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Gift Part 2, The

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/18/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date:

December 2006

Directed By:

Alex Clark

The Movie:

The clock has stuck midnight and these sexy Russian dudes continue to bring in the New Year by guzzling cocktails, doing the limbo (!), and sneaking off for private moments of sexin’.

Run Time:

1 Hour and 50 Minutes

The Cast:

Evgeniy T., Micro M., Him, Vladislav, Makaveli, Alexander, Alexander L., Tony, and Toxa.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

These good-looking Russian guys are in their early twenties with toned/smooth bodies, mostly short dark hair, one sandy-blond, and two with longish hair. All but one of the nine cocks is uncut.

Scene One:

Alexander (cute with dark hair, glasses, toned/smooth body) and his buddy Tony (good-looking with short black hair, toned/smooth body), horny from all that champagne and limbo dancing, stand making out with wet tongues and feeling each other’s bodies. On his knees, Alexander pulls Tony’s black briefs down revealing dark pubes, nice nuts, and hard uncut tool. He slobbers up ‘n down and takes that fucker deep throat to Tony’s full bush. Returning the favor, Tony is soon on his haunches cramming Alexander’s big unclipped cock into his mouth and sucking those large hairy nuts as Alexander guides his pal’s head with his hands. Dude knows what he wants and gets it!

Alexander fucks Tony’s tight hairy asshole from behind fast ‘n hard pulling all the way out and slamming back in. There’s a hot camera shot of Alexander’s hairy bunghole and balls from behind as he plugs his pal making Tony loudly moan. Switching to the missionary position, Alexander continues his sexual crusade drilling that manhole with long, full strokes. Both dudes are very into the action and each other. There are some very hot penetration shots here followed by Alexander pulling his pork and shooting thick jizz on Tony’s hairy touchhole. Excellent close-ups of that cum-drenched pucker! Tony lays back in Alexander’s loving arms pounding his meat and shooting a thick load on his fist, pubes, and thigh.

Scene Two:

Vladislav (cute ‘n blond with that ugly haircut, toned/tight/smooth body) gives Him (cute with longish brown hair, li’l soul patch, toned/smooth body) plenty of oral pleasure as he jacks that hard uncut shaft, nurses the purple knob, and slides his mouth up ‘n down. Really getting into giving head, he slides his pierced tongue around the head and sucks those nuts leading Him to shoot a plentiful load of love-goo on Vladislov’s tongue and face. Hot thick cum drips from his chin. Vladislav does not undress or get off.

Scene Three:

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Evgeniy T. (cute with short black hair, toned/smooth body) and his pal Micro M. (good-looking with dark hair, toned/tight/smooth body) slowly and passionately kiss with wet tongue as they celebrate the New Year. Evgeniy is soon down on his knees sucking Micro’s chubby cut cock grabbing the base and quickly working his wet mouth up ‘n down the shaft and leading to some plump ball suckin’. Evgeniy slaps Micro’s purple knob against his tongue as he jacks his own hard uncut cock giving the foreskin a good workout. Micro grabs his own cock and beats quickly shooting a thick load on his fist and short brown pubes. Recovering from busting a hot nut, Micro sinks to his haunches sucking his buddy’s big dick, cupping those plump nuts, and jacking the foreskin leading to some fast ‘n smooth face fuckin’.

Evgeniy bangs Micro’s tight hairy butt hole from behind fast ‘n hard with some hot camera shots of Evgeniy’s hairy bum crack, gooch, and balls as he pounds away. Both guys obviously dig each other and the sex as they grind and moan loudly filling the room with the sounds of lusty lovin’. Evgeniy spreads Micro’s butt cheeks exposing that hairy pucker, spits on it, and sinks back in for more fast drilling. Evgeniy lies back in Micro’s capable arms and jerks off cutting loose with a thick load of nectar on his hand, pubes, and stomach.

Scene Four:

Him (scene two) and Makaveli (cute with short dark hair, yellow baseball cap, toned/smooth body) get down to business on a red shag carpet in front a tastefully decorated white Christmas tree. The dudes practically swallow each other’s tongues as they grind together with Him on top. Him works his way down Makaveli’s hot body unbuckling his belt and pulling down those blue jeans and white briefs revealing full dark pubes and uncut cock. Him takes that dong into his mouth working the member in ‘n out of his gob giving a spirited blowjob. Makaveli chows down on Him’s rigid unclipped dick licking the length while his right fist is wrapped around the base. Slithering his wet tongue around the pulsing knob, he finally slides his pal’s member down his gullet giving some hearty head. Both dudes are really into each other and the male-to-male pleasure.

Horned up from the blowjob, Him fucks Makaveli’s tight hairy bunghole from behind using fast ‘n smooth strokes while Makaveli jacks off working his heavy foreskin for all it’s worth. There’s a very hot camera shot from behind of Him’s tight hairy asshole and nuts as he drills and both dudes groan with full tilt lust. The penetration shots are hot with plenty of mouth-watering close-ups including one of Makaveli’s pucker as Him slams his tube steak in ‘n out. Makaveli beats that meat and jizzes on his fist and pubes. Him jacks off squirting a large thick load on his fist and shaft. Hot cum-filled foreskin.

Scene Five:

Alexander L. (cover dude looking at camera with short dark brown hair, tall/slender/toned/smooth body) and Toxa (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) engage in some very tasty tongue play tasting each other’s tonsils and grabbing those bulging crotches. Toxa plays with Alexander’s hard unclipped dick working the foreskin, sucking the large knob, and playing all sorts of sweet tunes on his pal’s skin flute. Alexander gets down on Toxa’s large hangy nuts mouthing ‘em and then switches over to that tasty uncut cock providing excellent head and fluttering that tongue over the cock head like an out of control butterfly.

With some very cool close-ups of Toxa’s tight hairy butt hole, Alexander plays hide the salami in the missionary position sliding quickly in ‘n out making Toxa groan loudly. There’s a nice camera shot from behind of Alexander’s hairy butt crack and balls as he pounds his pal. Alexander chokes his squawking chicken squirting a large thick load of sticky man-seed on Toxa’s butt. Toxa busts a thick nut on Alexander’s tongue and mouth. Hot!

Scene Six:

Still horny after all their fuckin’ and suckin’, Him (scenes two and four) and Toxa (scene five) are as greedy as ever for more lovin’! The dudes throw down with very heavy tongue sucking and body rubbin’. There’s a very hot camera shot of Toxa’s tight hairy touchhole as Him slides his stiff unclipped pole in from behind. Him uses fast ‘n smooth strokes to fuck his buddy pulling all the way out and plowing back in. Toxa rides his buddy’s tube steak with both dudes’ legs spread wide open as they hump, grind, and frantically work towards an earth-shattering climax. There’s another very cool camera shot here this time of Him’s tight hairy hole as he thrusts upward to fuck Toxa. Him spanks his monkey shooting a large thick load of jazzy-nut on Toxa’s sexy face. Hot! Toxa does not cum.



“The Gift Part 2” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of hot close-ups of the cock sucking, tight hairy assholes, butt munching, and penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is sharp and clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they engage in their sexual romps. Some of these dudes moan very loud and it’s a huge turn-on. The music is typical gay bar techno and sounds loud and clean through the television speakers.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, gallery of grainy publicity and action photographs, Cum Shot Review, and trailers for: “Sauna XXL”, “Candy Boys”, and “Sunny Day”.

Final Thoughts:

“The Gift Part 2” takes up directly where “Part I” leaves off: the clock strikes midnight and the liquored-up dudes go wild with dancing the limbo and throwing back more cocktails. Director Alex Clark keeps up the good work with five more scenes that are complete turn-ons with excellent videography, editing, and sexy dudes. As in Part I, there are plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and penetration during the wild butt sex. The dudes continue to give energetic performances and are totally into the action as well as each other. My personal favorites here are Micro M., Evgeniy T., Alexander L. (cover dude looking at camera), and Toxa. I Highly Recommend for all looking for a high quality production and sexy Russian guys with unclipped members.

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