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Sexual Rage

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/18/07

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Roxy Panther had a terrible boob job!

Sexual Rage

Red Light District

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Dick Dawes

Cast: Roxy Panther, Steve Holmes, David Perry, Choky Ice, Leslie Taylor, Lucy Taylor, Lily Cross, Bruno SX, Destiny, Jessica Girl, Ana Smith, Virginee, Zenza Raggi, Roly Reeves

Length: 153:49 minutes

Roxy's ass wasn't bad though.

Date of Production: 7/1/2007, 7/6/2007, 7/17/2007

Extras: As part of a new marketing campaign going on at the company, Red Light District is including a second movie as part of the package here; my set containing the currently OOP Hardcore Training 2 but friends across the country getting different movies in their sets. I liked the movie when it originally came out and think many of you will appreciate it too, though the random nature of the program might not appeal as much to hardcore fans of the company since they could very well have the movie they get too. Still, in terms of fuck for the buck value, this is a great extra that most people will appreciate. The movie itself had some extras as well with the best one being a 14:47 minute Behind the Scenes feature by Tommy Sy; largely centered on the photoshoots and additional nudity. The box holding the discs was a standard double disc (thick) case with a cardboard box surrounding it that had a flap with pictures of the cast, the DVD also providing a cumshot recap and photogallery.

Lucy was cute but Lily  should have been the caterer.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sexual Rage was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Dick Dawes for Red Light District. The shaky camera work reminded me of how David Perry’s movies for Zero Tolerance used to look but he was on the screen much of the time so I can’t blame him. The lighting was generally pretty solid though and that limited the video noise and grain a lot, such minimal amounts of those factors that you’ll be very happy. The compression artifacts were not a problem either, the bitrate falling around the mid 4 Mbps area all of the times I saw it. The composition of the camera angles were a bit mixed, as was the editing, but I doubt many of you will care too much about those matters unless you’re into technically solid porn. The audio was presented in a 192 Kbps Dolby Digital stereo offering, little of consequence said except the men shouting orders at the women and the women responding with fake moans in most (though not all) cases. There was no separation between the channels and the dynamic range was noting special but the clarity was pretty good.

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This upskirt shot from Scene three was okay.

Body of Review: Dick Dawes is one of the newest directors for Red Light District, handling some of their foreign shoots to save money. The first of his titles that made it my way was Sexual Rage, a series of four lengthy scenes shot partially outside with little specific marketing niche other than the gonzo sex (like the majority of porn on the market). The emphasis was on anal action and oral taste testing but the generic nature of the scenes was easier to take when I found out this release was one of Red Light’s new titles that had a free back catalog title included (at least until I found out it was one I already had). Still, with little to lose, I sought to see if this new director was worthy of the company I have appreciated so much over the years, noticing that the cover gal looked pretty fine. That said, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

The rest of her was alright too.

Scene One: Roxy Panther, a brunette with a lot of surgical enhancements, was up first as she teased outside, slowly stripping off her clothing while sucking the dicks of Steve Holmes, David Perry, Choky Ice, and Leslie Taylor, until it was time for her to really spend some quality time with David on the black couch indoors. The action included a lot of energetic bouncing during the vaginal sex, her moans & vocals as repetitive as most foreign porn; quenched a bit when the rest of the male cast joined them (stuffing her mouth full of dick tends to do that). Moving between the manly meat they offered her mouth, she was soon alternating boning partners too, jumping on random cocks as the mood hit her. The vaginal turned to anal and DP work in numerous positions, the mechanical nature of her act less than truly appealing to me most of the time. There had been little build up to get the cast and the airtight footage with a cock in each orifice was minimal.

A Trio of twat from Scene three.

Scene Two: Lucy Taylor, the hotty from the front cover, lean Lily Cross, Steve Holmes, Bruno SX, Choky Ice, and David Perry, were up next on the lawn of some foreign field. Lucy looked much better on the front cover but passable for me and Lily, well, I’d like her better if I packed a lunch (complete with paper bag). The dynamic of this scene was much like that of the last one except there was some lipstick lesbian action taking place first. The lick & stick attitude displayed by the ladies struck me as part of the problem; I’ve long hated clock watchers and that was exactly what they made me think of. From there, they performed all the usual sex tricks in all three of their holes (giving the men six holes to pick from) with a heavy concentration of anal sex and the usual derivatives (ATM, ATOGM); never getting too deep into circus act sex antics but lacking any spark, passion, or chemistry. The gals were generally energetic enough for me so at least they weren’t passive but the camera work needed a lot of work here and for some reason, the men thought viewers might want to hear what they had to say (I know “I” didn’t). I’d like to see Lucy in a scene with one other guy, preferably a top tier stud rather than this crowd (Steve has done a lot better in the recent past) but if you’re someone that likes to “scan” movies at fast rates, this might appeal to you a lot more than it did to me at regular speed. The cumswap ended the action and I found myself loathing having to waste more time writing this one up.

The sweet ass of Virginee!

Scene Three: Destiny, Jessica Girl, and Ana Smith, a bevy of fit ladies in skimpy attire was up next in what began as a lesbian scene outside. They also appeared to be kind of winging it sexually, not really into the lesbian sex but not having as bad a time as the last gals did; using tongues and fingers before jamming the silver vibrator anally into one another while another spanked ass cheeks liberally. I like lesbian scenes a lot so this one wasn’t bad even if it wasn’t remarkable either; I’d have dropped a few Czech Crowns to do the trio if visiting my pal Jana. The scene continued with the ladies doing each other until they were joined by David Perry; a guy whose better years have long since past him by. The ladies slobbed his knob as though trying to drain him of population pudding, showing they embraced the idea that sharing is caring. The emphasis started out on vaginal sex and more lesbian antics, moving to anal fairly quickly where at least two of the gals showed that they liked cock, even David’s cock, more than quim. The energy had some spark this time and while nothing close to what I think they could have provided, it was a strokable scene for me. The anal and ATM continued until the facial where all three ladies clung together in a semi circle around his dick; the guy rubbing out a small load to close things up.

I think I liked her ass better.

Scene Four: Virginee, a brunette with pretty eyes and a curvy body, was up last wearing a red fishnet outfit that looked good on her. I wasn’t keen on the vacant look she sported but she went right to teasing and masturbating, working her pussy really hard (and doing PTM to clean the toy). She kept at it until joined by a succession of men including Steve Holmes, Leslie Taylor, Zenza Raggi, and Roly Reeves; blowing them aggressively until it was time to fuck like a bunny. Lacking sexual skill, she simply went crazy on sucking them off and fucking as though driven by the spirit of Erik Everhard, bouncing on cock really hard as she impaled her pussy and ass. The vaginal led to anal and DP, her mouth not left wanting for cock once the men all circled around her. I’d have done things differently but the lighting was solid and the shaky camera seemed to relax a little as it captured the majority of action using her as a focal point. There was some rougher stuff here like slapping, spanking, spitting, and hands on the head & neck for those worried about it. Some of the men should have shut up too but it ended with her head and chest looking like a glazed donut, the gal seeming to like the taste of semen as much as anyone.

Summary: Sexual Rage by director Dick Dawes for Red Light District had some decent sex for gonzo fans wanting to see new faces but it also had some generic sex with weaker than average technical values so the best I could do for it was rating it as a Rent It when I considered the whole extra movie that came with it. Some of the potential was lost by the men not letting the ladies stand out as the primary focus of the scenes (guys, nobody cares about you, blend in and get to fucking; no adlibbing please) and at other times, the ladies looked to be clock watching so the totality of the circumstance was the movie will have a different reaction on many of you (either good or bad). In short, give Sexual Rage a look when it comes out in a couple of weeks but don’t rush out and buy it based on the front cover.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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