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Filthy's Sinoritas

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Alexander » Review Date: 10/19/07

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Tagline: "filthy caliente cholas...straight outta South Beach!!! They lika your cock-a!"

Genre: Gonzo Latina

Writer/Director: Cezar Capone

Length: 2:07:13 

Condoms: No

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Cast: Ruby Knox, Margarita Rose, Cassie Sweets, Valentina Lopez, Michaela

First Impressions: Hm. Was I going to get a DVD on par with Club Jenna's Filthy's Peepin' Toms, which reviewer Colonel Mustard says offers "blistering sex and a unique spin on the...gonzo genre" and highly recommends, or would I be subjected to the short scenes, bored girls, and lukewarm action of Filthy's Monster Cocks 2? Judging from Sinoritas box art, I knew I was at least going to get a handful of gorgeous Latina babes.  The jury though, would be out on the rest.

Audio/Visual Quality: The video is presented in full frame color and looks decent enough on my monitors.  The scenes are generally well lit, thanks to the bright South Florida sun.  Scenes one and two are varied and expertly filmed but things go considerably awry in scene three to five.  Close-ups predominate with far too few medium shots highlighting the acts and performer's bodies.  Audio is adequate.  Ambient noise is present throughout--a dull hum that is made slightly less annoying by the cranked up slurping sounds and moans.  It's all pretty much on par with what you'd expect from a gonzo flick set in someone's living room.   

Special Features: That jury? Still out.  There's nothing of note here, just the requisite photo gallery (2:29), 11 trailers, and a few Club Jenna internet addresses.

Scene 1 (Ruby Knox; Length: 32:23): The scene begins with director Capone buying a couple of bags of oranges from side-of-the-highway fruit stand vendor Ruby.  Ruby is super fine, with a long torso, tight stomach, perfect teeth, and a pair of perfect natural tits.  After a few minutes of banter (which is somewhat muffled by the sound of cars hurtling by on the highway), Ruby abandons her post and joins Capone in his pickup.  Banter, banter and then Ruby hikes up her denim mini, pulls down her red lace bra and fondles herself for Capone's camera.  After a whole lot of convo between the two we're treated to Ruby stripped down to nothing more than a pair of red panties and a huge gold belt. (I'm telling y'all, Ruby's body is perfecto.)  Anyway, we're almost 15 minutes into the flick and I have a throbbing hard on from watching Ruby slink bank and forth across the screen with her red panties and heels.  Then she finally, FINALLY, takes our heavily-tattoed stud's cock in her mouth.  She gets maw fucked for a couple of minutes before her cunt gets pounded from above, behind, and below.  There's about 15 minutes of seriously hot fucking, and the heat isn't generated solely from Ruby's amazing body and beautiful face. No, the scene works because of how well it's filmed.  The angles are varied and interesting and the bulk of the scene smartly highlights Ruby's fantastic features. The segment ends with the dude furiously stroking off while Ruby waits patiently on her knees.  He strokes and strokes and strokes until he finally unleashes a scarily powerful load onto Ruby's cheek and lips. 

Scene 2 (Margarita Rose; Length: 22:25): Brown-skinned, tiny tittied, and very cute Margarita is up next.  The lucky guy, clad in an obnoxious pink t-shirt and baggy jeans, enters the apartment and greets our Latina hottie. They talk.  They giggle. Capone directs.  It's a little ho-hum until the dude pulls his impressive member out of his jeans and gives Margarita some advice on how to best treat his cock. She gives him an impressive blowjob before he bends her over and fingers her pussy for a minute or two.  Doggie, some aggressive cowgirl, and another bout of rod slurping ensue before the guy dribbles a stream of cum onto Margarita's waiting lips.  Like scene one, this segment is well-filmed and edited. It's another stroke-worthy scene featuring another Latina beauty.    

Scene 3 (Cassie Sweets; Length: 29:26): Rail thin Cassie Sweets is lounging on a cheap plastic lounge chair chatting up director Capone.  Perhaps realizing that 99% of the dudes that will watch this DVD will either fast forward through the banter or use these senseless intros to make a sandwich, Cassie gingerly gets up and walks on two skinny legs toward the apartment.  Now inside, Cassie wastes no time at all in peeling off her narrow clothes and fingering her roast-beef rimmed pussy. From stage left arrives a new stud, his cock hard and trying to wriggle free from his boxer briefs.  To the rescue, however, is Cassie's mouth, which liberates his rod and sucks it slowly and methodically.  And that's probably the best way to describe most of the action in this scene: methodical.  It's all very sex-by-numbers and there's an obvious lack of chemistry between the two leads. Further sucking the heat from the scene is the reliance on close-ups.  The medium shots of the two--where we can see the guy's tight body and Cassie's surprisingly round ass--are most effective in producing, well, boners, so it's a shame that so much of this lengthy scene is filmed just inches away from our girl's worn cunt.  A pair of bony legs plus mostly chemistry-free sex plus a close-up happy director amounts to a really unsatisfying scene. Our first dud!     

Scene 4 (Michaela; Length: 17:04): I knew this scene would suck just seconds in when, during Capone's Q&A with fleshy Michaela, the guy/boyfriend/john sitting to her left makes no attempt to stifle a giant yawn.  Surely a sign of things to come, I thought.  And sure enough, nervous Michaela giggles her way through a variety of nude poses, questions like "How do you say 'he's got a big wiener' in espaniol' from Capone, and cock sucking. Mercifully, the two fuck, which means a.) no more questions from Capone, and b.) no more nervous giggling. There's some cowgirl.  And missionary. And finally some doggie. But our director does this girl no favors at all by once again zooming in just inches away from her scrunched up cottage cheese cheeks. The scene does end on a positive note however, with a nicely framed and surprisingly explosive pop shot.  Not bad for a pair of first timers, but far too little and much too late to salvage this scene.

Scene 5 (Valentina Lopez; Length: 25:52): Does no one listen to Vanessa Williams ballads anymore? I wish production companies would stop front-loading their DVDs with a couple hot scenes featuring seasoned pros, and instead either spread the quality out so everything past the first hour doesn't feel like an afterthought, or just stop recruiting average looking and inexperienced chicks altogether to provide an experience that is 100% solid. Anyway, we meet Valentina at an actual laundry mat. It's supposed to have the air of a random encounter, but it's very staged and and amateur-ish and silly, really.  So panty-free Valentina gets into Capone's truck and starts rubbing her pussy. This had the potential for teh hot, but our girl has a really unappealing series of stretchmarks under her thigh and a pair of labia that jut out from her crotch like rolls of deli meat.  It's kinda gross. So we get to a bedroom where an attractive blonde dude is laying down.  Surprisingly, what follows is pretty hot.  Capone refrains from close-up after close-up, and instead treats us to a series of full-figured fucking in a host of different positions.  And while Valentina isn't the hottest chick on the disc, she knows how to handle a cock.  A weak intro., but nice recovery at the end. 

Final Thoughts: The quality of the girls and the fucking plummet after scene two.  Ruby, especially, is a treat to watch. She's obviously a pro, and freeze-frames of her lean body alone will have you jerking your pole.  Margarita's scene is also solid and stroke-worthy.  Unfortunately, that's only 54:48 of solid porn. Coupled with the lack of extras and some average audio, this title earns a Rent It from me.    


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