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Gift Part 1, The

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/12/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date:

December 2006

Directed By:

Alex Clark

The Movie:

Sexy Russian dudes celebrate New Years Eve with plenty of booze, Russian rap tunes, break dancing, and sex.

Run Time:

2 Hours 20 Minutes

The Cast:

Evgeniy T., Micro M., Him, Vladislav, Makaveli, Alexander, Alexander L., Tony, Toxa, Sergey, Evgeniy W.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

These good-looking Russian guys are in their early twenties with toned/smooth bodies, mostly short dark hair, two bleached blonds, and two with longish hair. All but one of the eleven cocks is uncut.

Scene One:

Evgeniy (cute with short black hair, toned/smooth body) and his buddy Makaveli (good-looking with short brown hair, yellow baseball cap, and toned/smooth body) escape the noisy party and stand kissing with deep tongue while feeling each other up. Evgeniy sinks to his knees pullin’ his pal’s blue jeans and white briefs down revealing a full dark bush and uncut cock. He grabs that dong with his right fist working the shaft and foreskin leading to some very tasty head as Makaveli’s hangy nuts swing. Evgeniy lays back on the bed in his tight black briefs while Makaveli rubs the bulge and yanks ‘em down exposing dark pubes and a rigid unclipped tool. Makaveli slides his mouth up ‘n down that veiny shaft giving a tasty blowjob with his tongue swirling around the knob.

Evgeniy humps his buddy from behind fast ‘n hard with a hot camera shot of Evgeniy’s tight hairy bunghole and nuts as he pounds his pal’s snug hairy touchhole. Both dudes are very into the action as each fills the room with the loud moans of pleasure. The penetration camera shots are plentiful as the dudes fuck leading Makaveli to shoot a large load of love on the bed. Evgeniy beats his meat shooting a thick load of jizz on Makaveli’s tongue and cum drips from his chin. Hot! Makaveli jacks off and cuts loose with a second thick load on his fist and pubes.

Scene Two:

Horny pals Alexander L. (cute with short dark hair, tall/toned/smooth/slender body) and Sergey (cute with dark hair, slender/toned/smooth body) engage in some highly erotic soul kissing with wet tongue as Alexander’s hands roam over his buddy’s shoulders, chest, and arms. These dudes definitely dig each other. Sergey kisses and licks his way down to Alexander’s goodies, opens those pants, and hauls out a large uncut cock, plump nuts, and shaved pubes. He jacks that shaft working the foreskin and then crams it down his gullet as Alexander guides his head with a helpful hand. Sergey works on his pal’s nuts as Alexander beats off busting a thick nut on his own chest, shaved pubes, hip, and a li’l on the rug! Alexander gets down on his haunches and strokes/sucks Sergey’s hard unclipped dick allowing his tongue to snake around the knob while he works that foreskin and gives some very tasty head.

Alexander fucks Sergey from behind fast ‘n hard as Sergey lies on the floor. Very loud groaning, moaning, and sighing fills the air as Alexander drills that tight hairy manhole. There’s a hot camera shot from behind of Alexander’s tight hairy butt hole as he fills his buddy’s chute to the brim. Alexander cuts loose with thick spooge on Sergey’s face and hair. Hot! Sergey pulls his pud dumping thick spunk on his fist and full dark pubes.

Scene Three:

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Tony (cute with short black hair, toned/smooth body) and Toxa (cute with dark hair, baseball cap, tall/toned/smooth body) are sitting very close looking at a friend’s new digital video cam as Tony rubs Toxa’s thigh and bulge. Tony quickly gets to his knees rubbing and nuzzling his buddy’s package through tight red briefs. Pulling ‘em down, he reveals trimmed brown pubes, plump nuts, and an uncut pole. Sliding his wet mouth up ‘n down the rigid stalk, Tony gives excellent oral pleasure as Toxa rubs the back of Tony’s head. He jacks and works that delicious foreskin and licks Toxa’s hairy nuts leading Toxa to shoot a big thick load of love-goo on his chin and tongue. Tony has hot cum dripping from his chin. Sadly, we do not see Tony’s cock or his nut in this scene but he’s back full force in scene five.

Scene Four:

Evgeniy W. (cute with short bleached blond hair, toned/smooth body and Micro M. (good-looking with longish dark hair, tall/slender/toned/smooth body) sit around kissing with wet tongue taking their time and enjoying some slow ‘n sexy personal time. Evgeniy pulls Micro’s tight black briefs down showing off trimmed dark pubes, nice balls, and a fat cut sausage. He licks that tool with his pierced tongue nursing the knob and slurping up ‘n down. Micro grabs his buddy’s hard uncut dick with his right paw and chows down filling his gob full. The dudes tumble into a traditional sixty-nine with Micro on top and his hairy bunghole, gooch, and nuts on full display for the world to see. Evgeniy rubs his pal’s hole while Micro continues to suck that dong.

Evgeniy plows Micro without mercy from behind with some mouth-watering close-ups of his tight shaved starfish and Micro’s hairy bits with plenty of very loud moans and a variety of lusty noises. Evgeniy stands beating his tool in front of a kneeling Micro busting a thick wad on his pal’s face. Yummy thick seed drips from his chin. Micro pulls his pork and cums thick on his fist and pubes, as Evgeniy stands close behind rubbing his buddy’s chest. Hot!

Scene Five:

Him (very cute cover dude with longish brown hair, sexy li’l soul patch, toned/smooth body) and Tony (scene three) are deep in the middle of a heavy make-out session. The dudes are in bed licking and sucking hard nipples when Him pulls Tony’s tight black briefs down revealing dark pubes, uncut tool, and plump balls. He gives some excellent head and is very into it stroking, working the foreskin, and cramming his gullet full of hard meat with lots of spit. Tony bends over with his hot bum in hair and Him eats that tight hairy hole in delicious close-up tonguing the pulsing pucker and teasing with his fingertip. Switching places, Him now has his beautiful ass in the air while Tony eats that tight hairy touchhole in intimate close-up. Very hot ass eating by both dudes!

Tony is now on his knees sucking Him’s rigid unclipped tube steak giving his throat muscles a hearty workout while pulling his own flesh-stick. Him slides his stiff dick into Tony’s chute in the missionary position fucking him fast, smooth, and hard as Him jerks off. Him digs getting plowed and doesn’t give a damn who knows it. He shoots a large thick load of love-frosting on Tony’s ultra-hairy manhole in close-up. He rubs his wet knob against that hole making it pout with pleasure. Fucking hot! Tony works his weenie as Him feels his body cutting loose with a thick offering. Hot cum-filled foreskin!

Scene Six:

Alexander (good-looking with brown hair, glasses, and toned/smooth body) and Vladislov (cute with kind of an unfortunate blond mullet-type haircut, toned/tight/smooth body) kiss with plenty of wet tongue action leading Alexander to kiss/lick his way down his pal’s body. I’m very surprised that his glasses don’t fog up. He takes Vladislov’s hard unclipped member into his mouth deep throating to some very closely trimmed pubes. Vladislov makes his dong jump up ‘n down using his groin muscles as Alexander works that knob. Cool! Vladislov trades positions with his pal sucking Alexander’s big fat uncut cock down his gullet. Alexander has some very hot full pubes and large hairy balls. Vladislov wraps his fist around that chubby fucker twisting and nursing the large purple cock head.

Alexander plows his buddy’s tight shaved asshole from behind lying on top of him fuckin’ fast ‘n hard. There’s a very nice camera shot from behind of Alexander’s tight hairy hole, gooch, and big ol’ balls. Tasty! Both dudes dig the action and fill the room with their loud mewlings. Alexander reaches a screeching climax shooting a thick load of man-gravy on Vladislov’s face and mouth. His cute face is covered in cum! Vladislov squirts a thick load on his own balls and toned stomach, and trimmed pubes. Hot!

Scene Seven:

In this short but hot li’l scene, Him (scene five) and the very good-looking Micro (scene four) are going at it with Him on his knees cramming his mouth full of that fat clipped dong sliding his fist up ‘n down the shaft giving one hell of a blowjob. This dude digs dong! He licks ‘n sucks those plump nuts and then it’s back to that big knob where he rubs his wet lips against the sensitive glans. Micro wildly pulls his pud shooting a nice load of lava-love on his fist and cock. Him does not undress or get off.



“The Gift Part I” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of hot close-ups of the cock sucking, tight hairy assholes, butt munching, and penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is sharp and clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they engage in their sexual romps. Some of these dudes moan very loud and it’s a huge turn-on. The music is typical gay bar techno and sounds loud and clean through the television speakers.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, gallery of grainy publicity and action photographs, Cum Shot Review, and trailers for: “Sauna XXL”, “Candy Boys”, and “Sunny Day”.

Final Thoughts:

Wow! “The Gift Part I” is a huge fucking turn-on! Alex Clark is a Director after my own heart that definitely knows how to create scenes that move along at a nice steady pace and never become dull. The videography is excellent with plenty of close-ups of tight hairy assholes, butt penetration, and cum facials. The editing is strong using mostly dissolves to switch up during the sex. The dudes are all very appealing, definitely into the sex and each other, and give energetic performances. My favorites here are Evgeniy T., Micro M., Him (cover dude), Alexander L. (with his cool glasses), Tony, and Toxa. Oftentimes, non-sexual footage can be dull but not in this case. I found the break dancing to be fun and entertaining as the dudes move quite well. I Highly Recommend for guys (and perhaps some cool gals out there as well) who dig high-quality productions and sexy Russian dudes with hard uncut cocks.

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