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Ass Worship 10: Special Edition Set

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/21/07

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August looks good in any month!

Ass Worship 10: Special Edition Set

Jules Jordan Video

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jules Jordan

Aubrey's ass was hungry, eating her shorts as she walked.

Cast: August, Jenner, Rick Masters, Aubrey Addams, Jules Jordan, Brianna Love, Julia Bond, Mr. Pete, Annette Schwarz, Erik Everhard, Jenny Hendrix, Kris Slater

Length: 274:58 minutes

Date of Production: 9/5/2007

Brianna Love was dressed to thrill!

Extras: By now, you know that each disc has its own cum shot recap, probably suspected there would be a lengthy photogallery, a cool slipcover, a cast listing (both men and women listed this time-thanks!), a biography for the director and trailers to six shows like East Coast Assault, Buttworx, Pump My Ass Full Of Cum, Black Owned 2, Slut Puppies 2, Facial Demolition, Weapons of Ass Destruction 5, Flesh Hunter 9, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Jenna Haze: Dark Side, Black Owned, Feeding Frenzy 8, Weapons of Ass Destruction 4, and Tunnel Vision. My favorite extra was an 34:04 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that added more sex to the mix rather than focus on make up or other stupid shit that no one wants to see. The emphasis on tease and additional sex footage was appreciated and much of it was strokable for those that care; fans of Brianna will want to see her piss/squirt as well as some of the other action her peers engaged in.

Condoms: None

Brianna was a dream "cum" true.

Audio/Video Quality: Ass Worship 10 was presented in the appealing and anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 widescreen color the movie was shot in by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video. There was some variation in the lighting that added a bit of addition grain but I saw few other issues as the camera kept an active stance at providing the best angles to showcase the ladies. The editing helped in this endeavor too with a movie as long as this one needing extra care to make sure that there is enough tease but also heated sexual antics. Some scenes had a light yellow tint (from the way the lighting inside differed from the outside light I suspect) but there was little to really complain about given the manner in which the scenes were shot. The bitrate was on the low side yet there were no compression artifacts, the aliasing minimal and given the sheer amount of quality cooch here, only an uptight asshat would fuss too loudly (the bitrate hovering all over the place this time, typically in the 5 Mbps range but all across the board depending on the scene). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (at 192 Kbps) offering that really didn't use any separation in terms of the vocals (there was some potential to do so here too). The dynamic range was also kind of generic, an area that seemed slightly better than previous efforts and an area that Jules could easily improve to make best use of the great many home theaters in the hands of porn fans everywhere.

Julia Bond could make her tattoo clap.

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Body of Review: Jules Jordan and Jules Jordan Video are pretty much considered the top of the line for gonzo porn that embraces all the hardcore sex fans demand these days with lots of tease action to suit those of us that love the ladies so it is no surprise that almost every year he wins scores of awards others covet so highly. Many of these awards are the personal accolades of the fans too, not just the kind bought with advertising dollars, and it is clear that his approach has been copied by many newer directors hoping to grab a piece of his proverbial pie; some succeeding best by imitating him and adding nothing new but working on the premise that guys like Jules cannot make as many titles as consumers want so they are merely filling in the gaps. While I myself have not always been a huge fan of his, his work won me over as I scrutinized it closely to find that he is the real deal and while not for everyone, his financial success is of his own making; not the result of some mysterious cabal of paid off shills in the press. His latest epic release is Ass Worship 10: Special Edition Set, the sequel to Ass Worship 9; both from the series that caters to fans of booty so very well. These come out toward the end of the AVN award season every year for a reason; they are flagship titles by the guy, with all the care, quality, and over the top best performers he can find at the time of shooting. As such, the results do not vary much; the action always being really well done. If you like ass devotion as much as I do, this is what youíve been waiting for! Having seen most of the female cast in great titles of late, two of them solid enough to carry entire spotlight titles on their own, I had a feeling it would take me a lot longer to get through this one so I set aside a block of time and made sure I was ready to take cold showers as needed to make it through (a good thing too!) so without further ado, here is my take on the movie, there being no condoms for those of you so inclined as to hate them:

Julia's wing tattoos were interesting but I was focused on other things.

Scene One: August, the fetching young lady seen in black & blue on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up first as she teased outside in the perfect light of Southern California in her revealing blue lingerie. The amount of tease she provided was exceptionally lengthy in nature but also great for ass fans; her best to date. The cover advertised this would be her first DP so I knew there would be at least two guys in the scene after she was done putting me in a trance, the men this time being Jenner and Rick Masters; arguably two of the weakest men in the movie but seasoned veterans that could be guided by Jules to new heights (or is that ďdepthsĒ) with the curvy cutie. When they joined, the movie was already 11 minutes underway and their first official act was to oil up her sweet ass which made it look even better. Iíve long found her to be attractive and the walking tease was as good as her static positioning on the bed outdoors, once the trio were inside the group started getting into the action even more. She dropped to her knees to aggressively blow them; alternating between the two with hand to gland action and her lips wrapping around cock for superior suction. This alone should elevate her status among the pretenders to Julesí throne, so I suspect her rates will go up and sheíll get more work as a result but it got better too. She led the men to another part of the house where she actively rode them and continued her oral assault, the men taking turns as they (and Jules) made occasional comments). She was on fire and they eventually took advantage of the fact by plowing her ass just as hard; August showing a lot of passion for cock as she pushed back and otherwise actively engaged them in many positions. She did a lot of taste testing (PTM and ATM) and the men got a little rough with her but there was never a point in the scene where I thought she wasnít into the scene. The DP was like most such acts in that it limited her ability to ride as actively but she must have practiced a lot at home given the willing way she embraced the heat of the moment; especially so soon after the anal started. To be fair, there wasnít much DP footage but the anal went well and while she might not have been as experienced as some of the others in the cast, it was a very solid scene by a gal that has risen in stature by her work here. It ended when the guys rubbed out loads of population pudding into her mouth and surrounding facial area; August holding onto their cocks as if she now owned them and smiling as the camera faded away at the 39 minute mark of the movie. Yum!

Annette Schwarz reminded me of a secret anal agent here.

Scene Two: Aubrey Addams, the mischievous blond with the great smile and tight ass as seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next with more of the beloved tease that made excellent use of her firm figure. Just one look at her told me that Jules Jordan wasnít going to share her with some second or third tier mopers, and I was proven right after getting a long, hard look (pun intended) of her assets. Her bubbly personality was perfect for the scene and added to the movie as she came across as another wanting a good time in the manner Jules is known for. The setting reversed itself for the tease this time too, starting off inside before moving the act outdoors, Aubrey proving to have just the right combination of physical assets for the sunlight to make even better. The sex took place inside and Jules stuck his face in her ass to worship it before she slobbed his knob with such vigor (though she made a lot of panting noises, she didnít pick up on his less-than-subtle hints about making noise if she wanted to). While not as active a cocksucker as August, she had her own way of doing things that provided some needed diversity, lucky Jules being rewarded with streamers, deepthroating, and ball worship as she catered to his every desire. The active vaginal ride on the staircase led to him taking her anally upstairs; oiling her up to allow his rod to penetrate the perfect pucker. She was not as active at anal but she was enjoying it, doing the taste testing without being prompted, and smiling despite working through the pain of his cock tearing into her. They took a few short breaks to switch positions; each time showing her getting more aggressive with his dick in her; the scene ending at the 89 minute mark as she jerked him off to her face to give herself a semen goatee from an exhausted Jules. Sweet!

Annette doing her morning exercises.

Scene Three: Brianna Love, the superstar hotty seen featured on the lower middle of the front cover with her ass facing the viewer, was up next as she followed the tease formula outside; her lingerie showcasing her fleshy body in a manner that would take too long to describe accurately. The walkway was a nice setting for her but she gave a ďtourĒ of the house as Jules Jordan said exactly what was on my mind; singing her praises endlessly as the gal deserved every one of them for that heart shaped ass alone. The couple were soon joined by Jenner and while I would have preferred the more intimate action the couple could have had together, the possibilities with the third partner did expand considerably. Jules dove into her booty with his face before she proved to be a world class sword swallower, the gal going at them with an increasing tempo even as she sat on their faces and gave a grind show worth of her current status. The vaginal plowing was superb and led to the anal in short order, Brianna eventually taking the DP easily from the men with a bit of limited toy play used to stretch her out initially. She sucked their cocks clean and never let up, her purring style of moaning elevating her performance even more as the men tried to hold on for dear life. I expected more of the spanking, choking, and general rough sex that she likes so much but wasnít disappointed that they were too into working her three holes to do much of that kind of thing, providing a little but not needing it to get off with such a premium piece of ass as Brianna. The end came when the men rubbed out loads of semen to her mouth, Brianna swallowing it down after girlishly playing with it; almost as if she was savoring her reward for a job well done. Whew!

Jenny Hendrix had some fine cheeks!

Scene Four: Julia Bond, the cute brunette as seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was in the first scene on the second disc. There did not seem to be as much tease this time before Mr. Pete was getting surgically attached to her ass with her face but her coy nature shined through and I found her knowing glances to enhance the moment for me almost as much as her sweet little body. While she has been in porn for awhile, she has somewhat reinvented herself of late with the anal adding fuel to the fire for many fans. Iím not fixated on any one act myself but with a booty that good, itís a shame to waste it on tease alone. She started sucking Pete off around the 12 minute mark on the second disc, toying with him rather than immediately going all out as most gals do. This gave him a severe case of desire for her, making it look like they had some extra chemistry left unmasked by the more seductive nature of the action. As jaded as I may be, I accept that ladies such as this have their own style and directors like Jules are the best at bringing it out of them; her dirty talk but one element of hers; the active riding abilities being another. The men remarked as I do that she looked great bouncing on the cock in her cookie, the anal showing her slow down but still providing a great performance there too. Her rounded rump took all the action better than many of her more experienced peers though and the results were such that I thought this scene rated among her best; the replay and stroke value very high. In the end, she was the one that jerked him off to her face; an infinitely better idea than the guy doing it himself and enhanced by the way she swallowed his load (a shame that he didnít take her up on her offer to do her in the bathroom as a follow up (Jules, what were you thinking to pass on that ass?!?!). It was a great opening scene for the second disc and earned a perpetual boner from this fan. Yes!

Jenny offering up her breasts.

Scene Five: Annette Schwarz, the German anal (and extreme) queen as seen in the black fetish outfit just under the word ďAssĒ in the title (above Brianna and slightly to the side of Aubrey), was up next and having just watched her showcase title of the year, I knew sheíd be in great form too. Iím not a huge fan of jumpsuit in porn, fetish or not, since they donít translate as well for the small screen as Iíd like but the gal had some kicking curves that were put to great use by studly Erik Everhard and his helper, Mr. Pete. Annette walked through the house teasing and giving some slight masturbation first; my initial thoughts being that she is a gal that would have looked incredible outside on the sunny day but accepting what was offered patiently to see if her darker nature could be portrayed as effectively. The scene itself seemed almost completely different from the rest of the show in how slow the pacing was; the gal posing and stopping for brief respites of tease before carrying on. When she kicked back on the couch to get some oral loving from the men, her ass stretched by a toy and was soon riding the cocks most enthusiastically as expected of her. I wished the jumpsuit was off her since it kept her fleshy ass cheeks from bouncing around so pleasantly but she was the most sexually aggressive lady of the movie; using her mouth, pussy, and ass really well as the guys pounded away. There were technical DPís, real DPís, and even DAP (two cocks in her ass at the same time)but I think it was Erikís relentless anal assault that suited her the best as he went nonstop on her when it was his turn. She did all the taste testing one could expect of her (PTM and ATM) and all three of them were drenched in sweat by the time it was all over; Annette making her latest move on rising through the ranks of the porn pantheon by taking their population pudding in the form of anal creampies that were then swallowed out of a champagne flute. Personally, I donít care for circus act sex tricks but the way she does them without hesitation and seems to truly get off doing so is always indicative of my assessment of her fitness for title of reigning extreme queen (with a limited amount of competition in the form of Belladonna, Ashley Blue, and Sandra Romain, among others). Yowza!

Oil: a pornographer's best friend!

Scene Six: Jenny Hendrix, the newcomer babe seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover in white top and pink thong, was up last and considering the quality cooch that came before her, she really had to work at making an impression. I havenít seen much of this relative newcomer but she definitely has the kind of kicking curves fit for booty duty in a Jules title so I was hopeful that the new blood wasnít just filler material. That she looked a lot like Tiffany Rayne in her pouting phase added to her appeal for me but rather than merely perform, she was taking full advantage of the opportunity to get off repeatedly; those ass cheeks of hers rippling as hit and played with to the extent that the show went inside where they could get serious. Jenny claimed to want to be a slut and scene Kris Slater was lucky that this was her first scene for the director; Jenny made it clear she was out to impress him with all she had to offer. Letís face it, a hot scene shot for Jules Jordan gets a gal out there and noticed, the resulting publicity translating into serious offers and money. They used toys to stretch her perfect pucker, the guys going at it in an almost clinical fashion as she purred with approval. She tasted the toy out of her ass (ATM) and took charge of jamming it back inside, some spanking going on here on both sides of the camera. The series of toys establishing that she would do anal led to a pretty solid hummer where she showed that she was no stranger to a cock in her mouth but it was very short and I had to wait until later on in the scene to see enough of it for my tastes. Kris ate her out with even less attention, the pair conveying that they wanted to fuck instead. The vaginal plowing was passive and short but they moved into anal where she warmed up exceptionally fast; eventually riding him as aggressively as some gals do vaginal. There was more oral and taste testing, some spanking and limited rough stuff, but the bottom line for me was that the gal did a lot to establish some serious potential, even if she didnít live up to it as completely as some of the other ladies did. Kris finished up by jerking off a healthy load to her face and I was satisfied that my two day experience with the movie was time well spent, the movie having two good movies worth of content.

Summary: Ass Worship 10 by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video was one of those rare titles that went so far above the rest of the generic pack of gonzo releases that I was once again impressed with the double disc set as providing more fuck for the buck, more quality tease, and more of the replay value that makes a release special. I know that features get all the press by the other media outlets but I canít stress enough how Ass Worship 10: Special Edition Set had enough footage that lesser companies would have split it into two titles and sold them separately without any complaints. My limited attempt to describe how sweet it was to watch Brianna Love, Julia Bond, Annette Schwarz, August and the others aside, I was well into the second DVD of the set before I could conclusively rate this one as an Xcritic Pick; an even higher rating than Ass Worship 9 received last year. If you're a fan that values tease and all the heated action that any mere mortal can handle, this title will go a long way to satisfying your needs for a very long time, proving yet again that Jules is the leader in the gonzo industry for all the right reasons. Excellent!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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