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Big Sausage Pizza #14

Studio: Spice Studios » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 10/16/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre:Straight-Big Dick Poking thru' a Pizza pie

Director:Anthony Del Rae

Cast:Tatianna Stone, Angelique Morgan, Michelle Honey, Vicky Vette, Megan Joy

Length:1hr 55 min

Production Date:Cinemaplay, 2007

Scene Selection: Without Act Access
Yep, that's all!
Oh, and Play Movie

Audio/Video:The Audio of the film is stereo 2.0 with a sound on par with most adult films.  All shots are indoors and come through clearly, making  sounds and voices discernible.  The  Video is full frame color because that's  as much as  our porno-watching brains can handle.  Shots are fine, image is clean.

Body of Review:CinemaPlay entertainment is keeping alive the old dick through a pizza trick. Already up to volume 14, Big Sausage Pizza 14 claims to be the home of the big meaty sausage. 5 scenes is 5 pies, so hopefully these girls are hungry.

Scene 1: Megan
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Delivering pizza sux! Unless you work for Big Sausage Pizza. But it's hard to get a job there because you have to have a massive dick that will stick through a pizza. Lucky Lou pizza guru knocks on the right door today. Megan, a stunning blonde with athletic tummy and big, fake tits answers the door. She didn't order the extra sausage, but she'll gladly consume it. Megan is a sight for horny eyes, she moans like a little panda, but keeps eying the camera as if to say "you've got me in the shot, right?" Pizza boy sucks her swollen vagina lips and pumps her on the kitchen counter. A reverse cowgirl has the couple bumping their hairless uglies. Megan has a flawless, golden ass that is lobotomizing as she pumps against his cock. A little loose perhaps, his dick keeps slipping out, Megan is still a turn on, But eyeing the camera gets a little creepy. In the end she takes a messy load in the mouth.

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Scene 2: Angelique
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Angelique is a French chick with big tits. She sucks the dick poking through the center of the pie (this one looks like Meat Lovers) pulling one of his balls through to get it oil and cheesy. Angelique's accent is grating and her voice like a bowl of gravel. It's hard to dig this scene because she just doesn't transfer well on screen. And with the shady hotel room setting, it seems like the buy is just banging a girl off the Paris streets. She welcomes a little spurt of semen to her frenchy lips.


Scene 3: Vicky
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Holy hell, someone just woke up. Answering the pizza man's bell, a rather sweet looking Vicky answers the door in a house robe. An older babe that kinda resembles Michelle Pfiefer, Vicky could have at least spruced up a bit for her dvd appearance. She eats his dick while it pokes from the pizza and bends into doggy to get drilled from behind. (Condom alert) Vicky is actually nice to watch fuck, maybe older women do know what they're doing. She pumps the shit out of his cock when she gets on top and although her boob are also man made, they spin a tad like to giant frog eyes looking for fly. They squeeze in a little titty fucking. With her legs in the air and her puss and asshole exposed, the camera shows how her wet pussy has seeped down to her brown eye. Thanks to the condom I suppose, this scene drags with little variety. Despite Vicky's veteran pussy putting on a decent performance, the scene itself is a weightless shell. She does take a nice load to her pink tongue.


Scene 4: Michelle
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Michelle is cute, leggy starlet who is a little clumsy around, well everything. I'm afraid some common sense may have slipped down to her tits, which are a monster pair of floppy fun bags. Michelle is sweet, but again we're given some used goods. Older than most stars, Michelle isn't really that interesting to watch. Her black-lipped pussy is eaten then beaten. She stays on top a good deal of the scene, which is nice because her love bags spin nicely. Michelle doesn't really want a load in her mouth so she shies from his flying children. I left this feeling 5 years older and ready for a nap.


Scene 5: Tatianna
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Tatianna is the buxom bombshell on the dvd cover. She dances at the local strip club and while on stage stops her show to get her big sausage pizza. Tatianna pulls the delivery boy on stage and gives nasty, sloppy oral, even deep throating, some, for the first time on this disc. It's hard to get a good look of Tatianna because the strip club is dark and those stupid strobe lights are everywhere. But she looks like an older, and beefier version of Aurora Snow, but it could be the lighting. The couple give a decent boning, but it feels very mid-80s, so it's not very engaging. Nonetheless, Tatianna has a sweet body and she endures the biggest blast to the face, scooping it with her fingers for salty satisfaction.


Concluding Words:At the best, this is a mediocre flick. It feels very outdated, like early '90s perhaps. The talent is sub par and the girls all look to old for my taste. With the exception of Megan, the other fine ladies are closer to MILF than I expected. There is the dick through the pizza gag, as promised, thank you. And the girls do suck the sausage sticking straight through the pie. But this little bit of fun is over way too soon and the scene shifts to your typical bone session--which is less than exciting. The pizza bit isn't new but it's not as common as the duck call, so I was hoping this little bit would play a larger/longer role. This, mediocre boning, semi-lovely talent, and a bare bones dvd puts this in the gutters. Oh, and the flick runs 1hour and 55 minutes, not the "Over 2 hours" the cover boasts. I hate that shit. Skip It



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