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Studio: Teravision » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 10/17/07

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Studio: Teravision/Vivid

Written and Directed: Dave Navarro & Sancho

Produced: Sancho

Production Date: 07/17, 7/18, 7/27/2007

Release Date: 09/28/2007

Category: Feature,  S&M 

Length: 1 hour 15 minutes

Genre: Straight, Anamorphic 16:9 

Condoms: No


Sasha Grey...the duality of strength and weakness is her condition. With despair and potent desire pulling Sasha apart, she administers her refuge. Only to discover she is the order amongst chaos. Finding control... 

Cast:  Audrey Bitoni, Dave Navarro, Dave Navarro, Jenna Haze, Kayla Paige, Lisa Daniels, Marco Banderas, Mark Davis, Sasha Grey, Spyder Jonez, Tommy Gunn, Victoria Sin 

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Trailer Trash, Shooting Gallery, Online Predators, Repairing Broken 

Audio/Video:  Broken written and directed by Dave Navarro and produced by Sancho is distributed by Vivid and released by Teravision, was filmed in High Definition and presented in wide screen format. The sound portion was good presented in 5.1 Digital Dolby surround sound and there was no echoing or any kind of audio distortions. The colors were accurate, the flesh tones solid. The picture was clean and crisp with no pixilation.

 Sasha Grey showing her moody range

OverView: One has to wonder just how much pain equals to pleasure. In  Broken the  amount of  pain one  person  goes  through  physically and mentally  can  restore to  some  kind of break  down and  regain total  control.Endorphins are released by pain experiences and can be perceived as pleasurable and possibly psychologically addictive Like a mathematical equation Broken breaks down to the simplest of forms; sex+ pleasure+ pain= pleasure  rush. What  brings about this  equation is the  inference in the movie after Mark and Sasha go at  it and  she  takes  all  of his  jizz into her  mouth,  spits it out of her  mouth  onto a spoon then takes  a syringe  shooting the  cum into her  veins. Is Sasha a Sexual Vampire or a Succubus gaining strength and power through this?

Broken has a lot of twist and turns and has to be watched closely to understand what Dave Navarro and Sancho are   trying to get across. With all the artistic methods he used in every scene, this is not your typical porn. The sex is  very intense and through out the entire title there is  a lot of hypoxyphila (choking by partner during  sex) which  I  will admit isn’t  so much  of a turn on to me. Consensual S&M is not only pain that initiate pleasure, but violence—or the simulation of violence—to express love and acceptance. There is a method to his madness and even after a second watch it  leave me  wonder how  much pain  would  one take to  get that  sexual high that  becomes  a true  addiction. Both director and  producer managed to  get that point across and leave even  me thinking..


Broken  has a  nice  array of  extras including  Repairing Broken which is more  of a BTS  with the  director and the  producer via  video conference going over  local and putting the entire  film together. The Shooting Gallery lasts about 10 minutes and you can see the performer prepping and the actual poses used. The Online Predators links you to their website letting you play around over there.

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Trailer Trash: Thirteen releases from Teravision/Vivid starting with Appetite for Destruction, Test Drive,Skinn Kandi, Glamcore, Ferocious, Ultra-Violett, and American MILF-The Movie, Teradise Island, Decadence, Reign of Tera 2, Stimuli, China Blue, Virtual Tera Patrick

Scene1: Sasha Grey (solo)

The scene  first  opens with a  very  distraught  Sasha Grey  sobbing uncontrollably on the  bathroom  floor and at the  same time  she is  mumbling incoherently while  masturbating. The scene makes you wonder why she is playing with herself and hysterically crying. Is she remembering an encounter that was both pleasing and painful? Not an erotic moment in the opening scene.

Sasha and Mark


Scene 2:Sasha Grey, Mark Davis

The ongoing dialog in this next scene between Sasha and Mark has Italian subtitles across the screen and is filmed in an all white background in b/w. Mark who has an overwhelming person to Sasha submissive side. Mark and Sasha are so in tuned with the other. They are so natural and fit like two links together. The entire scene is a very strong one with a lot of choking, slapping, gagging, hard fingering etc. Sasha eye makeup shows the worst for wear as it runs down her face. Sasha sits on Mark’s lap giving him her back after being choked and slapped a few times. Mark slaps her between her legs a few times to stimulate her clit. From there  she  sucks him off, mind you  they are  speaking  English and  the  subtitles do  prove to be a  bit  distracting. He then pulls her sweater over her face covering her eyes as she sucks him off. Sasha then mounts up straddling him riding him CG style. Mark chokes her and smacks her around some more before Sasha turns around to ride him RCG. Mark ends up giving her a facial with Sasha swallowing his cum. This is where it gets weird. Sasha goes into the  bathroom, spits his  cum out onto a spoon, reaches  for a  syringe and shoots up his  cum into her  vein. Pain + Pleasure = Sexual High?

Scene3:  Jenna Haze & Tommy Gunn, Victoria Sin& Spyder, Lisa Daniels with Kayla Paige , Sasha Grey &  Marco Banderas

This next scene lasts almost 45 minutes and it’s a scene within another scene. You have 3 b/g scenes going on as well as the g/g scene all at one time. Hence the confusion and the chaos going on within the set.

The first scene starts with Jenna and Tommy. This is the  typical  porn  scene where  girl orders pizza, pizza delivery  man flirts with  customer and  vice  versa and within moments they are  screwing. What makes this  scene  different is that when  edited the  film  was  fast forward and you can  see the performers bouncing around the  set back and  forth  until they  get to the  right  spot  where  Jenna is   giving  Tommy  a BJ. Then it cuts off to Victoria and Spyder who are in another part of the set and he has her spread eagle pounding her from behind. Mind you through all this Sasha is above watching.

Lisa Daniels & Kayla Paige

Sasha then grabs Marco who has a camera in hand and gets a POV BJ from Sasha. Things change again as we now are watching the ladies going at it. Lisa Daniels and Kayla Paige getting all hot and steamy, breaking out toys and showing off what they can do. What stood out was the standing 69 the ladies did. What you have here is  a lot of  non stop action with the  constant  change over back and forth  between  performers with Sasha “ give  a  helping hand” where  needed. For each working scene you had cameramen all over making sure they get the right shots and angles for the pounding the ladies where getting. Each scene finally winds down and you get to see the finishing act and the clean up as well. What was  a turn off was all the tats Spyder. I can understand a few but almost his entire body was covered in Ink, that just grossed me out. Ok everyone if you have  been able to keep up  with the  back and forth  filming in the  set inside of a set then you are  lucky, I know  I  got lost somewhere in the  45 minutes a  few times until I caught  up . Excellent scene... a bit confusing at times but the performers did an outstanding job!

Nice  Body!


Scene4: Audrey Bitoni, Marco Banderas

After watching one of the longest scenes every this next scene with Audrey and Marco is a well welcomed one. Marco finds her backstage naked sitting in a director’s chair. Marco eagerly eats her out the she is on her knees sucking him off. They  go at  it in several  different positions with  Marco  doing her  missionary and  unloading  onto a near by mirror and you have  Audrey licking the  cum off the mirror. What I  enjoyed about this scene was the  change  from  a  regular porn shot to  what looked  like a music  video. In addition, the constant eye contact Audrey made with the camera. Audrey and Marco have worked very well together in a few other titles and I will be the first to admit just how beautiful Audrey is.

Makes You Wonder.. Did She or Didn't She?


Scene 5: Sasha Grey, Marc Davis

This final scene opens the same way the second scene does with the white background and in b/w. Here you have Mark asleep on the sofa awakened by Sasha who is holding a shot gun over him. Mark is made to remove his clothing and kneel in front of her. Sasha tosses him a condom and tells him to put it on the barrel of the gun. Just as things get weirder we see another set with the Director stepping in trying to regain control of Sasha and she tells him to fuck off. I won’t tell you want happens next with Mark and the shot gun. All I will say is that you have to watch both endings to really enjoy the mind game that has been going on since the beginning.  

Final Thoughts:

 What everyone looks for in an adult feature is a good story line, exotic women and hardcore sex. In Broken you get so much more than that. With a very complex story  line  and scenes within  scenes, Broken  makes  for  a title that is a  must  watch  twice to really  understand and  enjoy what is  going on. The artistic  value filmed in  certain  scenes  in  b/w with an  all  white  background and the  music performed  by  kHz and  Axel Braun and Alex De Large blend  perfectly  with the mood  that  was set. Sasha Grey’s role in a few scene as the one in control, pushing  the  button on the  performers  gave more  believability to  the  very  strong  storyline. There are times that the music drowns out the vocals of the performers but that is corrected with in seconds. In scene 2, the Italian subtitles are a bite confusing and you really can’t make out what is being said which makes you question why they used the Italian subtitles. Overall Broken is a repeat watch and one you should have in your collection especially if you are into S&M and are huge fans of the beautiful Sasha Grey. Great sex+ good storyline + good music/soundtrack=  X-Critic Pick! All I want to know is where I can get a copy of the music from the group kHz with additional music from Axel Braun and Alex De Large. I loved their music! I forgot to mention is a must watch in the BTS... An alternate ending which literally is mind blowing.

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Have  a Wicked Week and an Even Wetter Weekend  Ravyn

Victoria Sin

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