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Black Power 2: Special Extended Set

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/12/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Aline knew just how to motivate her students.

Black Power 2: Special Extended Set

Evil Angel/Joey Silvera Video

Genre: Interracial

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Aline, Jon Jon, Jean Claude Batiste, Brianna Love, Nyomi Zen, Tee Reel, Kaci Starr, Tone Capone, Fayth Deluca, Charlie Fire, Sean Michaels, Charlotte Stokely, Deep Threat, Britney Stevens, Tyler Knight

Length: 269:42 minutes

Date of Production: 5/30/2007

Then Brianna Love knew just how to motivate me.

Extras: There was a photogallery, a cumshot compilation to the scenes, a cast list, some limited filmographies, and 9 trailers to movies like Strap Attack 6, Face Fucked, Storm Squirters, Strap Attack, Service Animals 21, Service Animals 20, Service Animals 19, Service Animals 18, Strap Attack 3, Hellcats 8, Hellcats 9, Hellcats 11, Hellcats 12. The extras were weaker than usual in part because a lot of footage was simply kept in the body of the movie; perhaps opening it up to cries of sloppy editing but I will defend it for making it seem more realistic at times because of this factor.

Condoms: None

Nyomi provided a Zen-like experience.

Audio/Video Quality: Black Power 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Joey Silvera for distribution by Evil Angel. Thanks in large part to decent lighting and a relatively limited amount of moving around with the camera, there was little grain or video noise in the movie, few compression artifacts to be seen (the bitrate hovering around the mid 2 Mbps but going even lower; explaining some of the picture problems) and even some of the fleshtones looked slightly off here. The composition of the shots was usually flattering to the women although much of that would still be an artistic call on my part so I can safely say that the overall visual aspects of the movie were moderately solid. Like many of the director's at Evil Angel, Joey seems to prefer concentrating on capturing the raw energy over giving the viewer Wal-Mart lighting (harsh, flat, and plentiful) most of the time but he apparently made an exception this time to give some of us what we prefer. The 2.0 Dolby Digital audio (at 192 Kbps) was presented in the usual stereo English but there wasn't any significant dynamic range or separation between the channels. The voices were sometimes hollow but like seeing the occasional shadow in the movie, this is to be expected in order to preserve the nearly realistic manner in which the scenes took place.

Kaci Starr as a girl scout.

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Body of Review: Joey Silvera has been in porn for decades now, having moved through the ages with grace as his brand of nasty sex has evolved with the changing times. Now distributed by Evil Angel, he is the company renaissance man who can do it all and do it all well, catering to a wider variety of people in his niche oriented movies. His latest title to make it my way was Black Power 2: Special Extended Set, the sequel to Black Power 1, where a variety of women took the challenge to work with large black dicks in interracial scenes. This is one area of porn that appeals to a lot of folks but is generally somewhat polarized, people either liking or hating it with little middle ground to speak off. As a believer that we are all one race, the human race, I have never really thought such porn was better or worse; all of it depending on the quality of the casting as with most porn. Joey being Joey, he tends to get the best talent so I looked forward to seeing what he had to offer on this lengthy double disc set, several of the scenes really heated. That said, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Fayth Deluca and Charlie Fire were then students.

Scene One: Aline, playing a strict school teacher wearing glasses in clothes that left little to the imagination, was up first as she held what amounted to a tutoring session with tardy Jon Jon and Jean Claude Batiste. They brought her apples to suck up to her, soon finding the topic of the day to be most rewarding. She gave them some visual displays to keep their attention; mainly her body’s curves, which led to the men warming up her increasingly naked body. The titty pawing and ass kissing led to her blowing them, the lady enjoying the taste of chocolate with an increasing tempo as she’d jerk one while blowing the other. Aline then found her ass on the line as the men took turns drilling her perfect pucker, the levels of ATM quite high as they took her from both ends at once. She also did vaginal screwing and some DP work, the chemistry levels on the low side but the energetic performance by Aline working out a lot better. The classroom setting was kind of kinky but they pulled it off very nicely, the puffy pussy growing crimson as it was worn out by the end. The end of the scene showed Aline taking their wads of population pudding to her face; cleaning off one of the semen soaked apples as her mouth relished the additional seasoning they provided.

Charlotte Stokely, the princess of alt-porn.

Scene Two: Brianna Love, the cutie featured on the front cover of the DVD, was up next as she showed off her magnificent ass to the camera, the tease ending way too early when she started blowing Jean Claude Batiste. The oral was not her best work to date and he went to snacking on her ample crack as the mounds of ass flesh surrounded his face; the gal going back to finish the hummer before the screwing began. The streamers flew all over the place and she choked on his aggressive throatfucking but the mainstay of the scene was once again the penetration of her bodily orifices; both pussy and ass. He stretched them out with his hand and fed the fingers to her (PTM and ATM); the gal as enthusiastic about actively taking him in her ass as in her cookie. The scene was more about sexual athleticism than anything else since she really did not show any sparks with him but the energy levels largely made up for it. The biggest issue I had with the scene was the pissing material (some call it squirting) with the large wand vibrator but she took the facial well and as a fan, I enjoyed the strokability of the action, despite the quirks rather than because of them.

Britney Stevens finished up the cast this time.

Scene Three: Nyomi Zen, playing a sassy Asian serving girl, was up next as she sprinkled water on her chest while getting Tee Reel some water. The minimal tease aside, he got cheesed off when she forget to provide him his beverage of choice; the guy seemingly making up for his short stature by manhandling her. He railed at her hard head but enjoyed her soft ass as he poked it with a toy, requiring her to finger herself anally before stretching her some more; readying her for the anal but getting some head and a salad toss too in the bargain. She was a good cocksucker, enthusiastically blowing him as he dominated her completely, deepthroating him and stuffing his balls in her mouth as he tormented her. She really didn’t appeal to me and the scene dynamic was kind of weak too so the rest of the action was basic oral, vaginal, and anal boning; some taste testing and post coital sucking rounding out the scene for those who care.

Scene Four: Kaci Starr, playing a chubby porn girl scout, was up next bouncing a basketball on the driveway when approached by Tone Capone in his large SUV. He won the ball for buying some cookies, but he preferred having her instead (greedily taking the ball and the gal as he escorted her inside the house). I liked her breasts and given the way he was massaging them, he concurred with my opinion to her great delight. The clothing fell off as he continued to tease her; Kaci rubbing his growing package before he reciprocated by fingering her pretty pussy to increasing wetness. The blowjob was messy and extended in terms of time, but the vaginal penetration was extremely passive, as was the anal sex. After the last scene, I had hoped for something more interesting but she made tons of fake porn moans and even the limited energy she displayed was tame compared to some of the other gals. The scene ended in a facial and I will give her credit as being orally adept but she has a long way to go before proving worthy of a top flight title by Joey.

Scene Five: Fayth Deluca and Charlie Fire, a couple of MILF looking white gals with ample curves, were up next as the first scene of the second disc in a scene where Sean Michaels was their teacher on black power. The gals were made to bend over during his prolonged lecture, their thongs riding up their ass cracks as the well dressed Sean (in business attire) instructed them. The sex here used his slow charm as the trio engaged in oral and vaginal sex, the ladies assisting each other as they played directly to the camera. The gal next door look of the curvy gals was a nice change of pace from the previous two scenes where the words and dynamic were worlds apart; the intentions of these three clearly stated and believable as they playfully enjoyed all the delights available to them. I was happy to see them skip the anal action since there were already some rough edges on the vaginal sex (he’s a big guy after all) but the ladies worked his cock to their respective limits and even the mugging for the camera did not kill the heat this time. The use of extreme close ups was a bit too heavy but I enjoyed this scene as it brought the movie back on track for me. There was a limited bit of rough stuff (thigh slapping, choking, deep penetration) but the gals seemed to enjoy it and took his ending facial well enough, the population pudding minimal but shared by the women.

Scene Six: Charlotte Stokely, the current princess of alt-porn, was up next and a quick glance at the freckled lady will let anyone know she was so white that Casper the Friendly Ghost would look suntanned beside her. Her partner for the scene after some modest tease was Deep Threat; Charlotte getting some good loving after walking her cute dog by the pool. Deep loved her dripping wet pussy and the contrast between their skin tones was something else entirely as they felt each other up in their own version of Jungle Love. She was already wet when he told her to grab it like she wanted it (referring to his flaccid cock); the gal impaling her mouth on the rod with a messy hummer that showed why she needs a wider audience than merely alt-porn. This led, of course, to her actively riding his large black dick rapidly; her fleshy ass cheeks were rippling as she bounced on his meat while making those cute moans of hers. The two liked each other and while she was passionate about her love of dark meat, the resulting enthusiasm was only slightly diminished by their minimal chemistry together. It was always a performance but at least a good one worth watching, eventually ending when she took matters into her own hands and rubbed the load onto her face.

Scene Seven: Britney Stevens, a busty brunette that has displayed few limits in her scenes of late, was up last as she tried to convince Joey that she wasn’t nervous about her scene with Tyler Knight, Tone Capone, and Jean Claude Batiste. If you like gals with curves and stripper next door looks, you will enjoy how she teased the camera (obviously distracting Joey as evidenced by the shakier than usual camera) in her skimpy top and tiny muff buffer skirt. She was blindfolded as the men entered the room, the gal slobbing their knobs slowly at first but picking up steam well before it was time for them to position around her various holes for penetration. She did anal as easily as vaginal, actively attacking the cocks as though filled with lust, going beyond the usual DP to take them on in airtight mode (a cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass at the same time). Having observed some lame scenes in the movies earlier, the selection of this one to close out the movie proved wise; Britney earning a spot on the front cover given the quality of her act. Rather than merely put up with whatever came her way, she embraced all comers and the results were a very appealing scene; not small praise from someone that thinks she’s okay but hardly top tier material most of the time (for me at least). In that sense, she proved to be a very solid fuck this time and the ending facials finished things up very well, though again using the pissing aspect in a manner inconsistent with the rest of the scene.

Summary: Black Power 2 by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel earned a rating of Recommended by me thanks to the levels of replay value, strokability, and levels of fuck for the buck. There were few quality extras but the movie itself was so long that few should fuss about that, the biggest drawback being a few really weak scenes provided with the better ones. Perhaps if they had been relegated to bonus scenes where they would be under less scrutiny, I’d have been kinder but this is a solid rating and based on the entire package of the double disc set so few fans of interracial will have much ground to complain about. In short, Black Power 2: Special Extended Set, like Black Power 1 before it, had a lot going for it but too many raw edges in need of polishing up to get higher accolades this time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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