degree IIRC. I haven’t seen many of her scenes of late but his devotion to her feet aside, she proved to be more active at his vaginal screwing than I remember her body of work being. It wasn’t great but it did hold its own fairly well with her Spanish dirty talk intermittent but appreciated. She even got better as the scene progressed, jerking out his load to her mouth at the end.

Summary: Dreamgirlz HD DVD by director Mike Quasar for Third Degree was not his best work to date but still a strokable effort worthy of his talent thanks in large part to the quality of ladies employed in the movie. Some of the sex acts were forced and mechanical but the clarity of the action was above average even in the darker themed settings so the use of high definition enhanced the technical aspects of the movie more than a little bit. The price was a bit steep considering the lack of unique extras on the two discs but if you split it with another fan and sell them the SD version of the movie, you could make this a winner so I rated it as Recommended. In short, Dreamgirlz HD DVD proved that Third Degree was not going to be left behind in the HD wars, joining some of the other big name companies catering to the needs of the technophile aficionado’s with some decent fuck for the buck.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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