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Cream My Pie 1

Studio: 21st Sextury Video » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 10/16/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Cream Pie-Straight


Cast: Liliane Tiger, Liz Honey, Angelina Crow, Misty S., Janet Joy, Yolanda

Length: 2hrs

Production Date: 21sextury video

Extras: Scene Selection: Without Act Access
Slide show
Web Info
Mobile Info
Language Selection: English, Spanish, French

Audio/Video: The Audio of Cream My Pie is you grandma's standard stereo 2.0. There are three language options, English Spanish and French; naturally anything but English sounds well, foreign.  It's nice to have these as an option, however, because there is absolutely no story requiring translation.  The Video itself is sharp, clean and well shot.  I didn't see a credit for the director, but 21st Sextury Videos have been pretty consistent on their quality; I mean you can't see split hairs or anything, but the girls look nice.

Body of Review:21Sextury Video continues to be a forerunner in contemporary porn business. Swiftly, they're getting their movies around and gaining an audience that I think is becoming a pretty faithful following. I've enjoyed many of their past flicks, and although many of the girls (or all maybe) are foreign and don't reappear as frequently, the talent never wanes. In their first installment of Cream My Pie 21SV is offering cum filled pussies and asses that are sure to raise your flag.


Scene 1: Liliane TIger
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, ATM, Pussy Creampie
Liliane is more of a fox than a tiger. Dressed in an all-body, orange fishnet outfit, Liliane has her hair pulled back with a band and this clears the view of her lovely, sharp featured face. Liliane has big, round eyes and boobs to match. She moves her body rather awkwardly, rubbing her breasts and sliding her hand between her meaty thighs. Liliane lies on a couch and pets her pierced pussy to climax. By then George Uhl can't wait any longer. He steps up, removes her fishnet costume and laps her labia while holding her fine legs in the air. George receives a rather Catholic bj that only offers some nice POV shots. He then slams her stapled pussy, pulling free to gape her vag and show her pink lining. Liliane saddles into reverse cowgirl and slips his schlong in her ass like a knife through butter. Liliane's performance is good-two-shoes, with a good deal of yelping. Her fat thighs are flesh pillows and the camera makes a good point to keep her bare feet in many shot (props to all you shrimping pervs). After 30 minutes of boning, the cream pie can't come quicker. And it better be spectacular. But it's not. Shot in the pussy, Liliane tries to scoop a sample for tasting, but gets little more than a few drops.

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Scene 2: Liz Honey
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, ATM, Anal Creampie
Honestly, who wears a red miniskirt and black stockings to an art museum? Didn't anyone warn you about those bored, lonely gallery guards? Lucky for Liz Honey, the docent fucks her before one of the middle-aged saps in the corner. Liz is a sweet faced blond blessed with a plump, white ass and a craving for PTMs. Keeping her red heels and black stockings on her, Liz gets faced fucked and boned doggy style before plopping her amazing, Texas sized rear end on the guy's slick shaft. His cock slips in and out of her effortlessly which leads to some really nice gapes. As easy as she balances her checkbook, Liz moves into anal freeing up her bare pussy and removing her heels in the process. The action here is much like the first scene; it is strong and consistent, with good acts and beautiful babes, but after 15 minutes grows stale and one can't help but anticipate the punchline, which is as satisfying as a Cosby joke.


Scene 3: Angelina Cro
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, ATP, ATM, Cumshot
Angelina is a raven-haired island of pleasure. As adorable as an 18 year old and naughty as a college sex fiend, Angelina is a lovely addition to the porn world. Immediately her short skirt is lifted and her globe-sized ass put to use. The pool man from outside has come to check the ph of her cornhole. This involves serious spelunking, because Angelina's hole is buried within her mountainous behind. She returns the favor with a noisy blowjob, keeping her rhinestone heels on to continue with the foot teasing. Angelina bares it all in reverse cowgirl where we get to see her pipes plumbed. As her vag gets a workout, her brown eye beckons for more action. Angelina's body is hotter than the action it gives. Especially in anal, where's she grows a tad stiff and lets the guy run the show. 20 minutes later, this foxy broad is red and sweaty and with her willingness to do ATP, you can place your bets as to which hole gets the money mark. Dog pounding brings his buddies to the surface, yet he pulls from her ass and splats all around her ass and vagine. So I guess it's a tie---and not exactly a creampie.


Scene 4: Misty S.
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, Pussy Creampie
There are the feet shots again. And these lovely piggies belong to faux-blond, pseudo-professional Misty S. a sultry hottie that turns office work into office play. Her squared glasses give her a library vibe and her big boobs and miniskirt take that library vibe and fuck it in the ass. This chick is a wet dream. For those who like the naughty intelligent gal or the slutty librarian, you'll chop your nuts for a piece of this action. And as the scene moves, things get better. She spreads her long, pink legs and strokes her cherry pie. 10 minutes of Misty fondling her angelic body is a nice break from the routine of the previous scenes. It's not until later that George Uhl, dressed in his Sunday's finest, whips his cock from his slacks and stick it between Misty's red lips. George plows Misty, sending her natural chest pieces in gyrating orbit. I don't generally like the older chick look, but Misty borders on young professional and MILF. And instead of playing den mother or driving carpool, she's bent over a chair, fucking in a porn. And it's too bad that after all this hard work, we end on a dud. George pops in puss and lets us down when his sperm barely trickles out--like a runny nose.


Scene 5: Janet Joy
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, Anal Creampie
Janet Joy has the color and smoothness of peanut butter. This olive-skinned honey, rests by the pool in a gold two piece that comes off quickly to reveal a super-tight ass and a enough boobage to fit in your mouth. Butt-naked and barefoot, Janet pleasures her gentleman caller, sucking his dick intently and stroking the shaft until her arm tires. By then, her hairless pussy and stink hole are tossed, lubed up and ready for the guy to put his stick in the mud. Janet is the first to include outside help. Rocking in cowgirl, she shoves a butt plug in her ass, hopefully getting it ready for some meat plug action. This early stretching exercise yields awesome, wide butt hole gapes. Although the guy pulls out of her ass to shoot his load, most gets in her gaping red eye. Janet gives the best cream pie performance on the disc when she pushes his jizz out in sloppy, cum farts. Even when you think it's over, she keeps pushing out air and spunk. Nasty babe.


Scene 6: Yolanda
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, ATM, Anal Creampie
Golden babe Yolanda, showers and slips into a wicked pink nightie set with heels only to have it ripped away moments later by Zenga. Eager to tap that ass, Zenga goes straight for the hiney, rubbing it and licking the holes. Surprisingly, deep throating hasn't been a feature, but leave it to Zenga to not let a disc go by without gagging some sweet broad. He prods her on and Yolanda accept his shaft the best she can, all too often bordering the line of actually vomiting. Zenga dishes out the mushroom stamp and pitches about 4 tents in her mouth. After the rough play, Zenga pumps Yolanda like a rabbit on speed. He bangs her pussy until it's mangled to jelly. And Yolanda isn't free to go yet; PTM turns her face beet red and wears her down just in time for anal. Zenga pumps a nasty load in her rectum and Yolanda is able to push some of it out in little spurts of white gold.


Concluding Words: Cream My Pie 1 would be a valiant first effort for a premiere series if the creampie was something we haven't seen a hundred times (or at least if you're a porn reviewer). This disc, while solid and satisfying, does not stand on its own. It barely even holds its weight as a Creampie flick---some 'pies' are shot on the outside of the girls' ass and vagine, and most of those shot inside, fail to get a good push to the surface, not that the girls don't try. Every asshole is different I suppose and it takes a fairly talented one to give a good creampie gush (Misty S.) or spurt (Janet Joy). Normally when a disc fails to deliver what it's marketing, I go Hulk and thrash my room. This disc tried at least, but was disappointing. I give it strong marks only because the action is solid and the babes uber-spectacular. They're worth checking out if nothing else. There's also a good amount of foot footage in this flick, so podephiles while find a good chuck of chub material. There are no extras; no, a picture gallery and web info do not count. And a lazy menu (no act access or even chapter breaks!) dig the disc's own grave. Rent it for the cuties. They need your support.
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