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Swank Latina Deluxe 2

Studio: Swank » Review by Alexander » Review Date: 10/16/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Tagline: "Saucy chicks stuff their hot tamales!"

Genre: "Latina"

Length: 1:54:23

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Cast: Victoria Slem, Valentina Velasques, Simony, Miki, Brenda, Missy

First Impressions: In my review of Latina Deluxe, I commented on how obvious it was that the disc was an entirely Euro production, with beefy Euro dudes fucking Eastern Euro chicks in obviously Euro apartments.  And while the sex was pretty hot and most of the girls gorgeous, it was difficult for me to recommend a DVD that claimed to be "hotter than jalapenos" yet didn't feature anything even remotely Latin.  I wanted 8th Street Latinas, not these blue-eyed imposters. So, it was with some reluctance that I popped this second volume into my DVD player, convinced I'd be watching even more heavily muscled Aryan types banging dark-haired, Czech-speaking hotties.     

Special Features: Extras on the disc include a two-minute behind the scenes segment, the requisite photo gallery, five trailers for other Swank flicks, and an 11-minute "casting" feature.  The BTS featurette is actually interesting, providing us a crewman's point of view of the filming of one of the scenes.  As I've mentioned in a few other reviews, I'm a sucker for the production stuff, and although brief, it's always cool watching directors block out scenes while photographers get their stills for the photo gallery.  The "casting" bit amounts to a couple of the girls "auditioning" for their roles.  It's worth watching once, if only to witness how different the gals look without layers of make-up and clothed in drab everyday wear. 

Audio/Visual Quality: When played on a 15" laptop monitor, the video looked decent, although it seemed a little grainy at times and there was occasional blurring during scenes.  However, on a 42" HDTV, the video looked washed out, slightly grainy, and oversaturated with reds and oranges.  In addition, while the action on screen is pretty damn hot, lighting is frequently poor, with dark shadows sometimes obscuring the fucking.  Audio-wise, the menus and scene introductions are marred by a horrendous (yes, it's so bad I had to italicize it) smooth jazz tune.  You know that music that plays over the speakers in Sears? This is 10 times worse.  (My advice? Mute immediately.)  When the music mercifully fades out a few seconds into the scene, it's replaced with muffled, accented voiceovers by the ladies.  Even with headphones on, a couple of these VO's were near impossible to decipher.  And the audio does not improve once the fucking starts.  There's almost no dialogue in any of the scenes, but when the performers do utter a "yeah, baby" or two, there's a noticable echo in the room.

Scene 1 (Victoria Slem and Valentina Velasques; Length: 37:12): This lengthy scene includes a little of everything, from anal spooning, to double penetration, to deep throating, to reverse cowgirl. It's a marathon four-way that will have you stroking your own pole at least a few times.  Hot-bodied Victoria and Valentina (who actually looks Latina) look incredible and obviously enjoy every thrust of large cock in their holes.  The sex is plentiful and varied. However, I definitely could have done without a couple of the super close-ups of the lady's vaginas (I like pussy as much as the next guy, but not foot- and-a-half tall pussy on my giant monitor) and the double penetration, where 99% of my screen was filled with two fat cocks and wrinkly balls squeezing into our girl's holes.  Technical problems (poor audio, some shadows) aside, this scene is certainly worth watching again and again.             

Scene 2 (Simony; Length: 12:55): This anal-only scene begins with smokin' hot Simony bending over the back of a couch to show off her ample ass.  Her face is gorgeous and her braided hair looks great on her.  Some ultra-tight demin shorts, 5" white heels, and a heavy dose of sexy eye shadow complete this gorgeous package.  After rubbing her pussy for a few seconds, we cut to our stud rubbing Simony's appealing natural tits.  Seconds later, our dude is getting his cock stroked and sucked. Eager to sample Simony's perfect booty, he pushes his dong into her asshole.  They spoon, cowgirl, reverse c.g. and doggie before we're treated to a nice pop shot of the guy shooting his gooey sperm into Simony's gaping asshole.  This short scene (well, short in relation to scene one's marathon session), is pretty hot mainly due to Simony's fantastic face and body.  The sex is just OK, however, due to our guy's rod--despite its decent size--frequently slipping out of Simony's butt.  Regardless, I dare you not to jerk off to this scene at least a half dozen times before finding a new DVD to stroke your pole to.     

Scene 3 (Miki; Length: 27:00): Miki is painting something that looks very Jackson Pollock-ish while her boyfriend looks on from the nearby bed.  She only manages a few splatters on the canvas before she's ripping the guy's cock out of his jeans.  Miki is our third beauty in a row, with long black hair, huge brown eyes, a gorgous natural bod, and sportin' a pair of sexy lime green knee-high socks.  The sex is varied and hot, from a blowjob, to some 69, cowgirl, tit munching, doggie, spooning, and a short round of titty fucking.  This final act leads to the dude shooting a shockingly powerful load onto Miki's face. 

Scene 4  (Brenda; Length: 15:14): After three excellent scenes, I guess we were due for a dud.  Although this segment features cute Brenda, who looks a little like a young, straight-haired Adrienne Barbeau, it was very difficult to watch due to the amateur editing.  The scene plays out a little like this: blowjob (EDIT!), cowgirl (EDIT!), reverse anal c.g. (EDIT!), blowjob (EDIT!), pop shot (CUT!).  It's that herky jerky and distracting and considering how solid and even the first three scenes are, it looks like it belongs to a different DVD altogether.  Our first dud (although hopefully our last).

Scene 5 (Missy: Length: 22:00): This scene is also plagued by some awkward, choppy editing, but to be completely honest, I didn't really care. Missy is a tan, dark-haired, lean-bodied animal that controls her refreshingly hairy partner (who's rockin' the Hollister "California" tee for a little American authenticity) for the entire scene.  I was tempted to stroke off at least three times before willing myself to get through the scene so I could finish this damn review.  The sex is free of tricks, but Missy's aggression, enjoyment, and smokin' hot body are ultra-appealing.  An excellent finale to a surprisingly solid release by Swank.      

Final Thoughts: This disc is a huge improvement over Swank's first volume in the series.  The scenes are better lit and directed, the girls are smokin' hot and actually look Latina, and other than a stray accented syllable every now and then, this DVD could pass for being an all American production. So, solely based on the number of times I wanted to jerk off to this video's scenes (a couple dozen, at least), I'm certainly recommending this latest installment in the Latina Deluxe series.         

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