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Girl in 6C

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/18/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jessica Drake is always a great way to start a movie; ask Tommy Gunn!

The Girl In 6C

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Jessica Drake, Tommy Gunn, Carmen Hart, Eric Masterson, Charles Dera, Randy Spears, Trina Michaels, Marco Duato/Banderas, Barry Scott, Chris Cannon, Justice Young, Marcus London, TJ Cummings, Kayla Carrera, Jason Arrow
Non sex roles: Brad Armstrong, others not credited

Length: 118:46 minutes

Carmen Hart makes cute faces before coital activity.

Date of Production: 4/4/2007

Extras: For some of you, the best extra will be the bonus scene from Just Between Us between Carmen Hart and Brad Armstrong. I described it below in detail for those who care but it was a decent extra, if unrelated to this actual production. There was also a 19:04 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Jax that offered up some extra sex, a few flubbed lines, general goofing off, and some background detail by Brad, Carmen, and some of the others involved in the making of the movie. There were five photogalleries, some star stats, spam, the usual promotional reel for the company, some DVD ROM features, a slipcase cover and true double sided cover as well. Oh yeah, there were also 9 trailers to shows like Operation: Desert Stormy, Coming Home, Love Always, Manhunters, Taken, House Sitter, Kaylani Unleashed, and Mobsterís Ball.

Condoms: Yes

Carmen's bedroom eyes work in the kitchen too.

Audio/Video Quality: The Girl In 6C was presented in an appealing 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures. While filmed in high definition, it was down converted to a regular DVD (in the future, the HD version should look even better), so there was some minor grain in some of the scenes where lighting was minimized as part of the scene. The good news is that even in the dark night scenes, the visual elements were well handled, providing a lot more quality than most studios are capable of handling these days. The video noise was minimal and the composition of the scenes was extremely well taken care of, enhancing the look of the ladies in nearly all cases. That the movie was shot and mastered in HD makes me think a future HD DVD version is a natural, the enhanced technical qualities really needed to break the movie apart from the crowded field. The audio was presented with only one choice this time, a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track (in 384 Kbps) that balanced the vocals and music nicely. The audio seemed to be another step in the right direction for Wicked Pictures, even though the vocals were almost certainly recorded in monaural or dubbed in later (not to mention limited in scope). Still, the music was well done and the overall quality of the audio was slightly better than average as well (a lot better in a few scenes and dialogue portions).

The wet look appeals with Carmen!

-- sponsored by --

Body of Review: Brad Armstrong is one of the few people left in porn making quality feature movies. The industry spends more time with the easier, cheaper, and less couples oriented gonzo so as a change of pace, itís good to see guys like Brad providing something you donít have to hide from company quite so readily. His directing home over the years has been Wicked Pictures and at their helm in the production department, they have scored numerous awards and accolades from a variety of sources. Well, the latest release from the director is one showcasing Carmen Hart as a sexual predator not above side stepping the truth to get the action she needs; the movie called The Girl In 6C. The plot was minimal but all tied together as Carmen goes from one romp to the next, providing more Carmen hart fuck for the buck than any movie I can think of. If youíre as big a fan of this beauty as I am, that alone makes it worth checking out; the back cover saying it like this: ďCharlotte (Carmen Hart) is a small town girl who comes to the big city for a "surprise" visit with her older brother Keith. Unknown to her, Keith is just on his way out of town on an important business trip. Charlotte's left to fend for herself and make friends where she can. And boy, does this girl make friends. Charlotte spreads her southern hospitality like a bee spreads pollen. During her short visit she befriends the doorman, the superintendent, the neighbors, the delivery boy, Keith's best friends ... and in the end even Keith's girlfriend. As with any visiting relative, there comes a time for them to go, and this little cutie has definitely overstayed her welcome. But as she determines her next destination, some will be glad to see her come, and some will be glad to see her go.Ē That said, hereís a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used to protect the health of the performers:

Trina Michaels and Marco Banderas give a show!

Scene One: Jessica Drake, the hot contract gal with a lean figure and light hair, was up first in bed with studly Tommy Gunn. Little was said between them as the dredits rolled, the couple pawing at each other as she knelt before him, her perky ass nicely positioned as she jerked and sucked his penis into a frenzied state. The aggressive hummer led to her sitting on his face, Jessica fingering her ass as he slurped away on her cookie until it was time for the condom to coat his rod and start drilling her pussy. The porn moans were a bit loud and it looked like she lost weight but it was a decent ride by the duo, ending in her coaxing out a plentiful load of population pudding in the bedroom scene.

Carmen and others enjoy a good show; making one of their own in the audience.

Scene Two: Carmen Hart, the beauty on the front cover and other fine contract lady of the movie (technically, the lead at that), was up next as she visited her brother (Tommy) who had to leave on business. After she explored his place, she took a quick liking to effeminate Eric Masterson; their dinner turning into a sexual tryst as he tried his best to make her feel at home. She practically jumped across the table to get to his cock, allowing her dress to reveal her treasures as she aggressively slobbed Ericís knob. She took to it like it was the best thing she had ever seen; their clothes disappearing before they started banging like crazy. Two positions of vaginal sex, especially vaginal sex where he did all the work as a sweat covered nerd, wasnít more than a tease for me but she took the facial well and was soon moving on to the next guy after some hilarious dialogue.

Kayla Carrera's chest and pretty eyes were entrancing.

Scene Three: Carmen Hart, still in her black & white dress after Ericís fantasy fuck was over, took waiter Charles Dera into the kitchen of the restaurant to inhale his dick while on her knees (while the rest of the staff watched). If anything, she sucked him off even better than Eric, the resulting blowjob draining his balls dry before they could do anything else.

Carmen looked good dressed up too!

Scene Four: Carmen Hart, having jumped in the shower and found herself needing a manís touch to get hot water, called the maintenance man played by Randy Spears and made him a deal; if he could get the hot water going for her to shower with, he could watch her take it. This incentive program worked, and she encouraged him to jerk off while watching, that is until she used his oral skills to get off with as she talked on the phone. He was doing her just fine when the bossy gal took his cock in her mouth to reciprocate, sucking his balls as she jerked him off among other kinky tricks used to enhance the moment. They boned in the cramped bathroom setting too, Carmen actively bouncing on his dick when she was on top of it; the tempo of the action increasing with time. Her hip grinding action was the best in my opinion but the pair exuded chemistry so the combination of passion she displayed for him elevated the still too short scene nicely. It ended when both of them jerked his cock off, his massive facial flowing all over her face and some post coital sucking becoming the icing on the proverbial cake. Whew!

Jessica Drake and Carmen Hart are great for ending movies too.

Scene Five: Trina Michaels, Carmen Hart, Marco Duato/Banderas, XXX blowbang Barry Scott, Chris Cannon, Justice Young, and Marcus London, were up next in a dark swinger/sex club. Trina was a hotty on stage with Marco, the couple actively going at one another in a heated routine that was anything but (a routine that is). She dominated him by jerking his chain but showed her raw sexuality as she inspired Carmen to start blowbanging the men around her; Marco pounding Trinaís tight pussy and ass as almost a side show given how much the cameraís attention was focused on Carmen. I almost wish that there was an uncut version of Trinaís scene to see in the extras section since she looked so hot in the scene but the mixture of the sex acts on and off stage were visually stimulating too. Carmen took a bunch of facials and mouth pops from the guys while Trina took Marcoís load to her ass cheeks (very nice ass cheeks at that).

Scene Six: Carmen Hart, waking up after a hard night of partying (or is that partying with hard knights?), scrambled out of bed late in the morning and took a delivery of groceries from TJ Cummings. I havenít seen much of him in straight porn lately but he played the role well enough, allowing Carmen to seduce him after she paid him for the food. She yanked down his apron and jeans to find what she was looking for, his penis already making a wet spot at the tip as she slowly licked the base of his cock. That led to another blowjob only scene but watching her wrap her lips around a meat stick and savoring the experience, I have to admit that I could watch her all day long. She even took off her top to enhance the moment for him but the titty fuck was not going to happen here, her oral skills more than ample to drain him dry in a heated manner before the minimal pop hit her face. Iím sure that in real life, her groceries would be much higher priority after thatÖ

Scene Seven: Carmen Hart, dressed to thrill in a skimpy black dress, was up next on the rooftop with brunette Kayla Carrera and her husband for the movie; Jason Arrow. The married couple had invited her to join them for dinner but by the time Carmen got there, she became the main course as the gals engaged in lesbian sex with a meat chaser provided by the lucky man. I was surprised this time by the way he fingered Carmenís ass but both ladies shared his meat stick in a playful hummer before advancing much further. Both gals took his cock vaginally in aggressive bouts of boning, some muff diving and a facial closing the deal. Iíd like to see more of Kayla given the strength of her performance, Carmen finding her juices tasty by the way she savored them off his cock too.

Scene Eight: Carmen Hart, having been interrupted in an awkward moment, was up last with hotty Jessica Drake on the couch in a lesbian scene. I find both ladies attractive and have always considered their work together (though rarely in a scene together) to be very heated; this scene coming across as a major release of sexual tension by both ladies. They fingered, licked, and otherwise worked each other up as they spent some time exploring all the other had to offer. The light moans were not as programmed or routine as in some of the previous scenes, almost as if they were whispering to one another about what was getting them off. The 69 did it for me and even though it ended too soon (when they were interrupted), it was a high note to end the movie on. Yum!

Bonus Scene: Just Between Us: Carmen Hart, the hottest honey at the party, was up next in the bathroom with Brad Armstrong after he made his move on her. This act set the stage for the story's infidelity theme, the chemistry between the couple decidedly more out in the open than the smoldering flames from the first scene. She just couldn't help herself so after a gimmicky halt to the space time continuum, she dropped to her knees to blow Bard; savoring the taste of his cock with the rush of the cheating and possibility of getting caught by Randy. She aggressively blew him and it ended too soon when he started throatfucking her to completion, his wad hitting her face in no time at all. As a change of pace, I appreciated the lack of a full scene only because of how skillfully she drained him dry.

Summary: The Girl In 6C by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures did not seek to compete against the latest gonzo epic in terms of circus act sex, nor did it cater to some narrow niche that most people wince at when watching a fuck flick. No, the appeal this time was largely the result of hotty Carmen Hart simply enjoying herself in a number of sexual situations as she saw fit, the lady clearly in charge of her own sexual identity so I rated it as Recommended. Fans of Carmen not writing for a general audience will appreciate it even more (for true Carmen fans, this is a ďmust haveĒ all the way) so your mileage may vary, the light hearted appeal of The Girl In 6C not relying on a huge budget, a dramatic script, or special effects so much as the sweetie on the front cover doing what she does best.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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