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Men At Play I: Executive Pleasures

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date:

December 2006

Directed By:


The Movie:

”White collar work can be hard, especially in the MENATPLAY office. With all the hard bodies and hard cocks, it’s hard to keep your eyes off the stunning men that work there! MENATPLAY invites you to follow our hot masculine executives through their working day. It’s time for your fist meeting. Are you ready to play?”

Run Time:

1Hour 35 Minutes

The Cast:

James Lee, Ted Colunga, Carl Wilde, Julian Vincenzo, Rick Baur, Lucas, T.J., Carlos, Lucas D., Nathan, Adam.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Executive Pleasures” offers up eleven sexy white-collar blokes with short and medium length dark hair. The bodies are muscular and toned; the chests are lightly hairy and smooth; the pubes are closely trimmed; and all but one cock is uncut.

Scene One:

T.J. (good-looking with short dark hair, beard stubble), dressed in nice suit, is sitting at an office reception desk plucking away on the computer keyboard when Julian Vincenzo (handsome with short dark hair, beard stubble, and muscular/smooth body) enters for his job interview wearing a sharp business suit. The boss is running late so Julian sits in a nearby chair while T.J. steals glances at the hunky job applicant and rubbing the bulge in his slacks. The dudes soon engage in some heavy cruising leading to body rubbing. Julian unzips his pants hauling out a fat uncut cock and hot nuts. T.J. grabs that dong stroking it and cramming it down his throat giving excellent head. Julian breathes heavily and begins to fuck T.J.’s willing gob. Julian pulls T.J.’s pants down and out pops a stiff ‘n large cut tool. Both dudes are very into the action.

T.J. bends over the desk allowing Julian to slap that hot bum (which has a cool snake tattoo on it) while T.J. beats his meat. Julian slides his hard prick in from behind fucking fast ‘n hard yanking off his own shirt and revealing a sexy muscular/smooth chest while the room fills with the lusty sound of heavy breathing. Julian fucks like an out of control bunny humping quickly and switches to the missionary position using fast ‘n hard pounding to plug that tight shaved bunghole. T.J. beats his meat shooting a thick load on his fist, suit jacket, and shirt. Julian shoots a thick load of jizz on T.J.’s gray tie.

Scene Two:

Rick Bauer (good-looking with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) and Carlos (handsome with short dark hair, cool sideburns, and smooth/toned body) are both dressed in business suits while kissing with deep tongue and feeling each other’s bodies. Carlos blindfolds Rick with a red tie licking his neck and rubbing his chest. He then ties Rick’s hands behind his back while rubbing Rick’s crotch and his own. This is some very erotic foreplay. Carlos pulls his hard unclipped dick from his trouser’s fly working the foreskin, beating that meat, and rubbing it against Rick’s tie. Carlos sinks to his knees and pulls Rick’s rigid unclipped prick out sliding his mouth up ‘n down, working the foreskin, and nursing the foeskin-covered knob giving a very tasty blowjob. After having his blindfold and restraints removed, Rick gets down on his haunches and blows Carlos slobbering up ‘n down the hard shaft, jacking the foreskin, and giving some very descent head.

Carlos stands behind Rick reaching around jacking that tool. Rick bends over offering up his delicious bum leading Carlos to rub his dong against it and slide in from behind fucking fast ‘n smooth. Heavy breathing fills the room as Rick gets plowed. The dudes yank their shirts off with Carlos revealing his toned/smooth chest and Rick showing off his smooth/defined body. Both blokes are very into each other and the sex. Rick beats that meat shooting thick spunk on the floor. Carlos pulls his pud busting his thick nut on Rick’s back and butt.

Scene Three:

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Good-looking businessman James Lee (dark hair, beard stubble, built body), dressed in an expensive pinstriped suit, hails a taxi to engage in a public masturbation session. While riding through London, James impatiently taps his fingers on his briefcase until arriving at his intended destination: a public park. The taxi driver parks the cab and takes a powder leaving James alone to watch porn on his laptop and stroke his fat ‘n hard uncut cock which is now sticking out of his trouser fly. Sliding his left fist up ‘n down the rigid shaft, James works his foreskin up ‘n over the purple cock head, wagging it, and rubbing his plump nuts with right palm. Breathing heavily, James is totally into wanking off squirting a large thick load of spooge on his shirt, tie, belt, pants, and fist. He places his junk back into his pants and zips up. I’m not sure how he’s going to explain the cum stains on his suit.

Scene Four:

Businessman Adam (handsome with short dark hair, beard stubble), dressed in a nice suit and coat, enters a public men’s room and stands at the urinal to take a slash. Nathan (good-looking with short dark hair, beard stubble) dressed in equally fashionable business attire, heads into the same bathroom and stands next to Adam. The dudes are soon cruising while pulling on their unclipped pork sliding foreskins up ‘n over those moist knobs. Adam locks the door and then sinks to his knees next to the stall’s glory hole. Nathan pokes his hard prick through and Adam immediately grabs the tasty member and goes down sliding his wet mouth up and down giving an excellent blowjob deep throating and really getting into sucking cock. Nathan fucks Adam’s hungry mouth sliding his tool in and out and rubbing it on Adam’s face, chin, and neck. Hot! Sexy wet slurping noises bounce off the bathroom walls while Adam pulls his new pal’s pork making him shoot a thick load of spunk on Adam’s face and suit. Adam chows back down on that slimy dong while cums drips from his chin. Sadly, Adam does not get off.

Scene Five:

Lucas (good-looking with short dark hair, cool sideburns, muscular/smooth body) is sitting on a bench in the locker room wearing his footie shorts, tee shirt, and socks drying sweat off his body with a towel. He removes his shirt revealing pierced nipples and drinks bottled water. Ted Colunga (handsome with dark hair, beard stubble, muscular body) barges into the locker room dressed in a gray pinstriped suit, white shirt, red tie, and black overcoat. Hanging up his coat, Ted cruises horny Lucas and soon the dudes are kissing with deep wet tongues and rubbing bodies. Ted hefts his fat/hard heavily foreskinned cock out through his trouser fly and Lucas chows down stroking, sliding his tongue under the flesh overhang, bunching that foreskin up and pulling with his mouth. Hot! Loud wet slapping noises fill the room as Ted slaps his big dong against Lucas’s tongue.

Lucas stands up and turns around placing his hands on the wall and offering up his hot bubble butt to his new mate. Both dudes are very into the action and each other. Ted feels and slaps that hot bum while stroking off and looking at Lucas’s tight shaved touchhole. He finger fucks that tight hole first with one digit and working up to three for a fast ‘n rough time making Lucas breath heavy and moan. Ted fucks Lucas from behind as Lucas hunches back cramming his man-chute with that fat unclipped tube steak. Ted drills fast ‘n smooth. Lucas plays a little of the ol’ sink/bounce riding that rigid tool while holding onto a coat rack and making circular motions with his hips. Hot! Ted beats off fast as Lucas jacks and pulls on his own hard nipples. Ted shoots a large thick load of love juice on Lucas’s chest. Hot cum-filled foreskin. Lucas doesn’t climax.

Scene Six:

Lucas D. (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) is burning the midnight oil in his office pouring over a number of books. He’s dressed in a black suit with white shirt and black & white tie. Lucas decides to get more comfortable and lies down on the office sofa while reading though files and quickly falls asleep. The next morning, Carl Wilde (cute with black hair, toned/smooth body) enters the office dressed in black trousers, white shirt and red/gray tie. He notices his humpy coworker fast asleep on the sofa and gently ties to wake him up. When Lucas doesn’t budge, Carl begins to slowly/erotically touch Lucas’s face, chest, legs, and hand. Sliding his curious hand into Lucas’s fly, Carl pulls out that uncut cock and begins to stroke the shaft working the foreskin up ‘n down. Not satisfied with simply giving a hand job, Carl goes down on that dong sliding his mouth up ‘n down giving excellent head.

Lucas wakes up enjoying the blowjob and rubs Carl’s head as he has his dick sucked. The dudes kiss with heavy tongue being very into each other and the action. Lucas opens Carl’s pants and pulls ‘em down revealing dark timed pubes, plump hangy nuts, and a hard unclipped pole. He strokes that fucker sliding his right fist up ‘n down working the foreskin and chowing down with some mouth-watering deep throat. Carl spreads his legs nice ‘n wide giving the viewer a look at his tight shaved asshole as he enjoys the head. Carl sits on that stiff cock humping up ‘n down filling his manhole to the limit with man-meat while rocking back ‘n forth. Lucas fucks his horny co-worker doggy style using long ‘n smooth stokes and then switches to the missionary position to continue his pounding. To finish their hot sex session, the dudes jack off with Lucas shooting a large thick load on Carl’s chin, neck, and upper chest. Hungry, Carl licks up his spunk. Lucas does not bust his nut.

Bonus: Carl Audition:

Twenty-seven year old Carl is good-looking with short dark hair and a hot toned/smooth body. His parents are originally from Barcelona and he was born and raised in the U.K. he works in I.T. and has a friendly easy-going personality. Carl sits on a brown leather sofa easily answering the questions that the unseen videographer asks him. Before long, he pulls his hard unclipped cock out of his pants fly and begins to wank off sliding his left fist up ‘n down while working the foreskin. The videographer rubs Carl’s nuts and plays with his cock leading Carl to take that hard clipped cock into his mouth giving a tasty blowjob. Now totally nude, Carl lays back on the sofa with his legs spread wide as he pulls his pork and the videographer rubs his shaved butt crack. Breathing heavy and moaning, Carl shoots a large thick load all over the videographer’s hairy stomach. Hot! He then rubs his tight lightly hairy butt hole against the videographer’s clipped knob.



“MenAtPlay I: Executive Pleasures” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The handheld videography provides full basic coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups of the hot cock sucking. There are some descent anal penetration camera shots but there definitely need to be more. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


the stereo is sound is clean with no music allowing the viewer easily hear the sucking, cocks slapping against wet tongues, moaning, and heavy breathing. I like the natural sound without music as it makes the action more intimate.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a twenty minute making of featurette for MENATPLAY’s picture book “Business Affairs” featuring footage from various photo shoots and plenty of very appealing men. Also included is the bonus scene of Carl’s interview/audition, and information about MENATPLAY.com.

Final Thoughts:

Hold what you got! “Executive Pleasures” is one hot fucking movie! If you have a businessman fetish, this is definitely the movie for you! The blokes are all very appealing, masculine white-collar types who are very into the action and each other. The dudes all give energetic performances and really go crazy sucking those uncut cocks and beating their meat. I like all the guys equal here so I don’t have any favorites this time, as they are all killer-hot. I have two complaints about the movie, though. Although, there are some good anal penetration shots, there are many times where there aren’t making the butt sex look almost like a soft core Showtime movie. Second, there is a number of missing cum shots. These reasons keep me from giving the movie a rating of Highly Recommended. I’m going with a very strong Recommend because the dudes are so damn hot and clearly love what they are doing. The movie is a huge turn-on!

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