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I Cum For You, U Cum For Me #2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Alexander » Review Date: 10/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Tagline: "Tonight, I'm gonna play with my clit, and then I'm gonna suck your dick!"

Genre: Gonzo, Vignette, POV

Length: 2:33:14

Director: Mario Rossi

Cast: Bree Olson, August, Savannah Stern, Paulina James, Ashley Jensen, Barbie Baja, Mario Rossi

First Impressions: Best. Title. Ever.  (I mean, really, it's both straight to the point (she's telling us that she'll cum, and so will you!), and strangely poetic.  (OK, while it may not be the best ever, it's way more creative than Big Boobs Are Cool!, I've Been Sodomized, and Swallow My Children.) Anyway, I knew exactly what I was going to get here: a half dozen beauties masturbating with an assortment of big synthetic dongs before treating director Mario Rossi to wet, sloppy blowjobs.  It's an impossible-to-fuck-up formula provided the girls are hot and energetic enough, so my hopes were high for I Cum For You, U Cum For Me 2.  

Special Features: The extras on the disc include the requisite internet and office addresses, a 1:30 "model gallery," two trailers (for I Cum For You, U Cum For Me and Ass Wide Open #9), a commercial for New Sensations, and a 56 minute behind the scenes featurette.  The BTS segment is interesting and definitely worth a watch (and stroke).  Each girl is featured, from a disinterested Bree Olson signing her release, to August having a make-up applied before posing for a series of stills.  The highlights: Savannah getting dressed before her scene and ripping into a package of a new pair of pink fishnets, and stunning Paulina posing for photographer Rossi (who takes his pictures with his wang hanging out of his jeans, apparently).  Nothing revolutionary here, but even the inclusion of a decent lengthy extra is refreshing in a day when studios still claim that photo galleries and chapter search links are enough to slap a "loaded with extras" label on their box art.  

Audio/Visual Quality: I wasn't expecting much in terms of sound.  After all, other than a handful of brief (and sorta funky) musical introductions, the only other sounds in the scenes are the usual moans, slaps, screams, vibrators vibrating, and mouths feasting on wet cock.  But the audio is surprisingly clear and crisp and really does add to the atmosphere of the scene.  Every one of Bree's purrs and August's slurps are crystal clear and appealing.  Video-wise, the DVD is presented in full-screen and the PQ is surprisingly colorful and sharp. Flesh tones look natural and the super colorful vibrators and dildos practically leap off the screen.  (The only exception is scene five, which looks a little washed out with slight blurring toward the top of the frame, particularly when Ashley leans back and her crotch is in the foreground.)    

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Bonus Scene (From 2007's Sex With Young Girls #10, featuring Veronique Vega and Ian Scott): Latina Veronique Vega is at her hottest here, wearing thigh-high white tights, pink boy shorts, and a pair of tall heels. If you're as attracted to Veronique as I am, then you'll undoubtedly freeze the frame a few times and jerk off well before any of the action begins.  Her face and body are that fine.  The first 15 minutes of the scene features our girl playing with an assortment of dildos and vibrators. The action is highly erotic as Veronique obviously has a good time sampling the various toys at her disposal.  After having her fill of the plastic dongs, director Ian Scott gets treated to a hot, sloppy POV blowjob until he cums in her mouth.  A quality bonus scene feauting one of my favorite performers.

Scene 1 (Featuring Bree Olson): Blonde, pig-tailed, big-tittied, and perfect-pussied Bree Olson plays with an assortment of giant rubber dongs for about 18 minutes before taking director Mario Rossi's cock in her mouth.  If you're a Bree Olson fan, or hell, just hot blondes in general, you'll definitely get off to this scene.  She crams each mammoth fake cock into her cunt and says things like "I'm so wet," "I'm so tight," and "uh, uh, uh." Awesome.  There's a little deep throating to spice things up a bit, but the bulk of this segment pretty much features a.) Bree's pussy being violated by gigantic pink dildos, and b.) Bree giving Rossi a hot, wet POV blowjob.  There's nothing ground-breaking here--just a hot chick masturbating and sucking some cock.  And Bree Olson? Outrageously hot.  Good scene.

Scene 2 (Featuring August): The format is the same: August poses for the camera for a few minutes, showing off her tan body, before she too goes to work on a trio of massive multi-colored dildos.  One thing is for certain: August is tons more active than Bree.  And while she doesn't say much more than "oh, fuck" and "fuck yeah," the girl obviously enjoys her toys. The first fake cock is long and narrow and after titty-fucking it for a few seconds, August spits on it and works it into her pussy. Then, an orange number emerges and she does a host of things with this one too, from sucking it to rubbing it against her clit.  The final dong is a scarily thick blue beast that is as wide as my forearm. With some effort, she manages to cram it into her cunt and eventually fucks it with aplomb.  August has energy and passion to spare.  And like the first segment, our girl wraps up the scene with a hot blowjob of Rossi's popular rod.  She strokes it, jerks it, and sucks it. A second solid scene.

Scene 3 (Featuring Savannah Stern): There's a nifty introduction to this scene, with lace lingerie-clad Savannah posing to some mellow piano riffs.  The slick editing and visuals were a little jarring considering the introductions to scenes one and two amounted to little more than the girls shoving their asses into the camera and squashing their tits together.  Anyway, just like the previous scenes, our girl attacks a bevy of fake dildos before sucking Rossi's cock.  Savannah is a little more mobile than the first two girls, however, and writhes around on the couch before crawling to the floor like a meat pole seeking panther.  It's quite hot.  Less hot are the flashes of Savannah's asshole, which looks a little like something is trying to claw its way out of.  It's bumpy and just a little disconcerting.  But despite the misshapen butthole, this scene is just as hot as the previous two, with sexy Savannah obviously enjoying every second of the fake and real cocks.       

Scene 4 (Featuring Paulina James): I've got a confession to make. I only made it about 20 seconds into this scene before I had to jerk off to do something about my raging hard on. And my cock wasn't hard as result of the cumulative hot-ness of the DVDs first three scenes. Oh no. This erection happened, and needed to be taken care of, solely due to the ridiculous smoking hot-ness of cover girl Paulina James.  The hair, Mariah Carey-esque mouth, lean body, and crazy pink knee-high boots with gigantic...bobbles bobbling from them--it all added up to my giving in to temptation, pausing the disc, and, well, furiously stroking off.  She's that damn fine. Anyway, gorgeous Paulina saunters into a well-appointed home and proceeds to assault her pussy with a lipstick-sized toy while simultaneously sucking on a vibrator that looks very much like those red, white, and blue rocket popsicles we enjoyed as kids. Then, tired of those, she takes hold of a giant "pearl"-filled g-spot vibrator which she uses in her cunt, on her clit, and ultimately in her tight asshole.  An awesome wet blowjob on Rossi follows, with the segment culminating with Paulina jerking her director off until he cums on her lips. 

This girl is so outrageously hot, I'll treat you to another pic--a bonus peek, if you will--from this scene.

My new favorite porn star, Paulina James.

Scene 5 (Featuring Ashley Jensen): Damn.  This scene features yet another spectacular babe, Ashley Jensen.  Just seconds into the scene, Ashley is stripped down to her pearls, a belt, and a sexy-as-hell string of star tattoos snaking down the side of her torso.  The sequence goes something like this: Ashley fingers her pussy; spreads her lips; sucks on a vibrator while thrusting the handle of a hair brush into her cunt; fucks the dildo doggie style, affording us a very nice glimps of her tight asshole; humps a huge, blue, knobby dildo; grinds on a cock-and-ball shaped dildo, cowgirl style; and then, finally, gives Rossi a furious suck and jerk.  The girl's grip is vice-like and she tosses his rod with intensity...I'm amazed--amazed--that Rossi was able to last more than a couple minutes here. Yet another solid, hot, stroke-worthy scene.

Scene 6 (Featuring Barbie Baja): Barbie is hot, don't get me wrong, but she looks way cheap in this segment.  Her eye-shadow is heavy, very purple, and, instead of highlighting her blue contact-clad peeps, sort of obscures them.  A nitpick, sure, but the make-up, teamed with a pair of clunky pink plastic heels, the contacts, and a ton of bling on her fingers, actually makes her slightly trashy looking and unappealing. On a DVD that features three babes that look spectacular sans make-up, it makes it al the more obvious how over done-up Barbie is here. Like the other girls on the disc, Barbie spends about 15 minutes handling an assortment of vibrators and dildos.  There's also a lot of frantic clit rubbing here. Fake cocks are inserted into slit, her button is massaged, and lips are pursed and licked repeatedly.  I don't know.  I realize all of the scenes are staged, obviously, but there's just something really fake about this one. It's a little...robotic, I guess.  A disappointing finale to an otherwise spectacular disc.

Final Thoughts: Despite the just-OK final scene, the first two hours on this DVD are fantastic. The bulk of the girls are hot, they make fine use of the toy collection, and all of the POV blow jobs are appropriately wet, sloppy, and sexy. Plus, Paulina James, whom I was unfamiliar with before watching I Cum For You, U Cum For Me #2, just rocketed to the top of my hottest adult stars list.  Obviously, this disc earns a highly recommended nod from me.                 

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