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Big Wet Brazilian Asses 2

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/17/07

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Ju Pantera was well equipped for the movie.

Big Wet Brazilian Asses 2

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Gil Bendazon

Cast: Ju Pantera, Monica Mattos, Natasha Ferraz, Lorena Aquino, Ayenne Morais Dhones, Loupan, Sandro, Ygor

Length: 128:28 minutes

Date of Production: 9/2/2007

Extras: For many of you, the 19:51 minute long Bonus scene from Latin Booty Worship will be the best extra so I included a description of the scene below. The 5:39 minute Behind the Scenes feature was kind of limited as it wasn’t in English and while it started out with tease dancing, the goof ups were more akin to flubs than a true BTS. Better was the 11:47 minute long series of solo masturbation scenes by the ladies as they diddled themselves silly with toys. I like solo work and these were short but sweet. There was also a photogallery, a pop shot recap, 6 trailers to shows such as Brianna Love is Buttwoman and Celebusluts, spam, and a true double sided DVD cover with other titles listed.

Condoms: None

Monica Mattos looked good in oils.

Audio/Video Quality: Big Wet Brazilian Asses 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Gil Bendazon for Elegant Angel. The camera work was fairly solid with plenty of lighting to reduce the grain, video noise and shadows but the picture did not appear as crisp this time. This is one area that some E.A. directors can be less consistent so I applaud his efforts at trying to improve the quality of his work. I saw no compression artifacts (it was largely falling around the mid 5 Mbps video bitrate) and the composition of the camera angles favored the women enough that I’d almost think Nutsack was on the set helping the guy out (the emphasis was thankfully on the booty most of the time to). The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. For those keeping track, the audio was offered in a 192 Kbps offering, plenty of room considering how little took place on it but leaving room for future efforts too.

Natasha Ferraz looked the part too.

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Body of Review: Gil Bendazon is the latest director at Elegant Angel and his first movie that I am conscious of is Big Wet Brazilian Asses 2. If you’re familiar with the BWA series, you’ll know that it had curvy gals teasing to droning music while their bodies are oiled up. The emphasis is almost always on the booty (spin off series include the breast titles) and this time the fans were promised that all the scenes would have anal in their. To be frank about it, I’d rather see some gal having a great time doing whatever she wanted than a forced anal but I was hopeful that the show would include anal professionals that enjoyed it rather than did their booty duty for the director. That said, here is a look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that the men were never identified and no condoms were used:

Lorena Aquino can move in with me!

Scene One: Ju Pantera, a thick little gal with long dark hair and a shapely behind, was up first as she bounced around to the droning beat (the scene was edited in that rapid fire manner the main BWA series is, complete with droning music). The oiling up was as hot as ever, her curvy rump teasing until the scene jumped right in to her blowing some anonymous dude (the males were not credited by scene like the ladies were and I’m not going to spend a lot of time figuring them out of the company doesn’t know them). The hummer was done in a semi-POV manner with streamers flying about and Ju slobbing knob with the best of them. The guy’s cock had troubles getting hard but given the bandage on his arm, I suspect he had a lot of larger issues going on too. He gave her a courtesy lick or two before she went back to blowing him but this led to some anal antics where extra oil was tossed on their genitalia as he tried tapping her ass with his semi erect bone. Her fake porn moans weakened it even more since it was clear that he was barely inside of her, adjusting his angle of attack to look more like he was hard than he was. Whatever meds he took finally kicked in by the time the vaginal screwing took place and she thankfully rode him pretty actively by this point, more oil making a mess of the setting but shining up her ass just fine. They screwed vaginally until the end, his modest load of population pudding hitting her crotch. I really hoped that this wasn’t the best scene of the movie though I’d watch parts of it a time or two.

Ayenne Morais positioned for her buddy.

Scene Two: Monica Mattos, a leaner gal with a sweet tan line that accentuated her curves, was up next to follow the general formula of tease during droning music with copious amounts of oil used to make her look even better. Once again the sex started with a guy’s dick in her mouth, the build up between them perhaps not considered important enough by the director. Monica was no stranger to a cock in her mouth either and her oral skills served her well enough; her scene partner actually spending some time orally warming her up (and she liked it so the scene was better as a result!). The initial ride was an active vaginal bout of boning and while her vocal moaning seemed a bit loud, whatever she said in her foreign tongue appeared to be genuine in regards to his efforts. The vaginal sex was going so well that I was content but since the movie advertised “100% anal”, they did that next; the action slowing down greatly as a result. I admit that her fanny looked sweet in the air and all oiled up though; her vocals sounding a lot like a derivative of “pack my fudge”. The fudge packing continued until he came in her mouth (ATM) but they surprised me by going back to boning anally for awhile until he rubbed out a second load to her mouth.

Scene Three: Natasha Ferraz, the gal on the front cover with the great ass (and misspelled name), was up next as she teased to the music with lots of oil pouring down on her. She was another gal with a great tan line and solid set of tease skills but she was also cut far too short on doing so; the cock in mouth syndrome bugging me yet again. They appeared to be in a children’s bedroom, the gal seeming to blow him to completion early as he blathered on in his foreign tongue, soon going down on her at least until she passively took his cock in her cookie. This went on for a few positions and then they went for anal, her act getting even more passive (if that was possible) as he pounded away on her ass while she yelled “ai!” a lot. How she earned the cover was beyond me, others were as genetically blessed but better performers; though I admit her tan line was so delineated that it almost looked like she was wearing a T-back. Her rump took the pumps well but since it was so passive, her rippling flesh was only marginally strokable, the guy taking far too long to jerk out a load to her face (and making more noise than Lexington Steele).

Scene Four: Lorena Aquino, a light haired lass with impressive curves, was up next on the floor as she followed the routine. Her red thong looked great being eaten up by her ass cheeks and the oil never failes to look good but her huge breasts didn’t hurt my libido either as the fun continued. She looked too sleepy for my tastes but as long as her ass was facing the screen, I didn’t mind at all. She seemed less experienced sucking guys off (yeah, it was another hack job on the edit too) but she gave it her all as she inhaled it to the best of her ability. He then went right to drilling her holes; rubbing along her crack as if deciding where to go first. She was thick and her scarred stomach (along the bikini line) spoke volumes as to her motivations but she let him do the anal on her without much movement on her part. I was disappointed by this since she seemed so promising at first. Once the anal let up and she got on top of him, she at least tried to save the scene by bouncing a little bit (perhaps inconsistently so but it qualified as a “try”). They continued for awhile until he jerked off to her face but she did not swallow.

Scene Five: Ayenne Morais, a leaner brunette wearing a black and white polka dot bikini bottom, was up last and the louder music was back as she bent over and swished from side to side as her tease. I liked the oil but the uninspired tease, even with her all natural body, struck me as lame. She then appeared with a cock in her mouth sucking away at it with a scowl on her face; her male partner sounding more like he was from Eastern Europe than Brazil. He gave her some oral and then the bumping of uglies began. She had some junk in her trunk (and the rest of her body too) that did not bother me in the slightest but her inability to generate much heat with him in either the vaginal or anal portion of the scene endangered the rating form the rental level to the skip it level given the mixed quality of scenes taking place before it. I’d definitely wrap my dick twice before screwing her but only to give her a few lessons in how to fuck on camera. His modest load mostly missed her mouth and she looked drained by the end; worn being another accurate descriptor.

Bonus Scene: Latin Booty Worship: Ice La Fox, the gal with the bountiful booty seen on the front cover, shook her money maker out by the pool on a cloudy day in her green outfit to start the show. I wasn't keen on the slow motion but the rest of the scene lost the music and allowed studly Mr. Marcus an opportunity to enjoy her genetic gifts in a very playful manner. She seemed stoked on how much attention he was giving her orally and with his hands, proving that a little junk in the trunk can be appreciated. He oiled up her ass and massaged it, soon offering his big cock for her to suck. She really got into it and started using a combination of hand to gland action as well as her mouth and throat to pleasure him, inhaling the knob while slobbing all over it. This led to a short 69 before she started bouncing on his cock as though she were on fire to get every last bit of it deep inside of her. Active rides on a cock his size are few and far between so that made it a great opener for me, the hip grinding she gave only enhancing it more as a result. It ended awhile later with her taking the facial and licking him clean, marking a fine scene to enjoy. Whew!

Summary: Big Wet Brazilian Asses 2 by director Gil Bendazon for Elegant Angel was pretty weak much of the time and I nearly said skip it but going back over my notes, I found that there was just enough extras, just enough good sex, and just enough curvy Brazilian ass to squeeze out a rating of Rent It instead. The movie was heavily flawed in terms of the casting but the technical values were pretty good and I liked the bonus scene a lot better than the ones included here (too bad that I already had it) so unless you like seeing women in pain having anal sex, Big Wet Brazilian Asses 2 was a mixed effort that lacked the aggressive sexuality the domestic version has had at the hands of the infamous Nutsack.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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